Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide

Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide

Golf cart batteries are far too expensive for you to waste, so this ebook guide was written to teach you how you can make the best use of the batteries that you already have. You will learn how to keep, maintain, and recharge your batteries properly. You will save time by not having to buy more all the time, and you will save money because of the sheer cost of batteries. You will also learn how to maintain your batteries to make sure that they stay in too condition for years. You will lastly learn how to increase the life of your batteries, so that you will be able to use the batteries for years to come. You will be able to rely constantly on the performance of the batteries in your golf cart. You do not have time for batteries that you can't rely on It would be far better to have a set of batteries that you can rely on, and you will get that from this guide! More here...

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The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

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Golf Carts

If you're spending some time at the beach and you can't fathom being dependent on your own leg-power, you might consider renting a golf cart. It's relatively inexpensive (compared to a car) but it still gets you to the beach and back without causing you to break a sweat. The golf cart is a popular form of transportation in Placencia (p237), San Pedro (pi41) and - to a lesser degree - Caye Caulker (pi 55). Both gas-powered and battery-powered golf carts are available gas goes further and faster, but battery is better for the planet. Expect to pay about BZ 130 per day for a four-seater.

Golf Cart

These days, traffic jams are not unusual in San Pedro due to the glut of golf carts cruising the streets. Note that some golf carts are battery-powered and others run on gas the former being more ecologically sound and the latter having greater endurance. If you are addicted to motorized transport, you can get yours at any of the following rental agencies Castle Cars (Map p127 226-2421 www.castlecars belize.com 1 Barrier Reef Dr) Gas-powered carts are BZ 115 for a half-day (eight hours), BZ 131 for a full day (24 hours) or BZ 540 for one week (seven days). One tank of gas is included, plus a free refill on long-term rentals. Island Adventures (Map p127 226-4343 www .islandgolfcarts.com Coconut Dr) Rent a four-seaterfor BZS132 550 per day week or a six-seater for BZS192 696. Moncho's Island Auto (Map p127 226-3262 www .monchosrentals.com Coconut Dr) Rents out battery-

Motorcycle Golf Cart

Many people find golf carts a good way to get around the island, and caravans of them can be seen tooling down the roads. They average M 150 450 per hour day and M 550 for 24 hours. A good, no-nonsense place for both bikes and golf carts is Pepe's Moped Rentals (Map p876 g 877-00-19 Hidalgo).

Manat Arecibo Environs

On either side of the entrance to Laguna Tortuguero on Carr. 687, you'll find the Hotel El Molino Rojo and the Hotel El Molino Azul, which are not hotels at all, but the Puerto Rican breed of love motels. For 25, you'll get a room for eight hours, a bed with clean sheets, air conditioning, showers, cable TV and, of course, porn videos. The entrance to each room is through a shuttered garage, for maximum discretion. There is no office or phone number for these lujosas habitaciones - just a couple of guys in a golf cart getting paid in cash by nervous adulterers.

Norwegian Cruise Line

SHIPS The 1,936-passenger Norwegian Sun is the first ship built with NCL's new freestyle dining policy in mind, as evidenced by the nine separate onboard restaurants. An airy eight-story glass atrium welcomes visitors in the lobby. More than two-thirds of the guest rooms (about 650 in all) have ocean views, and closet space is more generous than on other NCL ships. The 2,002-passenger Norwegian Sky has an Internet cafe, a huge sun deck (complete with a driver in a golf cart delivering drinks), a basketball court and batting cage, and a wedding chapel (for in-port ceremonies only). The 2,240-passenger Norwegian Star has no fewer than 11 rooms in which people can eat depending on the time of day. The Star is well equipped for the sports-minded and active vacationer in addition to the fitness center, there are three heated pools, a jogging walking track, and a wide array of sports facilities. Sample rates per person Lowest-price inside cabins 959, lowest outside 1,259, lowest suite 1,909...

Stowinski National Park

Cars are restricted from entering the park area. In nice weather, walking is a pleasant option. But you can also rent bikes by hour, or hitch a ride on a horse-drawn cart, electric trolley, or even a golf cart. To get here from the Tri-Cities, make your way north to Gdynia and take the bus (15 zt 5 2.75) for Leba. If you're driving, follow the E28 highway in the direction of Stupsk, bearing right at Lfbork. Allow at least 2 hours by bus or car along often-difficult roads.

Side Trip To Magnetic Island

GETTING THERE & GETTING AROUND Sunferries (& 07 4771 3855 for Flinders Street terminal, or 07 4721 4798 for Breakwater terminal) runs services from the 168-192 Flinders Street East terminal and the Breakwater terminal on Sir Leslie Thiess Drive throughout the day. The company has a courtesy coach that will pick you up from your hotel for the 10 30am ferry. Round-trip tickets are A 22 (US 14) for adults, A 14 (US 9.10) for children ages 5 to 15, and A 38 (US 25) for a family of five. Combination tickets combining the ferry with an all-day Magnetic Island bus pass or minimoke (similar to a golf cart) rental can save you a bit.

Fore Great Desert Golf

Bali Hai Golf Club One of the newest and most exclusive golf addresses belongs to this multimillion-dollar course built in 2000 on the Strip just south of Mandalay Bay. Done in a wild South Seas theme, the par-71 course features over 7 acres of water hazards, plus an island green, palm trees, and tropical foliage everywhere you look. Not impressed yet How about the fact that all of its golf carts are equipped with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking systems. Or that celeb chef Wolfgang Puck chose to open his newest Vegas eatery here. Okay, if that doesn't convince you of the upscale nature of the joint, check out the greens fees. 628 W. Craig Rd. (between Losee Rd. and Martin Luther King Blvd.). & 702 6429700. Greens fees 19 walking, 25 in golf cart.

Moments Hitting the Sand at Whitehaven Beach

Hamilton Island, 16km (9 2 miles) southeast of Shute Harbour, is one of the most developed islands, and its resort (see The Whitsunday Island Resorts below) has the widest range of activities, including coral snorkeling (at low tide), parasailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, speedboat rides, sailing and fishing trips to nearby islets, tennis and squash, go-karts, a shooting range, minigolf, and an aquatic driving range. There are hiking trails, including a challenging trek up Passage Peak for panoramic views a 1-hour bus tour that includes a stop at the island's small fauna park, which has koalas and other Aussie wildlife and a lovely freeform pool with lots of lounge chairs. Because the resort is spread out and divided by a steep hill, take advantage of the free shuttle service to get around. Renting a golf cart is expensive A 35 (US 23) per hour or A 60 (US 39) per 24 hours. There's a bakery, deli, and some cheap pizza cafe burger-style options among the resort's 10 restaurants, and...

Orientation Information

Golf carts are big here, but walking to the town square from the dock only takes about 15 minutes. Keep going and you'll hit the beach. Most of the restaurants and hotels are clustered around the plaza a few cabanas are further out along the island's northern shore. No-one uses street names, but Calle Ju rez connects the town to the ferry dock. A small tea shop called La Libelula (The Dragonfly 6pm-10pm Tue-Sun) often has movie nights a US 2 club membership gets you unlimited free popcorn and nightly specials. It's about two blocks east of the plaza, with a colorful sign.

User Fees Overnight Accommodations Rates

Weekdays, unlimited play, 18, senior citizens 65 and older, 13 weekends and holidays, 18 holes only, 18, senior citizens 65 and older, 13 high school and college teams (per person, per round), 5 (twilight - Tuesday through Sunday), 10. Rates for nine holes of golf per person can be obtained by calling the park. Golf carts (powered), 15 per 18 holes of golf. Golf carts (pull), 5 per 18 holes of golf. An annual greens pass valid at all parks can be purchased for 300 per individual or 500 per family. Senior citizen passes may be purchased at a cost of 300 for an individual and 400 for a husband and wife. High school and college team passes may be purchased for 500. The fee per round ofminiature golf is 1.50 per person.

Attractions Beyond Walking Distance

Glacier Gardens This is the place to see the rainforest if you have mobility problems. The heart of the hour-long tour is a ride in vehicles similar to golf carts up a steep mountainside, past a stream and pools, to a platform with a view of the Gastineau Channel. If you're planning a hike in the area, the ride will hold less interest. Gardeners will especially enjoy the extraordinary hanging baskets and other bright and ingenious plantings in the lower area. Regardless of the beauty, I think the admission price is too high.

Centre Of The Flat World

Infosys is one of Bengaluru's biggest success stories. Established by seven software engineers in 1981, the company today has over 66,000 employees and revenues of over US 2100 million. Enter the Bengaluru campus (not open to the public) and it's as if you've slipped through a wormhole into an alternative India, where neatly trimmed lawns sprout shiny glass and steel structures. The workforce (average age 26) cycle or use electric golf carts to get around the 32-hectare campus, passing five food courts (serving 14 types of cuisine), banks, a supermarket, basketball court, putting green and state-of-the-art gyms. There's even a hotel

Ten Thousand Peak Hills JjbM

The scenic spot (often called 'the Stone Forest' by locals) is actually just a section where a fancy road has been built around the hills, the various views and karst formations have been given spiffy names, and a ticket booth has been set up. If you arrive by taxi or bus, you'll be ferried around the sight in a golf-cart like touring vehicle while a guide points out the various formations to you, explaining how they change depending on where you are located. (If visiting in cool weather, bring lots of warm clothing the carts have roofs but no walls so it can get very, very cold.) You can easily make your way around in 30 to 40 minutes.

Getting around

A popular form of transportation on Isla Mujeres is the electric golf cart, available for rent at many hotels for 15 per hour or 45 per day. El Sol Golf Cart Rental will deliver one to you ( 998-877-0791), or you can stop by the office at Av. Francisco Madero 5, if you're just visiting for the day. The golf carts don't go more than 20 mph, but they're fun. And you don't come to Isla Mujeres to hurry around. They accept MasterCard and Visa, with an added 6 percent if you pay by credit card.

Golf Tennis

In recent years Vallarta's acquired four new golf courses. Most acclaimed is the Jack Nicklaus-designed Four Seasons Punta Mita (Map p64 291-60-00 Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita green fees club rentals US 260 60), where golfers are blissfully distracted from the challenging course by sweeping ocean vistas. One hole is on a natural island and requires the use of an amphibious golf cart.


Compared to the opulent courses on the rest of the island, golfing on the South Coast is a poor man's last resort. The Aguirre Golf Club, s 787853-4052, on Carr. 705, was built in 1925 by a group of idle sugar barons from Boston and is the oldest course on the island. If that's a selling point, the only takers are a few wayward tourists, a handful of die-hard residents and the odd desperate adventurer. This short, unruly course is open daily from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., with bargain green fees of 10 from Monday to Friday, 18 weekends and holidays. Add 12 24 for a golf cart for 9 18 holes. No one in his or her right mind would want to play the Coamo Springs Golf Club, a desolate, breezeless course in the middle of what amounts to the Puerto Rican desert.

Boat Trips

Bahamas Ferries (Map p68 242-323-2166 www .bahamasferries.com) offers a 'Harbour Island Day Away' excursion to shimmering Harbour Island just off the coast of northern Eleuthera. It departs from Potter's Cay, takes two hours each way and includes a golf cart, an island tour and choice of lunch at one of several restaurants (adult child US 174 114).


Most folks live in Abaco's Marsh Harbour, a quiet working town with a small tourist center, or on the Loyalist Cays of Elbow, Man O'War, Great Guana and Green Turtle. Tight-knit families and expats live in colourful gingerbread houses adorned with white fascia, and painted flowers, fish and turtles. Their bloomfilled gardens are framed by picket fences which line the narrow streets where cars are banned and people go about their day on foot, golf cart or bicycle. The cays vary in size and character, but all have glorious white-sand beaches and little cottages to rent, so that you can happily play at island living. Whiz down Elbow Cay's length on a golf cart and stroll pretty Hope Town (pi 55)

Tangier Island

Oh, sure, Tangier Island has its distractions. You can tour the three-mile-long island by borrowed bike or rented golf cart, or cruise around it on a sightseeing trip. There are about a half-dozen gift shops, a 2 -mile beach to walk on and, if the watermen aren't too busy, they'll show you their crabbing operations. Explore some of the old graveyards - although many are in people's yards, so ask first. Far from city lights, the stargazing is magnificent.

Inns Resorts

Poised on a wide apron of sand, silky and soothing as baby powder, are a vision of fantasies unleashed. It's not for people who need lots of activity, although you can hook up with a number of different tours and charters, or swim and play tennis on the 200-acre property. You arrive by ferry boat from the mainland harbor. The main mode of transportation on the island is golf cart. One- to three-bedroom island villas are available minimum two-night stay required. -

Horseback Riding

Vallarta's golfing credentials have been burnished in recent years with the opening of four new courses. Most acclaimed is the Jack Nicklaus-designed Four Seasons Punta Mita (off Map p455 X 291-60-00 FourSeasons Resort Punta Mita green fees US 175), where golfers are blissfully distracted from the challenging course by the sweeping ocean vistas. One hole, nicknamed 'Tail of the Whale,' is located on a natural island and requires the use of an amphibious golf cart.

East Coast

Plantation Bay Resort & Spa ( 340 5900 86, 1800 1888 7788 www.piantationbay.com Marigandon d from US 175) This spectacularly designed private paradise is sited on a 3.5-hectare artificial saltwater lagoon, big enough to house living coral ponds, waterfalls, beaches and a floating restaurant. You 11 need to make use of the hotel s 24-hour golf-cart service to get around the vast grounds, where the options for indulgence range from fishing to volleyball to archery lessons.

Tips A Free Ride

Many Davos sports facilities can be used in both the winter and the summer. It has first-class tennis courts, sailing and windsurfing on Lake Davos, swimming, and horseback riding. There's an 18-hole golf course, Golf Club Davis (& 081 416-5634), with a weekday greens fee of 85F ( 55) that includes a golf cart on weekends, the fee goes up to 110F ( 72). If you're staying in accommodations at Davos, there's a 10F ( 6.50) discount. Golf clubs can be rented for an additional 30F ( 20) a day. For further information and reservations, call & 081 416-56-34). There's also a large indoor ice rink if you want to keep your skills and your skates sharp during the summer months.

North Island

The North Island is where you want to go if you really want to get away from it all. These resorts are all top end and mainly accessible by boat you can travel in and out by golf cart to at least as far north as the Portofino Resort, but the island ferry is probably a more pleasant way to go (see pi25).

Hot Links

It might not seem so initially, but summer is really a good time to visit many of Arizona's golf resorts. No, they don't have air-conditioned golf carts or indoor courses, but in summer, greens fees can be less than half what they are in winter. How does 37 for a round on the famous Gold Course at the Wigwam Golf and Country Club sound courses range from about 90 to 250 In summer, fees often drop to less than for 18 holes, although this usually half this amount. Almost all resorts includes a mandatory golf-cart rental. offer special golf packages as well.

Wuksachi Lodge

The Wuksachi Village and Lodge are the newest development in the park. The handsome lodge has a dining room (see Where to Dine, below), lounge, gift shop, conference rooms, and registration desk. Guest rooms are in three buildings separated from the lodge by parking lots. The rooms are attractively but simply decorated, with wood furnishings, light-colored plaster walls, and artwork depicting the area's attractions. Views of the forest and surrounding mountains dominate the scene. There are refrigerators, coffeemakers, hair dryers, ski storage racks, and phones with dataports. The standard rooms have one or two queen beds and a small desk deluxe rooms are larger, with two queen beds or a king and a sofa bed, plus a table and two chairs. Superior rooms are minisuites, with two queen beds or one king, plus a sofa bed in an alcove sitting area with a sliding door (a good place for your teenager ). All the rooms are a healthy walk from the parking lots (especially when loaded down with...

Harbour Island

Quaint Dunmore Town, on the harbor side, harks back 300 years. The town was laid out in 1791 by Lord Dunmore, governor of the Bahamas (1787-96), who had a summer residence here. Maybe the clip-clop of hooves has been replaced with the whir of golf carts, but the daily pace has not changed much. Once a noted shipyard and a sugar-refining center from which a rum-making tradition evolved, today most adults are employed at the hotels or in fishing.

Discovery Bay Map P

Ringed by high-rises and more luxurious condominiums clinging to the headland to the north - but there is no pressing need to visit except to ogle at residents in their converted golf carts that cost 200,000 a pop. There is a handful of decent restaurants in Discovery Bay Plaza, just up from the ferry pier and the central plaza, and the 27-hole Discovery Bay Golf Club (see p224) perched in the hills to the southwest.


North of town at Pescador Dr, the hand-crank ferry across the channel has been replaced by a toll bridge (BZ 2). From here, a dirt road, suitable for 4WDs, golf carts and bicycles, runs north for at least 8.5 miles. Rumor has it that it won't be long before this road is paved and runs all the way to the southern edge of Bacalar Chico National Park (13 miles).


Placencia is where tourists - mostly North Americans - come to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, hang out on the beach and drive around in golf carts holding bottles of Belikin stout at 10 in the morning. There is little of the Garifuna hippie vibe you'll find in communities such as Hopkins, nor any of the urban hustle of Dangriga. Instead, the village of Placencia feels like an upper crust New England village transported to the Caribbean coast.

Ambergris Caye

San Pedro is a small place with three main sandy streets lined with shops, cafes, delis, local stores and internet outlets. Many residents get around on electric golf carts or bikes, so its pretty quiet and pollution free at the height of a hot, sunny day. The beach scene is a mellow affair with weekend live bands churning out '70s rock and reggae as people sip Beliken beer and watch the light fade into night.


North of the main highway around 2km west of Zuara is the Farah Resort ((g) 220542, mobile 0912138705 fax 021-3335819 ste 75-100LD 5-bedroom villa 300LD), Libya's best tourist village. Opened in 2006, it has sparklingly clean and comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, medical clinic, restaurant, prime beachfront location and nice touches, such as the golf carts that take you to your suite. It also has a billiard table, quad bikes for rent, a children's playground and plans for jet skis. Beach tourism for foreign visitors hasn't yet taken off in Libya, but when it does, expect this place to be one of the most popular places. Until then, book well in advance in summer, because Libyans have already discovered this fine place.


We've driven up I-15 to Las Vegas many times over the years. Now as we approach the skyline of resort high-rises, move along the clogged expressways around the metropolis, wonder at the expanding communities of tract houses that make this most expansive city in Nevada, we think back to vintage Las Vegas. It was a time when Sinatra ruled the entertainment world of the Strip (he got miffed when new owner of the Sands cut off his credit and drove a golf cart through a plate glass window, later moving his show to Caesar's Palace). It was a time when Elvis married Priscilla at the Aladdin Hotel, while Mickey Rooney made the altar trip eight times beginning with Ava Gardner in 1942. A longer union involved Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward who wed at the El Rancho in 1958. It was a time when Liberace dazzled his audiences as much with his wardrobe and his music. You can see a bit of this at the Golden Gate Casino (1906) at 1 Fremont St. or the El Cortez (1941), once owned by Bugsy Siegel at...

Palm Springs

While many of Palm Springs's senior celebrity residents are irreverently referred to as The Waxworks, there's nothing sedentary about the area. You can catch a polo match or try a version of golf-cart polo at Eldorado Polo Club, 5950 Madison, Indio ( 800 525-7634) splish-splash in California's largest wave-action pool or ride an inner tube down a 600-foot white-water river at the Knotts Soak City water park, at 1300 S. Gene Autry Trail between Ramon Road and East Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs ( 760 327-0499) float above the cactus with Balloon Above the Desert ( 760 776-5785 www.balloonabovethedesert.com), or ride the Aerial Tramway from the desert floor to the cool crest of 8,516 feet in 15 minutes. Take I-10 west to Indian Avenue exit, turn left at exit, then make a right on San Rafael ( 888 515-TRAM or 760 325-1391 www.pstramway.com).

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