Legend Of Puente De Los Esclavos

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Legend has it that during the construction of the bridge exhausted slaves made a pact with the Devil: their souls in exchange for a completed bridge. The bridge was completed and the Devil went to collect, but during the night one of the slaves had regretted his actions and challenged the Devil using a blessed crucifix as his weapon. The Devil crumbled and could not collect his souls. In a fit of rage, he kicked the bridge so hard that one of the stones fell to the ground. The bridge has been repaired many times since then and that same stone always falls out.

■ Adventures in Nature La Boca Costa

La Boca Costa has a warm sunny climate with a dry season between November and May and a humid season from June to October. At 5,000 feet (1,500 meters), it offers a mixed deciduous forest that many birds use as their nesting grounds. The climate and vegetation make this a perfect birding area. Over 380 birds within 58 families have been identified in the region, including the azure-rumped tanager, rufous saberwing, maroon-chested ground-dove and the Pacific parakeet. Warm lowland air and cool highland air meet to create rising thermals for soaring raptors such as the great black hawk, grey hawk, black-and-white hawk-eagle and grey-headed kite.

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