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Interisland trips for sightseeing and catamaran transfers are available to the Mamanucas and Yasawas; see this section as well as pl50 and pl61 for more details.

Regular ferry services link Viti Levu to Vanua Levu and Taveuni, and also Viti Levu to Ovalau. See the map on pp2-3 for ferry routes. The Patterson Brothers, Beachcomber Cruises and Consort Shipping boats are large roll-on, roll-off ferries, carrying passengers, vehicles and cargo. They have canteens where you can buy drinks, snacks and light meals. Ferry timetables are notorious for changing frequently; boats sometimes leave at odd hours and there is often a long waiting period at stopovers. The worst thing about the long trips is that the toilets can become disgusting (take your own toilet paper). There are irregular boats that take passengers from Suva to Lau, Rotuma and Kadavu.


South Sea Cruises (§ 675 0500, operates two fast catamarans from Denarau Marina to most of the Mamanuca islands, including Malolo, Walu Beach, Castaway Island, Mana, Treasure Island, Beachcomber Island, Bounty Island, South Sea Island, Matamanoa and Tokoriki. See pi50 for information on these services.


Awesome Adventures (§ 675 0499, www.awesome, which is the same company as South Sea Cruises, operates the lurid yellow Ya-sawa Flyer, a large catamaran that services all the resorts in the Yasawa islands plus some of the Mamanuca resorts daily. It's a large boat with a comfortable interior including a snack shop and toilets but you'll still feel the swell on choppy days. See pl61 for more details.

SUVA-SAVUSAVU-TAVEUNI Consort Shipping (Map p122; § 330 2877; fax 330 3389; Ground fl, Dominion House Arcade, Thomson St, Suva) sails three times a week from Suva to Savusavu ($80/50 for cabin/seat), departing Suva at 6pm on Monday and Friday and noon on Wednesday. It takes 12 hours to reach Savusavu. On Wednesday and Friday it continues for another eight hours on to Taveuni ($90/55 from Suva for cabin/seat). On the way back it departs Taveuni around noon on Friday and Sunday, arriving in Savusavu at around 5pm. This service sometimes stops at Koro - a nine hour trip; see pi89 for more information.

Beachcomber Cruises Lautoka (~s 666 1500; fax 666 4496); Savusavu (§ 885 0266); Taveuni (§888 0036) has a 500-passenger ship the Adi Savusavu, which has good facilities and runs three times a week between Suva and Savusavu ($45/65 for economy/lst class). The journey takes 11 hours and departs Suva at 10am on Tuesday, noon on Thursday and 6pm on Saturday, returning from Savusavu at 8pm on Wednesday and Friday and 7pm on Sunday. The boat also travels between Savusavu and Taveuni ($25/45 for economy/lst class), departing Savusavu at lam on Wednesday and Friday, returning from Taveuni at noon on Wednesday and Friday. This journey takes five hours.

Grace Ferry Labasa (Gulam Nabi & Sons; § 881 1152; Nasekula Rd); Savusavu (Country Kitchen; §927 1372) has a bus/boat trip from Taveuni to Savusavu and Labasa ($20). See p213 for more information.

(LAUTOKA)-ELLINGTON WHARF-NABOUWALU (VANUA LEVU)-(LABASA) Patterson Brothers Shipping Labasa (§ 881 2444; Nasekula Rd); Lautoka (§ 666 1173; 15TukaniSt); Levuka (§ 344 0125; Beach St); Suva (Map p122; § 3315644; fax 330 1652; Suites 1 & 2, Epworth Arcade, Nina St) travels this route twice a week ($60). It involves a bus ride (3 '/i hours) from Lautoka, a trip on the Ashika ferry (3% hours) and a trip on another bus to Labasa (four hours). Buses depart from outside the Lautoka office at 4am on Friday and Monday, and from Labasa at 6am on Sunday and Wednesday.


Patterson Brothers Shipping (above) travels this route ($45 one way) on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Again it involves a bus ride (l'/i hours) from Suva, a ferry trip (4'/2 hours) and another bus to Labasa (four hours). Buses depart the Suva office at 4.30am.


Patterson Brothers Shipping operates a daily service ($24 one way), which involves a bus ride (l'/i hours) from Suva (Western Bus Terminal, Rodwell Rd) to Natovi Landing, followed by a ferry to Buresala Landing (one hour) and another bus to Levuka (one hour). Buses depart Suva at 2pm and Labasa at Sam.


There are services from Suva to Leleuvia via Bau Landing ($30 one way) and from Leleuvia to Levuka ($20 one way). See pl89 for more information.


Kadavu Shipping (Map pll9; @ 331 1766,3395000,339 5788; Rona St, Walu Bay, Suva) has irregular passenger services on the MV Bitloit-ni-Ceva ($45 one way). See p228 for more information.


Saliabasaga Shipping (Map p119; @ 330 3403; Walu Bay, Suva) has fortnightly trips aboard the MV Tunatiiki to Lakeba, Nayau, Cicia, Tuvuca, Vanua Balavu and occasionally Moce and Oneata. The one way fare to Vanua Balavu is $90/120 for deck/cabin including meals.

Kabua Development Corporation (Map pi 19; @ 330 2258; fax 332 0251; Mualwalu Complex, Old Millers Wharf, Rona St, Walu Bay, Suva) has fortnightly trips aboard the Taikabara to the southern Lau Group. It visits Lakeba, Vanuavatu, Komo, Kabara, Moce, Fulaga, Namuka, Vatoa, Ogea Levu and Ono-i-Lau (deck/cabin including meals $75/85 one way). It costs an extra $10 to visit the far south of the group (Vatoa and Ono-i-Lau). Boats can take up to a week to get to these distant outer islands.

Khans Shipping (Map p119; s /fax 330 8786; Maul-walu Complex, Rona St, Walu Bay, Suva) visits islands in southern Lau about once a month. It's best to talk to them about their itinerary as it varies depending on demand. The journey takes about 10 hours and costs $80 each way.


There is no accommodation for visitors on the Moala islands - you would need to be invited to stay by a local. Khans Shipping (see left) has monthly trips to Moala, Matuke and Totoya in the Moala group. The journey takes about eight hours and a one-way fare is $80.


Western Shipping (Map p119; § 331 4467; Naryan Jetty, Suva) operates the Cagi Mai Ba to Rotuma (deck/cabin $130/150). The journey takes 36 hours; phone for departure times and dates.

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