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Mircea Daneliuc has been a major name in Romanian cinema since his debut in 1975 with The Long Drive, an unusual road movie in which two men and a woman work out their differences in the context of an intolerant world. Later films such as Glissando (1980) and Fed Up (1994) have focused on the realities of the Romanian experience using unexpected, at times psychedelic, cinematic techniques.

Romanian cinema blossomed in 1994 with Lucian Pintilie's Unforgettable Summer, which made a small splash at Cannes that year. Other notable films to look out for include Daneliuc's Senator of the Snails and Radu Gabrea's The Tragic Love Story of Rosenemil. As more foreign films get filmed in Romania, more funding is finding its way into the industry, whose output has slowly increased in recent years.

Some recent shining examples of films popular on the international film festival circuit are Sinisa Dragin's Every Day God Kisses Us on the Mouth (2001), a dark, unusual tale of a serial killer, Radu Munteanu's Rage (2002), a surreal look at the peculiarities of modern Romania, and Cristi Puiu's Stuff and Dough (2001), a tension-filled thriller.

In Moldova, a separate film industry came into being with Kruschev's thaw, when works emerged combining unabashed romance mixed with Soviet realism (known as 'Moldovan poetic film') and became popular throughout the USSR. Moldova's films continued to be more lyrical and nostalgic than Romania's, which have tended to prefer realistic depictions of life. One of the most famous Soviet films ever was a Moldovan masterpiece from 1976: Emil Loteanu's The Gypsy Camp Vanishes Into Heaven, which blends hauntingly beautiful music with sweeping landscapes and impassioned love between a gypsy horse thief and a young girl.

Very few films are made in Moldova today, as the government has failed to protect its domestic industry and funding is rare (save for occasional co-productions). Add to that the fact that Moldova has the world's second-lowest cinema attendance rate, and it's an uphill battie for the movie industry!


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Proportion of forested land in Romania/ Moldova: 28.1/9.5%.

Proportion of agricultural land in Romania/ Moldova: 39/64%.


Half of Europe's bear population {some 5400), a third of its wolves (some 3500) and a third of its lynx (about 2000) roam Romania freely.

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