The Revolution

In late 1989, as the world watched the collapse of one communist regime «Iter another, it seemed only a matter of time before Romania's turn would come. The Romanian revolution was carried out with Latin passion mid intensity. The spark that ignited Romania came on 15 December 1989, when Father Laszlo Tokes publicly condemned the dictator from his Hungarian church in Timi^oara, prompting the Reformed Church of Romania to remove him from his post. Police attempts to arrest demonstrating parishioners failed and within days the unrest had spread across the city, leading to some 115 deaths. Ceau^escu proclaimed martial law in Timi§ County and dispatched trainloads of troops to crush the rebellion. The turning point came on 19 December, when the army in Timi$oara went over to the side of the demonstrators.

On 21 December in Bucharest, an address made by Ceau^escu during a mass rally was cut short by anti-Ceau$escu demonstrators in the 100,000-strong crowd who booed the dictator and shouted 'Murderer', 'Timi$oara' and other provocations. These demonstrators later retreated to the wide boulevard between Piata Universitatii and Piata Romana -only to be brutally crushed hours later by police gunfire and armoured For more of the dirt cars. Drenched by ice-cold water from fire hoses, the demonstrators (there's a lot) on the refused to submit and began erecting barricades under the eyes of Ceaujescu dan's crimes Western journalists in the adjacent Hotel Inter-Continental. At 11pm against its own people, the police began their assault on Piata Universitatii, using a tank to smash try Ion Mihai Pacepa's the barricades. By dawn the square had been cleared and the bodies of engaging Red Horizons those killed removed. Estimates vary, but at least 1033 were killed. (1990).


Romania's foreign debt was estimated In 2002 at $11.6 billion.

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