Parks Lakes

Hicupe the city heat or marvel at the wealth ill greenery in Bucharest's urban oases.

Herastrau Lake (Lacul Herastrau) stretches from east to west, north of Piata Charles de (¬°aulle (metro Piata Aviatorilor), and is surrounded by a 2-sq-km pleasure park. NAneasa Park (Parcul Baneasa), 10km north, Ik surrounded by lush forest. Take bus No (III from Piata Romana for this park.

Strange wooden sculptures, called Wooden Spirits, live in Circus Park (Parcul Circului; Map |i|M-5). They were carved by local artist Titi li-odorescu from the trunks of trees that died in the park.

Cijmigiu Garden (Gradina Cijmigiu; Map p60) is Mucharest's oldest park - and its most popular. Spend hazy, lazy afternoons strolling, people-watching and flirting (it's known lis 'lovers park').

Cycling paths circle the lake at Youth Park (Parcul Tineretului; Map pp54-5), at the southern limits of the city centre. Sporting events, lushion shows, conferences and open-air concerts take place in the Sports & Culture Palace, in the east of the park.

Northwest of Youth Park, Carol I Park (Map pp54-5; Calea Jerban Voda) was inaugurated in 1906. An eternal flame burns in memory of the unknown soldier, and bands play in I lie bandstand. Its centrepiece is a 20m-tall mausoleum, built in 1958 from black Norwegian granite and topped with five arches of red Swedish granite. It was put up in memory of the 'Heroes of the Struggle for the People's and the Homeland's Liberty, for Socialism'.

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