Tourist Information

Incredibly, Bucharest still has no official tourist information office, so independent ventures fill the gap. Ask at the reception of big hotels, eg the Hilton, about free maps and city tours.

Atlantic Tours (Map pp54-5; (Bj 212 9232; www.atlantic .ro; Calea Victoriei 202; ® 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat) Cultural Tourism Institute/RoCultours (Map pp54-5; Ip 223 2619;; Str Grigore Alexan-drescu 108; ® 10am-6pm) Best of the bunch for cultural tours with personalised Itineraries. You must call or email at least a day ahead to arrange a time to visit. Elvis Villa Tourist Information (Map pp54-5; fD 312 1653; platform 2 Gara de Nord; ® 7am-10pm) Friendly staff speak English, French, Italian and Japanese and organise city tours, Dracula tours and hand out free maps. They can also book you a bed, a taxi, an international bus or just point you in the right direction.


At m>* ifiiffiriHt

1 r-2

AII,mill Inurtii

2 E2


...(see 101)

Australian Coniulate

3 E5

Unnea Comercialâ Românâ

4 E1

Branch Post Office

5 D2

Branch Post Office

6 F2

Bnt [email protected]

(see /)

British Council Library

7 F2

British Embassy

8 F2

Bulgarian Embassy

9 C2

Canadian Embassy

10 E2

Cultural Tourism Institute/


(see 50)

Cyber Espace

(see 13)

Elvis Villa Tourist Information

. (see 15)

Emergency Clinic Hospital

11 F1

French Embassy

12 F2

French Institute

13 D3

German Embassy

14 C2

IDM Exchange

15 D2

Marshal Turism

16 F2


17 64

Moldovan Embassy

18 C2

OK Exchange Nonstop

19 T2

Russian Embassy ...

20 62


(see 72)

Turkish Embassy

21 Fl

Ukrainian Embassy

22 F2

Unirea Medical Centre

23 D5


(see 15)

Yugoslavian Embassy

24 F2



Antim Monastery

25 C5

Armenian Church

26 D4

Art Collection Museum

27 E2

Botanic Garden

28 A4

Botanic Museum & Greenhouse

29 A4

Church of Bucur the Shepherd

30 D5

City Market

31 D5

Cotroceni Museum

(see 32)

Cotroceni Palace

32 A4

Exhibition Pavilion & Conference


33 B1

Former Main Residence of


(see 50)

Former Residence of Gheorghe


Balthazar... Basilicum...

George Enescu Museum 35 E2

Ghencea Civil & Military Cemeteries 36 A5

Government Building 37 E1

Grigore Antipa Natural History

Museum 38 E1

Jewish History Museum 39 D5

Mausoleum 40 C6

Ministry of Defence 41 B5

Museum of Geology 42 E1

Museum of Romanian Literature 43 E2

Museum of the Romanian Peasant 44 E1

National Institute for Science &

Technology 45 C5

National Military Museum 46 B4

Palace of Parliament 47 C5

Patriarchal Cathedral & Palace 48 C5

Press House 49 B1

PrimSverii Palace 50 C2

Prince Radu Monastery ' 51 D5

Romanian IV Headquarters 52 C2

Sports & Culture Palace 53 D6

St Apostles' Church 54 C5

Thcodor Pallady Museum 55 D4

Triumphal Arch (Arcul de Triumf) 56 B2

lindane* Puppet Theatre 57 F2

Village Museum 58 B2

World Trade Centre (see 69)

Zambaccian Museum 59 C2

'Wooden Spirits' Sculptures 60 D3


Best Western Pare Hotel... Crowne Plaza Bucharest...

Elvis Villa

Hotel Astoria

Hotel Bucegi

Hotel Cerna

Hotel Duke

Hotel Marna

Hotel Sofitel

Hotel Turist


Marriott Grand Hotel

Vila 11

YMCA Hostel

Youth Hostel Villa Helga...


Balthazar... Basilicum...

66 D2

71 D2

Bureibista Pescaresc


Casa Doina

II Gattopardo Blu

La Mama


Piatá Gemeni

Sandwich Factory




Buddha Bar


Opium Studio

Vox Maris

White Horse

78 D1

79 D4

80 C4

81 B3

82 E2

83 D3

85 C2

87 D3

88 C2

89 D4

90 B4

91 D4

92 D1

93 E4

94 E1

95 C2


Dinamo Stadium 96 C3

Hollywood Multiplex (see 99)

Jewish State Theatre 97 D5

Opera House 98 B4


Bucure§ti Mall 99 E5

Mario Plaza 100 C2

Unirea Shopping Centre 101 D5

TRANSPORT (pp74-8)

Agende de Voiaj CFR

Busstop 102 D2

Central Bus Station 103 D2

Eurolines Office 104 E2

Filaret Bus Station 105 C6

Filaret Tours (see 105)

Maxi Taxis (see 103)

Murat (buses to

Istanbul) (see 102)

Ortadogu Tur (buses to

Istanbul) 106 D2


NATO House (see 50)

World Trade Plaza & Shopping

Gallery (see 69)

European Union Information Centre (Map p60; (H) 315 3470;; Piata Revolutiei; ® 10am-5pm Mon-Fri) Based inside the Central University Library, it has English-speaking staff. Lar Tours (Map p60; @ 201 1850;; Str $tirbei Vodä 2-4; ® 9am-5pm Mon-Fri) Agent for rural homestay firm Antrec.

Marshal Turism (Map pp54-5; @ 223 1204;; B-dul General Magheru 43; ® 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat) 0NT Carpatl (Map p60; @ 314 1922;; B-dul General Magheru 7; ® 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat)

Wasteels (Map pp54-5; © 222 7844; www.wasteels; Garä de Nord; ® 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Sat)

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