i ilven Romania's ideal mountain-biking terrain, it is not surprising that thi' sport has taken off in a big way in recent years. The most active biking i lulls are in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Oradea and Targu Mure?. The plateaus atop the mountains at Sinaia and Bu^teni are also popular with bikers who like to ride on top of the world. Yet there are countless areas perfect I< >t biking in Romania, and it makes an excellent (if sometimes challenging) method to see Transylvania, Moldavia, Maramure? and the Banat legions. If you're ready to head up steep inclines and are super-careful Miming down them (narrow roads and ubiquitous horse-drawn carts can lie obstacles), cycling is a thrilling way to experience the grandiose nature Uomania has to offer.

Clubul de Cidoturism Napoca (pl50) can offer the best advice for i ycling in the region and organises summer tours. Transylvania Adventure (, located in Satu Mare, also offers good biking tours.

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