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Dan F. Sullivan together with other successful homesteaders created this great guide called autopilot homestead. After years of prepping, he came to the conclusion that the only way to have a solid, steady food and water supply is to Homestead. He is popular for his website,, where writers post regular, high quality articles on a variety of topics ranging from homesteading to prepping. He started to homestead when he was only six years old, so you can see that he has a lot of experience in him which he is willing to share in this great book. This product is digital that comes in e-book and PDFs. It comes with four bonuses. The first bonus is the Autopilot homestead action plan, to assist you put all the practices in the main course to practice. The second bonus is a collection of a dozen PDFs of daily, weekly, and monthly planning sheets for records. The third bonus is called 37 ways to boost your energy, due to the workload of the job, a homesteader needs to be energized. The last bonus is called the amazing house of remedies, to enable you treat the injuries sustained during the job. This guide is for all planning to homestead or those who have started already. You do not require any special skill to be able to homestead, just download this guide and follow the steps. Read more here...

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Homesteading For Preppers By Dan F. Sullivan

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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

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Freeman Homestead Trail

This walk through gently rolling desert terrain offers good panoramic views as well as close-up views of saguaro, ocotillo, and other desert plants. Along the way, you'll find several interpretive signs describing desert life as well as the remains of the Freeman Homestead, a three-room adobe house built by Saf-ford Freeman in 1929. All that's left is a mound of dirt from the adobe bricks.

Cape Crawford To Barkly Homestead

This desolate route follows the Tablelands Hwy due south from Cape Crawford to Barkly Homestead, passing just one station along the way. Note that no fuel is available along this 375km stretch. camping or to use the showers and toilets, and a professional caterer supplies meals and keeps the beer flowing. The race track is around 20km from the homestead. Barkly Homestead The Barkly Homestead Roadhouse (Igl 8964 4549 unpowered powered sites for 2 16 23, budget s d 65 75, motel s d 85 100 (K)) is the last stop before the Queensland border. As a place to stay, it's not such a bad choice - there's a licensed restaurant (mains 15-20), which is open for all meals, clean accommodation and watered (though ant-riddled ) camping sites, and the shade trees are growing. However, it also has the most expensive fuel between the Queensland coast and Tennant Creek.

Grant Ancestral Homestead

The furnishings in the Grant Ancestral Homestead (Dergina, Ballygawley admission free S 9am-5pm Mon-Sat) are not authentic, but the original field plan of the farm survives together with various old farming implements. There's also an exhibition on the American Civil War, a picnic area and children's playground. Check opening times by calling the Killymaddy tourist information centre (opposite).

Coolamine Homestead

The isolated mountain property of Coolamine Homestead dates from 1839 when a Canberra pioneer, Sir Terence Murray, stumbled upon the lush grasslands of Cooleman Plain and wasted no time in staking his claim. He built a slab hut and named the property Coolalamine Station, although it was soon known by its present name, Coolamine. Over time a collection of buildings were added using building practices of the time, including horse hair for roof insulation and newspaper as lining for the internal walls. As the station prospered the homestead was extended and in 1889 even a cheese hut - a structure made out of grass thatch and clay to store cheeses while they matured - was built. By 1907 the main house (the one that you see today) was erected. Over time, further rooms were added to accommodate more employees one particular room was used as a Sunday post office when mail was being delivered from Berridale, west of Jindabyne. During the first half of the 1900s occupation of Coolamine...

Visiting Wind Cave National Park

McDonald was the first person to attempt to establish a tourist attraction at Wind Cave, complete with stagecoach transportation, a hotel, and a gift shop. He did so primarily because there were no valuable mineral deposits in the cave to mine. But ownership of the cave came into question, and the matter soon entered a courtroom. The controversy caught the attention of the Department of the Interior, which decided in December 1899 that no party had a claim to Wind Cave. In 1901, the department withdrew all the land around the cave from homesteading.

Willandra National Park

Between Ivanhoe and Hillston, this national park is part of what was once Big Willandra Station. The early 20th-century homestead and its outbuildings have been preserved by the National Parks and Wildlife Service as an outstanding example of an Outback pastoral property. The interior of the homestead looks much as it would have in its heyday, with books and letters lying open on desks and tables. The homestead is close to Willandra Creek, and the 20-km drive along the Merton Motor Trail is one of the best ways to explore Willandra's natural environment.

Other Wheatbelt Towns

Wickepin (population 679), 210km from Perth, is home to the atmospheric Albert Facey Homestead (fs) 9888 1005 Wogolin Rd adult child 2.50 1 S 10am-4pmMar-Nov Fri,Sat&Sun Dec-Feb, atothertimessee newsagent opposite) in the centre of town. Even if you haven't read Albert Facey's extraordinary autobiography, A Fortunate Life (see opposite) a visit still provides a sobering insight into the struggles of outback life during the Great Depression. Facey fans will appreciate the 86km self-drive Albert Facey Heritage Trail, taking in significant sites featured in the book. Pick up a brochure from the friendly staff across the road from the homestead at

Wwwgrootconstantiacoza Groot Constantia Rd High Constantia tastings ind glass R ampm Dec Apr ampm May Nov

The beautifully restored homestead is a museum ( ) 021-795 5140 www.museums grootcon adult child R8 2 10am-5pm) and is appropriately furnished take a look at the tiny slave quarters beneath the main building. The Cloete Cellar, the estate's original wine cellar, now houses old carriages and a display of storage vessels. Book for tours of the modern cellar, which run every hour in summer. It's a lovely spot to bring a picnic, although there are also a couple of restaurants on the estate, including Jonkerhuis (pi 32).

Franois Peron National Park

Renowned for its dramatic golden cliffs, pristine white-sand beaches, salt lakes, and rare marsupial species, this national park (per bus passenger car 4 9), 4km from Denham on the Monkey Mia Rd, will reward those with 4 WD vehicles and an adventurous spirit. There's a visitors centre at the old Peron Homestead, 6km from the main road, where a former artesian bore has been converted to a soothing 35 C hot tub, a novel spot for a sunset soak. There are camp sites ( 9) with limited facilities at Big Lagoon, Gregories, Bottle Bay and Herald Bight. If you don't have your own wheels, take a tour to the park (see opposite).

Mutawintji National Park

Mutawintji's landscape of red rock, saltbush and cypress pines is best explored on foot. One of the finest short walks in the park is the track leading along a creek from the original Mootwingee Homestead to Homestead Gorge, where water trickles from a fissure in the sheer red walls into a rock pool.

Traditional Music Dance

Village Museum (270 0437 www.homestead .com villagemuseum cnr New Bagamoyo Rd & Makaburi St) The museum hosts ngoma performances for TSh2500 from 2pm to 6pm on weekends and most weekdays as well, and also has occasional special programs highlighting the dances of individual tribes.

Biscayne National Park

Homestead FL 33090-1369 s 305-230-PARK bisc The Intracoastal waterway runs through the park boundaries. To reach Biscayne's Convoy Point Visitor Center take either Florida's Turnpike to Exit 6, Tallahassee Rd., or travel nine miles east from US 1, Homestead, on SW 328th St. (North Canal Drive). Public boat tours leave from Convoy Point. Diving and snorkeling trips can be arranged at the ranger station. Anglers and boaters may launch their own boats at the Homestead Bayfront Park boat ramp next to Convoy Point. WaveRunners and Jet Skis are not allowed in the park.

Biscayne National Park Marine Sanctuary

Diving in Biscayne National Park is relatively new, with many virgin areas waiting to be discovered. Pristine reefs are the norm, though some of the shallow reefs were damaged during Hurricane Andrew. Major coral reef patches lie two to three miles offshore and require a boat for access. Dive and snorkeling tours take off from Convoy Point, nine mile east of Homestead. 305-230-1100).

Sights Activities

A Bay to the top of th At Hihi, 15km is Butler Point, whi tour around the sm 406 0006 www.butlerpi 12 2 Sby appointmi homestead (1843) -owner, Captain B was 14 and at 24 ship. He settled he and became a trad Member of Parliam Dolphin Rendezv M 90 145) sets you up streamlined cousin Teddy Bear Sailing M six-hour sails on tl or overnight cruise person (minimum Paradise Connexi has 4WI

Along Kunderang Brook

This tough, five-day walk follows the Bicentennial National Trail from Cedar Creek in Werrikimbe National Park to Georges Junction on the Armidale-Kempsey road. Most of the 75km route is unmarked it follows Kunderang Brook as it descends to the Macleay River beyond Kunderang East Homestead in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. This is beautiful and isolated country. The walk includes several watercourse crossings, and steep climbs and descents. Private vehicle drop-off and pick-up needs to be arranged. The CMA 1 25,000 topographic maps Kemps Pinnacle, Green Gully, Kunderang, Big Hill and Carrai cover the route. Basic track notes are available from NPWS Armidale office ( 6776 0000).

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Today, 150 years after the Mormon settler Isaac Behunin named his homestead here Little Zion, the park still casts a spell as you gaze upon its sheer multicolored walls of sandstone, explore its narrow canyons, hunt for hanging gardens of wildflowers, and listen to the roar of the churning, tumbling Virgin River. The park means different things to different people a day hike down a narrow canyon, a rough climb up the face of a massive stone monument, the red glow of sunset over majestic peaks. To some degree, each of these experiences is possible only because of the rocks and the processes that have changed them uplifting, shifting,

Historic Man Made Attractions

The park also contains reminders of the miners and settlers who arrived in the late 1800s. You can see the remains of the Gould Mine, active in the early 1900s, along the Sendero Esperanza Trail, in the Tucson Mountain District. In the Rincon Mountain District are what's left of an adobe house built in 1929 on the Freeman Homestead Trail, and several limekilns, built in about 1880, along the Cactus Forest Trail. See Day Hikes, below.

Murrumbidgee River Corridor

On the banks of the Murrumbidgee, 20km south of Canberra, is the beautiful Lanyon Homestead (Map p264 6237 5136 Tharwa Dr adult concession family 7 5 15 Sl0am-4pmTue-Sun). Also on-site but in a separate building is the Nolan Gallery (Map p264 6235 5688 adult concession family 3 2 6 S10am-4pm Tue-Sun), containing paintings by celebrated Australian artist Sidney Nolan, including his famous Ned Kelly art. You can buy a combined ticket (adult concession family 9 7 20) to both homestead and gallery. Near Tharwa is Cuppacumbalong (Map p264 6237 5116 Naas Rd S 11am-5pm Wed-Sun & public holidays), a 1922 homestead and heritage garden reincarnated as a quality Australian craftware studio and gallery.

Florida Keys Cycling Trails

If you are starting from the mainland, take Card Sound Road from Homestead to Route 905 in Key Largo. This connects with and bypasses almost 30 miles of US 1. About 15 miles into Key Largo you pick up a paved bike trail on the ocean side of the highway. Greyhound will transport you and your boxed bike to any point along US 1 from their airport-vicinity terminal. Reservations s 800-231-2222

Of Historic or Cultural Interest

Potter (Bertha) Palmer exerted nearly as much influence on Sarasota's growth and development as John Ringling. Although she was a well-known name among Chicago socialites at the time, we hear much less about her. Except at Historic Spanish Point at 337 N. Tamiami Trail in Osprey, s 941-966-5214. Assembled on the 30-acre estate she once owned back in the dawning days of the 1900s is a collection of local historic structures that includes ancient Indian shell mounds, a pioneer homestead, an old schoolhouse, Mrs. Palmer's restored gardens, a late Victorian home, a reconstructed chapel, and a citrus packing house. Local actors give living history performances on Sundays from January to mid-April. Guided walking tours of about two hours' duration are available Monday-Saturday, 9-5 noon-5 on Sunday. Tram tours are available by 48-hour advance reservation three days a week. Adult admission is 5 3 for children ages six-12 and seniors.

Zion National Park ftft

Early Mormon settler Isaac Behunin is credited with naming his homestead Little Zion because it seemed to be a bit of heaven on earth. Today, 150 years later, Zion National Park casts a spell over you as you gaze upon its sheer multicolored walls of sandstone, explore its narrow canyons, hunt for hanging gardens of wildflowers, and listen to the roar of the churning, tumbling Virgin River.

Moments In the Footsteps of the Man from Snowy River

Horseback riding is a popular activity for all those wanting to ride like the Man from Snowy River. Reynella Kosciusko Rides, located in Adaman-aby, 44km (27 miles) northwest of Cooma (& 1800 029 909 in Australia, or 02 6454 2386 fax 02 6454 2530, offers multi-night rides through the Kosciuszko National Park from October to the end of April. Three-day 4-night rides cost A 799 (US 519), and 5-day 6-night rides A 1,207 (US 784). Transfers from Cooma cost A 33 (US 21) each way. The trips are all-inclusive and include camping and homestead accommodations. Shorter rides are offered by Jindabyne Trail Rides (& 02 6456 2421 fax 02 6456 1254). Gentle, 1 2-hour rides on the slopes above Jindabyne cost A 25 (US 16) per person.

Tips from a Park Ranger

On the east side, he suggests the easy Freeman Homestead Trail, which passes by the site of a historic homestead, and the challenging Tanque Verde Ridge Trail, which, he remarks, is steep and rugged, but gives you great views of Tucson and the mountains. To really be alone, he recommends trying some of the backcountry trails, where you'll be hiking from desert up into forests of Douglas fir and ponderosa pine.

Mrningtn To Blairgowrie

The Esplanade leaves Mornington and heads south, skirting the rocky Port Phillip Bay foreshore past the affluent bayside neighbourhood of Mt Martha. The Nepean Hwy takes a less scenic inland route and again becomes the Mornington Peninsula Freeway. The Briars ( 5974 3686 450 Nepean Hwy, Mt Martha adult child 5 4 S 10am-4pm) is the 1840 homestead of one of the peninsula's first pastoral runs. Sitting on 96 hectares, it includes original farm buildings, parklands and a wildlife reserve. There are bird hides, koalas, echidnas and kangaroos. The homestead houses the Dame Mabel Brookes collection of Napoleon relics, which includes locks of the emperor's hair and his death mask. Her great-grandfather owned the lands on the island of St Helena where Napoleon was exiled by the British for the final six years of his life.

Windward Oahu Hikes Hauula Loop

To get to the trail, take TheBus no. 55 or follow Highway 83 to Hauula Beach Park. Turn toward the mountains on Hauula Homestead Road when it forks to the left at Maakua Road, park on the side of the road. Walk along Maakua Road to the wide, grassy trail that begins the hike into the mountains. The climb is fairly steep for about 300 yards but continues to easier-on-the-calves switchbacks as you go up the ridge. Look down as you climb You'll spot wildflowers and mushrooms among the matted needles. The trail continues up, crossing

Tips Affordable Rooms Near the Airport

If you enjoy staying with a family, Elderberry Bed and Breakfast (& 907 243-6968 has three rooms with private bathrooms for 75 to 95 per double. The hosts enjoy socializing and relating their Alaska experiences. I also recommend A Homestead Bed and Breakfast, below. A Homestead Bed and Breakfast Finds This is a real 1930s homestead house built of logs, once remote but now a few minutes from the airport and Kincaid Park. Frank and Patricia Jasper have lived here more than 30 years, and they've kept it as an authentic slice of Alaska (like themselves). One of the accommodations is a charming log cabin with plank floors, the other is a suite upstairs with many rooms and four beds, plus an outside entrance and many odd corners and pieces of furniture. Both rooms have cooking facilities. It's a great deal. (Beware, an entirely different place on Spenard Road has an almost identical name.) No smoking is permitted.

Devonian Reef National Parks

The walls of beautiful Windjana Gorge soar 100m above the Lennard River, which surges in the Wet but is a series of pools in the Dry. Scores of freshwater crocodiles sunbake on its banks and lurk in the water. Bring plenty of water for the 7km return walk from the camp ground (site 9) to the end of the gorge. The ruins of Lillimooloora homestead (1893) are 3km from Lennard River once a police outpost, this is where Aboriginal tracker Jandamarra shot Constable Richardson (see p240).

Bamaga Road Bypass Roads

Southern Bypass Rd leaves Telegraph Rd 40km north of the Wenlock River crossing and heads east and then north. The turn-off east to Shelburne Homestead is 24km north of the junction, while another 3 5km will find you at the junction to Heathlands Ranger Station, 14km to the west.

The House That Jacques Built

Many archaeological finds and written accounts show that the department of Manche shares much cultural heritage with the peoples of the British Isles. This is undoubtedly a result of the relentless invasions of the Vikings that began in earnest during the 8th century AD. However, one of the most obvious examples of this common influence can easily be seen in the names of local places and towns, which often contain very similar linguistic elements to those found in the UK. The Viking suffix -hoo, meaning surrounded by water finds its French equivalent at the end of Tatihou, Quettehou or even Pirou. Although deprived of the letter F, toft, the familiar Norse word for homestead , can be found in denominations such as Yvetot or Ectot. The addition of -bec to a name tells us that the Cotentin town of Briquebec lies on the banks of a river

Big Delta State Historical Park

Rika's Roadhouse, at Mile 275, is one of the many roadhouses that lined the trail from Valdez to the goldfields north of Fairbanks. Located at Bates Landing, at the confluence of the Delta and Tanana rivers (which was originally the location of an Athabascan fishing camp, and later a military communications center), the roadhouse was built to service a ferry run by the federal government that once took travelers across the Tanana River. They only charged people who were northbound. The land was bought in 1906 by John Hajdukovich, and he enlarged the existing roadhouse into a trading post for fur. He also ran a steamship up the Tanana River and guided hunting parties. John eventually ran into debt to Rika Wallen, a Swedish immigrant who worked at the roadhouse. He owed her so much in back wages that he was forced to sign the deed of the house over to her in 1923. She also owned a homestead that adjoined the property, and the roadhouse stayed in business until the late 1940s.

Two Great Side Trips Everglades National Park

Today's visitor can go sportfishing in Florida Bay, where no commercial fishing is allowed hike and walk on trails and on boardwalks above the marsh rent boats, canoes, and bicycles or take boat cruises into Florida Bay from the Flamingo Marina Store. The park's entrance is south of Homestead off the Florida Turnpike, also known as Route 1 or the Dixie Highway. Turn off onto Route 9336. The turns to the park are well marked. In the 38 miles from the entrance to the Flamingo Visitor Center at the southern end of the park, you pass through six different ecosystems, but the changes are so subtle you'll have to watch for them.

The East Macdonnell Ranges

Not as many tourists tread the path on the Ross Highway into the East Macs, but if you do, you'll be rewarded with lush walking trails, fewer crowds, and traces of Aboriginal history. I even spotted wild camels on my visit. At the end of the drive, 86km (53 miles) from Alice, is the Ross River Resort (see Where to Stay below), where day-trippers are welcome. The homestead stages a boomerang-throwing and whip-cracking experience over billy tea and damper from 10am to noon daily for A 5.50 (US 3.60) per person, so consider heading there first, then dropping in on the attractions below as you return.

Outside Town Budget Midrange

Mullers Mountain Lodge ( 026-264 0204 mullers mountainlodge camping Tsh5000, s d f US 30 4060) An old family homestead set in sprawling grounds, with rooms in the main house or, for a bit more privacy, in nearby cottages, plus meals (from Tsh6000). There are also a few less appealing cement huts with shared bathroom and a large grassy camping area with a covered cooking area. Transport from Lushoto can be arranged.

Exploring The Area A Walk Around Town

The old Santa Fe train station is now the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, where you can pick up a map that tells a bit about the history of the buildings. The brick post office, almost across the street from the train station, once had a ride-up window providing service to people on horseback. Frontier Street is preserved as it looked in the early 1900s. The covered sidewalks and false fronts are characteristic of frontier architecture the false fronts often disguised older adobe buildings that were considered uncivilized by settlers from back east. The oldest building in town is the Etter General Store, adjacent to the Homestead Restaurant. The adobe-walled store was built in 1864 and has long since been disguised with a false wooden front.

And up York Street where youll see the lovely St Johns Anglican Church and the Town Hall A

The National Trust-owned Old Farm at Strawberry Hill ( 9841 3735 170 Middleton Rd adult child 5 3 S 10am-5pm) is one of the oldest farms in WA, established in 1827 as the town's government farm. The homestead features antiques and artefacts that belonged to the original owner, and lovely gardens and tearooms.

Burketown To The Border

After passing the deserted Tirranna Roadhouse, you cross the Gregory River, a lush scene of running water surrounded by tropical vegetation. In remarkable contrast, the Nicholson River, 53km further on, presents a desolate picture in the dry season. It's only about 4km further to the Doomadgee Aboriginal Community ((Hj 47458188). While you are welcome to buy fuel (the last for almost 400km until Boorooloola) and shop at the store here, camping and village access is subject to permission being obtained from the council, and alcohol is restricted. It's another 80km of featureless Melaleuca scrub to Hell's Gate Roadhouse, which sadly closed its doors in 2007. Along the way you can take the signposted turn-off 42km to remote Kingfisher Camp ( 4745 8212 day pass S3, sites per person family 8 18) on Bowthorn Station. The camping ground is set beside a gorgeous Skm-long water hole on the Nicholson River. Facilities include hot showers, toilets and a laundry. From...

The Wave Hill Stockmens Strike

Aboriginal stockmen played a large role in the early days of the pastoral industry in the Northern Territory. Because they were paid such paltry wages (which often never even materialised) a pastora list could afford to employ many of them, and run his station at a much lower cost. White stockmen received regular and relatively high wages, were given decent food and accommodation, and were able to return to the station homestead every week. By contrast, Aboriginal stockmen received poor food and accommodation and would often spend months in the bush with the cattle.

Exploring Abel Tasman National Park rffflff

221-888 in NZ or 03 528-7801, operates buses, launches, and beachfront lodges. It's an award-winning family-owned business run by the Wilson family, who pioneered tourism in the park in 1977. They arrange 1- to 5-day guided walks and sea-kayaking trips that include stays at their Torrent Bay Lodge and Homestead Lodge at Awaroa Bay. All trips can be arranged as walking only, or walking sea kayaking combinations and skilled guides and chefs provide quality experiences and meals. During high season, a 1-day guided sea kayaking trip costs NZ 135 (US 74) a 2-day walk or sea kayak trip is NZ 650 (US 358) the 3-day guided option is NZ 950 (US 523) for adults, NZ 665 (US 366) for children 8 to 14 the 5-day walk costs NZ 1,400 (US 770). Rates are lower from mid-April to mid-October.

Driving The Gibb River Road

If you really want to discover the Outback, the Gibb River Road is for you. Traversing this sandy, rocky, unpaved 660km (413-mile) 4WD track that links the east and west Kimberley is fast becoming a must-do for seasoned adventure travelers. Populated only by stark red ranges, rivers that flood to the horizon in the Wet and vanish to dustbowls in the Dry, fern-fringed swimming holes and waterfalls, and huge cattle stations, it is a road for self-reliant folk who seek wilderness and know how to change a tire. Homesteads along the way offer activities such as bar-ramundi fishing in lily-clad water holes, hikes through gorges, and aerial tours to remote Prince Regent Nature Reserve, King's Cascade, Mitchell Falls, the Horizontal Waterfalls, and other spots on the north Kimberley Coast. Some serve meals and have basic accommodations, ranging from campsites with hot showers to rooms at the homestead. You ain't in the lap of luxury, but after that road you'd hardly expect it. Getting there...

Museums Historic Sites

Sir Andrew MacPhail Homestead in Orwell has many items related to Sir Andrew's fascinating life, including letters exchanged with some of the leading figures of his time. Throughout the summer from the beginning of July to the end of August there are special events Monday through Thursday. The nature trails on the property are open year-round. Rte. 209, off Highway TC1, Orwell, s 902 651-2789. dhunter macphailfoundation.

Exploring The Northeastern Catskill Region

Farther north along Route 9W in Coxsackie, the Bronck Museum j , 90 County Rte. 42 (& 518 731-6490 admission 5 adults, 3.50 seniors, 2 students ages 12-15, 1 children ages 5-11, free for children under 5 Memorial Day to Oct 15 Tues-Sat and Mon holidays 10am-4pm, Sun 1-5pm), is distinguished by a real rarity, the oldest surviving home in upstate New York, a beautifully solid stone Dutch medieval built in 1663 by the cousin of the man who would settle the Bronx. How old is that Enough to predate the Constitution by 113 years. The museum is actually an entire complex of architecturally significant buildings. The homestead was a working farm and home to eight generations of Broncks, original Dutch settlers, until 1939. The original house has massive beams, wide floorboards, a cellar hatchway, and an early Dutch door rooms feature Federal, Empire, and Victorian furniture. Also on the premises are a 1785 Federal brick house and three barns (including the unique 1835...

Miracle Of America Museum And Pioneer Village

Nicknamed the Smithsonian of the West. Over II2,000 American artifacts including Indian, cowboy music, cars, cycles, toys, dolls, homesteaders, militaria, guns, boars, wagons, sleighs, snowmobiles, engines, tools, tractors, planes and trains. Open year round, Hours 8-8 summer, reduced hours other months. Easy access and parking. Reasonable admission charge. 32094 Memory LnPoison, MT 59820

Brief History of The Keys

During this same period, cigar makers from Cuba established successful factories in Key West, and Bahamian farmers familiar with the techniques of coral-island farming began settling in the Upper Keys. They were joined by homesteaders from around the US. Soon, there were productive groves of Key limes, tamarind and breadfruit throughout

The East Side Of The Park

Cunningham Cabin, 1 miles north of Deadman's Bar, is a nondescript historic site at which homesteaders Pierce and Margaret Cunningham built their ranch in 1890. By 1928, they had been defeated by the elements and sold out to Rockefeller's Snake River Land Co. You can visit it at any time.

Politics History Living a Frontier Myth

The occupations of prospector, trapper, and homesteader rugged individualists relying only on themselves in a limitless land would dominate Alaska's economy if the state's image of itself were accurate. Alaskans talk a lot about the Alaskan spirit of independence, yearn for freedom from government, and declare that people from Outside just don't understand Alaskans when they insist on locking up Alaska's lands in parks and wilderness status. The bumper sticker says, simply, We don't give a damn how they do it Outside. A state full of self-reliant frontiersmen can't be tied down and deterred from their manifest destiny by a bunch of Washington bureaucrats. At the extreme, there has even been a movement to declare independence as a separate nation so Alaskans can extend the frontier, extracting its natural resources unfettered by bunny-hugging Easterners.

Barker Dam Nature Trail

This sandy path leads to a small lake formed in a natural rock basin by an artificial dam. It's a relic of the ranchers who used such tanks to water their stock. Signs along the way describe some of the plant and animal life found here, including migratory wildfowl that use the lake as a watering hole on their journeys. After scrambling up the dam, you'll come to some petroglyph sites (see Historic & Man-Made Attractions, above).

Department of Retalhuleu

The department of Retalhuleu is where the Pacific and Northern Highlands meet. It shares borders with Quetzaltenango, Suchitepequez and San Marcos. Because it has become a gateway to and from the Pacific, Retalhuleu is the most prosperous of the departments, producing sugar, cotton, coffee, maize, beans, rice, cacao, rubber and fruit. But it is most famous for dairy cattle, considered the finest in the country. There are many wealthy cattle ranchers in this department and they like to relax in the beautiful capital, Retalhuleu, usually referred to as Rey. There is also more indigenous culture here with a large population of Quich Maya. There aren't many tourist attractions, but don't let that stop you. The region does have a famous beach at Champerico, the ruins of Abaj Takalik and the huge Xocomil Aquatic Park.

Colorado History Museum Civic Center Park

Even if the mere idea of a diorama makes you drowsy, you should check out the meticulously detailed ones at this museum. Using paper, cardboard, matchsticks, and wood veneers, artists in a Depression-era work relief program created tiny renderings of Colorado's history, which are displayed today in this museum. You can also view exhibits on pioneers, miners, ranchers, and Native Americans, and read a timeline tracing the major events of the past 150 years in the state's history. Memorabilia of a more recent vintage is also on display, including a gondola car from Steamboat Ski Area and a Denver Nuggets warm-up suit. See map p. 114. 13th Street and Broadway. 303-866-3682. www.colorado Open Mon-Sat 10 00 a.m.-4 30 p.m., Sun noon to 4 30 p.m. Admission 5 adults, 4.50 seniors 65 and up and students 13-18, 3.50 children 6-12.

Mesa Verde National Park

The area was little known until ranchers Charles and Richard Wetherill chanced upon it in 1888. Looting of artifacts followed their discovery until a Denver newspaper reporter's stories aroused national interest in protecting the site. The 52,000-acre site was declared a national park in 1906 it's the only U.S. national park devoted entirely to the works of humans.

Tips from a Park Insider

Ranchers, and American Indian tribes. I just marvel at all the connections people have with this place. It draws people far and wide, from so many cultures. The challenge, she adds, is agreeing on a shared vision concerning park use and policy. First Ascent. As a battle to preserve the monument from commercial encroachment was being waged in 1893, two local ranchers decided it was time someone made the first recorded climb to its summit.

Nearby Attractions

It's not exactly nature's way, but the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service makes sure that the elk at the National Elk Refuge, just north of Jackson on U.S. Hwy. 26 89 ( 307 733-9212 nationalelkrefuge., eat well during the winter by feeding them alfalfa pellets. It keeps them out of the haystacks of area ranchers and creates a beautiful tableau on the flats along the Gros Ventre River Thousands of elk, some with huge antler racks, dot the snow for miles. Though the elk are absent in the summer, there is still plenty of life on the refuge, including, most recently, a quite visible mountain lion and cubs.

The Culture The National Psyche

Of course attitudes differ from place to place. Residents of the English- and Miskito-speaking Atlantic Coast rarely consider themselves part of Nicaragua proper, and many would prefer to be returned to the British Empire than suffer further oppression by the 'Spaniards' on the other side of the country. The cattle ranchers of the Central Highlands resist interference from the federal government, while coffee pickers in Matagalpa or students in Le n are willing to walk to Managua to complain to the government if they perceive that any injustice has been done.

Environmental Issues

While local people are increasingly seeing more benefits from wildlife-oriented tourism, their activities in and around protected areas continue to affect local ecosystems. Many ranchers in the south view wildlife as a nuisance, while people in the more densely populated north see wildlife reserves as potential settlement areas and wildlife itself as a food resource, and a threat to crops and human life.

Joshua Tree National Park

The area's fascinating geological timeline stretches back almost 2 billion years. Eight million years ago, the Mojave landscape was one of rolling hills and flourishing grasslands horses, camels, and mastodons abounded, with saber-toothed tigers and wild dogs filling the role of predator. Displays at the Oasis Visitor Center show how climactic, volcanic, and tectonic activity created the park's signature cliffs and boulders and turned Joshua Tree into the arid desert you see today. Human presence has been traced back nearly 10,000 years with the discovery of the Pinto culture, and you can see evidence of more recent habitation throughout the park in the form of American Indian rock art. Miners and ranchers began coming in the 1860s, but the boom went bust by

Mahurangi Scandrett Regional Parks

Straddling the head of Mahurangi Harbour, this boaties' paradise has three distinct 'fingers' Mahurangi West, accessed from a turnoff 3km north of Puhoi Scott Point on the eastern side, with road access 16km southeast of Warkworth and isolated Mahurangi East, which can only be reached by boat. The park incorporates areas of coastal forest, pa sites and a historic homestead and cemetery. Its sheltered beaches offer prime sandy spots for a dip or picnic and there are loop walks ranging from 1& to hours. Accommodation (X 09-366 2000 sites per person 5-10, baches 200240) is available in four basic campsites and four baches sleeping six to eight.

Yurrebillas Accommodation Curse

A couple of off-track B&Bs provide another option. If you turn right at Greenhill Rd on Day 2, it is about 1km into Summertown, where you will find Summertown Homestead 08-8390 0497 4 Cummins Dr d 240). On reaching Lobethal Rd near the end of Day 2, you can also turn right and walk for 2km to the Chapel B&B ( 08-8390 1792 .au Lobethal Rd, Ashton d 210), in a converted chapel. The walk along Lobethal Rd, however, will be neither pleasant nor particularly safe because the road is narrow and heavily trafficked. Cross a blackberry-choked stream and turn right, heading upvalley to Giles Ruins (one to l' i hours from Greenhill Rd). The first building was a workers' quarters, the second was the homestead. Here, the trail begins climbing away from the creek, ascending to a ridge, where it turns right. In 15 minutes the trail peels away left onto a lesser track to reach Woods Hill Rd. Turn left, then right onto a narrow sealed road after 50m. Look for...

Alice Springs To Finke

The Old South Rd, also known as Maryvale Rd, turns off the Stuart Hwy 12km south of Alice Springs. At Rodinga siding the road splits, continuing south to Maryvale Station, the Titjikala Aboriginal community and the turnoff to Chambers Pillar, or southeast to Finke. The road to Maryvale is rough in patches, but is fine for conventional vehicles in dry conditions. After that it's all 4WD. It's beautiful country, the road cutting through red sand dunes in places, with low mulga scrub and the occasional ghost gum dotting the landscape. At the Rodinga siding the Finke Track heads for 133km to Finke (Apatula). This forms part of the Simpson Desert Loop via New Crown, Andado Homestead and north to Alice along the Old Andado Track. THE AUTHOR'S CHOICE Ooraminna Homestead & Bush Camp (gg 8953 0170 .au off Old South Rd swag 165, d incl meals 270) This homestead is only 30km south of Alice, but offers a real outback station experience. Roll out a swag (provided) or...

Roper Bar To Borroloola

As the road begins to hug the southern bank of the Roper River, about 45km from Roper Bar, you may notice what appears to be a gypsy camp. This is the basic Tomato Island camping ground (as yet no facilities), where you can launch a boat and park a campervan. From here, giant grey termite mounds mark the 25km to old St Vidgeon Homestead - a lonely ruin on a stony rise that conjures up stark images of battlers eking a scant living from the hostile bush. Just behind the ruin is the superb Lomarieum Lagoon. Fringed by paperbarks and covered by blooming water lilies, the lagoon has many birds and a peaceful atmosphere. The road soon crosses the Cox River and then, after weaving through a small range, the Limmen Bight River. The Nathan River Ranger Station (fa) 8975 8792) is reached 13km from the Limmen Bight crossing. (There may be no sign at the turn-off to the station.) The ranger station in the old homestead can provide information on camping and 4WD tracks (including a key to the...

Delamont Country Park

Herons are not the only birds native to the park, and a bird hide allows observation of other local species. Nearby there's the remains of an early Christian homestead, and an observation tower that provides fine views along the length of Strangford Lough and south to the Mourne Mountains. You'll also notice the Strangford Millennium Stone, which was erected in 1999 by young people from right across Northern Ireland. Weighing 47 tonnes and reaching 10m high, this is now the tallest standing stone in Ireland.

Six Special Side Trips

Not the original in San Antonio, but the one built near Brackettville for the 1960 movie of the same name. The kids will like the imitation better because there are daily shootouts staged during summer. The village has 28 buildings, including a John Wayne Museum and a working ranch. Parts of the TV miniseries Lonesome Dove were also shot here. You'll find Alamo Village 7 miles north of town on Route 647. Open daily 9am to 6pm except Christmas week. 9.75 adults, 4.75 children (& 830 563-2580 www.homestead. com thealamovillage AlamoVillage.html).

Exploring Winter Park and Fraser

Built in 1876, Cozens Ranch House, 77849 U.S. 40, between Winter Park and Fraser ( 970-726-5488), was the first homestead in the Fraser Valley and later served as a post office, stagecoach stop, and chapel. The house has displays on area history, including one on World War Il-era POWs who worked in the local timber industry. It's open in the summer Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from

The Peoples of East Africa

The marginalised Karamojong - at home in Karamoja, in northeastern Uganda - are one of East Africa's most insulated, beleaguered and colourful tribes. As with the Samburu, Maasai and other Nilotic pastoralist peoples, When cattle are grazed life for the Karamojong centres around cattle, which are kept at night in the in dry-season camps centre of the family living compound and grazed by day on the surround-away from the family ing plains. Cattle are the main measure of wealth, ownership is a mark of homestead, the adulthood, and cattle raiding and warfare are central parts of the culture.

Anne of Green Gables Sites

Green Gables Post Office and the site of Lucy Maud Montgomery's home, Cavendish.The site of the farmhouse where the author was brought up by her strict grandparents is east of the junction of routes 6 and 13. Parking is at the Green Gables Post Office or down the gravel side road at the book-store.A short walking trail leads to the site from both the post office and the bookstore. For information, visit lmm. The Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silver Bush, Park Corner, is her aunt and uncle's big white house at the old Campbell homestead, filled with many artifacts. Also at Park Corner on route 20 is the Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum, displaying family artifacts and items she wrote about in her books. Admission C 2.50 (US 2). Both closed November to May. For information, call & 902 836-5502 or 902 886-2807 Green Gables House, Cavendish. Her cousins' home, which Montgomery used as the setting for her novel, has been extensively restored, with...

Digging Deeper into Colorado

Between the booms and busts, farmers and ranchers settled in and eked out their living, though the arid climate and rugged land make it hard. The agricultural industry as a whole still survives here, but family farms and ranches are mostly a thing of the past, unable to compete with corporations and the cheaper land and labor of South America and Asia.

Bonzer Backroads Brumbies Bush Bull Dust

For those travelling east across the Nullarbor, two back roads, which meet about 80km south of the Eyre Hwy, lead from east of Esperance to Balladonia. The Balladonia Track via Mt Ragged (299km total from Esperance) is a really rough 4WD route north of Cape Arid heavy rain can close this road, so check before setting out, and be well prepared. The Parmango Rd (262km total from Esperance) starts at Condingup. It's bumpy but passable to 2WDs when dry (watch out for bull dust in the potholes), but becomes instantly impassable except to 4WDs after rain check its condition with the Department of Environment & Conservation (DEC) before heading out. It's a good bush road, with the possibility of brumbies and camels alongside the track and the old Balbinia Homestead 20km off the track. Enjoy the (interactive, if you choose) underwear artwork on the gates There's no fuel or water on either of these roads, and DEC (0 9071 3733) in Esperance has a good set of informal notes - practicalities and...

South Miami Dade County

Indian Lake State Park Campground

Encompassing South Miami, Kendall, Goulds, Per-rine, and Homestead, the southern end of Miami-Dade County offers an exciting world of attractions, parks, shopping centers and restaurants. ami Grand Prix, along with other NASCAR and Indy car racing events, is hosted at the Homestead-Miami Speedway Complex. The county's south end also offers some fine shopping, from The Shops at Sunset Place (just south of Coral Gables) to Dadeland Mall in Kendall, to the dramatically landscaped Falls shopping center, and, farther south, the Cutler Ridge Mall, Prime Outlets at Florida City, and an antique district at Homestead Main Street. Once you reach Homestead, suburbia gives way to flat farmland, rows of crops, agricultural areas spreading green under the monumental clouds of the Florida sky, and soothing scenery with a special tropical touch. Fruit & Spice Park Gold Coast Railroad Museum Homestead Bayfront Park & Marina Homestead Miami Speedway

ThZVi hours km m ascent

As a warm-up for the day ahead there's a one-hour climb of around 300 vertical metres along the fire trail beside Murdering Creek. At the top, the land opens up beside the fenced yards of the old Kyangatha homestead. A pear tree stands in the paddock and you're likely to encounter several ponies and horses, plus some cattle further along.

Nueva Guinea

The good paved road heads southeast, past very groovy El Coral Central Park, with excellent snake art, about 20km along. Puente El Rama, another 35km further, has refreshing cascades and swimming holes close to the road. It's just a few more minutes to the town of Nueva Guinea, which really is brand-new, founded in the 1960s as part of a federal homesteading initiative with the unfortunate acronym Prica. The Somoza government successfully directed the refugees of the 1972 Managua earthquake and 1973 Cerro Negro eruption to this isolated experiment, over a month's journey from Managua in ox-carts. The homesteaders, no slouches, got busy razing pristine rain forests to graze cattle, an economic success and 'agricultural disaster.'


Kenadon Homestead Cabins ( 4098 6142 www Dagmar St s d 80 100 (S) 6)) These self-contained cabins, on the fringe of a 400-acre family cattle farm, are perfect for families as they sleep up to five. Clustered together near the pool, they face out to the vast pastures. Rates include breakfast.

Village Museum

The centrepiece of the open-air Village Museum cnr New Bagamoyo Rd & Makaburl St adnlt child stndent US53 1.50 2, camera video US 3 20 9.30am-6pm) is a collection of authentically constructed dwellings meant to show traditional life in various parts of Tanzania. The best time to come is in the afternoon, when there are often traditional music and dance performances (see pl23).

Jervois To Bulia

The highlight of this section is right beside the road, 50km past the turn-off to Jervois Homestead. Here a conical termite mound nearly 5m high rears like a breaching whale above the surrounding sea of stunted mallees and spinifex - it's an extraordinary sight. On the Territory side of the border, Tober-morey Homestead ( 07-4748 4996 camp sites for 2 20, air-con cabins 75 S 8am-8pm (K)) has a small shop that sells drinks, snacks, minor grocery lines and fuel (unleaded and diesel).


The first major stop on this part of the highway comes 138km north of Alice Springs, where the Aileron roadhouse sits next to the homestead of Aileron Station. The historical homestead now houses a surpris ingly large collection of some 200 works by the Namatjira family - including about 10 painted by Albert. You can look around for free and there are also dot paintings by the local Anmatyerre community. Outside you can say hello to the pet wedge-tailed eagle, which has been here for 23 years after recovering from an accident. The quirky roadhouse owner is currently building a 13m-high statue of an Aboriginal warrior on the hill behind the homestead

Eco Travel

The Wetlands Nature Trail is located adjacent to the Ethan Allen Homestead (see Sightseeing, below) off North Road from Route 127, s 802-863-5744. Pick up a trail map in the Visitor Center for the Homestead. Brochures guide visitors as they walk along the trail, hearing bird calls and seeing changes in vegetation from water to swamp to trees on higher ground.

Ross River Resort

Once the headquarters for Loves Creek Station, the old Ross River Homestead has a pretty setting under rocky hills beside the Ross River. The homestead was closed to tourists for several years but reopened in late 2005 as the Ross River Resort, and it's well worth the detour for a meal, a beer in the Stockman's Bar or a comfy bed. It's 9km along the continuation of the Ross Hwy past the Arltunga turn-off. Incidentally, if the words 'Ross River' strike the fear of fever into you, rest assured that the name was derived from Ross River in Townsville (Queensland).


About 130km east of Harts Range you reach Jervois Homestead ( 8956 6307), a scruffy place where you can buy fuel (unleaded and diesel) during the day note that credit cards are not accepted. Public telephones, showers ( 2) and toilets are available here. You can camp either at the turn-off, where there's a lay-by, or at a small camping ground (sites per vehicle 5) at the first gate about 1km in on the homestead access road. For something different, you can inspect the huge rocket-proof shelter that was built at the homestead during the 1960s, when


Ing off SH5 onto Homestead Rd, just south of Reporoa (see Map p290). This stretch of the river can be explored in a thrilling fashion with NZ River Jet ( 0800 748 375 Homestead Rd 2 hr ride incl entry to Orakei Korako adult child family 125 50 300), zooming you downstream through magnificent steamy gorges to Orakei Korako, which you can visit before bundling back into the boat to zoom back again.

Hot Springs Trail

An interpretive booklet available at the trailhead describes the sights, including a historic health resort and homestead (see Historic & Man-Made Attractions, above), along this easy loop. Fairly substantial ruins remain, including a foundation that fills with natural mineral water, creating an inviting hot tub. Also along the trail are pictographs left by ancient American Indians, and panoramic views of the Rio Grande and Mexico.


North of the centre, on the Brisbane River, is Brisbane's best-known heritage site, the lovely old Newstead House (Map p310 32161846 Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead adult child family 4 2 10 S 10am-4pm Mon-Frl, 2-5pm Sun). The historic homestead dates from 1846 and is beautifully fitted out with Victorian furnishings and antiques, clothing and period displays. Surrounded by manicured gardens it sits on a breezy elevated position overlooking the river, giving superb water vistas. First Friday of each month is free admission.

Old Andado Track

From Finke the road heads southeast for 30km to Hew Crown Homestead ( 8956 0969), which sells fuel (diesel and unleaded) during daylight hours credit cards are not accepted. From Andado Station (no tourist facilities) an 18km track leads to Old Andado Homestead Continuing on from the turn-off to the reserve, the track leaves the gravel plain behind and heads northwards through dune country, looping away to the west around the Arookara and Rodinga Ranges, before arriving at the Allambi Homestead, 218km from Old Andado.

The West Co

Homestead Farm B&B ( 03-751 0835 foxhome stead Cook Flat Rd tw & d 140-165) This was Fox's first farmhouse, and it's still in the same family. The three rooms are fittingly quaint and all have en suites. Continental breakfasts are included, and cooked breakfasts cost an extra 7. And it's nothing personal, but kids under seven aren't welcome.

Groot Constantia

5128 Groot Constantia Rd, High Constantia tastings incl glass US 3.40 9am-6pm Dec-Apr, to 5pm May-Nov) is set in beautiful grounds. Not surprisingly, it can become busy with tour groups but the estate is big enough for you to escape the crowds, if need be. In the 18th century, Constantia wines were exported around the world and were highly acclaimed. The beautifully restored homestead is now a museum ( 021-795 5140 groot-con adult child US 1 0.30 10am-5pm).

Other Accommodation

A decent number of the country's farms offer a bed for a night. A couple of remote outback stations also allow you to stay in homestead rooms or shearers' quarters and try activities such as horseback riding. Check out Australian Farmstays ( .au) for your options. State tourist offices can also tell you what's available.

Flaglers Railroad

In 1903, railroad tycoon Henry Flagler built his impossible railroad that went to sea, on which wealthy visitors traveled to vacation in the Florida Keys. The railroad extended service from Homestead to Key West and to Cuba by sea-going ferries that carried the rail cars across the Gulf. On Labor Day in 1935, a nameless hurricane ravaged the Keys with 200-mph winds and an 18-ft tidal surge. It ripped out the huge caissons that the railroad builders had constructed to connect the islands. Though most of the bridges held up, the rail beds on the lowlands were destroyed. They were never rebuilt. Sections of the old railroad bridges remain and can be seen in the lower Keys.

Lake Nash

About 317km from Ammaroo, the glittering iron roofs of the Alpurrurulam Aboriginal community come into view on the left. The end of the highway is just five minutes away, at Lake Nash Homestead, the centre of the largest of the Sandover's stations at around 13,000 sq km. From here you have a choice of three routes north to Camooweal (183km), east to Mount Isa (205km) or south to Urandangi (172km). All are minor dirt roads. Black soil sections make them impassable after rain. Signposting is poor from here and maps seldom show the roads' true positions. If in doubt,

Plenty Highway

The first 103km from the Stuart Hwy are sealed, but after that the road can be extremely rough and corrugated large bull-dust holes are a common hazard on the Queensland side. The unsealed section is passable only in dry weather and is normally not recommended for caravans. Fuel is available at Gemtree (140km from Alice Springs), Atitjere Aboriginal community (215km), Jervois Homestead (356km), Tobermorey Homestead (570km) and Boulia (812km).


Ethan Allen Homestead, North Avenue Exit off Route 127, Burlington, VT 05401, s 802-865-4556. Ethan Allen settled in this house near the end of his life. Your visit begins with a multimedia show inside the tavern, which was the hub of the community for information and news. As the lights dim, you hear the wind whistling and sounds of people talking. Narrators appear on the wall above the fireplace and exchange gossip. After the show, walk over to the house past his wife Fannie's garden, planted with the vegetables and flowers she liked. Inside the house you will see displays on making clothing, from carding wool or flax to spinning and weaving. The four-poster bed in the living room had straw mattresses kept in place on a rope spring with a twister tool - reminding us of the phrase sleep tight.

The Everglade

If a smaller sampling of the Everglades is desired, there are many commercial airboat rides and alligator shows available. Some suggestions are Everglades Alligator Farm in Homestead, or Everglades Safari Park off Tamiami Trail. The Miccosukee Indian Village provides airboat rides into the Everglades as well as offering a glimpse into the lives of the Native American inhabitants of this wild kingdom. See the listing in Attractions, page 107, for more details.

Golf Tennis

If you're staying in Key Largo, you won't be far from the golf courses in Homestead and other cities on the mainland. Or you can drive down to Key Colony Beach near MM 53.2 in Marathon, where a nine-hole public golf course is open daily s 305-2891533. No tee times are needed.


Coonamessett Inn ** A gracious inn built around the core of a 1796 homestead, the Coonamessett Inn is Falmouth's most traditional lodging choice. The original inn was a few miles away and flanked the namesake river. Set on 7 lushly landscaped acres overlooking a pond, it has the feel of a country club where all comers are welcome. Some of the rooms, decorated in reproduction antiques, can be a bit somber, so try to get one with good light. Most have a separate sitting room attached. On-site is a restaurant featuring a very comfortable tavern room as well as a more formal dining room. The extensive buffet brunch here on Sundays brings out people from all over town.

Lake Argyle

Atmospheric Argyle Homestead ( 91678088 adult child 3 1 S7am-4pm Apr-Oct), home of the Durack pastoral family and currendy managed by Michael Durack, was moved here when its original site was flooded. Fascinating old black-and-white photos and memorabilia are displayed and there's a small family cemetery where some of the pioneering Duracks are buried. Pick up copies of Dame Mary 'Lake Argyle-Ord River Combo Tour' visiting Argyle Homestead, cruising Lake Argyle, and returning by boat to Kununurra on the Ord River.

South Shore Victoria

Strathgartney Homestead Inn is about a quarter-hour southwest of Charlottetown on TC1 in Bonshaw, close to Strathgartney Provincial Park and the head of the West River. In fact, they have their own trail to the river. In the typical, white-painted shingle farmhouse are six rooms four have private bath. The suite has a Jacuzzi and fireplace. Continental breakfast is included. The property is a National Historic Site. Trans-Canada-1 at Bonshaw, PO Box 443, Cornwall, PEI C0A 1H0 s 902 6754711, fax 675-2090. ( - )

Tours by Vehicle

Mid-Isle Shuttle has a series of two- or four-hour tours of the island, as well as several full-day tours. The two-hour tours cover the North Shore, the Green Gables House, the MacPhail Homestead, and the West River area, including Fort Amherst and a Charlottetown craft studio tour. Call them for reservations and details. They will also customize an itinerary. Tours are available May through mid-September. s 902 675-2528, 888 908-2800.

Sandover Highway

Leaving the Plenty Hwy 96km from Alice Springs, the Sandover Hwy heads northeast across flat semidesert for 587km and terminates at Lake Nash Homestead, near the Queensland border. Named after the Sandover River, which it follows for about 250km, this wide ribbon of red dirt is an adventurous short cut between central Australia and northwest Queensland - from Lake Nash it's about another 200km to Mount Isa.

Parks Gardens

And a grand turn-of-the-20th-century homestead, all open to the public free of charge. The homestead restaurant serves lunch from noon to 2pm, morning and afternoon teas from 10am to 3 30pm. Reservations are essential. Guided garden tours are held daily from November through March.

Geyser Valley Loop

From the Whiskey Bend trailhead, hike .75 mile down the trail to the Eagles Nest Overlook for a view of the meadows that stretch from valley to valley. You may see an elk or black bear. Head back to the trail and proceed .5 mile to the Rica Canyon Trail for a view of Goblin's Gate, a rock formation in the Canyon Gorge that might look like a bunch of goblins' heads staring at you, if you stare back hard enough. The trail to Goblin's Gate drops 325 feet on the half-mile walk to the viewing area. At this point, you can follow a riverside trail for another half-mile to some prime fishing spots, or continue to the Krause Bottom and Humes Ranch area. The Humes Ranch has been restored, although some of the wood is starting to get moldy. At any one of these points, you can return to the Whiskey Bend Trail, or continue .8 mile northeast past Michael's Cabin, another old homestead.

Kangaroo Valley

It's a castellated sand-stone-and-iron suspension structure, with a one-way lane, 17m above the riverbed. Next to the bridge is the Pioneer Museum Park ( 4465 1306 elaineaa Hampden Bridge, Moss Vale Rd adult child family 4 3 10 S 10am-4pm Fri-Mon Oct-Easter, 11am-3pm Fri-Mon Easter-Sep). This walkabout museum provides a visual encounter with rural life in the late 19th century. A collection of historical buildings includes an 1860s homestead, blacksmiths forge and reconstructed dairy.

Island Tours

Mid-Isle Shuttle offers two- and four-hour tours, as well as full-day excursions. Each two-hour tour covers a specific area, such as the North Shore, the Green Gables House, the MacPhail Homestead, or West River area (including Fort Amherst) they also have a Charlottetown craft studio tour. Call for reservations or to arrange a custom itinerary. Tours run May through mid-September s 902 675-2528 or 888 908-2800.

Simpson Desert Loop

Head south from Alice Springs on the Old South Rd, which roughly follows the original Ghan railway line. On the way you pass the turn-off to Ooraminna Station (p240) and Ewaninga rock carvings. The road is in reasonably good condition as far as Maryvale Station, where you can visit the Aboriginal community and art centre at Titjikala (p241). Don't miss the 45km detour along a rough 4WD-only track to Chambers Pillar (p242), a bizarre sandstone pillar towering above the flat plains. Plan to camp overnight here. Returning back to the Old South Rd, turn off on the sandy, rollercoaster track to the Aboriginal community of Finke (p241) following the route of the annual Finke Desert Race all the way. From Finke the road heads east onto the Old Andado Track and some pretty lonely country. After 18km you come to Molly Clark's Old Andado Homestead (p242) - the only bed for many a mile. Heading north, next stop is the MacClark Conservation Reserve (p242), a short detour off the main track. From...

Ruby Gap Nature Park

Leaving Arltunga, head east towards At-narpa Homestead. Turn left immediately before the gate 11km from the Claraville turn-off. The road then deteriorates and is restricted to 4WD vehicles, thanks to sandy creek crossings and sharp jump-ups. After another 25km you arrive at the Hale River follow the wheel ruts upstream (left) along the sandy bed for about 6km to the turnaround point, which is through Ruby Gap and just short of rugged Glen Annie Gorge.


As well as the usual range of hotels, motels, caravan parks and youth hostels in towns, the Territory offers some truly Aussie ways to spend the night. Roll out your swag under the stars in the desert, pull up your camper or caravan at a remote roadhouse or deserted rest area, experience the tranquillity of staying at a cattle station homestead, or blow 1800 on a night in a luxury 'tent' and wake up to a view of Uluru.

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