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Il Sifting through the hidden treasures of El Rastros flea market

This busy flea market is one of the biggest and most interesting in Europe. Here you can find almost anything antiques, used car parts, paintings, assorted junk, secondhand clothes, and more. Stalls are open Sunday from dawn to 2 p.m. Take the Metro to La Latina the market fills the streets around Ribera de Curtidores and Plaza Cascorro. Get ready to haggle over prices, and beware of pickpockets.

El Rastro The Flea Markets Of Madrid

Flea markets, fresh markets, crafts markets .bargain hunters will have a field day in Madrid. The city's biggest and best-known market is El Rastro, by some accounts the largest flea market in Europe and a thriving mass of vendors, buyers, pickpockets and the generally curious. This classic flea market, open on Sunday morning only, has been an open-air market for half a millennium. A Sunday morning at El Rastro is a Madrid institution. You could easily spend an entire morning inching your way down the Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores and through the maze of streets that hosts El Rastro flea market every Sunday morning. Cheap clothes, luggage, old flamenco records, even older photos of Madrid, faux designer purses, grungy T-shirts, household goods and electronics are the main fare, but for every 10 pieces of junk, there's a real gem (a lost masterpiece, an Underwood typewriter) waiting to be found. Antiques

Delight The flea market

One of the most astonishing street sales in Europe takes place along the Ljubljanica, on the Cankarjevo nabrezje promenade embankment. Every Sunday morning you can rummage among antiques, art works and other pieces that antique dealers display on their stalls. The majority of objects are still fit for use, like furniture, decorative pieces or kitchenware, but some of them you will desire simply because of nostalgia. What about a glass paperweight on your work table An old-fashioned hairbrush on your bedside table - can you imagine a lovelier souvenir Don't hesitate to haggle about the price - at the flea market this is expected from you

Farmers Flea Markets

Eastern Market Value This is the one everyone knows about, even if they've never been here. In continuous operation since 1873, this Capitol Hill institution holds an inside bazaar Tuesday through Sunday, where greengrocers, butchers, bakers, farmers, artists, craftspeople, florists, and other merchants sell their wares. Saturday morning is the best time to go. On Saturday and Sunday, outside stalls become a flea market. Tuesday through Saturday 7am to 6pm, Sunday 9am to 4pm. 225 7th St. SE, between North Carolina Ave. and C St. SE. & 202 546-7612 or 202 543-7293. Metro Eastern Market. Georgetown Flea Market Finds Grab a coffee at Starbucks across the lane and get ready to barter. The Georgetown Flea Market is frequented by all types of Washingtonians looking for a good deal they often get it on antiques, painted furniture, vintage clothing, and decorative garden urns. Nearly 100 vendors sell their wares here. Open year-round on Sunday from 9am to 5pm. The school recently converted...

Flea Market

Apia's flea market (Map pp62-3 off Beach Rd S8am-4pm Mon-Fri, 8am-noon Sat) is housed in the old central market building. Here you'll find stalls selling everything from cheap clothing (the range here is bigger than at Maketi Fou), tubs of styling gel and wooden writing tablets to coconut-shell jewellery, siapo and 'ava bowls. Most stalls sell exactly the same things, so it's puzzling how they all make enough money to survive. Tucked away beyond the craft stalls, on the northern side of the market, is a row of cheap food stalls selling greasy fried fare.

Flea Markets

Flea World Overrated Located in Sanford, about 45 minutes north of the attractions, this may be Florida's largest flea market. It's pretty much exactly what the name implies a huge, tacky flea market with a twist. It has everything from dentists' and lawyers' offices to lingerie and lamp shops. Although many folks give it an assortment of derogatory names, it's fun for people-watchers as well as those in desperate need of tractor tires, leather chaps, ginsu knives, pocket fishing rods, and other uncommon merchandise.

Street Flea Markets

If Mayfair stores are not your cup of tea, don't worry you'll have more fun, and find a better bargain, at any of the city's street and flea markets. The market is divided into three major sections. The most crowded is the antiques section, running between Colville Road and Chepstow Villas to the south. (Warning Be careful of pickpockets in this area.) The second section (and the oldest part) is the fruit and veg market, lying between Westway and Colville Road. In the third and final section, there's a flea market where Londoners sell bric-a-brac and lots of secondhand goods they didn't really want in the first place, but poking around this section still makes for interesting fun.

Kids Especially for Kids

Shop the Aloha Flea Market (p. 152) Most kids hate to shop, but the Aloha Flea Market, a giant outdoor bazaar at the Aloha Stadium on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, is more than shopping. It's an experience akin to a carnival, full of interesting food, odd goods, and bold barkers. Nobody ever leaves this place empty-handed or without having had lots of fun.

Victoria Kyriakopoulos

Around Monastiraki (p97), in downtown Athens, there is a delightful convergence of past and present, tourists and Athenians weaving their way around the ancient city and the grunge of the flea market. The bustling caf s are a favourite place to stop and enjoy the pulse of the city.

Shopping for local treasures

Salamanca isn't exactly what you'd call a shopper's town, but it does have a few unique shops in the Old Quarter. The Mercadillo de Salamanca (Flea Market), along Calle Rector Esperable on Sunday mornings, Gremio de Artesanos (Arts & Crafts Guild), on Plaza de Sexmeros, and the Centro de Cultura Tradicional, on Plaza de Col n, are all worth a look for traditional arts and crafts.

Gare De Lyon Nation Bercy

The upmarket boutiques of Bercy have transformed the 12e and are always packed with shoppers. Elsewhere in the 12e, the area near the Viaduc des Arts (Map pp158-9) has discerning furniture, antiques and art. The flea market at place d'Aligre is a must. Map pp158-9 Flea Market Smaller but more central (and, punters say, more trustworthy) than Paris' other flea markets (opposite), this is one of the best places to rummage through boxes of clothes and accessories worn decades ago by those fashionable (and not-so-fashion-able) Parisians, as well as their bric-a-brac.

Bulgarian Folk Crafts

Alexander Nevski Square Flea Market If the weather is fine this open-air arts and crafts flea market in front of the Cathedral and St. Sofia Church is the best place to browse for bargain-priced icons (though not equally so don't buy at the first stall). Also on offer are embroidered tablecloths, Russian dolls, knitted socks, handmade toys, ceramics, various carved items, and so-called antiques (coins, uniforms, medals), many dating from the Communist era.

Slaughtered Lamb Map P

A great Clerkenwell local, which although it opened only in 2004, feels like an old favourite already. It is spacious, with flea-market furniture, large windows, wooden floors and loud wallpaper, and the bar is lit by granny-style lamps. The beer on offer is good and the food is old England (fish and chips, fish fingers, sausage and mash etc). The black wall-papered downstairs room hosts regular live music and open mic nights.

Apliu Street Market Map PP

From the Sham Shui Po MTR station follow exit A1 and you'll soon fall right into this flea market, which makes a cheaper and more interesting hunting ground than the Temple Street Night Market. Everything from clothing to antique clocks and coins is on sale here, although the real speciality is second-hand electronic goods - radios, mobile phones, stereo systems, amplifiers and spare parts. The market spills over into Pei Ho St.

Going For The Long Haul

If you're a craftsman or collector of antiques, you could happily and perhaps profitably spend a season or two ensconced in the Appalachians, where people are friendly and prices are modest. There are crafts courses open to the public and countless antiques shops and rural flea markets. One of the biggest and most famous is the Hillsville Flea Market every Labor Day weekend with more than 2,000 vendors on hand. It's about 8 miles north of the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Mile 200, via old Route 52 or I-77.

Goa Party in Paradise

Nirvana for dropouts, flower children, and New Age travelers since the late 1960s, Goa's hippie invasion peaked in the '70s, when Anjuna Beach became a rocking venue for party demons and naturalists who would sell their last piece of clothing at the local flea market for just enough cash to buy more dope and extend their stay. For many, Goa still conjures up images of all-night parties and tripping hippies sauntering along sun-soaked beaches. But there is more to this tiny western state than sea and sand, hippies and hedonists. A rich amalgam of Portuguese and Indian influences, its history alone has ensured that its persona is unlike any other in India. Arriving in 1498, the Portuguese stayed for almost 500 years (kicked out, finally, in 1961 the last Europeans to withdraw from the subcontinent), leaving an indelible impression on the local population and landscape. Goans still take a siesta every afternoon many are Catholic, and you'll meet Portuguese-speaking Mirandas, D'Souzas,...

Best shopping areas

The main area for retail therapy is defined by the pedestrian malls of Argyle Street, Buchanan Street, and Sauchiehall Street, which join together and form a Z shape right in the heart of the city. But for more unique shops and fashions, it pays to venture to the Merchant City and the West End. And perhaps the city's most unique shopping experience is at the flea market-like stalls at the weekend Barras market, in the East End of Glasgow.

Run to or from El Rastro

Even if you're not a shopper, you probably won't want to miss El Rastro, the best-known flea market in Spain, located south of the Plaza Mayor in La Latina district. Every Sunday, the unruly market spills over from the long and narrow Calle Ribera de Curtidores into several adjacent streets. Once mostly an antiques market, today it has fewer rarities and more run-of-the-mill items clothing, jewelry, art, animals ( ), and, of course, monumental piles of junk. A lot of jostling goes on, and pickpockets know it's one of their best chances to target tourists. El Rastro is officially open Sundays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., but many sellers take off by midafternoon (you'll also find plenty of activity on Fri and Sat). To get there, take the Metro to the La Latina stop.

Moments Theres a Small Hotel

From the lounge, the inn leads you up and down stairs, along dim corridors, and through nooks and crannies to guest rooms. Can you dig chartreuse (Ask for room 3.) How about aubergine (Ask for room 11.) Each is different, but those facing N Street are largest and brightest, and some have bay windows. Furnishings are a mix of antiques and flea-market finds. Perhaps the most eccentric room is the top-floor penthouse, which has skylights, exposed brick walls, its own kitchen, and a deck accessed by climbing out a window. The inn is not easily accessible to guests with disabilities.

Introducing the neighborhoods

Out the other end of Dam Square, the name of Damrak changes to Rokin, which curves down to the square and transportation hub of Muntplein. East of Muntplein, on the City Center's southeast corner, is Waterlooplein, home to one of the city's premier music halls and a flea market.

Orienting Yourself in Athens

The southwest corner of the Plaka is bounded by the Acropolis Hill, which draws visitors with its majestic Parthenon temple and other famous ancient ruins from the time when Athens was the center of Western civilization. The Monastiraki neighborhood, which features a flea market and shop-lined street, lies north of the Acropolis and west of the Plaka, next to the Ancient Agora.

Local Transport Autorickshaw

An autorickshaw is a yellow-and-black three-wheeled contraption powered by a noisy two-stroke motorcycle engine. It has a canopy, a driver up front and seats for two (or sometimes more) passengers behind. This typically Indian mode of transport is cheaper than a taxi and generally a better option for short trips - count on Rs 30 to 40 for a trip across Panaji. Even for a trip such as Anjuna flea market to Panaji (costing around Rs 100) it's a viable ride. Because of their size and manoeuvrability, they're quicker taxis for trips around town, though sometimes more hair-raising. At the time of research, fares had just been officially increased to Rs 10 for the first kilometre, and Rs 9 for subsequent kilometres, plus Rs 10 for each hour of waiting time. The practical affect of this will be negligible pre trip negotiations will continue regardless of the official fares.

Rips Trentino Alto Adige on the

A small daily food market covers the paving stones of Piazza Alessandro Vitto-rio every day from 8am to 1pm. A larger market, this one with clothing, crafts, and bric-a-brac as well, is held Thursday 8am to 1pm in Piazza Arogno near the Duomo this same piazza hosts a flea market the third Sunday of every month.

Red Lights Nieuwmarkt Walking Tour

8 Waterlooplein market This renowned flea market (p151) faces the Stopera (p79), the modern opera house cum city hall. On a sunny day it's fun to peruse the vintage clothes, antiques and bicycle parts on display under the vendors' canopies, the air thick with the scent of frites. Your shopping finished, cross the bridge over the Zwanenburgwal.

The Goa Market Experience

The ever-expanding Wednesday flea market at Anjuna is not just a place to browse for souvenirs -it's an essential part of the Goa experience The famous market is a wonderful blend of Tibetan and Kashmiri traders, colourful Gujarati and Lamani tribal women, blissed-out hippies and travellers from all over the world. Whatever you need, from a used paperback novel to a tattoo you'll find it here - along with an endless jumble of stalls selling jewellery, carvings, T-shirts, sarongs, chillums and spices. Bargain hard to get a reasonable deal as the traders are wise to unsavvy tourists and start high with their prices. Anjuna has some great places to eat that range from the cheap and cheerful beach shacks at the southern end (near the flea-market site) to a handful of seafood restaurants overlooking the beach, and, best of all, some refreshingly unusual places back in the village.

Vintage Secondhand Outlet Shops

The Paris flea markets are the first place to look for vintage and secondhand clothing, but there are also a lot of excellent deals to be found on the streets around the Pompidou Center and Les Halles. The closet-sized boutique Igla ne (12 Rue de la Grande-Traunderie, 1st, s 01 42 36 19 91) specializes in vintage clothing and accessories, while the much larger Kiliwatch (64 Rue Tiquetonne, 2nd, s 01 42 21 17 37) has a mix of old and new, neatly organized and priced slightly higher (the shop also has a great collection of fashion and design magazines and club flyers).

Antiquing Craft Hunting

Like antiques, country crafts are a very big business. The old skills have been passed from generation to generation, and everything from handmade country furniture to tiny wooden, glass and fabric gifts is available at reasonable prices. Goodies can be bought anywhere and everywhere craft festivals, roadside stores, flea markets and even garage sales.

If you are lucky and have four days or more

Having followed my earlier recommendations, on Day 4 those interested in social history may want to visit the People's Palace museum in Glasgow Green, while visitors attuned to contemporary arts have not only the CCA but also the Arches and Tramway to consider. On the weekends, lovers of flea markets owe the Barras stalls a visit. You can also take an excursion down the Clyde toward the sea or up the road to Loch Lomond and the beginnings of the Highlands. In most directions, it takes a drive of only about 15 to 25 minutes to find open countryside outside of Glasgow.

Allyour Heart Desires

Explore the many galleries and small antique shops, or see what interesting things are coming under the hammer at one of the auction houses. A few steps from the main streets lead you to small, exciting thrift shops. These range from the disorganized and cluttered, where sharp eyes can score a good coup, to the luxury edition with well-kept designer clothes and shoes at excellent prices. You will find all sorts of fun things at flea markets. Professional dealers and ordinary folks who have cleaned out their attics

Trading with the Natives

The Dutch are canny shoppers, and will phone and shop around to find the best price. They go in for bargaining, but only with other natives and mostly at specific places, like outdoor markets, flea markets, and clearance sales. For visitors unable to wow natives with fluent Dutch, the price on the tag is what you'll pay. Finding flaws in goods and asking for a discount is a favorite trick among locals, but it probably isn't going to work for you. The salesperson will simply set the merchandise aside and return it to the manufacturer or importer (or call a friend and tell them to hurry over and buy it). Most stores displaying the Duty-Free Shopping logo will gladly ship your purchases home others are less willing to do so, but can be

Gourmet Goodies To Go

See also Farmer's & Flea Markets, above. Bread Line Finds Owner Mark Furstenberg is credited with revolutionizing bread baking in Washington. He started the Marvelous Market chain (see below), though he has since bowed out. At Bread Line, he concentrates on selling freshly baked loaves of wheat bread, flatbreads, baguettes, and more sandwiches like the roast pork bun or the muffaletta tasty soups and desserts such as bread puddings, pear tarts, and delicious cookies. Seating is available, but most people buy carryout. Open weekdays only, 7 30am to 3 30pm. 1751 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. & 202 822-8900. Metro Farragut West or Farragut North.

My Brussels Events

Design is on a roll in Brussels gallery visits, trendy decoration shops, exhibitions, conferences, workshop visits, design flea markets, contests, etc., a concrete organisation combining pure pleasure to a tailor-made rally in the Brussels urban jungle during the Designers Week-End and Design September.

Busker Heaven byTim Hornyak

But travellers who keep going towards NHKHall (Map p106) will meet an amazing parade of rockers, rappers, folk singers, acrobats and undassifiable misfits who are out to show off their skills. They can be found on the sidewalk lining Yoyogi-koen and in the pedestrian lane between the parkand Koen-dori leading to Shibuya Station (the lane also hosts ethnic and organic food fairs as well as flea markets). These performers are a th rowbackto the days of the takenoko-zoku (bamboo-shoot tribe), youth who thronged here in the 1970s and 1980s in colourful, exotic costumes to dance and sing. The weekend scene got so popular and crowded that authorities shut it down in the early 1990s, but these vestiges are still highly entertaining-you'll find everything from manzai stand-up comics to inscrutable men in white bodystockings. Most are out to promote themselves and have fun, not make money. This cornucopia of independent talent is the flipside of Tokyo's conformity, homogeneity and corporatism....

Finds The Bouse Fisherman

For much of the year, the community of Quartzsite is little more than a few truck stops at an interstate off-ramp. But the population explodes with the annual influx of winter visitors (also known as snowbirds), and from early January to mid-February it's the site of numerous gem-and-mineral shows that attract more than a million rock hounds. Among these shows is the Quartzsite Pow Wow, which is held in late January and is one of the largest gem-and-mineral shows in the country. During the winter months, Quartzsite sprouts thousands of vendor stalls, as flea markets and the like are erected along the town's main streets. A variety of interesting food makes it a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. For more information, contact the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce (& 928 927-5600

Quick Bites in Syntagma

For the quintessentially Greek, loukoumades (round donut-center-like pastries that are deep-fried, then drenched with honey and topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon), nothing beats Doris, 30 Praxitelous, a continuation of Lekka, a few blocks from Syntagma Square. If you're still hungry, Doris serves hearty stews and pasta dishes for absurdly low prices Monday through Saturday until 3 30pm. Everest is another chain worth trying there's one a block north of Kolonaki Square at Tsakalof and Iraklitou. Also in Kolonaki Square, To Kotopolo serves succulent grilled chicken to take out or eat in. In the Plaka, the K. Kotsolis Pastry Shop, 112 Adrianou, serving excellent coffee and sweets, is an oasis of old-fashioned charm in the midst of the souvenir shops. The Oraia Ellada (Beautiful Greece) cafe at the Center of Hellenic Tradition, opening onto both 36 Pandrossou and 59 Mitropoleos near the flea market, has a spectacular view of the Acropolis. You can revive yourself here with a...

Antiques Street Packed With Treasures

Ecseri Flea Market

TREASURE, TRASH AND TRINKETS AT ECSERI FLEA MARKET The largest second-hand market in Budapest, the flea market on Nagykorosi Road, may be located some distance from the centre of town and yet most tourists find the journey out there well worth the time. Known by the locals simply as the Ecseri 2-5 , the bustling market is an experience not only for those with a fixed aim but also for those who just want to do some stall shopping . After all, it is great fun to browse through so many bits and pieces in the hope of turning up the occasional gem from trinkets to Art Nouveau furniture, from black and white greetings card to a silver fob watch, from an early camera to paintings of all schools and qualities, the Ecseri has it all. And more Antiques, violins, gramophones, books, porcelain, old fashioned irons, rugs and carpets, old soda siphons, pens, dinner services, medals, militaria, lace Although most items won't set you back more than a few thousand forints at most, there are some...

Antiques and collectibles

Palazzo Frescobaldi Vintage Map

Antiques hounds should make a beeline for Via dei Coronari, Rome's main artery for antiquar-iato. The jumbled assortment of marbles at Marmi Line includes some remarkably faithful copies of Roman portrait busts, fountains, and a whole lot of pointless accent pieces that might have been lifted from the set ofAll My Children. W Apolloni, specializing in silver and 17th-century furniture, is one of Rome's best-known antiques stores. If you're looking for collectibles from the 20th century or Art Deco furnishings, seek out Comics Bazar. Of course, if you have a good eye for antiques and are willing to battle crowds, your best bet may be to head for one of the flea markets like Porta Portese (see above). Atelier Ritz (p. 141) PARIOLI VILLA BORGHESE Monthly flea market featuring cast-off clothing and accessories from Rome's elite Tel 06 807-81-89. Via Frescobaldi 5 (Hotel Parco dei Prin-cipi). Buses 52, 53, or 910. Tram 3. Every other Sun only 10am-8pm. Porta Portese (p. 141) TRASTEVERE...

Packed With Treasures

TREASURE, TRASH AND TRINKETS AT ECSERI FLEA MARKET_ The largest second-hand market in Budapest, the flea market on Nagykorosi Road, may be located some distance from the centre of town and yet most tourists find the journey out there well worth the time. Known by the locals simply as the Ecseri , the bustling market is an experience not only for those with a fixed aim but also for those who just want to do some stall shopping . After all, it is great fun to browse through so many bits and pieces in the hope of turning up the occasional gem from trinkets to Art Nouveau furniture, from black and white greetings card to a silver fob watch, from an early camera to paintings of all schools and qualities, the Ecseri has it all. And more Antiques, violins, gramophones, books, porcelain, old fashioned irons, rugs and carpets, old soda siphons, pens, dinner services, medals, militaria, lace than a few thousand forints at most, there are some valuable rarities out there too. However, sorting...

Itinerary The Grand Tour

Shop the El Rastro flea market in the afternoon. Or take a day trip to explore the Moorish architectural riches of C rdoba hourly AVE express trains leave from Madrid's Atocha station for the 2hour journey. See An Excursion to C rdoba in chapter 17 for more on this Moorish city.


Warning Markets in Budapest are very crowded, bustling places. Beware of pickpockets carry your valuables under your clothing in a money belt rather than in a wallet. Ecseri Flea Market According to a local rumor you can find anything at this busy flea market from eviscerated bombshells to dinosaur eggs. True Well, you seem to believe it once inside. You are greeted by rows of wooden tables chock-full of old dishes, toys, linens, and bric-a-brac as you enter this market at Nagykorosi t 156. From the tiny cubicles in the narrow corridors, serious dealers market their wares Herend and Zsolnay porcelain, Bulgarian and Russian icons, silverware, paintings, furniture, clocks, rugs, prewar dolls and stuffed animals, antique clothing, and jewelry. Due to all the tourist attention mostly during the weekend the prices of the market have increased severely although some bargains can still be made. Antiques buyers Be aware that you'll need permission from the Museum of Applied Arts to take your...


Place des Carmes buzzes with a flower market on Saturday and a flea market on Sunday. Avignon's smartest shopping streets are rue St-Agricol and rue Joseph Vernet, southwest of place de l'Horloge. Find art and antique galleries on rue du Limas and inside the covered mall (23 rue St-Agricol) beneath H tel du Petit Louvre. Comtesse du Barry ( 04 90 82 62 92 25 rue St-Agricol) Stock up on gourmet goodies like fine wine and foie gras. Instant du Sud ( 04 90 82 24 48 1 place Nicolas Sab-oly) Make yourown perfume in an instant (well, a few). Oliviers & Co ( 04 92 70 48 20 19 rue St-Agricol) Olive oil and olive-oil-based products such as soap, hand cream and biscuits.

To Market To Market

Copenhagen's main produce market (Map pp78-9) is at Israels Plads, a few minutes' walk west of Norreport station. Stalls are set up until 5pm Monday to Friday and until 2pm on Saturday, when it doubles as a flea market. As we went to press, there were ongoing plans to move the Israels Plads market underground, which would certainly make it more pleasant to shop there in winter.

Art Antiques

Worth checking out is the weekly antiques flea market (Cankarjevo nabrezje Map pp66-7 S 8am-12pm Sun) held year-round on the embankment between Triple and Cobbler Bridges. A summer art market called Ljubljana Montmartre (Pogacarjev trg S 9am-4pmSat Jun-Sep) near the Central Market has paintings and ceramics.


Famous throughout Goa for its Wednesday flea market (see the boxed text, below), Anju-na's name still pulls in backpackers, European ravers, long-term hippies and, increasingly, midrange tourists taking advantage of comfy new hotels. Of all the more developed beaches in Goa Anjuna's is the best. There are three distinct areas the main crossroads and bus stand, where paths lead down to the beach the back part of the village, where you'll find the post office and convenience stores and the flea market area a couple of kilometres to the south. Many restaurants and family homes have a few rooms out the back, so ask around and look for 'To Let' signs - there are plenty along the back lanes leading to the flea market. If you arrive before about 15 December you should easily be able to find a place for long-term rent.

March dAligre

Market you'll see everything from rows of pheasants to a whole wild boar hanging from the stalls. North African traders give the outdoor produce market an ethnic flare. The flea market dates back to the days when nuns distributed second-hand clothing to the poor (see p55). d pl d'Aligre Map H5 Open am daily


At the eastern end of Beach Rd is the ferry wharf and Palolo Deep, while the western end becomes the peninsular Mulinu'u Rd. Most of Apia's activity is centred along Beach Rd between Aggie Grey's Hotel and the Flea Market, with the business district spreading south from the clock tower. The Maketi Fou and bus station are a few blocks south of the clock tower.

LIsle Sur La Sorgue

A large but compact medieval town, seven km 4.3 miles down the Sorgue from its source at the Fontaine de Vaucluse, this was originally a fishing village built on stilts. The river divides here and is further branched by canals so that today the town is actually spread out on islands between five branches of the river. It is sometimes known as the Comtadine Venice. Several waterwheels, some of which still turn, line the tree-shaded canals. As pretty as it is, the town's main claim to fame is as the antique capital of the region. At least 30 antique shops are open year-round along the Quai de la Gare, across from the railway station, and there's a flea market with 50 traders every Sunday, all day. At Easter and Assumption (August 15), as many as 900 dealers gather for massive antique fairs. The town has a good selection of shops and restaurants, as well as several pleasant hotels.

Antiques CumOS

Rua dos Mercadores, which leads up to Rua da Tercena, will lead you past tailors, tiny jewellery stores, incense and mahjong shops, and other traditional businesses (Map p320). At the far end of Rua da Tercena, where the road splits, is a flea market (Map p320), where you can pick up baskets and other rattan ware, jade pieces and old coins.

Parks Gardens

Florence's best park is the Medici grand dukes' old backyard to the Pitti Palace, the Giardino Boboli (p. 171). Less scenic, but free and more jogger-friendly, is the Parco della Cascine along the Arno at the west end of the historic center. Originally a wild delta of land where the Arno and Mugnone rivers met, the area later became a Medici hunting reserve and eventually a pasture for the grand duke's milk cows. Today, the Cascine is home to tennis courts, pools, a horse racetrack, and some odd late-18th- and early-19th-century features like an incongruous pyramid and funky neoclassical fountains. There's a flea market here every Tuesday morning. Though perfectly safe in the daylight, this park becomes a den of thieves and a hangout for heroin addicts after dark, as do most sections of the Arno's banks, so steer clear.

Apia For Children

There are lots of distractions for children in Apia, which is fitting for a country that lavishes so much attention upon its own young. Kids will be fascinated by offerings in the Maketi Fou (p64) and the Flea Market (p65). They'll also love snorkelling at Palolo Deep (p64) - even if your child isn't a confident swimmer, you can still lead them only a short distance offshore to where the giant clams lie. The traditional Samoan fiafia (p73) is a memorable experience for families, as is a ride in one of the colourful local buses. Only a short distance from Apia is the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum (p74) and its beautiful grounds (perfect for a picnic), the Tiapapata Art Centre (p77) with its great art workshops for children, and the challenging Papasee'a Sliding Rock (p78).

Plaka Iiaaka

MONASTIRAKI MONASTHPAKI Centred on busy Plateia Monastirakiou (Mo-nastiraki Sq), the area just west of Syntagma is the city's somewhat grungier but nonetheless atmospheric market district. The famous Athens flea market (pi 44) is southwest of the square, while the central market (pi36) is to the north on Athinas.


Ask the guards to take you to the terrace for a beautiful view of the river. A visit to the pantheon can be combined with a shopping trip to the Flea Market (walk down Campo de Santa Clara, heading toward the river). Largo de Santa Clara. & 21 885-48-20. Admission 2 ( 2.30), 1 ( 1.15) children 11-14, free for children under 11. Free to all Sun after 2pm. Tues-Sun 10am-5pm. Closed holidays. Tram 28. Bus 9,39 or 46.

Where to Shop

Paris is one of the few cities in the world where shopping has been elevated to an art form and a venerable cultural pursuit. Americans may have been born to shop, but Parisians live for it. Their boutiques and markets are among the best in the world, whether you're looking for exclusive luxury goods or secondhand flea-market bargains. Sure, you can find many of the same things back home thanks to globalization, but in Paris it's the whole shopping experience that counts, with creative window displays to lure you in, and divinely wrapped packaging to carry your purchases home.

Gammel Strand

These days, Gammel Strand is a popular place for dining establishments and bars, including the ultraelegant Krogs (see Restaurants, page 125), the city's finest seafood restaurant and the first to boast a sommelier. The strand is also home to a flea market every Saturday morning, as well as being one of the two principal starting-points for canal boat tours, the other being in Nyhavn (see Canal & Harbor Tours, page 26). And, immediately across the canal is a distinctive, square-arched, yellow-ochre building with a Classical-style frieze for more information about this monument to the great Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen, see Museums, page 66.

Braderie De Lille

On the first weekend in September, Lille's entire city centre - 200km of footpaths - is transformed into the Braderie de Lille, billed as the world's largest flea market. The extravaganza - with stands selling antiques, local delicacies, handicrafts and more - dates from the Middle Ages, when Lillois servants were permitted to hawk their employers' old garments for some extra cash.

Top shops

The first big town on the way to the Brecon Beacons. Every Tuesday it's filled with a large market of over 200 stands. The Friday and Saturday markets are pretty good, too. So is Wednesday's flea market, where you can pick up secondhand tools, cigarette cards, mining memorabilia and Limoges china.

Handicrafts Fashion

New materials are being incorporated into traditional designs, so plastic shopping bags are cut into strips and woven into pandanus bags or hats, while brightly coloured woollen playing card designs are woven into pandanus mats, and lava-lava have dollar bill designs on them as well as palm trees and hibiscus flowers. Ula (garlands) were traditionally made of flowers or seashells, but nowadays they are often made of plastic flowers or sweets. Visit the flea market (p65) for the best handicraft stalls.

Psyrri Typph

On the fourth day, go to Monastiraki's flea market (p144) for some last-minute souvenirs, then have lunch in a traditional taverna in the central market (p136). Take the teleferik (funicular railway) to the peak of Lykavittos Hill (p124) for a panoramic view of Athens, then catch a movie by moonlight at Aigli (p141), Athens' oldest outdoor cinema.

Travel Literature

Markets are microcosms of the colour and contradictions of Goa the image of Indian tourists buying pastries from German vendors is as Goan as that of fishermen selling their daily catch. Anjuna flea market (p141) - from humble hippy beginnings to a veritable carnival of infamy Ingo's Saturday Nite Bazaar (p129) - the best restaurants bring their offerings to the outdoor tables, and local fire-twirlers demonstrate their talent

The Beach Files

Of all the big tourist beaches Anjuna (p861) has, close to the flea market, the most alluring and relaxed stretch of sand. There are also plenty of places to stay and a number of good eating and drinking options. Anjuna retains its popularity with the party crowd but its days as the place to 'see and be seen' are virtually over. Market day (Wednesday), however, should not be missed.

Getting Started

Kyoto is one of the easiest destinations in the world to plan for got a pair of slip-on shoes and a passport You're most of the way there Of course, you'll want to give some thought to when you go. Want to see the cherry blossoms Early April is the time. How about the autumn colours The month of November is best. If you hope to hit one of Kyoto's excellent flea markets, you'll have to be in town on the 21st or 25th of any month. Naturally, you can't always pick your travel times, but the fact is you can enjoy Kyoto in any month of the year.

Shopping Areas

Many travellers plan their trips around the cherry blossoms or one of Kyoto's great festivals. Few, however, plan their trips around Kyoto's brilliant markets. This is a shame because Kyoto's two monthly markets are among the best flea markets in all of Asia. The two dates to keep in mind are the 21st of each month, for the Kobo-san Market (pill) at To-ji, and the 25th of each month, for the Tenjin-san Market (pi 13) at Kitano Tenman-gu. You'll note that these are close enough together to hit on one slightly extended stay in Kyoto.

Discount Shopping

Discount shops in Washington are few and far between. Stores like Wal-Mart and Target are all in the far 'burbs. Still, I've got some suggestions for you. First, check out the Washington Post website,, click on Entertainment, then click on Shopping, then click on Sales and Bargains, to see whether any stores are having sales while you're here. Second, head to Hecht's department store (see its separate listing under Department Store ), located downtown, or to Hecht's Chevy Chase, MD, location, where you'll find a number of other bargain stores on the same block (see others listed below) Hecht's is not a discount store but regularly holds sales and marks down prices on its upscale merchandise. For a recommended secondhand bookstore, read about Second Story Books under Old and Used Books. Finally, review the following list of D.C.'s best bargain stores and the two succeeding sections directing you to thrift, secondhand, and consignment stores, and farmer's and flea...

Walking Tour

Start from outside Apia's lively Flea Market (1 p65). The first monument you encounter while ambling along the sea wall that buttresses the peninsula's eastern shore is the German Flag Memorial (2), which was erected in 1913 to commemorate the raising of the German flag over the islands on 1 March 1900. Nowadays, it registers as litde more than a small pile of stones surrounded by a rusty fence. Start Flea Market Finish Apia Yacht Club Distance 2km Duration 1 hour


Inflation is rampant and the local currency, the Transdniestran rouble, is worthless outside its borders. The average salary is approaching US 100 a month. State employers have been able to pay their workers more regularly than in the past, eliminating the need to earn a desperate living at the flea market, but a return to those difficult days seems inevitable.

Quirky Reykjavik

Held in a huge industrial building by the harbour, the weekend Kolaportid Flea Market (Map p72 Geirsgata Sl1am-5pmSat&Sun)is a Reykjavik institution and definitely worth a visit. Browse through piles of second-hand clothes, music, antiques and children's toys, or pick up Icelandic fish delicacies including cubes of hdkarl.


Getting around Goa by motorcycle is almost de rigueur, especially around the northern beaches you only need to look at the sea of motorcycles parked at the Anjuna flea market or outside Vagator's Nine Bar to realise that it borders on a clich . If you plan to spend most of your time lying on the beach, you may have little use for a motorcycle, but if you want to move around a bit, follow the parties, check out the scene and restaurants at different beaches or head inland for the day, you'll soon find it's a hassle without your own transport. The freedom that a motorcycle affords is hard to beat. If you do plan to buy a bike, there are plenty of second-hand machines around -check advertisements in the daily papers or head to the Anjuna flea market on Wednesday. Enfield has a presence at Ingo's Saturday Nite Bazaar, where it promotes shiny new models.

The Shopping Scene

Monastiraki has its famous flea market, which is especially lively on Sundays. Although there's a vast amount of ticky-tacky stuff for sale here, there are still some real finds, including retro clothes and old copper. Many Athenians furnishing new homes head here to try to pick up old treasures.

Exploring Kazimierz

There's no prescribed plan for visiting the former Jewish quarter. The natural point of departure is the central Plac Nowy, once the quarter's main market and now given over to a depressing combination of fruit and flea market (no doubt with real fleas). The tourist information center maintains an office at Jozefa 7 (& 012 422-04-71 Mon-Fri 10am-4pm), and can provide maps and information. Look too for signposted routes marked Trasa zabytkow zydowskych, which includes all of the major sites. Visit the synagogues individually each costs about 7 zl ( 2.30 1.20) to enter. Don't expect gorgeous interiors it's fortunate enough that these buildings are still standing.

Explorjng Xtan

Ba Xian An (Temple of the Eight Immortals) (Finds Tucked away in a narrow alley the tour buses can't reach is the most charming temple in Xi'an. As with the Great Mosque, the walk into it is half the adventure, with a flea market out front in some of the temple's old buildings. This becomes a huge antiques market on Wednesday and Sunday mornings (see Shopping, later in this chapter). Inside the temple, monks, their hair tied up in traditional Daoist fashion, play chess and are always keen for a chat. The folk legend of the Eight Immortals (Ba Xian) is said to have originated here during the late Tang dynasty. As you look at the temple murals, note the influence of Confucianism on its supposed alter-ego, Daoism The eight immortals have a strict hierarchy, with Lu Dongbin in front on his tiger, the rotund Tieguai Li waddling along with his crook to his side, and the one woman, He Xiangu, near the back, carrying a lotus flower.

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