Safe Responsible Trekking

The popularity of hiking and camping is placing great pressure on the natural environment. Please consider the following tips:

Carry out all your rubbish. If you've carried it in, you can carry it out. Especially don't forget plastic bottles, sanitary napkins and condoms!

Never bury your rubbish. This disturbs soil and ground cover, encourages erosion, may injure animals who dig it up and may take years to decompose.

Minimise the waste you must carry out by taking minimal packaging and taking no more food than you will need

Don't use detergents or toothpaste in or near watercourses, even if they are biodegradable.

Stick to existing tracks - if you blaze a new trail, it will turn into a watercourse with the next heavy rainfall and eventually cause soil loss and scarring

If you light a fire, use an existing fireplace rather than creating a new one. Don't surround fires with rocks as this creates a visual scar. Use only dead, fallen wood. Remember the adage 'I he bigger the fool, the bigger the fire'. Use minimal wood, just what you need for cooking.

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' ,11 stations; some are surprisingly helpful - some. Cartografica produces I'm ellent maps and, to a lesser degree, some of Amco Press' publications might be of use.

Your best bet, however, are maps by Bel Alpin 21-684 0579; [email protected]) nhit li also publishes excellent books on hiking in the Fagara§ Mountains. I lie Transylvania Ecological Club in Cluj-Napoca (pl47) publishes a map .'I the region.

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