Sid HiffbUfrge0ni^uPOrtuin R°mania' desPite the fantastic Voices of jagged cliffs from which to throw yourself off. Some of the major tour operators and travel agencies might be able to hook you up with gliding clubs, but you re probably best going straight to the pilofs themselves n^l ^ 0722-520 123; [email protected]) and Mircea Asanache

(® 0722-370 925; [email protected]), both experienced gliders. Thev work out of Eagle Air Sport ( which groups airborne enthusiasts near'xtV # '"c™"7 regi°nS throughout Romania, including near Alba Iuha, Bra?ov, Suceava and Hunedoara.

Food & Drink i el's leave the debate as to whether or not something called Romanian iiimne actually exists and plunge, mouth wide open, into a world of tasty, iipLity, simple food: Romanian cooking. Incorporating all the fresh pro-,ii!i e its varied and fertile land produces into uncomplicated recipes, the Italics produced across Romania have a home-made character to them.

H. lying heavily upon pork (at least half their traditional meals feature ihD meat in some form), staples like potatoes and cabbage, and liberal

„wings from the cultures which have traversed and occupied its land, lliimnnian and Moldovan cooking is not for those seeking to diet. Hearty nil .lis fit for a Nordic explorer are the name of the game here. No point mi lussing about calories and arteries - food, as with life itself, is meant In l.e enjoyed to the full here. It's easier to give in and enjoy...

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