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Thanks to the Orthodox diet, you can always find some vegetarian dishes, unexciting and repetitious as they will come to be. If a plate of mamdligt) does not turn you on, try ca$caval paine (cheese covered in breadcrumbs and fried), salatd ro$ii (tomato salad), salata castraveti (cucumber salad) and salata asortata (mixed salad, usually just a mix of - guess what? tomatoes and cucumbers). When you're really lucky, you'll find vegetable soup or stew, or a dish made from eggplant. Romanians expect that Otherwise, fresh fruits are easy to find (huge watermelons, yum), and every 'real' meal must whatever's grown locally is bound to have had less chemicals involved have meat in it. There's in its growth than the ones in your home country. The notion of 'or-even a proverb: Celrrwi ganic' food doesn't exist here as much of the locally-grown produce is bunpefteesteporcul- chemical-free to begin with. The notion of a vegetarian restaurant is far The best fish is pork. from being popular in these countries where a meal without meat isn't considered a meal at all.

In this edition, care was taken to note which restaurants serve substantial vegetarian meals and go beyond the bare minimum.

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