The Complete Grape Growing System

The Complete Grape Growing System

The Complete Grape Growing System developed by Danie Wium is an excellent guide with comprehensive details to assist the enthusiast grape grower in achieving a successful outcome for years. It's designed for the absolute newbie but also contains information even the most experienced grape grower can use to boost their own grape farm. This book is so well written that even a person with no knowledge at all about growing grapes can easily understand and follow the directions given. The drawings and photographs are excellent and make this a very user friendly book indeed. The written work is very easy to understand and is not complicated by a lot of scientific jargon. Danie is a professional grape grower and has put together a course to help people grow grapes at home. His course also includes a video series that shows professional tips all recorded on his own farm. I recommend anyone considering growing their own grapes to buy this e-book. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Royal Case Of Sour Grapes

The question remains what was Krum drinking from said silver-lined skull For aside from his martial success, the stern ruler was also known for his strict and unprecedented legal code, meant to enforce law and order across Bulgaria. Severe punishments were meted out for drunkenness and, tradition states, Khan Krum even ordered the wholesale destruction of vineyards. Nowadays, the sour-grapes king may well be turning in his grave, and not only because today's Bulgarian state is significantly smaller than the territory he fought ferociously to create his ambivalent legacy is also wryly commemorated in a popular white wine, 'Khan Krum', produced near Shumen in east-central Bulgaria. The national euphoria at freedom, following the Russo-Turkish War in 1878, would be tempered for vintners a few years later, with devastating outbreaks of phylloxera (caused by a root-devouring aphid), which decimated vineyards. French experts were called in around the turn of the 20th century their...

Marthas Vineyard After Dark

The Vineyard has an active summer social life. TV journalism and pop-culture firmament types such as Diane Sawyer, Mike Wallace, Walter Cronkite, Carly Simon, and Art Buchwald may be busy attending private dinner parties, but they are apt to join the rest of us later at a nightspot. While the number-one club on the island is the Hot Tin Roof at the airport, there are plenty of other places within walking distance in the down-island towns. Hit Oak Bluffs for the rowdiest bar scene and best nighttime street life. In Edgartown, you may have to hop around before you find the evening's most happening spot for instance, you could happen upon an impromptu performance by Vineyard Sound, a grooving all-male a cappella group. In addition, there are interesting cultural offerings almost every night in summer, so check local papers for details.

Fun Fact Going Native on Marthas Vineyard

There's always a lot of hurry up and wait involved in ferry travel, so allowing yourself just a weekend on the Vineyard may be less than you need. If you're traveling from New York, take an extra day off, allowing a minimum of 3 days for this trip. Four days will feel more comfortable. One great way to shorten the journey from New York is to take the ferry from Rhode Island or New Bedford and avoid Cape traffic. Try to savor the 45-minute ferry ride to and from this pastoral place. The Vineyard's pace is decidedly laid-back, and your biggest chore should be to try to blend in with the prevalent ultra-cool attitude. The six towns on Martha's Vineyard have distinct identities, but they can be divided into down-island, referring to Vineyard Haven (officially called Tisbury), Edgartown, and Oak Bluffs and upisland, encompassing the towns of West Tisbury, Chilmark, and Aquin-nah (formerly Gay Head).

Vineyard Haven Tisbury Very Expensive

The Mansion House Inn tfftfp Finds After a fire burned down the 200-year old Tisbury Inn several years ago, the owners decided to rebuild, making this one of the island's most full-service inns. The building, occupying a prominent corner location in Vineyard Haven, is now a community hub, with a restaurant, health club, and shops. The three-story hotel is comfortable with generous amenities, like robes and special toiletries. The rooms range in size from cozy to spacious, and prices vary accordingly. Many have kitchenettes, plasma-screen televisions, and extra-large bathtubs. Some have harbor views and gas fireplaces. All the rooms are equipped with high-speed Internet service. The lobby is abuzz with people bustling to and fro or just lounging on the ample chairs, planning activities. One of the most unique features of the inn is the 75-foot mineral spring (no chlorine) swimming pool in the health club in the inn's basement. There is still a lot of history here among the thoroughly...

Whats New in Cape Cod Nantucket Marthas Vineyard

The following are highlights of what's new in the Cape and Islands. GETTING AROUND For those going to Martha's Vineyard, there are two new options. The fast ferry from Rhode Island to Oak Bluffs makes the trip in 90 minutes and avoids Cape Cod traffic jams. The Vineyard Fast Ferry Company (& 401 295-4040 runs a seasonal high-speed catamaran called Millennium that leaves from Quonset Point in North Kingston. The round-trip cost is 48 for adults and 36 for children. In addition, they provide shuttle service between the Quonset terminal and Providence Airport or Amtrak's Kingston Station. Another new option for Vineyard vacationers is a high-speed ferry from New Bedford to Martha's Vineyard. The fast ferry M V Whaling City Express travels to Martha's Vineyard in 1 hour. It makes six trips a day in season and is in service year-round, 7 days a week. A ticket costs 20 oneway and 40 round-trip for adults, 17 one-way and 34 round-trip for seniors and children under...

Visiting the Vineyards

Our first stop was Palmer Vineyards, one of the most award-winning of the North Fork wineries. Standing by the vines, Jo-Ann explained why the wires are constantly raised to keep the expanding leaves away from the grapes. The North Fork is considered the sunniest spot on the northeastern seaboard, she said, and lots of sun increases the sugar content, making for a better wine. Expanding on the role of weather in winemak-ing, she said, When a hurricane is forecast, the wine-maker must decide whether to leave the grapes alone or pick them early. Likewise, while we're all savoring the spring, winemakers are agonizing over the cold, the heat, and the rain. everyone is focused on the weather, a viticulturist wrote. It would not be uncommon to see a vineyard manager watching the Weather Channel at 5am prior to jumping on the tractor for a day's work. Our group moved on to the de-stemming machine that separates the leaves from the berries, and the pressing machine that replaces the I Love...

Sleeping Among the Grapes

There are a growing number of vineyard accommodations for visitors to choose from. Le Grys Homestay & Premium Wines ( , Le Grys Vineyard, Conders Bend Road, Renwick ( 03 572-9490, offers a divine mud block cottage for NZ 225 (US 124), plus NZ 45 (US 25) each extra person and a room in the main house for NZ 140 (US 77). The moderate rates (NZ 130- 140 US 72- 77) at the Black Birch Lodge, Jeffries Road, Blenheim ( 03 572-8876 barnsley ihug., include breakfast, and all guest rooms have en-suite bathrooms. Isabel Estate Vineyard Moose Lodge, 1030 Hawkesbury Rd., Renwick ( 03 572-8300, has a lodge that sleeps 12. Doubles go for NZ 95 (US 52) and breakfast NZ 10 (US 5.50) per person. Another option is Thainstone Estate Vineyard & Homestay, Giffords Road, Blenheim ( and fax 03 572-8823), which offers three B&B rooms at NZ 120 (US 66) and a 2-bedroom self-contained cottage for NZ 180 (US 99). vineyard restaurants in the area. Over 27 years old,...

Visiting Vineyards

To the surprise of many, there are now over 40 vineyards on Waiheke Island, where the Mediterranean-style climate is perfect for growing grapes (and olives). Some of the country's best red wines come from the island. Before you start exploring, pick up the free Waiheke Winegrowers' Map from the visitor center, or check out the Waiheke Winegrowers' Association website at The leader among the Waiheke vineyards is undoubtedly Stonyridge (iVftj , 80 Onetangi Rd. (& 09 372-8822 In 1987, Stonyridge produced the first Larose vintage, which was immediately judged one of the world's top red wines by the London World Guide to Cabernet. It has the dreamiest vineyard with an incredibly picturesque view from its restaurant, which is one of the nicest places on the island to dine (lunch only see Where to Dine, below). Winery tours are given between 11 30am and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays admission is about NZ 10 (US 5.50) for adults and free for...

The Grapevine

Ancient Persians are said to have planted vines near the town of Medea several thousand years ago and the Numidians exported wine to Rome, enough of a reason for some, for the Roman conquest. Arabs brought new varieties of grapes, including the Grenache, from Spain, while the Ottomans brought other varieties from the eastern Mediterranean. And in the 1860s French wine-makers looked with envy to their new colony as French vineyards were decimated by Phylloxera, a North American aphid which is calculated to have destroyed 40 of French vines. The northwest is the main wine-growing region, accounting for as much as three quarters of the country's production, with important vineyards around Mascara, Medea and Tlemcen. The Coteaux de Tlemcen and Coteaux de Mascara, both robust, dark ruby wines, best served lightly chilled, are among the best and are widely available in Algeria.

Marthas Vineyard

Martha s Vineyard is a picturesque New England island with captains' houses and lighthouses, white picket fences and ice-cream shops, an authentic fishing village and a Native American community, miles of pristine beaches and rolling farmland. Unfortunately, it has been discovered, in a big way. If you can survive the hassles of getting to the island, and the crowds and traffic once you arrive, you may just have the perfect vacation. Better yet, visit the island off season, in May or October, when the weather is often mild and the crowds have cleared out. Instead, visit the Vineyard to bicycle the shaded paths hugging the coastline. Admire the regal sea captains' houses in Edgartown, and stop by the Edgartown Scrimshaw Gallery for a memento of the sea. Stroll down Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs with a Mad Martha's ice-cream cone and then ride the Flying Horses Carousel, said to be the oldest working carousel in the country. Don't miss the cheerful gingerbread cottages behind Circuit...

To Marthas Vineyard

Vehicle reservations are required to bring your car to Martha's Vineyard on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from mid-June to mid-September. During these times, standby is in effect only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Vehicle reservations are also required to bring your car to Martha's Vineyard on Memorial Day weekend. Technically, vehicle reservations can be made up to 1 hour in advance of ferry departure, but ferries in season are almost always filled with cars, and you cannot depend on a cancellation during the summer months. Also be aware that your space may be forfeited if you have not checked into the ferry terminal 30 minutes prior to sailing time. Reservations may be changed to another date and time with at least 24 hours' notice otherwise, you will have to pay for an additional ticket for your vehicle. Cape Rogue Wildlife Refuge 17 Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary 6 Chicama Vineyards 8 East Chop Light 11 Edgartown Light 14 Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary 12 Vineyard Museum...

The Vineyards

Most of the wineries on the North Fork were once potato farms many host special events, have an inviting deck overlooking the vineyards, are available for private functions, have received rave reviews and hold several gold medals. All are open year-round unless otherwise specified. SCHNEIDER VINEYARDS PALMER VINEYARDS PAUMANOK VINEYARDS JAMESPORT VINEYARDS Main Road Jamesport n 631-722-5256 LAUREL LAKE VINEYARDS MACARI VINEYARDS & WINERY 38 acres. This is strictly a vineyard and there is no tasting room, but its Chardonnays and Merlots are available at restaurants and liquor stores. BIDWELL VINEYARDS CASTELLO DI BORGHESE HARGRAVE VINEYARD 85 acres. Open daily at 11am for tastings. Calls itself the Founding Vineyard since its first vines were first planted in 1973. No tasting fee. GRISTINA GALLUCCIO ESTATE VINEYARDS PELLEGRINI VINEYARDS PUGLIESE VINEYARDS OSPREYS DOMINION VINEYARDS PINDAR VINEYARDS 667 acres. Open daily, 11am-6pm, for tours and tastings call...


Wine production in the area around Fianarantsoa began in the 1970s, with technical expertise and funding from a Swiss corporation. Today, Fianarantsoa is Madagascar's wine-making centre. Several of the largest vineyards lie northwest of town along the route to Isorana, or northeast along the road to Ambositra. The most popular and accessible vineyard is Lazan'i Betsileo ( 75 516 24), about 15km north of Fianarantsoa. If you're visiting on your own, ring in advance. You can easily charter a taxi from Fianarantsoa for transport to either vineyard (or both). This should cost between Ar30,000 and Ar50,000 return.

Exploring North South Of The Border

Just a couple of miles outside Nogales on the road to Patagonia, you'll see signs for the Arizona Vineyard Winery, 1830 Patagonia Rd. (& 520 2877972), open daily from 10am to 5pm. You may not think of Arizona as wine country, but the Spanish began growing grapes and making wine as soon as they arrived in the area several centuries ago.

Becoming a wine connoisseur The basics

Cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and zinfandel grapes (grown for red wines), and chardonnay and sauvignon or fum blanc grapes (grown for white wines), are the most prominent grape varieties produced in the area. Telling the difference between them takes a great deal of knowledge. Each one of these varieties contains identifiable flavors and aromas you can only begin to recognize through careful sipping. Reading the label on the bottle is the best way to tell the difference between cabernet and pinot. The label identifies the type of grape used if the wine contains at least 75 percent of that variety, among other bits of information. The appellation of origin indicates where the grapes were grown. The label may state that the grapes were grown in either a viticulture area, such as the Carneros region of the Napa Valley, in a certain county, or just in the state itself. Check the vintage date as well, which explains when at least 95 percent of the grapes were crushed. Also make a note of...

Frommers Favorite Geneva Experiences

Wine Tasting in the Countryside Winding your way through the rolling vineyards just outside Geneva makes for an enjoyable day's outing. Many of the best Swiss wines never leave the country, and grapes grow on slopes overlooking Lake Geneva and the Rh ne. Pick up a brochure called Discover Geneva and its Vineyards from the tourist office and set out.

Sampling the Local Grape in Wine Bars

Merano doesn't leave all its famous grapes unfermented for the cure, and you can sample local wine at Weinstuben (enoteche in Italian), or wine bars. Rothaler Weinstube, Via Portici 41 (no phone), is a cozy Tirolean tavern on Merano's arcaded main street, with a simple contemporary bar up front and a teensy, dimly lit back room half-paneled and heavily frescoed with images of grapes and vineyards. Cheese and meat platters run about 3.50 to 6 ( 4.05- 7) closed Sunday and Saturday afternoon.

Wines Harvesting And Gastronomy

The Cinque Terre, apart from its characteristic landscape, is also famous for the DOC wines produced here. The terraced vineyards, which in the months of September are full of men and women using headbands to carry baskets overflowing with golden grapes, offer a dry white and Sciachetra, a rare precious raisin wine. Only selected grapes, after drying in airy attics away from the damp and the sunlight, will be ready for the production of this famous sweet wine. The cuisine of these places hands down old recipes through generations and the herbs, which grow wild, enhance the basic flavours it is possible to taste pies made with rice and vegetables, with courgettes, silver beet, borage and wild salad leaves. Without doubt however, the sea plays the main role at the table, with a wide choice of fresh fish. In summer there is the wealth and the goodness of Monterosso anchovies caught using special fishing lights to attract the fish.

Moments Cappuccino on the Piazza

Intriguing dishes such as gazbacho andaluz (cold tomato vegetable soup), conchiglie con cavalfiori (pasta shells with cauliflower), panzerotti di funghi al burro (fried mushroom pastries), spiedino di carne misto allagriglia (grilled shish kebob of mixed meats), and faraona con polenta (guinea fowl with polenta). The house wine is good, and they charge decent prices on a select list of regional bottles (the reds skewed toward popular new vintages using French grapes) they even run a wine shop across the street.

Champagne Tours Tastings

The champagne houses described below provide a tour of their ancient cellars dug by the Romans, an up-close view of their current production facilities, and a chance to touch a real vine. To put things in perspective as you walk around One vine produces roughly 4 kilos of grapes, which in turn translates to one bottle of champagne (Since the champagne houses are in the middle of the city, most of their grapes are trucked in from the surrounding countryside, but all have a small patch of vines planted for visitors to see.)

Take a trip through the flavours of Port Wine one of the oldest and most appreciated fine wines in the world

The art and knowledge of generation after generation have given the world a drink that inebriates men and gods alike. Travel along the Douro River and let the gentle sway of the Rabelo boats, which take the wine to its cellars at the mouth of the river, make your imagination slide through this nectar's history. Enjoy the sight of the vineyards planted in steps carved into the mountainsides and visit the century-old farms, where grapes are selected and crushed by the experience of centuries, to yield their precious juice. Discover the true meaning of a Port wine, flanked by the Douro banks, in a glass of this drink that enchants the most exquisite palates. Unravel the mysteries of traditional gastronomy, as you experience the most succulent meats and the freshest river fish, prepared in a thousand ways that make your mouth water. Taste the Green, or the much-appreciated Douro wines, as you experience the flavours and aromas of Porto and Northern Portugal. Finish off great meals,...

Marlborough Winery Directory

Marlborough is NZ's biggest, and one of the New World's leading, wine-producing areas. Around 60 wineries blanket the Wairau Plain around Blenheim and Renwick. Sunny days and nocturnal sea airs creeping in from Cloudy Bay create the perfect microclimate for cool-climate grapes famous Sauvignon Blanc, plus gewurztraminer, riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Spending a day or two drifting between tasting rooms and savouring local gourmet fare is a quintessential South Island experience. See p447 for sleeping options among the vines.

Where To Feast On Friulian Fodder

Friulian cuisine has been influenced by many cultures but poverty has contributed the most. One typical dish, brovada, sees you eating turnips fermented with the dregs of pressed grapes (most often served with muset, a slightly spicy sausage), while brodetto (or boreto) is a mixed-fish soup. Otherwise, gnocchi (potato, pumpkin or bread dumplings) are popular, as are cialzons (variously spelled, a ravioli-gnocchi hybrid stuffed with everything from cheese to chocolate) or sausages and bolliti (boiled meats) dished up with polenta and cren (horseradish). Jota (of Jewish origin) is a thick soup of beans and sauerkraut. White wines from the eastern hills of Friuli are considered among the country's tastiest and are best sampled in a frasca or locanda (rustic, family-run wine bars). Look for such whites as the Pinot Grigio or Tocai Friulano (which is nothing like the sweet Tokaji from Hungary but in 2007 lost the right to use Tocai in its name) from the Colli Orientali and Collio...

Kayaking or white water rafting trips

Traditional Tajik meals start with sweet dishes such as halwa and tea and then progress to soups and meat before finishing with plov. Plov is made up of scraps of mutton, shredded yellow turnip and rice, fried in a large wok, and is a staple dish in all the Central Asian republics. The appetising shashlyk (skewered chunks of mutton grilled over charcoal, served with raw sliced onions) and lipioshka (round unleavened bread) are often sold on street corners and served in restaurants. Manty (large noodle sacks of meat), samsa (samosas) and chibu-rekki (deep-fried dough cakes) are all popular as snacks. Shorpur is a meat and vegetable soup and laghman is similar to shorpur, but comes with noodles. Pirmeni, originating in Ukraine, are small boiled noodle sacks of meat and vegetables similar to ravioli, sometimes in a vegetable soup. Borcht is a beetroot soup and strogan is the local equivalent of beef Stroganoff. In the summer, Tajikistan is awash with fruit its grapes and melons were...

Barra Honda National Park

The spectacular formations inside - descriptively named soda straws, cave grapes, organ pipes, fried eggs - date to the Paleocene epoch, 70 million years ago, and were formed by rainwater dripping through limestone. In the Nicoya cave, speleologists have discovered prehistoric remains and ritual offerings. Terciopelo cave has the best formations, and is quite deep at over 55 meters 181 feet. Each cave is accessed by a vertical descent, so if you want to explore them, make arrangements the day before with the Park Service (fa 506 686-6760). Get a tour with Turnisa Tours (fa 506 221-9185) in San Jos . Even if you don't get into spelunking, the white limestone, tabletop mesa at the top of Barra Honda offers breathtaking views of Nicoya, especially from the south edge. Hike up marked trails, but bring plenty of water and stay on the path. With a guide, you can take a six-km 3.7-mile hike on Sendero al Ceibo trail, which leads to a waterfall accented by wispy calcium carbonate formations.

Where To Dine Very Expensive

28 Atlantic *** NEW AMERICAN This restaurant on the grounds of the Wequasett Inn resort is one of the top places to eat on Cape Cod. The elegant spacious dining room overlooks Pleasant Bay through immense floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Service is professional and stylish. And the food stands out as superb, from the amuse bouche (a little taste teaser) offered at the start of the meal, to the exceptional desserts served at the end. Menu items use local provender as much as possible, but there are also delicacies from around the world. You might start with the Cape lobster and roasted corn bisque with sherried Devonshire cream move on to the composed salad of mache, melon, prosciutto, grapes, goat cheese mousse, and tawny port syrup and then get to your main course, perhaps skillet-seared local bluefish with saffron smoked mussel risotto, wilted Swiss chard, and lobster oil. You're in for a treat here it's all exquisite.

Parque Nacional Cahuita

Results in dense tropical foliage (mostly coconut palms and sea grapes). The area includes the swampy Punta Cahuita, which juts into the sea between two stretches of sandy beach. Often flooded, the point is populated with cativo and mango trees, green ibis, yellow-crowned night heron, boat-billed heron and the rare green-and-rufous kingfisher.

Adelaide South Australia

delaide (pop. 1 million) has a major advantage over the other state capitals in that it has Outback, vineyards, wetlands, animal sanctuaries, a major river, and mountain ranges virtually on its doorstep. Meals and lodgings are cheaper in Adelaide than in Sydney or Melbourne. If you plan to travel outside the city, then a trip to one of the wine-growing areas has to be on your itinerary. Of all the wine areas, the Barossa Valley & is the most interesting. Centered on Tanunda, the Barossa is known for its German architecture as well as its dozens of pretty hamlets, fine restaurants, and vineyards offering cellar-door tastings. If you want to see animals instead of, or in addition to, grapes, you're in luck. You're likely to come across the odd kangaroo or wallaby near the main settlements, especially at dusk, or you could visit one of the area's wildlife reserves. Otherwise head out into the Outback or over to Kangaroo Island, without a doubt the best place in Australia to see...

Tunope S Cousin Once Removed

First up should be the mind-blowing cave monastery at Orheiul Vechi (p320). There's another equally stunning one further north at Tipova (p321). Nature-loving travellers can see all that this flat country has to offer in the Lower Dniestr National Park (p322), where you can hike and canoe but also lie in sunflower fields and picnic on the fruits of the land, indulging in fresh peaches and watermelons as well as grapes in either their original or liquid fermented form

Seasonal Work in Europe

Remember, if you find a temporary job, the pay might be less than that offered to locals. Typical tourist jobs (picking grapes in France, washing dishes in Alpine resorts, working at a bar in Greece) often come with board and lodging, and the pay is essentially pocket money, but you'll have a good time partying with other travellers.

The Lake Balaton Region

Our personal preference (and the choice of most post-college travelers and families) is for the hillier, more graceful north shore, and it's the region we cover in this section. Note As you head to this region from Budapest by rail, the northern shore of the lake will first appear every bit as built up and crowded as the southern shore. Beyond Bal-atonfured, this impression begins to fade. Here, little villages are neatly tucked away in the rolling countryside, where the grapes of the popular Balaton wines ripen in the strong sun. The best way to see the area is to move westward along the coast, passing from one lakeside settlement to the next, and making the occasional foray inland into the rolling hills of the Balaton wine country. After a quick trip to the charming town of Veszprem, move on and stop for a swim or the night in the small town of Szigliget. The city of Keszthely, sitting at the lake's western edge, marks the end of its northern shore and is your final stop on a tour...

Highlights Of Hungary

All rails in Hungary lead into and out of Budapest, lively capital and undisputed transportation hub, a proud city sitting astride the Danube River in the middle of the country. Savor Budapest, one of Europe's most appealing cities. But you should also go beyond the capital and explore the smaller cities and the countryside. Hop a train up the Danube to the Danube Bend towns of Szentendre, Esztergom, or Visegrad. In the artists' village of Szentendre, wander the winding streets and drop in on the wonderful museums and galleries in Visegrad don't miss the ruins of King Matthias's Renaissance Palace ascend the steep stairs to the cupola at Esztergom's cathedral from where you can see deep into the Slovak countryside across the Danube. Take a trip to Lake Balaton, Hungary's summer playground, to the southwest of the capital. Take a ride to Lake Tisza, where you will find peaceful and beautiful fauna and flora. Explore the little villages around the lake, neatly tucked away in the rolling...

Mithrathe great sacrifice

Mithraism was a mysterious religion with its devotees (mostly males) sworn to secrecy. What little is known of Mithra, the god of justice and social contract, has been deduced from reliefs and iconsfound in sanctuaries and temples, particularly in Eastern and Central European countries. Most of these portray Mithra clad in a Persian-style cap and tunic, sacrificing a white bull in front of Sol, the sun god. From the bull's blood sprout grain and grapes and from its semen animals. Sol's wife Luna, the moon, begins her cycle and time is born.

Puglia Basilicata Calabria

Italy's deep south is another country, a long way from the urbane mores of the north. It's a jumble of coastal dwellers, mountain people, with Greek, Spanish and Turkish influences and fierce local pride. Olive oil, grapes, tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, peppers, salami, fungi, olives and fresh seafood strain its table. A history of subjugation, feudalism and immigration colours its outlook. Malarial swamplands and raids forced the population inland, creating dramatic hilltop villages and towns. There are plenty of reminders of unrelenting poverty and there's plenty to regret - such as the stark suburban sprawl of Brindisi and most Calabrian towns, and industrial development around Potenza and Taranto. In the 1950s a governmental programme failed to alleviate poverty and led to a dependency on government support.

Visiting The Wine Villages

Just to the south of Alba lie some of the region's, and Italy's, most enchanting wine villages. As you set out to explore the wine country, consider three words Rent a car. While it's quite easy to reach some of the major towns by train or bus from Turin, setting out from those centers for smaller places can be difficult (there are some buses, but they tend to be very few and far between). In Turin, contact Avis, Corso Turati 15 (& 011-500-852, or Hertz, at Via Magellano 12 (& 011-502-080 and Via Ascoli 39 (& 011-437-8175). Before you head out on the labyrinth of small country roads, outfit yourself with a good map and list of vineyards from the tourist office in Alba or Asti. THE WINES While the wines of Chianti and other Tuscan regions are on the top of the list for many oenologically minded travelers, the wines of Piedmont are often less heralded among non-Italians, and unjustifiably so. Most are of exceptional quality and usually made with grapes grown...

Has truly restorative powers

If you regularly conduct your own research into the benefits of wine, you'll know the Margaret River Wine region has truly restorative powers. The local winemakers are more than happy to show you how they transform humble grapes into nectar of the gods. Fancy yourself as a bit of a cool customer Then you'll love the Southern wine region. Nestled among the karri, marri and jarrah forests are some deliciously memorable cool-climate vineyards.

Beaches Wildlife Refuges

To the north of the Kennedy Space Center, Canaveral National Seashore is a protected 13-mile barrier-island backed by cabbage palms, sea grapes, palmettos, marshes, and Mosquito Lagoon. This is a great area for watching herons, egrets, ibises, willets, terns, and other birds. You might also glimpse dolphins and manatees in the lagoon. It's a nice quiet spot for a family picnic. The beaches near parking lots 1 and 2 have lifeguards, in case you want to take a swim. Note that the park runs special Junior Ranger programs for children ages 6 to 12 ask at the visitor center or check the park's website.

Channing Daughters Winery

Channing Daughters is a smaller and less imposing winery than its South Fork sisters. It doesn't enter its wines in competitions because of the owners' belief that the tasting of wine is very personal. They have 30 acres devoted to grapes and plan to remain small to retain the hands-on philosophy. The converted potato farm is the oldest vineyard on the South Fork, having begun planting 19 years ago. Yet it's the newest winery, having opened to the public only four years ago.

Getting There Away

The conical Pico do Fogo volcano, shrouded in black cinder, rises dramatically out of the floor of an ancient crater known as Cha das Caldeiras ('Cha'). Bound by a half-circle of precipitous cliffs, Cha was born when, sometime in the last 100,000 years, some 300 cu km of the island collapsed and slid into the sea to the east. The main cone has been inactive for more than 200 years, though there've been regular eruptions in Cha. The latest, in 1995, threatened the village of Pedra Bra bo, whose famously friendly residents manage to grow grapes, coffee, beans and even apples in this forbidding landscape.

Deep Within The Earth

As you go down inside the cities, it's as if you've entered a huge and very complex Swiss cheese holes here, holes there, 'windows' from room to room, paths going this way and that and more levels of rooms above and below. Signs of the troglodyte lifestyle are everywhere storage jars for oil, wine and water troughs for pressing grapes communal kitchens blackened by smoke stables with mangers and incredibly deep wells. The troglodyte dwellings functioned as fortresses as well - look out for the huge rolling-stone doors, often with a hole in the centre for attacking the enemy, and for holes in the ceilings through which hot oil could be poured.

Getting to the Wine Country

The most popular seasons for touring Napa and Sonoma valleys are summer and fall. The summers are hot in Wine Country, which is one reason why it's a favorite with fog-bound San Franciscans. September and October are extremely busy due to the crush, or grape harvest, when the sweet aroma of must (crushed grapes) fills the air.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Volcano Winery Lift a glass of Volcano Blush or Macadamia Nut Honey and toast Pele at this boutique winery, where the local wines are made from tropical honey (no grapes) and tropical fruit blends (half-grape and half-fruit). It's open daily from 10am to 5 30pm tastings are free. No tours yet, but plans are in the works to expand the

History Of Winemaking In Bulgaria

The origins of Bulgarian wine are shrouded in the mists of time, actually predating the modern state and even the Bulgarians themselves. The wine tradition here is so ancient and mythical that it can only be spoken of in divine company Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, adopted into the Greek pantheon but of Thracian stock, is represented on gold and silver drinking vessels depicting wine bacchanalias dug up by archaeologists in Bulgarian Thrace. Ancient poet Homer, presumably a bit of a tippler himself, sung the praises of Thracian wine almost 3000 years ago, retelling in The Iliad that Achaeans besieging Troy frequently ordered up black wine from the Thracians. Back then, wine was thick and sweet, and drunk diluted with water drinking it straight was seen as fit only for a Scythian. Oenologists today consider that many of Bulgaria's seminal grapes, including the northern Gamza, and Mavrud and Melnishka from the south, probably derive from Thracian times. Bulgaria's white wines...

The charms of the Mediterranean

Florence is the capital of Tuscany, one of Europe's most (deservedly) popular regions. Here the tower of Pisa leans, wineries squash grapes into Brunellos or Chiantis, and hill towns such as Siena and San Gimignano still bring the Middle Ages to life with their tall stone towers, friendly atmospheres, and beautifully decorated churches.

Finds A Village off the Beaten Path

Casa de Rodas f Finds Constructed in typical quinta style with a red-tile roof and stucco walls, this large guesthouse is between a wooded area and a farm that grows grapes for consumption in Santiago de Compostela. It's less than a kilometer (about mile) from Mon ao, which is known for its termas (spa) treatments for rheumatism and respiratory ailments. Mon ao is 69km (43 miles) northeast of Viana do Castelo.

Embroidery it can be ornamental or gold

The seasons, specifically winter and summer, greatly influence the composition of the basic menu. In the summer, fruits, such as grapes, melons, watermelons, apricots, pears, apples, cherries, pomegranates, lemons, persimmons, quinces and figs, grow in abundance as do vegetables including some lesser known species such as green radishes, yellow carrots, dozens of varieties of pumpkin and squash, in addition to the more common eggplants, peppers, turnips, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Bainbridge Island Poulsbo

Just up the hill from the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal is the island's main shopping district, where you'll find interesting shops and restaurants. If you'd like to sample some local wines, drop in at the Bainbridge Island Vineyards and Winery, 682 Wash. 305 (& 206 842-9463, which is located half a mile up the hill from the ferry landing and specializes in European-style white wines made from estate-grown grapes. These wines are quite good and are only available here and at a few select restaurants. The winery is open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5pm.

Sehenswrdigkeiten Sights

There is hardly any festive setting, private or social get together, where one doesn't toast with a glass of sparkling wine. Vital for the quality of the sparkling wine is the choice of high grade wine with a full aroma and selected flavour. Only then does the vintner choose from first grade grape vines, the wines, which allow the production of good sparkling wine. For over 150 years in our region this art of refinement has been practised with selected Rheingau wines. Enjoy it as an aperitif, with a meal or just on Its own - Sparkling wine or Sekt Is always symbolic for an enjoyable and pleasurable way of life See Wein- und Sektprobe wine and sparkling wine tasting, list wine estates Rudesheim and Assmannshausen

Oinvernadeiro Nature Reserve

Massif, in which the O Invernadeiro Nature Reserve is situated. It is an area of quartzite, granite and schist, resulting in steeply folded terrain with deep valleys through which the Rivers Sil, Laza, Camba and Bibei flow. The Quaternary Ice Age left its mark hereabouts in the form of glacial moraines and cirques, such as that of O Figueiro. The differences in altitude and climate make for a great diversity of scenery and forest cover. Growing in the lower-lying areas, down in the valleys that box in the rivers, are fruit trees and Mediterranean crops, such as almond, cherry and apple trees, and grape vines. It is also known that in the Middle Ages, the monks at the Baroque shrine of As Ermidas in the Bibei Valley possessed olive presses to obtain oil from their olives.

Steeped in folklore Neapolitan cuisine is a celebration of the tried and tested of combinations that work and tastes

In the very early days, it was the Greeks who introduced olive trees, grape vines and durum wheat to Italy. Later on, the Byzantines and Arab traders from nearby Sicily brought with them pine nuts, almonds, raisins and honey that they used to stuff their vegetables. They also brought what was to become the mainstay of the Neapolitan diet and, in time, Italy's most famous food - pasta.

Exploring Blenheim Picton

It doesn't matter what time of year you visit Marlborough, because the weather is invariably balmy (with a few frosty winter mornings), and there's always wine to drink if all else fails. If you stand on any high point, you'll see grapevines spread across the rolling landscape in all directions as far as the eye can see. In just over 20 years, Marlborough has established itself as one of the world's premier wine-producing regions. There are around 40 wineries in the area many have restaurants, most have tastings, and some have galleries or crafts shops. Pick up the free Marlborough Winemakers map from the visitor center before setting off, or check out Following are a few wineries of note.

Historic Man Made Attractions

Scotty's Castle, the Mediterranean-style hacienda in the northern part of the park, is unabashedly Death Valley's premier attraction. Visitors are wowed by the elaborate Spanish tiles, well-crafted furnishings, and innovative construction with ahead-of-its-time solar water heating. Even more compelling is the colorful history of this villa in remote Grapevine Canyon, brought to life by park rangers dressed in 1930s clothing. Construction of the castle officially, Death Valley Ranch began in 1922. It was to be a winter retreat for Chicago millionaire Albert Johnson. The insurance tycoon's unlikely friendship with prospector cowboy spinner-of-tall-tales

Kanchanaburi Province

Myanmar, discouraging major population growth and preserving a wilder way of life. These mountains also provide a slightly cooler climate than Bangkok, especially in the evenings. Most visitors check into Kanchanaburi, do a few days of organised activities and then rush on to Chiang Mai or to the south. But following the highway northwest to the outbound towns provides an immersion into nature and culture that the traveller grapevine claims only exists in Laos.

Museums Places of Historic Interest

Those interested in historic needlework or quilts should stop at Steeves House on Mill St. in Hillsborough, n 506 734-3102. The Grapevine Quilt in the master bedroom is recognized as one of Canada's finest examples of appliqued quilts. It is the original design of Maria Steeves, and was made about 1834 from fabrics she dyed using local plants. The well-restored home, completed in 1812, has another bedroom furnished with locally made false-grained cottage pieces. It is open in the summer from 9 am to 5 pm admission is 2 for adults, 1 for children.

Along The Wine Road

Hillebrand's Vineyard Cafe CONTINENTAL This dining room is light and airy, and its floor-to-ceiling windows offer views over the vineyards to the distant Niagara Escarpment, or of wine cellars bulging with oak barrels. The food is excellent. The seasonal menu might feature such dishes as poached Arctic char with shellfish ragout, or prosciutto-wrapped pheasant breast atop linguine tossed with mushrooms, roasted eggplant, and shallot. The starters are equally luxurious. Try roasted three-peppercorn pear served warm with salad greens, pine nuts, and Parmesan slivers, or spiced goat cheese and grilled porto-bello sandwich with walnuts and endive. My favorite among the irresistible desserts is chocolate tortellini.

Visitor Information

Contact the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce at Beach Road, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568 (& 508 693-0085 fax 508 693-7589) or visit their website at Their office is just 2 blocks up from the ferry terminal in Vineyard Haven and is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm year-round plus weekends in season. There are also information booths at the ferry terminal in Vineyard Haven, across from the Flying Horses Carousel in Oak Bluffs, and on Church Street in Edgartown. You'll want to poke your head into these offices to pick up free maps, tourist handbooks, and flyers on tours and events or to get answers to any questions you might have. Most inns also have tourist handbooks and maps available for guests. Always check the two local newspapers, the Vineyard Gazette ( and the free Martha's Vineyard Times (, for information on current events. In case of an emergency, call & 911 and or head for the Martha's Vineyard Hospital, 1 Hospital Rd., Oak...

Beaches Recreational Pursuits

BEACHES Most down-island beaches in Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown are open to the public and just a walk or a short bike ride from town. In season, shuttle buses make stops at State Beach between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. Most of the Vineyard's magnificent up-island shoreline, alas, is privately owned or restricted to residents, and thus off-limits to transient visitors. Renters in up-island communities, however, can obtain a beach sticker (around 35- 50 for a season sticker) for those private beaches by applying with a lease at the relevant town hall West Tisbury, & 508 696-0147 Chilmark, & 508 645-2115 or 508 645-2100 or Aquinnah, & 508 645-2300. Also, many upisland inns offer the perk of temporary passes to residents-only beaches such as Lucy Vincent Beach (see below). In addition to the public beaches listed below, you might also track down a few hidden coves by requesting a map of conservation properties from the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank (& 508 627-7141). Below is...

Picnic Camping Supplies

For the best selection and prices on foodstuffs, stop on your way to the parks at Save Mart, in the Mary's Vineyard Shopping Center, Calif. 198 and Ben Maddox Way, Visalia. It's an excellent supermarket with a good bakery and a deli with made-to-order sandwiches. Just east of Mary's Vineyard Shopping Center is a Wal-Mart, 1819 E. Noble Ave., where you'll find a wide stock of camping supplies, along with film, clothing, and practically everything else you might need.

Cape Cod And The Islands

Just off the Cape are two very different islands. Closest to the mainland is Martha's Vineyard, with half-a-dozen photogenic villages, sandy beaches, B&Bs, cliffs and lighthouses. Smaller than 'the Vineyard' and further out to sea is Nantucket. It has only one town, but this is picture-

Stroll Around Edgartown

A good way to acclimate yourself to the pace and flavor of the Vineyard is to walk the streets of Edgartown. This walk starts at the Dr. Daniel Fisher House and meanders along for about a mile depending on how long you linger at each stop, it should take about 2 to 3 hours. If you're driving, park at the free lots at the edge of town (you'll see signs on the roads from Vineyard Haven and West Tisbury), and bike or take the shuttle bus (it only costs 50i) to the Edgartown Visitor Center on Church Street. Around the corner are three local landmarks the Dr. Daniel Fisher House, Vincent House Museum, and Old Whaling Church. The Dr. Daniel Fisher House, 99 Main St. (& 508 627-8017), is a prime example of Edgartown's trademark Greek Revival opulence. A key player in the 19th-century whaling trade, Dr. Fisher amassed a fortune sufficient to found the Martha's Vineyard National Bank. Built in 1840, his prosperous and proud mansion boasts such classical elements as colonnaded porticos, as well...

Wwwsolmsdeltacom Delta Rd off R Franschhoek tastings free ampm

Van de Caab, in the original wine cellar. This remarkable museum tells the story of the Delta wine farm from the perspective of the people who worked and still work on it -the presentation of extensive research is excellent. Outside you can see the archaeological site of the farm's first homesteads. Sixty percent of the vineyard's profits goes back to the employees.

Hitting The Highlights

If 2 weeks is the maximum time you have for a Lobster Land vacation, you'll be able to make the coastal drive to Nova Scotia and back from a New York or Connecticut starting point, as well as the journey around Cape Cod, but you might have to miss islands like Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Prince Edward Island. Allow a week for New England, the second week for Canada's Maritimes. June is less crowded than July and August and the autumn, but some of the campgrounds and attractions may not be open yet.

Rhine Valley Koblenz To Mainz

A trip along the Rhine is on the itinerary of most travellers, as it should be. The section between Koblenz and Mainz offers vistas of steep vineyard-covered mountains punctuated by scores of castles. It's really rather magical. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit in summer it's overrun and in winter most towns go into hibernation. For information on Koblenz, see p507.

Great Prices In Zalakaros

Activities tennis, tours in horse-drawn carriage, horse-riding, wine tasting, folk-dance shows, street music and thermal baths. All apartments have kitchen, bathroom, toilet, TV with satellite channels. Guests can enjoy the spacious terraces and a beautiful view on the vineyard-covered hills.

Exploring Watkins Glen Southern Seneca Lake

Lovely Seneca Harbor is a perfect picture composed of a marina full of bobbing sailing and fishing boats, a New England-style red schoolhouse at the end of the public fishing pier, and vineyard-laced hillsides rising from the lake. The boardwalk provides some of the most beautiful views of any vantage point in the Finger Lakes. This part of Seneca Lake is the perfect place to get out on the water on a yacht or sailboat. Most chartered boats sets sail May through the end of October. Check out the Malabar X, a vintage schooner yacht from 1930 scheduled cruises are daily 10am, 1pm, and 5 30pm ( 27- 37). Call & 607 535-5253 or

North Frisian Islands

Germany's North Frisian Islands are a strange proposition. Hearing of their long grass-covered dunes, shifting sands, bird colonies and rugged cliffs, you'd imagine them as the domain of hardy nature-lovers. Instead, they're a favourite of the German jetset and actually feel more like Martha's Vineyard. Traditional reed-thatched cottages now house luxury goods stores, such as Cartier and Louis Vuitton, while car parks on Sylt are frequendy crammed with Mercedes and Porsches.

For Picnic Camping Supplies

Outside the parks, Dixon's Village Market along CA 198 in Three Rivers is a small town grocery store with a fairly good selection. For the best selection and prices on foodstuffs, stop in Visalia at Save Mart, in the Mary's Vineyard Shopping Center at CA 198 and Ben Maddox Way on your way to the parks. This is an excellent supermarket with a good bakery and a deli that serves made-to-order sandwiches. Just east of Mary's Vineyard Shopping Center is a Wal-Mart discount store, at 1819 E. Noble Ave., where you'll find a wide stock of camping supplies, along with film, clothing, and practically everything else you might need.

Touring Niagaraonthe Lake Wineries

Take Highway 55 (Niagara Stone Rd.) out of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and you'll come to Hillebrand Estates Winery (& 905 468-7123 www., just outside Virgil. It's open year-round, plays host to a variety of special events (including a weekend concert series), and even offers bicycle tours. Hillebrand's Vineyard Caf , with views of both the barrel-filled cellar and the Niagara Escarpment, is a delightful spot for lunch or dinner. Winery tours start on the hour daily from 10am to 6pm.

Sights Activities

Those with a sweet tooth might like to call in at the Kisoro Beekeeping Project, a local cooperative producing natural honey with the love and care of a whisky distiller or vineyard owner. There are several types of honey on sale and the staff can demonstrate the process of preparing the honey.

Pubs Bars Dance Clubs Live Music

Offshore Ale Company Finds In 1602, the first barley in the New World was grown on Martha's Vineyard. A few years ago, the Vineyard's first and only brewpub opened, featuring eight locally made beers on tap ( 2.75- 5). It's an attractively rustic place, with high ceilings, oak booths lining the walls, and peanut shells strewn on the floor. There's a raw bar, and late-night munchies are served till 10pm, featuring pizza and hamburgers, among other offerings. Local acoustic performers entertain 6 nights a week in season. Open June to September daily noon to midnight call for off-season hours. 30 Kennebec Ave., Oak Bluffs. & 508 693-2626. Cover 5.

Museums Historic Landmarks

At the very center of the Camp Meeting Grounds is the striking Trinity Park Tabernacle + Built in 1879, the open-sided chapel is the largest wrought-iron structure in the country. Thousands can be accommodated on its long wooden benches, which are usually filled to capacity for the Sunday-morning services in summer, as well as for community sings (Wed in July and Aug) and occasional concerts (see Martha's Vineyard After Dark, later in this chapter). Give yourself plenty of time to wander this peaceful enclave, where spirituality is tempered with harmless frivolity. Flying Horses Carousel (Kids You don't have to be a kid to enjoy the colorful mounts adorning what is considered to be the oldest working carousel in the country. Built in 1876 at Coney Island, this National Historic Landmark maintained by the Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust predates the era of horses that gallop. Lacking the necessary gears, these merely glide smoothly in place to the joyful strains of a calliope. The...

Building blocks of history Bath

If you're interested in the architecture, stop in and spend an hour or so at the Building of Bath Museum, The Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, The Vineyard (off Paragon Street 01225 333-895 see map p. 333). The museum examines the city's Georgian and Regency architecture and interiors. Exhibits detail the crafts used in the course of construction and introduce the architects who contributed to Bath's remarkable development. The museum is open mid-February through November Tuesday through Sunday from 10 30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is 4 ( 8) for adults, 3.50 ( 7) for seniors and students, and 2 ( 4) for children 5 to 15. To reach the museum from the Assembly Rooms, head east on Alfred Street and north on Paragon Street you can see the museum on your left.

Vacation In Apartments

Come to a quiet, homely, thatched roof guesthouse on a vineyard-covered hill with comfortable apartments and intimate spaces. The house has a sunbathing terrace, a beautiful panorama and a wine cellar. Child-friendly services pool, swings, breakfast especially for children, children's bed and chair, and discount for children.

The Finger Lakes Region

On a map of New York, 11 narrow blue streaks snake across the middle of the state. These curious parallel formations, the result of glaciers receding at the end of the last Ice Age, are the Finger Lakes, so named for their obvious resemblance to the slender, crooked digits of a human hand. But what those deep cobalt, glossy-surfaced lakes look like on a map is nothing compared to their appearance in person. The vast region is a pastoral patchwork of storybook waterfront villages, grand Victorian homes, dairy farms, forests, waterfalls, and sloped vineyards. And throughout, the lakes run through it. The fingers are the five major lakes (there are actually 11) that stripe the region. These unique bodies of water, which range in length from 3 to 40 miles and are as narrow as one-third of a mile across, are framed by a gentle rise of vineyard-covered banks and rolling hills. The region is like a dream marriage of Scotland and Napa Valley. The lakes have given rise to unique conditions and...

Tips Changing Currency

The capital of the Stajerska region, Maribor, 64 miles (104 km) northeast of Ljubljana, is the second most important city center in Slovenia. Tourist areas have popped up at the feet of the vineyard-covered hills that blanket the city. There are 31 miles (50km) of wine roads lined with shops and restaurants selling homemade treats, allowing visitors a close look at the most dominant product of the region. The area is perfect for cyclists and horseback riders.

Nekresi Monastery BAgbo

Nekresi Monastery is 4km off the Kvareli road from a signed turning 10km past Gremi. You have to walk the last 1.5km uphill through woods to the monastery, but it's well worth the effort as the views across the vineyard-dotted Alazani valley and the early Georgian architecture are marvellous, and you may well have the whole place to yourself

Lostluggage Insurance

And events have attracted crowds in the spring and fall. Provincetown has the Arts Festival in late September and October. Truro's town festival, Truro Treasures, is also held in September. Of course, the cranberry festivals all take place in the fall. Harwich has the largest event, usually spanning 2 weekends in September. Some say the most crowded time on Nantucket is during the Christmas Stroll in early December the entire month before Christmas is known as Nantucket Noel, with lots of holiday events. Martha's Vineyard also rolls out the red carpet in December with events in Edgartown and Vineyard Haven, including Santa arriving on the ferry. Many towns on the Cape, including Sandwich, Osterville, Falmouth, and Chatham, also have big holiday festivals. Spring brings daffodil festivals in Brewster and Osterville and on Nantucket (book your ferry reservations way in advance for this one).

Discover Southern New England

Is Provincetown, with its shops, restaurants and beaches backed by high dunes. Off the Cape, reached by ferries, are two island retreats, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Both are charming - with weathered clapboard houses, pretty villages and ocean views. Pull up a rocker on the porch, kick back, and breathe in the pure salty air from the Atlantic shop for antiques and modern crafts. Martha's Vineyard Martha's Vineyard

In Corsica even the old stones have a soul

Is on display in the Museum of Aleria. However, these ancient colonists left other, far more succulent memories of their time on Corsica, in the form of vineyard cultivation and oyster farming. In the Middle Ages, a large number of Roman chapels and churches with simple lines were built in the villages of Castagniccia, Nebbio and Balagne. The 17th and 18th centuries saw the emergence of churches built in the baroque style and the richness of their interior decoration will amaze you. Corsica's turbulent history can be seen through the fortification and citadels of its towns

Spoil yourselves with

If you prefer to do your own thing then there are plenty of self-catering options too, particularly in the more rural areas of the Wye Valley and Vale of Glamorgan. Notable self-catering accommodation includes the Stable Cottages at Llanerch Vineyard near Pendoylan, the Courtyard Cottage situated in the grounds of Caerphilly Castle, Pen y Parc Cottage near Chepstow or Log Cabins at Llwynau Farm near Llantrisant.

Exploring Leeds Castle

Part of Leeds' fascination lies in the stories of its various owners. The castle reflects the changing tastes and fortunes of several families and dozens of generations. The original buildings were wood, constructed in a.d. 857 during the Saxon era. After the Norman Conquest of 1066, the buildings were given to the French Crevecoeur family, who rebuilt them in stone. The castle's vineyard (still producing) is listed in the Domesday Book, tax records compiled in 1086. Under Edward I, in 1278, Leeds became a royal palace. During the medieval era, six queens of England lived there. Faces from many eras greet you as you walk through the castle. Look for the portrait of Catherine of Valois (it hangs near her apartments). Catherine, the widow of Henry V, eloped with Owen Tudor.

The Best Travel Experiences

Of Burano is a colorful fishing village with an ancient lace-making tradition and houses in a variety of super-saturated hues. Nearby, lonely Torcello may have been one of the first lagoon islands settled, but it's long been almost abandoned, home to a straggly vineyard, reed-banked canals, the fine Cipriani restaurant, and a stunning Byzantine cathedral swathed in mosaics (see The Best Churches, below). Time it right and you'll be riding the last ferry back from Torcello into Venice proper as the sun sets and lights up the lagoon waters. See p. 151. Cruising the Brenta Canal The lazy Brenta Canal, lacing its way into the Veneto from Venice's lagoon, has long been the Hamptons of Venice, where the city's nobility and merchant princes have kept summer villas. From the massive, palatial Villa Pisani, with its elaborate gardens, to the Villa Fos-cari, designed by Palladio himself, most of these villas span the 16 th to 19 th centuries and are open to

Into The Valley Of Death

The 'Valley of Death' is now a vineyard, just north of the M18 road from Sevastopol to Yalta. You can look down on it from the hill of Sapun Gor (CanyH rop), where there's a WWII diorama (S9.30am-6pm Tue-Sun Apr-Oct, 9.30am-4pm Nov-Mar) and Memorial. Marshrutka 107 (1.50uah) will get you there from downtown Sevastopol.

Liguria Piedmont Valle dAosta

Italy's most seductive attributes - stone villages baking in the sun, rows of vineyards, castles, palm-shaded beaches and rich cooking traditions - all abound in this trio of regions. Piedmont's gentler green hills are also ribboned with grapevines, producing prestigious reds and sparkling whites. The region's hazelnuts, white truffles and cheeses inspired the Slow Food Movement's inception here. A baroque showpiece of arcaded walkways and squares, revitalised Turin entranced international audiences when it hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics and later took on the mantle of Europe's Capital of Design, showcasing its industry and artistry. Turin now has one eye on its upcoming role hosting the sesquicentenary of the Italian unification, which took place in the city, making it Italy's inaugural capital.

Kha Yai National Park

The cool highlands around Khao Yai are also home to a nascent wine industry. These have been dubbed the 'New Latitude' wines because grapes are not normally grown between the 14th and 18th parallels. PB Valley Khao Yai Winery ( 0 3622 7328 102 Moo 5, Phaya Yen, Pak Chong tastings 150B, winery day tour ind meal 700B S 7.30am-4.30pm) and GranMonte ( 03622 7334 52 Th Phansuk-Kud Khala) are among the wine makers managing to coax shiraz and chenin blanc grapes from the relatively tropical climate.

From Villa Borghese To Piazza Di Spagna

Marble Fountain With Arabian Horses

A century after its opening to the public in 1903, Rome celebrates Villa Borghese with a rich programme of performances, exhibits, sports events and initiatives of various kinds. For information contact the call center n. 0682077304 or consult the web site Villa Borghese is without a doubt the best known and most loved park among both Romans and foreign visitors, also owing to its fortunate location near the city centre. It was created starting from 1606 by the Cardinal Scipione Borghese, nephew of Pope Paul V, who wanted to transform a vineyard outside Porta Pinciana into a place of delight and leisure, a prestigious and representative venue to receive illustrious guests and friends. The project of this splendid suburban residence was assigned to Flaminio Ponzio, followed after his death by Giovanni Vasanzio. The villa is a valid example of the baroque taste for blending art and nature by establishing a harmonious interaction between the architectural part and...

Menemsha A New England Fishing Village

For an authentic slice of the Vineyard, leave the hordes down-island and take the winding roads up-island to picturesque Menemsha, one of the few remaining fishing villages in New England. Shuttle buses make the trip a few times daily, or you can take the bike ferry from Aquinnah a spectacularly scenic but exhausting bike ride. It seems appropriate to approach Menemsha from its colorful harbor, alongside the commercial fishing fleet, the sportfishing vessels, and the pleasure boats. You can spend the afternoon strolling the wharves at leisure and watching the fishermen unload their catches lobsters, tuna, and swordfish. Or simply wander over to the town beach, a colorful m lange of umbrellas, plastic buckets, and splashing youngsters. The water here can be quite cold, but after all that biking, you'll appreciate it. There are several charming clothing, crafts, and antiques shops in the village, as well as a fried-fish shack The Bite ** (& 508 645-9239) which some have dubbed the best...

Herculaneum and its treasures

Herculaneum Layer Digging

Climate, are unique in their variety of produce and original flavour. Typical products are the apricots and cherries, as well as the famous cherry tomatoes del piennolo (on the vine). On the slopes of the volcano the Falanghina grapes of Vesuvius, Codadi Volpe (locally known as Caprettone) and the Piedirosso del Vesuvio are cultivated. These grapes are harvested to make the famous Lacryma Christi (Tears of Christ), a wine with a pleasant bouquet and an aromatic and dry flavour. The great Catalanesca table grape is cultivated on the slopes of Mount Somma, where a great deal of honey is produced. Their renditions offer the visitor different insights into the vineyards, the broom shrubs, the lava and the heart of the volcano. These itineraries, Inspired

Hunter Valley Wineries

Nestled serenely at the foot of the Brokenback Range, the Hunter Valley produces enough grapes to keep Bacchus' cup spilling over for eternity. It is the oldest wine-growing country in Australia, with the first vines planted here in 1831. Semillon, Shiraz and, more recently, Chardonnay are the specialties and more than 100 vineyards are dotted about the rolling countryside around Pokolbin, the heart of this wine country. Weirdly, the area is also known for its coal mining - some good-value accommodation is in the mining town of Cessnock -but the Hunter Valley is firmly on the tourist radar for its wineries. A whole bunch of galleries, gourmet food-tasting outfits and golf courses have mushroomed off the vineyards' success. These wineries range from mega-producers to tiny boutique operations that don't even have a cellar door. The vast majority encourage visits and tastings and the bigger and more established players sometimes offer tours. If you can, plan your trip for midweek when...

Hermit Trail Dripping Springs Boucher Trails South

For day hikers who are agile but not particularly strong, a smart place to turn around is at the saddle between upper Hance and Grapevine canyons. Known as the Coconino Saddle, it's about three-quarters of a mile from the rim. Here, you'll find shade, flat spots for resting, and views of both canyons. At the bottom of the Coconino Sandstone, the trail traverses east, then turns north, descending through the Hermit Shale and the Supai Group and onto Horseshoe Mesa. On the mesa, it intersects the Horseshoe Mesa Trail. the map sometimes take long periods to cover, as the trail contours around numerous drainages that cut partway into the Tonto Platform. Because the platform has little to no shade, and because many of its water sources are seasonal, long hikes here during summer are ill advised. Especially dangerous are the stretches between the Grandview and South Kaibab trails and between Slate Canyon and the South Bass Trail, both of which lack reliable water. 95 miles from Red Canyon...

Mithra The Great Sacrifice

Mithraism was a mysterious religion and its devotees (mostly male) were sworn to secrecy. What little is known of Mithra, the god of justice and social contract, has been deduced from reliefs and icons found in temples, such as the ones at Rozanec near Crnomelj and at Ptuj in Stajerska. Most of them portray Mithra clad in a Persian-style cap and tunic sacrificing a white bull in front of Sol, the sun god. From the bull's blood sprout grain and grapes and from its semen animals grow. Sol's wife Luna, the moon, begins her cycle and time is born. From Adlesici, two easy hikes to nearby hills afford great views of the Kolpa, vineyards and surrounding towns. To get to Mala Plesivica (341m), walk south along a marked trail for about half an hour. A short distance to the west is a sinkhole with a water source called Vodenica steps lead down to the source, where you'll find a large stone vault. Velika Plesivica (363m), topped with a 12th-century church dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, is about...

Camelot on Cape Cod The Kennedys in Hyannisport

It's been more than 40 years since those days of Camelot, when JFK was in the White House and America seemed rejuvenated by the Kennedy style, but the Kennedy sites on Cape Cod still attract record numbers of visitors every summer. In July 1999, when John Jr.'s plane crashed into Vineyard Sound, thousands visited the Kennedy Hyannis Museum to mourn the loss by viewing classic photos of the family in Hyannisport.

Travel Your Tastebuds

Georgian chefs love to cook over an open flame, and certainly grilled meats are among the most beloved items on any Georgian menu. Herbs such as coriander, dill and parsley and things like scallions are often served fresh, with no preparation or sauce, as a palette-cleansing counterpoint to the other rich dishes. Grapes and pomegranates show up not only as desserts, but also as tart complements to roasted meats. For vegetarians, Georgian eggplant dishes (notably garlic-laced badrizhani nivrit), lobiyo (spicy beans) and khachapuri (cheese bread) are a great blessing. Georgian vintners utilise a process that is different from their European and New World counterparts. The grapes are fermented together with skins and stems, then stored in clay jugs, resulting in a flavour specific to the Caucasus. Noteworthy Georgian wines include Kindzmarauli - a sicken ingly sweet, blood red wine which - appropriately enough - was the favourite of Stalin Mukuzani - a rathertannic red, which is the best...

Strolling Through Znojmo

The Painted Cellar of the Satov Vineyard_ Wine, art, and history aficionados unite The painted cellar of Satov, one of the region's most prolific vineyards, awaits. But this isn't an ordinary tour of a vineyard or just a historic place it's both. The town of Satov lies just before the Austrian border, about 10km (6 miles) south of Znojmo. So close is Satov to the border that it was once part of Austria. The town and its surrounding vineyards have long produced some of the country's finest Moravian wines. The excellent soil conditions and Continental climate make it perfectly suited for grapes.

Southern Eastern Piedmont

The bucolic hills, valleys and townships of southern and eastern Piedmont are a gourmand's dream. Bursting with some of Italy's finest fresh produce, including unusually sweet hazelnuts, rare white truffles, and grapes crushed and fermented into world-class wines, the area is blessed with rich regional culinary traditions. As such, it's the headquarters of a number of seminal institutions - the Slow Food Movement, the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the International Culinary School for Foreigners (training chefs to work at Italian restaurants around the world) are all based here. Even the tiniest of hamlets boasts outstanding restaurants and wine cellars.

Moments To Market to Market

Seifried Estate Vineyard and Restaurant, Main Road, Appleby, Richmond ( 03 544-1555, has a large restaurant and tasting room, open daily from 10am to 5pm. A winery tour and tasting is NZ 8 (US 4.40) per person, by appointment, Monday through Saturday. Moutere Hills Vineyard , Eggers Road, Upper Moutere (& and fax 03 543-2288, serves beautifully presented light meals in its converted wool-shed winery, along with Riesling, sauvignon blanc, and chardon-nay. It's open from October 24 to Easter, daily from 11am to 6pm. The essence of Nelson province is found in its abundance of top-quality arts and crafts by far the best concentration anywhere in New Zealand. There are over 300 practicing artists and 40 galleries and studios. Start by purchasing a copy of Nelson Regional Guide Book Art In Its Own Place (NZ 20 US 11), available at the Nelson visitor center, which also distributes the free Tourist Guide to Nelson Potters, Nelson Inner City Shopping...

F Marlborough Nelson

The name of the genius who discovered that Marlborough's cool, sunny climate is perfect for growing grapes has been lost to history, but the wine world is now toasting his (or her) legacy Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough Wine Region is a world-class winner. Also here is pretty Picton, and the sunken valleys of the Marlborough Sounds the Queen Charlotte Track is a tramping and mountain-biking haven.

Phan Rang Thap Cham

If you're travelling Vietnam from north to south you'll notice a big change in the vegetation as you approach the twin cities of Phan Rang and Thap Cham, joint capitals of Ninh Thuan province. The familiar lush green rice paddies are replaced with sandy soil supporting only scrubby plants. Local flora includes poinciana trees and prickly-pear cacti with vicious thorns. Famous for its production of table grapes, many of the houses on the outskirts of town are decorated with vines on trellises.

White and Red Wines

Ligurian wine brands are a miracle of the farming tradition, which was able to plant vineyards in the rock, thanks to gravity challenging terraces. From Rossese of Dolceacqua to Sciacchetra of Cinque Terre - awinemade from dried grapes-,from Ormeasco of Pornassioto Vermentino of Colli di

Blanquette De Limoux

No, not a a white sauce to smother over veal but something altogether different that's peculiar to a small area around Limoux. It was in 1531 that the monks of the Abbaye de St-Hilaire (p192), deliberately or by some lucky chance, first put the bubbles into the local white wine, pressed from mauzac grapes. To this day, blanquette m thode ancestrale uses exclusively this same mauzac grape, which, because of fine white down on its leaves, led to the name blanquette. Sweeter and low in alcohol, it's above all a dessert wine. Blanquette de Limoux and Cr mant de Limoux use a majority of mauzac grapes, blended in different proportions with chenin, originally from the Loire region, and chardonnay, the classic white grape of Burgundy. Both make an admirable aperitif or accompaniment to your meal. As you travel the D118 or D104 between Carcassonne and Quillan, you'll pass by vineyards in plenty, each tempting you in for a sampling. The biggest player is Caves du Sieur d'Arques ( 04 68 74 63 46...

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