>il/>te Seri (Seven Evenings) is a free, weekly > nlertainment listings magazine. Plug into l lie local scene with cinema, theatre and opera programmes; details of the week's (porting events; and information on live gigs and concerts in Bucharest's bars and i lubs.

Posters advertising underground music nights and alternative-club DJs or live bands appear all over the city, so keep your eyes peeled.


Most films are shown in their original language with Romanian subtitles, and tickets cost between €1 and €3.

Hollywood Multiplex (Map pp54-5; © 327 7020; Hucurejti Mall, Calea Vitan 55-59) Bucharest's only multiscreen cinema.

Cinemateca Eforie (Map p60; © 313 0483; Str Eforie I) Shows art-house and world films.

French Institute (Map pp54-5; ©210 0224; B-dul Dacia 77) Screens a variety of foreign films.

Mainstream cinemas are clustered near li-dul Nicolae Balcescu and B-dul Regina Elisabeta. They include Cinema Scala (Map |i60; © 211 0372; B-dul General Magheru 2-4), Cinema Luceafarul (Map p60; ©315 8767; B-dul IC Bratianu

6) and Cinema Patria (Map p60; © 211 8625; B-dul General Magheru 12-14).

Gay & Lesbian Venues

Bucharest's fledgling gay scene remains stilted by lingering homophobic attitudes across both the city and country. But there is some action.

Queens (Map p60; www.bucharestonline.ro/endubs .html; Str Culmea Veche 2; ® noon-3am) is the only 'real' gay venue in Bucharest.

Live Music

There's some good live music in Bucharest -just follow your ears.

Green Hours 22 Jazz Club (Map p60; ©314 5751; Calea Victoriei 120; ®24hr) Hip cellar bar with live jazz, a weekend disco and even short theatre performances; the itinerary is posted inside. In summer hang out with the cool, bohemian crowd at the outside bar to the sound of smooth jazz.

Jukebox (Map p60; ©314 8314; Str Sepcari 22; ® 8pm-3am Mon-Sat) Namesake band Jukebox gets this place jumping in the basement. It's heaving with fun-lovers at the weekend.

Backstage (Map p60; © 312 3943; Str Gabroveni 14; ® 9pm-5am) Live rock in a sweaty red-brick vaulted cellar.

Art Jazz ClubJMap p60; © 0723-520 643; B-dul Nicolae Balcescu; ® 8pm-3am) Toe-tapping live music weekly.

Romanian Athenaeum (Map p60; © 315 8798; Str Franklin 1; tickets £1-3) Experience the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra.

Opera & Ballet

Opera House (Opera Romana; Map pp54-5; © 3146980; [email protected]; B-dul Mlhail Kogalniceanu 70; tickets £1-4). Soak up the cultural flavour of Romania's music scene with a refined night at the opera. See the box office (® lOam-lpm & 2-7.30pm Tue-Sun) for details of the shows and get warbling.


The team Steaua Bucure§ti play at Steaua Stadium; fans can get kitted out in all the red-white-and-blue Steaua paraphernalia at the side's club shop (Map p60; © 094 299 037; cnr Str Ion Zalomit & Str Ion Brezloanu).

Its rival side, Dinamo Bucure^ti, play at Dinamo Stadium (Map pp54-5; ©210 6974; Jos Stefan eel Mare 7-9), which is also home to a club shop.


Bucharest has many theatres (® Sep-Jun), offering a lively mix of comedy, farce, satire and straight contemporary plays in a variety of languages. Tickets cost no more than €3.

Ion Luca Caragiale National Theatre (Teatrul National Ion Luca Caragiale; Map p60; g614 7171, 615 4746; B-dul Nicolae Balcescu 2) is named after the 20th-century playwright who kicked off his career here as a prompter. The theatre was built in the 1970s; the original theatre dating from 1852 was destroyed during WWII. The box office (® 10am-7pm) is on the southern side of the building.

The Jewish State Theatre (Teatrul Evreiesc de Stat; Map pp54-5; §323 4530; Str lullu Barasch 15) holds plays in Hebrew and Yiddish.

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