Unesco Heritage Sites

Three Weeks

I'or all you Unesco fetishists out there, here is a demanding tour of Romania and its seven World Heritage sites. This will take you around the country in a roughly anticlockwise direction, but you'll need at least 20 days to cover some 2500km in your own transportation. From Bucharest (p50), go to Tulcea and from there explore the fantastic canals of the Danube Delta (site No 1; p215). Travel north via Galati to Suceava (p284), the gateway to the unforgettable painted monasteries (site No 2; p288) near Târgu Neamt in Southern Bucovina (p277). After scraping your jaw from the ground, continue west to Surdeçti, in Maramureç, for its famous wooden churches (site No 3; p254). Treat yourself with a few days in one of the region's villages where time seems to have stopped a ccntury ago. Venture into Transylvania next. First stop is Sighijoara (pl24) to wander around ils historic citadel (site No 4), then to the nearby Biertan Saxon fortified church (site No 5; pl29). Others are close by - check them out too. Next are the Dacian fortresses near Hunedoara (site No 6; pi70). You can hike in the mountains of the Retezat National Park (pi72) before arriving at the riveting monastery of Horezu (site No 7; pl88), where you can give thanks for having the energy to complete the trip!

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