Slobozia's main draw is modelled on TV's Dallas from the 1980s, though even JR wouldn't recognise his faux home now. Originally built by a Ewing fanatic in the style of their Dallas ranch, the Samson Holiday Park (Parcul de Vancata Samson; §243 236 152), 1km west of Slobozia, is a shadow of its former self. The new owner has taken out the kitsch (except for a bizarrely misplaced Eiffel Tower) - and frankly there's no reason now to go except as a pleasant stopover on the route between Bucharest and Constanta. It's on the E60, 125km east of Bucharest by car.

Hotel Dallas (§0243-236 150; s/d €20/25) This hotel sits in landscaped gardens and has a sheriff as a security guard. At the time of writing, the hotel was undergoing massive renovations in the hopes of resurrecting its successful past as an exotic tourist attraction; a large pool, tennis courts and a huge restaurant will be added.

Several maxitaxis leave daily from Piata Bucur Obor in Bucharest to Constanta, stopping at Slobozia on the way, or you can take the twice-daily Constanta train from Bucharest.

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