Costs Money

Romania and Moldova are among the most affordable destinations in Europe; for relatively little money, you can extract maximum pleasure Iront all they have to offer. While transportation and food, even in decent restaurants, is very affordable, accommodation is likely to take the biggest bite out of your daily budget.

As anywhere, however, it's possible to travel on a variety of budgets here, anywhere from scraping by on the bare minimum to living it up and feeling like royalty for a fraction of the price it would take to do so in western Europe. In Romania, backpackers staying at grotty camp grounds, hostels or cheap hotels near train and bus stations and filling up on kebabs, pastries and cheap eats can scrape by on €10 to €14 a day, including museum visits but not inter-city travel which in any case is inexpensive by any standards (when travelling by bus, expect to pay about €1 per hour of travel). For those who wish to stay in mid-priced hotels, dine out once or twice a day and perhaps hire the occasional guide or go on guided tours, expect to pay €25 to €35 per day, excluding travel.

In Moldova, because of the undeveloped hostel infrastructure, you'll likely pay more for accommodation than in Romania. Also, while prices are lower than in Romania, you'll most likely make more use of services such as hired guides or drivers here which might make your stay slightly more expensive than in Romania. Still, backpackers can get by on $15 a day, using public transport for trips outside Chiçinâu and if willing to hike or hitchhike. Anyone on a larger budget, who can hire drivers for excursions and stay in rented flats or mid-priced hotels can expect to pay at least $30 to $45 a day.

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