Top Activities To Look Forward To

Aside from all the outdoor activities listed throughout the chapters, here are some of the more subtle but equally memorable activities you can anticipate revelling in:

Downing a bottle of local wine, champagne or brandy with newfound friends Picnicking by a sunflower field in Moldova and slicing up a plump, juicy watermelon Hopping a ride on a horse-drawn cart

Hiking from one monastery to another in Moldavia

Creeping in Dracula's footsteps TOP 10 MOVIES FILMED IN ROMANIA

Romania has its own film industry (p35), but these might be easier to find at your local video store - most under the category Cheap Horror Films (now, why go to Romania to film horror and vampire movies...?)

Slapping on some smelly curative mud on the Black Sea Coast (p209) Going underground to a cave or salt mine in Transylvania, Crijana or Banat Braving a session of tuica or palinka (p45) Trying some innards with your soup with ciorba de burta (p43) Hang out with a shepherd

Amen (Costa Gavras, 2003)

Wild Dogs (Thorn Fitzgerald, 2003)

Cold Mountain (Anthony Minghella, 2003)

My Giant (Michael Lehmann, 1998) Elvira's Haunted Hills (Sam Irvin, 2002)

Witchouse 1 and 2 (Jack Reed, 1999 & JR Bookwalter, 2000)

Straight to Darkness (Jeff Burr, 2001) Serpent's Lair (Jeffrey Reiner, 1995) Beowulf (Graham Baker, 1999) Asylum (Gregory Gieras, 2001)

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