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i niijfi Prague, forget Budapest - just forget them all, because Bucharest (Bucurejti) is where Ilers are heading. This is Eastern Europe's secret - but it's about to get out.

Him barest has a fascinating mix of architecture that maps Romania's chequered history. 1 In* ugly face of communism created by its bloody counterpart Nicolae Ceau$escu sits iluini'.lde the incredible beauty of Romania's elegant past and its Parisian pretensions, i inwn dingy side streets flanked by Soviet-style high-rises you'll find exquisite 18th-century

n.isteries, pretty gardens and ornate Orthodox churches. A lively bar life is flourishing, mil the music scene is growing while optimism for the future mounts. Not bad for a city only threw off Ceaujescu's stranglehold under two decades ago. Despite his crimes iiilrtlnst architecture and the community (he bulldozed one-sixth of the city to build his i',l House of the People folly in the 1980s), his attempts to create a grandiose Stalinist i iipltiil failed. The memories of the city's struggle for freedom are everywhere - from bulletin, iikcd buildings to candles lit in memory of those who perished. Yet this city has soul -.iiid the fun is in finding it.


Stumble across urban treasures such as Stavropoleos Church (p60), Patriarchal Cathedral (p57) and Cotroceni Palace

Be astonished at the size of the monumental Palace of Parliament (p57)

Pay tribute to Holocaust victims at the Jewish History Museum (p67) inside a stunning former synagogue Discover the only surviving paintings of Ceaujescu in the shocking Communism Exhibition (p63) at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Soak up the city's Parisian feel in Bucharest's parks (p65), skate on Cismigiu Lake in winter (p65) or sail across Herästräu Lake (p65) in summer

* Museum of the Romanian Peasant

* Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Cotroceni Palace *

Palace of * Parliament

+ Cismigiu Lake

Stavropoleos Church

It Jewish History ^ Museum

Patriarchal Cathedral




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