. >■ ' i .mi m| km, oval shaped Romania is made up of three main it. .i|ii,i|.ln. ..I unions, each with its particular features. The mighty Car-I'ltllihii! Mountains lorm the shape of a scythe swooping down into the i iiiinlry's i enter from the Ukraine and curling up northwards. West of this in laifie plateaus where bucolic villages and towns lie among the hills and valleys. East of the mountains are the low-lying plains (where most of the i ounlry's agricultural output comes from) which end at the Black Sea and Europe's second-largest delta region where the Danube spills into the sea.

Moldova couldn't look more different. Tiny (33,843 sq km) and landlocked, it's a flat country of gently rolling steppes, with a gradual sloping towards the Black Sea. With one of the highest percentages of arable land in the world, Moldova is blessed with rich soil. Fields of grains, fruits and sunflowers are characteristic of the countryside. Mineral and rock deposits are typically lignite, gypsum and limestone. A great effort has been made by environmental groups to protect Moldova's wetland regions along the lower Prut and Dniestr rivers.

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