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Romania is fast becoming recognised across Europe as one of the continent's best - and certainly among the most affordable - ski and snow-hoard centres. Each year sees more ski tourists arrive - and certainly not leave disappointed! Thanks to the Carpathian Mountains, Romania has scenery that rivals Switzerland's and full-service resorts like Sinaia (pl07), Predeal (pl02) and Poiana Bra^ov (p96), all near Bra^ov. Sinaia offers the best downhill skiing, Poiana Bra§ov is the best resort, and Predeal is good for beginners. The Fagara? Mountains are your best bet for longer distance ski treks.

The ski season runs from December to mid-March. You can hire gear for about €10 per day from all the major hotels in the resorts, plus at some shops like Sinai's super-helpful Snow (pl09), which doubles as a ski school. Ski passes for the three major resorts are sold on a point system; for ten trips up a chairlift, count on paying €8 to €13. Five- to seven-day ski courses usually cost €60 to €80 for adults and €40 to €60 for children. The equipment and services are not at Western European levels, but that doesn't stop skiers from having a great time. For proof, check out the forum at, which also posts snowfall information and other listings.

Suntours ([email protected]) in Bra§ov is one of many agencies which organise ski vacations.

To get information on great skiing expeditions outside the main resorts, check out www.mountain You'll find some excellent options In some of Romania's most scenic spots.

Other sites posting travellers' reviews include the Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree section at, and www.outdoor


Hiking & Climbing

For great listings of mountain bike, snowboarding and skiing events in Bucegi mountains area, see

Rock climbers look no further than for the absolute best info on where, when, how and with whom to scale the Carpathian's rocky heights.

For those who like to organise hiking trips from home {if your home Is in the UK, that is!), try High Places /treks/romania, based in Sheffield.

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