Availability Cost Of Health Care

There are a number of first-rate hospitals in Tegucigalpa (Honduras Medical Center; p71) and San Pedro Sula (Hospital Centro Medico Betesda; p127) In general, private facilities offer better care than public hospitals, though at greater cost.

Adequate medical care is available in other major cities, but facilities in rural areas may be limited.

Many doctors and hospitals expect payment in cash, regardless of whether you have travel health insurance. If you develop a life-threatening medical problem, you'll probably want to be evacuated to a country with state-of-the-art medical care. Since this may cost tens of thousands of dollars, be sure you have insurance to cover this before you depart. You can find a list of medical evacuation and travel insurance companies on the US State Department website (www.travel.state.gov/medical .html).

Honduran pharmacies are identified by a green cross and a 'Farmacia' sign. Most are well supplied and the pharmacists well trained. Some medications requiring a prescription in the US may be dispensed in Honduras without a prescription. To find an after-hours pharmacy, you can look in the local newspaper, ask your hotel concierge, or check the front door of a local pharmacy, which will often post the name of a nearby pharmacy that is open for the night.

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