Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Growing Medicinal Plants in Your Own Yard

Backyard Pharmacy helps you choose the best backyard medicinal plants. All the plants can easily be grown all over. It can do by any home gardener, and used for their healing and natural-remedy properties! They share their deep knowledge of what to add to your garden to grow your own medicine cabinet to improve your health. Back yard Pharmacy provides attractive, full color information on how to use the plants growing around you. It is amazing to learn that the many plants that we call wild plant, can heal us of many of our diseases.Take control of your health. Learn about the benefits of herbs and Backyard Pharmacy and natural health remedies for yourself and your family, and even grow them right in your own backyard. Continue reading...

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Grow Your Own Herb Garden

This ebook guide is the best way to teach you how to never buy herbs again. You don't need to buy herbs from the store when you have the ability to grow your own food. You can grow Rosemary to give a gentle seasoning a fragrance. You can grow Oregano to make a wonderful Italian food; you can have a bed of Lemon Balm to make a wonderful tea. You can grow mint to use as seasoning or a lovely scent for your house. Herbs that you grow can be used for seasoning, healing, or to give your house a naturally based fragrance that can only come from beautiful herbs. You will learn 3 herb-growing secrets that almost no one knows, and how to harvest herbs in a way that most people will never tell you. You can start growing amazing herbs that will help you with all sorts of health problems and make delicious food! Continue reading...

Grow Your Own Herb Garden Summary

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Society For The Preservation Of Long Island Antiquities Splia

Thompson House, 91 North Country Road, Setauket. The Thompson House has one of the finest collections of early Long Island furniture, dating to 1750, plus a Colonial herb garden. Built in 1700, this house is an unusually large saltbox structure. Hours are 1-5pm, Saturday and Sunday, Memorial Day-Columbus Day and Friday-Sunday, July and August.

Museums Historic Sites

The Dorchester County Historical Society maintains a museum complex on LaGrange Avenue, off Crusader Rd. s 410-228-7953. The Meredith House, begun in 1760 and modernized in the 1850s, is furnished in fine antiques, and features a collection of antique dolls and toys. The Neild Museum is dedicated to preserving the rural and agricultural heritage of the region, with agricultural and household tools, equipment from the various maritime trades, and a collection of Native American artifacts. The Goldsborough Stable contains a collection of early vehicles and tools of those trades that created them blacksmith, wheelwright and harnessmaker. An Herb Garden re-creates a typical Colonial garden to show the horticulture and uses of herbs. The museum buildings are open for tours Thursday through Saturday, 10-4, year-round.

Southern Illinoisthe Piasa Bird To The Man Of Steel

Fragrant Fields, an herb farm and tea room in Dongola, at exit 24 off I-57, sells specialty herbs, geraniums, and other fragrant plants from its gardens and greenhouses and serves an elegant afternoon tea. There's also a shop where you can buy potpourri in a dozen different fragrances. It's at 102 S. Garden St.

Mesa Italiana Restaurant

Generally regarded as the best restaurant in Holbrook, Mesa Italiana serves traditional Italian dishes, including baked ziti, stuffed shells, lasagna, linguine, and pizza, at reasonable prices. Italiana mushrooms (stuffed with chicken, spinach, and fresh herbs, all topped with garlic white-wine sauce) are great. Also highly recommended is chicken Jerusalem a chicken breast sauteed with butter, garlic, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and shrimp, all swimming in white-wine and lemon sauce.

Sights Activities

A few hundred metres south of quatre chemins you'll find the old casbah. There's nothing of particular significance here but it's nice to wander the narrow, sandy streets with their pretty beige- and rose-coloured buildings. There's also a mosque and circular central market place selling fruit and vegetables as well as deliciously fragrant baskets of fresh herbs.

Old Yellowstone Garage

Since relocating west from Dubois in 2000, the Old Yellowstone Garage has continued its 10-year tradition of serving delectable Italian in a casual Western atmosphere. The self-dubbed slow food served here includes starters such as cozze mie (mussels in garlic-white wine sauce), calamari, and antipasti plates. The dinner menu includes risotto (prepared differently every day), the San Remo (deep-fried zucchini stuffed with mascarpone), and slow-cooked lamb shank, a wintertime favorite. Wood-oven pizzas round out the menu (and are the menu on Sun), the specialty being pizza bianca, with homemade cheeses and fresh herbs. All of this is served in a room with hardwood floors, big windows, tables, and booths, marked simply on the outside with the letters OYG.

Where To Dine Expensive

Tional cuisine is combined with a luxury setting in three rooms to make award-winning meals. The chef creates memorable dishes here, especially his divine risottos, one made with Gorgonzola and pears, another a green risotto with lobster and fresh herbs. The chef will dazzle you with his steamed sea bass filet with fresh tomatoes or his roasted turbot with Mediterranean perfumes. We were also dazzled by his saltim-bocca of rabbit with fresh mushrooms and his young duck breast roasted with lemon. Some dishes, such as roasted Scottish lamb with fine herbs, are prepared only for two. Hors d'oeuvres are the finest at the resort, everything from a quail salad with peaches and walnuts to lobster medallions on a carpaccio of fennel and oranges. Although the menu is international, it is strongest on Ticinese and Mediterranean dishes. Each tantalizing course comes with superb wines in perfect condition. Motto del Gallo && Finds MEDITERRANEAN For a visual treat, visit this baroque house...

Value The King of Condos

Poipu Kapili Resort This quiet, upscale oceanfront cluster of condos is outstanding in every area. I like the home-away-from-home comforts and special touches a video and book library, a spacious pool, several barbecues, tennis courts lit for night play, and an herb garden (you're welcome to take samples if you're cooking). A golf course is also nearby. The apartments are large (one-bedroom two-bathroom units are 1,150 sq. ft. two-bedroom three-bathroom units are 1,820 sq. ft.) and have fully equipped kitchens, tropical furnishings, ceiling fans, and private lanais. The ocean-front two-story town houses are my favorites because they catch the trade winds. The two-bedroom units also have washer dryers (common laundry facilities are available on the property as well). Although the Pacific is right out your window, the nearest sandy beach is a block away (which can be a blessing because it means more privacy). 2221 Kapili Rd., Koloa, HI 96756. & 800 443-7714 or 808 742-6449. Fax 808...


The key attraction here is the Artis Zoo (right) behind the characteristic eagle-topped gates you'll find Europe's oldest zoo. The Hortus Botanicus (pi 23) has been a herb garden since 1683 and is a repository of the valuable seeds and plants brought back by ships of the Dutch East India Company.

Chevetogne Park

Chevotogne is located in the middle of a wooded region of river valleys and its themed gardens offer visitors a variety of landscapes country garden, woodland garden, tree-covered walk, Bazin garden, medicinal herb garden and wild bramble garden.As the seasons follow each other, a rich palette of colours is revealed in the azeleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and witch hazels. The kiddies' farm welcomes children to its sheep-pen, its pig-sty and its barn.The park also contains ten playgrounds, lakes, barbecue areas and a sports centre, in fact all a family would need for an unforgettable day out. 5 & 12 April Circus in Chevetogne 29 April to 4 May International Garden Shed Festival

Jardin Des Plantes

79 57 rue Cuvier & 3 quai St-Bernard, 5e M Gare d'Austerlitz, Censier Daubenton or Jussieu S 8am-5.30pm, to 8pm in summer) was founded in 1626 as a medicinal herb garden for Louis XIII. Here you'll find the Eden-like Jardin d'Hiver (Winter Garden Map pp130-1), which is also called the Serres Tropicales (Tropical Greenhouses), renovated in 2008 the Jardin Alpin (Alpine Garden Map pp130-1 weekend admission adult 4-15yr under 4yr 1 0.50 free S 8am-4.30pm Mon-Fri, 1-5pm Sat & Sun Apr-Oct), with 2000 mountain plants and the gardens of the cole de Botanique (Map pp130-1 admission free S 8am-5pm Mon-Fri), which is where students of the School of Botany 'practise'.

Seeing The Sights

MUSEUMS, PARKS & CULTURAL ACTIVITIES The Arboretum at Flagstaff Covering 200 acres, this arboretum, the highest-elevation research garden in the United States, focuses on plants of the high desert, coniferous forests, and alpine tundra, all of which are environments found in the vicinity of Flagstaff. On the grounds are a butterfly garden, an herb garden, a shade garden, and a passive solar greenhouse.


Boscobel Restoration, Route 9D, Garrison, NY 10524, s 845-265-3638. This house was almost lost during the 1950s when the federal government declared it in excess. It was sold to a demolition contractor for 35. Preservationists dismantled the house and stored it the house was rebuilt with financial backing from Lila Acheson Wallace. States Morris Dyckman began construction of the house in 1804. Sadly, only the foundation was complete when he died, but his widow, Elizabeth Corne Dyckman, finished the house and moved in by 1808. Decorative arts from the Federal period grace the house. The family's English china, silver, glass and some of the library have been saved. Guided tours take visitors through the house then you can visit the spring house, orangery and herb garden, and gatehouse, as well as overlook the Hudson River from the belvedere.

Hever Castle

In other parts of the grounds, you find a maze, a 35-acre lake, and the obligatory English rose garden. The Tudor herb garden, built close to the castle in 1994, gives you an idea of what gardens were like in Anne Boleyn's day. You can visit this garden as a day trip from London see Chapter 15.

Buckland Abbey

The great Elizabethan navigator Sir Francis Drake bought Buckland in 1581, shortly after circumnavigating the world. The house, today a National Trust property, displays memorabilia of Drake and Grenville. Behind the house lies a monastic tithe barn, where the monks stored the food that the farmers were required to give them. On the estate grounds, you can find an herb garden and take some delightful walks. Give yourself at least an hour to see everything. Call to verify opening times if you're visiting in fall or winter.

Argyll Iona

Although it doesn't have the character and charm of the Argyll (see its listing earlier in this chapter), St. Columba's setting near Iona Abbey (see The top attractions later in this chapter) never leaves you at a loss for pretty views of the sea. A converted and expanded church manse dating from 1846, the community-owned hotel has some large and well-furnished rooms, including four for families (and, unusually, nine singles). Like the Argyll, it too has a vegetable and herb garden following organic standards, although the volume of guests and diners can quickly exhaust their supplies in the high season. Let them know when your ferry gets in and someone might come down and pick up your luggage.


Captain Bangs Hallet House Museum & Typical of the sumptuous tastes of the time, this 1840 Greek Revival house is named for the China Trade seafarer who lived here from 1863 to 1893. The Historical Society of Old Yarmouth, which oversees the property, has filled its beautifully proportioned rooms with the finest furnishings of the day, from Hitchcock chairs to a Hep-plewhite sofa. The rustic kitchen in back belongs to the 1740 core around which this showy edifice was erected. Note the nearly 200-year-old weeping beech tree and the herb garden beyond, which lead to a scenic 2-mile walking trail (see Nature & Wildlife Areas, above).


Visit some of my own favorite attractions including Cedar Hill, the historic home of the father of the civil rights movement, Frederick Douglas, in Southeast DC. I am also a huge fan of the National Arboretum located at the base of Capitol Hill which houses the National Herb Garden and the National Bonsai Collection. For the real local flavor, you can't beat the many restaurants in the heart of the fast-growing 14th and U Street neighborhoods where people from all walks of life sit shoulder to shoulder enjoying food from around the world - and of course from DC


An herb garden shows the plants that would have been grown for household use as medicine, flavoring and fragrance. The greenhouses and orangerie (a reconstruction of the original one, which was destroyed by fire) housed delicate plants raised for food, bedding plants for the gardens and flowers that decorated the rooms.

Parks Gardens

Gully, camellia gardens, an herb garden, rainforests packed with fruit bats, and ponds full of ducks and black swans. You can either discover the gardens by wandering at your own pace, or you can take one of the free guided walks that leave the National Herbarium Building, F Gate, Sunday through Friday at 11am and noon. Bring snacks and your picnic blanket to Shakespeare in the Park, a popular summer event. Performances are in January and February, and tickets cost around A 30 (US 20). Call & 03 9252 2300 for details. The gardens are open November through March from 7 30am to 8 30pm, in April, September, and October from 7 30am to 6pm, and May through August from 7 30am to 5 30pm. Admission is free. To get there, catch the tram on Route 8, traveling south, and get off at Stop 21. Allow 2 to 4 hours.

Elkton North East

Sinking Springs Farm, 234 Blair Shore Rd., Elkton 21921 (s 410-3985566), offers seasonal herbal luncheons, combined with a guided walk through the herb gardens and around the historic farm. The cost is 20, or 17 without the walk. Call the farm for the schedule, which is usually the

Gardens Farms

Just south of Manchester on Route 30 is Hampstead, where the Galloping Goose Farm is a refreshing place to go on weekends from the end of April until July. Herb gardens and greenhouses are open and special herb workshops are held. There is a 5 per person fee for herb programs. From Route 30 south of Manchester turn onto Maple Grove Rd. the farm is 2.5 miles from the turn, at 4226 Maple Grove Rd., Hampstead 21074 s 410-374-6596.


On the gourmet side, Trenance Chocolate (p251) in Mullion produces delightful handmade chocolates, while Roskilly's Farm (p251) in St Keverne makes award-winning ice creams, yogurts and sorbet. The Halzephron Herb Farm ( 01326-240652 Gunwalloe) specialises in herbs, marinades and sauces, while the Buttermilk Shop ( 0845 644 4251 St Eval), near Wadebridge, still uses traditional copper pans to make its Cornish fudge.

Say Cheese

Appenzell is best known for its strong-smelling cheeses ( They make excellent fondues when mixed with fresh herbs and alcohol, and restaurants also dish them up in the form of K seschnitte (cheese on toast), Ch sh ornli (irregularly formed cheese dumplings with fried onions) or Ch smageroone (macaroni cheese).


Due's Bistro (SG Finds FRENCH VIETNAMESE Surrounded by lei stands and marked by a cheery neon sign, this cozy 80-seater stands out at the mauka end of Maunakea in Chinatown. Narrow and quietly elegant, the restaurant has three components the front room, with windows looking out to Maunakea Street the window-less back room and the tiny bar. It has an edgy chic feeling that's more like Manhattan than Honolulu, and the food is beautifully prepared and presented. Sauces for the meats hint of Grand Marnier (duck supreme), Bordeaux (lamb Raymond Oliver), cognac (steak au poivre), Pernod (prawns and oysters), and fresh herbs and vegetables. From the seafood spring rolls with shrimp, taro, and mushrooms to the excellent meal in a bowl (rice noodles heaped with fresh herbs and julienne vegetables, topped with lime dressing), creative touches abound. There's live music nightly, and surprise vocalists and hula dancers are known to join in the fun.


Religious festivals play an important part in Cypriot life and food is prepared to fit and symbolise various parts of the festivities. For Greek Cypriots, celebrations or large family meals are usually accompanied by a souvla large chunks of lamb, flavoured with fresh herbs, threaded onto a spit and grilled over charcoal. Easter is the most important of Greek

Sleeping Eating

In villages around the lake, floating restaurants keep fish tethered beneath the deck and, when there's an order, the cook lifts a grate and yanks a flapping fish directly into the galley. They're famous for tasty kawypqa (tart and spicy minced fish salad), kqengpqa (fish soup) and neungpqa (steamed fish with fresh herbs).

Markets Self Catering

Ljubljana's adjoining open-air markets (Map pp66-7 Pogacarjevtrg & Vodnikovtrg S 8am-6pm Mon-Fri, 6am-5pm Sat Jun-Sep,6am-4pm Mon-Sat Oct-May) opposite the cathedral sell mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, though some also sell seasonal goods such as wild mushrooms, honey, chestnuts, beeswax and fresh herbs.

Hot Tangy Salads

Standing right alongside kaeng in terms of Thainess is the ubiquitous yam, a hot and tangy salad containing a blast of lime, chilli, fresh herbs and a choice of seafood, roast vegetables, noodles or meats. Bangkokians prize yam dishes so much that they are often eaten on their own, without rice, before the meal has begun.

Around Ulvik

At the Stream Nest complex ( 56 52 69 90 Osa adult child Nkr40 free S 10.30am-4pmMay-Aug), 10km east of Ulvik, highlights include the ecological herb garden, several artworks, including Allan Christensen's Rambukk (pile driver), and the odd eponymous log sculpture, Stream


Ardgillan Castle and Pari * Between Balbriggan and Skerries, this exquisitely restored 18th-century castellated country house sits right on the coastline on sumptuously manicured lawns. The house was built in 1738 and contains some fine period furnishings and antiques. But the real draw is the setting, right on the edge of the Irish Sea, with miles of walking paths and coastal views as well as a rose garden and an herb garden. Behind the lavish rose garden, there's also a nice cafe for grabbing a quick bite or some ice cream. National Botanic Gardens Established by the Royal Dublin Society in 1795 on a rolling 20-hectare (50-acre) expanse of land north of the city center, this is Dublin's horticultural showcase. The attractions include more than 20,000 different plants and cultivars, a Great Yew Walk, a bog garden, a water garden, a rose garden, and an herb garden. A variety of Victorian-style glass houses are filled with tropical plants and exotic species. Remember this spot when you...

Northern Mala Strana

These beautiful terraced gardens on the steep southern slope of the castle hill date from the 17th and 18th centuries, when they were created for the owners of the adjoining palaces. They were restored in the 1990s and contain a Renaissance loggia with frescoes of Pompeii, espaliered vines, soft patches of lawn, fruit orchards, herb gardens, statuary and lots of steep stairs. There's another entrance exit at the top, near the eastern end of the castle grounds.

Herbs 101

Herbs 101

Learn what you can do with herbs! How to Plant, Grow, and Cook with Natural Herbs. Have you always wanted an herb garden but didn't know how to get started? Do you want to know more about growing your own herbs in the privacy of your home and using them in a variety of cooking?

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