Hydrofoils to Bratislava and Vienna run by MahartPassNave(Mapp86; § 4844013;www.mahart; V Belgrad rakpart; S 8am-6pm) arrive at and depart from the International Ferry Pier

(Nemzetkozi hajoallomas; Map p86; V Belgrad rakpart).

For more information, see p383.

From April to late October Mahart Pass Nave also runs excursion boats on the Danube from Budapest to Szentendre, Vac, Visegrad and Esztergom, and between late May and early September hydrofoils from Budapest to Visegrad, Nagymoros and Esztergom. Boats usually leave from the Legenda Boat Tours Office & pier (Map p86; § 318 1223; (M) Ml Vorbsmarty ter) off V Vigado ter on the Pest side, and sometimes pick up and discharge passengers from the ferry stop at I Batthyany ter (Map p83) on the Buda side, which is on the M2 metro line.

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