Piata Revolutieimap p

The scene of Ceauçescu's infamous last speech was on the balcony of the former Central Committee of the Communist Party building on 21 December 1989. Amid cries of'Down with Ceauçescu', he escaped in a helicopter from the roof. Meanwhile, the crowds were riddled with bullets, and many died.

On the front façade next to the entrance is a plaque dedicated to the 'young ar,d courageous people' who 'drove out the dictator', thus 'giving the Romanian people back their freedom and dignity'. A statue of a man, broken but put back together again, dominates the small green area in front. The building now houses the Senate.

Cretulescu Church (1722) stands just south of the square. The red-brick structure was damaged in the 1989 revolution. To the side stands a memorial bust of Corneliu Coposu, who spent 17 years in prison for his anti-Communist activities and, prior to his death in 1995, was awarded the Légion d'Honneur by the French government. Behind the church is a statue of a headless torso in memorial to fallen revolutionaires.

The Central University Library (1895; Calea Victor-iei 88) houses the European Union Information Centre, HVB bank and the university library. The building shell (cnr Str Dl Dobrescu & Str Boteanu) was left as a poignant reminder of the revolution, it housed the hated Securi-tate and was destroyed by protestors. In 2003 the Romanian Architecture Union built a contemporary glass structure inside it to house its headquarters.

West of Piata Revolutiei, the Roman Catholic red-brick Italian Church (B-dul Nicolae Bâlcescu 28) holds services in Italian.

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