As you'll seen soon after your arrival in the country, Romania is a country steeped in horse tradition. For centuries horses have been used to plough, pull logs, cart crops and provide transport. Rarely used for

Romanian Travel & Adventure (www.outdoor offers a dizzying array of hiking, trekking and mountain biking trips throughout the country.

Find out all you ever wanted to know about Emil Racovita, one of the world's premier speleologists at www.speleological _us/about_us_en.


In 2002, cavers found a 35,000 year-old human jawbone while digging around in the Pejtera cu Oase (Cave with Bones) in the southwestern Carpathians that turned out to be the oldest known human fossil in Europe.

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Follow the links at www.dm02.0rg /recreation/outdoors /speleology/organizations /europe/romania to find In-depth (pardon the pun) information about caving and caves in Romania.

The website www.uib .no/people/nglbn has general information about Romanian speleology and these associations.

leisure, horses remain vital to the daily lives of villagers and some citv dwellers too. '

Throughout the Carpathians a network of trails leading to some of th country s most beautiful and remote areas can be explored on horsebacl The best on offer is the Jtefan eel Mare Equestrian Centre (pl63 @ 263-378 471 near Bistrita in the heart of Dracula country in smal village of Lunca Ilvei. Another good bet is Daksa (p151; @ 0740-053 551 www.daksa net) located just outside Cluj-Napoca. Both offer fun excursion which take in small villages and chats with shepherds

Depending on the kind of excursion, prices usually range from €40 t« €100 per person per day, including lodging, equipment and meals.

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