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Seven -10 Days / Tipova to Lower Dniestr National Park

Willi lower than 20,000 foreign tourists each year, just visiting Moldova will put you truly off the beaten track. Arrive in (hi;inau (p305) and let yourself be surprised by how cosy, friendly and relentlessly swinging it is. After checking out the sites and hitting the tireless club and bar scene, you'll be ready to make several day trips.

First up should be the mind-blowing cave monastery at Orheiul Vechi (p320). There's another equally stunning one further north at Tipova (p321). Nature-loving travellers can see all that this flat country has to offer in the Lower Dniestr National Park (p322), where you can hike and canoe but also lie in sunflower fields and picnic on the fruits of the land, indulging in fresh peaches and watermelons as well as grapes in either their original or liquid fermented form!

Next, revisit the Soviet era by visiting Transdniestr (p323), a country that doesn't officially exist but which has its own currency, hymn and flag, and lots of men in uniform running around. To wind down, spend at least two days happily floating along the Wine Route (p317) in some of the continent's largest wine cellars, sampling what made Moldova famous throughout the USSR.

Recea Coju^na


Chijinau is conveniently located in the middle of Moldova, making it easy to use as a base for several interesting day trips. Covering all the locations, you'll travel some 700km over a week or more.


Recea Coju^na

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