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In cities and towns in Romania, you'll usually have a wide range of dining choices, from cheap bistros to formal restaurants (which in the more remote towns might only be found in hotels). Most places, even bars, bistros or cafés will also serve food, even if it's a greasy filled pastry. In Moldova, outside of Chi^inau, where the choice of eateries is astounding, you'll be lucky to find a decent restaurant and will be stuck with hotel dining rooms, bars or cafeterias. There are few restaurants which cater to children (it's rare to find a children's menu or booster chair), but staff Aside from wine, vodka lire usually accommodating. is the intoxicating drink

The cost of a restaurant or café main meal is almost always between of choice in Moldova, (' 1 and €5 across the country, no matter the style of place. The vast ma- a Soviet legacy. But jority charge €2 to €3. The final cost of the bill increases as you add an beware - local vodkas appetiser (usually no more than €1.50), drinks and dessert. Still, entire are distilled from sugar, meals at medium-priced places rarely exceed €5 to €6 per person, or which gives a not-so-«0 at higher-priced venues. Of course, there are first-class restaurants sweet headache where it's possible to wine and dine for €20 to €40 per person also, but come morning, generally eating out is an affordable treat in Romania and Moldova. Eating out in Bucharest and Chi^inau tends to be more expensive than in other centres.

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