Cldruani Monastery

This idyllic monastery lies 6km southeast of Snagov. Be amazed at its incredible collection of icons painted by 16-year-old Nicolae Grigorescu in 1854 at the monastery's distinguished painting school. Eight exquisite icons line the walls of the former monks' dining hall, along with robes saturated in gold thread from the 19th century.

It was built in 1638 under the guidance of Wallachian prince Matei Basarab (r 1632-54), and was forced into the international spotlight when Swedish tennis champion Björn Borg married Romanian player Mariana Simionescu here.

In 1945 a fire destroyed the building and it took eight years to rebuild between 1950 and 1958. Today, 25 monks live in the beautiful white complex, which is open to visitors day or night. They also take in people who ask for hospitality, offering bed and board for a donation.

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