i.i.i 18km north of Bucharest Jtirbei Palace il'ilnl Jllrbei; Strjtirbei Voda 36) was a Communist r ii ly hotel until 1989. Built by Wallachian (iilinr liarbu §tirbei between 1855 and mill, it was here that the Romanian gov-innu'iit signed a preliminary WWI peace iii.ily with Germany on 5 March 1918. Mli i WWII the palace - also known as Mill Ira Castle - was turned into a guest-Iiiiiim' for important state guests.

t oday, the pretty castle, enclosed in lush IMiUnnd, is a three-star hotel (¡§ 313 1500;

* * il from (38) and restaurant oozing old-style Miiiiiilcur. Anyone can stay here. As well rfii moms in the main building, there are

• >i client-value rooms in Vila Pare (r from €10), i mil,ill villa in the wooded grounds.

Octting There & Away lii >m Bucharest's Gara de Nord, there are numerous local trains to Ploie^ti daily, it ill ic* of which stop at Buftea, the stop ■ Invest to Stirbei Palace (34 minutes). Bus No 460 links Laromet and Buftea (see I idling There & Away under Mogo§oaia I'lilnce on p80).

Tillering Buftea by car from the south, lirnr north along the Bucharest-Ploie^ti mud (the main road through the village), I'.r.s the post office and immediately turn 1.11 onto Str Otului. At the end of Str Otu-lut, lurn right.

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