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Tourism Entrepreneur

Susan Fiander-Woodhouse may be chief cheesemaker at The Blaenavon Cheddar Company, but it's her vision for the future of what was a forgotten corner of Wales that drives her entrepreneurial zeal. Blaenavon acquired World Heritage status in 2000 as the birthplace of the iron and steel industry. Today the three strands of her business - cheese shop, guided walks and cycle hire - all come together to promote tourism in the local community. Susan's cheeses include Pwll Mawr, matured 300ft below ground in the mineshaft of Big Pit National CoalMuseum.

Canary Wharf Moderate

Plateau FRENCH Entrepreneur Terence Conran has succeeded again with the opening of this trend-setting modern French restaurant at Canary Wharf. The chef proudly boasts that he appeals to both high-and low-brow palates and so he does, succeeding admirably. The location is on the fourth floor at the top of the Canada Place building, with panoramic views of London. The atmosphere is retro chic with Harry Bertoia chrome chairs and Eero Saarinen tables. A semi-open-to-view kitchen divides two different dining sections. One is a chic bar and grill, the other a more

Captain Cook Whitbys Famous Adopted

Although he wasn't actually born in Whitby, the town has adopted the famous explorer Captain James Cook, and since the first tourists got off the train in Victorian times, local entrepreneurs have mercilessly cashed in on his memory, as endless 'Endeavour Caf s' and 'Captain Cook Chip Shops' testify.

Now With Danish Delicacies

The international food and travel programme, New Scandinavian Cooking, has focused on Sweden and Norway in the past. Now, it's Denmark's turn. Claus Meyer, a gourmet entrepreneur and one of the country's most influential chefs, is the host of 13 TV programmes that put Danish destinations, raw ingredients, and modern cuisine on the world map. Every programme, moreover, highlights a different seasonal dimension unique to Denmark.

Exploring an ecotheme park

The popularity of the Xcaret and Xel-Ha ecoparks has inspired a growing number of entrepreneurs to ride the wave of interest in ecological and adventure theme parks. Be aware that theme park more than ecological is the operative part of the phrase. The newer parks of Aktun Chen and Tres R os are so far less commercial and more focused on nature than their predecessors.

The Czech Republic Today

The first decade of a return to capitalism is well past, and the city has taken on the familiar air of a European metropolis that makes a good living from tourism. The most-visited castles and cathedrals are now surrounded by entrepreneurs trying to make back the bucks (or koruny) denied to them under Communism and they're trying to make them back as quickly as possible.

Notting Hill Gate Moderate

The Cow (g (finds MODERN BRITISH You don't have to be a young fashion victim to enjoy the superb cuisine served here (although many of the diners are). Tom Conran (son of entrepreneur Sir Terence Conran) holds forth in this increasingly hip Not-ting Hill watering hole. It looks like an Irish pub, but the accents you'll hear are trustafarian rather than street-smart Dublin. With a pint of Fuller's or London Pride, you can linger over the modern European menu, which changes daily but is likely to include ox tongue poached in milk mussels in curry and cream or a mixed grill of lamb chops, calves' liver, and sweetbreads. The seafood selections are delectable. The Cow Special a half-dozen Irish rock oysters with a pint of Guinness or a glass of wine for 8 ( 14) is the star of the show. A raw bar downstairs serves other fresh seafood choices. To finish, skip the filtered coffee served upstairs (it's wretched) and opt for an espresso downstairs.

Finds Young Hung in East London

The neighborhood around Hoxton Square has become a vibrant creative community, bursting with young British artists and hot new galleries in old industrial buildings. Entrepreneur Jay Jopling, who has a fine line in creating bankable art stars, has turned an old warehouse into a new gallery, White Cube2, 48 Hoxton Sq., N1 (& 020 7930-5373 www.white cube.com). It is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm. Victoria Miro Gallery, 16-18 Wharf Rd., N1 (& 020 7336-8109 www.victoria-miro.com), is also open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm. Turner prizewinner Chris Ofili, of elephant dung fame, is one of her artists. To visit both of these, take the Tube to Old Street.

Private Accommodations

Eastern Europe's underground economy runs on the private accommodations industry. You'll find everything from a room in an elderly woman's apartment where you share her bathroom with her to a detached multilevel villa on a family estate when booking this option. It's safest to book a private stay from a local tourist agency, but you will pay a commission. If you use the agency, you will also have the option of inspecting the room and asking for another choice if you don't like it. You can also agree to rent from one of the many entrepreneurs who haunt ferry landings and train and bus stations to find guests for their spare rooms. This option is less expensive than an agency-booked place, but you could find that it is inconveniently located or substandard by the time you get there. Almost all private accommodations require cash payment and almost none includes breakfast or any other meals.

Negotiated Corporate Discounts

But what if you're an entrepreneur or a professional with a relatively negligible car rental volume Most car rental companies now offer a small business rate which, while not as good a rate as that of a larger company with a bigger volume of rentals, is still considerably cheaper than renting without any contract at all for weekday rentals. The small business agreement will typically guarantee a full-size car for around 45 to 50 a day just about anywhere within the United States.

Northwestern Connecticuts Litchfield Hills

This is the state of the land on the far northwestern border of Connecticut, not far removed from the Hudson River. It was not always so peaceful. Iron ore mining left ruins of forges that once sent cannon, balls and shot to the Continental army. But industrialization did not permanently infringe upon the gorgeous landscape because hardnosed, sensible entrepreneurs of later ages chose flatter lands for manufacturing and distributing their goods. Lucky us

Dangers Annoyances

Things have dramatically improved along Gloucester Ave in recent years, although harassment of tourists by hustlers remains an annoyance. By day, visitors get up close and personal with street-level entrepreneurs offering ganja, transportation and even services of a decidedly more intimate nature. A common approach is for a husder to claim he knows you from your hotel, and many visitors just off the plane are not savvy enough to see through it. As always it's best to respond with a polite but firm 'no thanks' and keep moving simply ignoring them only aggravates hustiers - and makes them more aggravating.

Why Do We Need to Save on Travel

According to American Express Travel Service's annual surveys of their business clients, travel and entertainment have been the second-largest controllable business expense after salaries. The Professional Sales Association indicates that entrepreneurs and sales professionals spend an average of fifty-seven nights away from home each year. Even Internet-focused companies acknowledge that truly understanding a client or closing a sale requires face-to-face communication.

Panther Creek State Park

The 1970s that local entrepreneurs suddenly realized that anyone visiting Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park had to go through Pigeon Forge to get there. The major portion of the 10 million visitors who came to the mountains each year were regarded as a self-renewing resource that couldn't be ignored it was a gold rush of major proportions.

Appendix A Washington DC in Depth

Just a few short years ago, Washington wasn't so attractive visitors came to tour federal buildings, like the Capitol, the White House, and the Smithsonian museums, but stayed away from the downtown and nontouristy areas. The city's revi-talization in the past few years is largely due to Mayor Anthony A. Williams (handily re-elected in 2002), his city council, and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, whose herculean efforts to revive the economy and provide better services around the city have encouraged developers and entrepreneurs to invest here. Their success has led Congress to contemplate handing over more control of the District to the District itself. Since D.C. is not a state, Congress oversees the city's budget and legislation. Residents elect a mayor and council, who govern the nonfederal responsibilities of the city, but Congress's micromanagement of these local issues tends to impede planning and progress. Residents also elect a delegate to Congress (Norton is the current...

Brief History of The Keys

These first settlers established prosperous fishing, sponging, turtle harvesting and wrecking industries. The latter industry, wrecking - or salvaging from ships run aground by bad weather or bad luck -came under fire by the US government who suspected local wreckers of deliberately luring unsuspecting navigators onto dangerous shoals. In 1825, legislation was passed requiring salvage from wrecks in US waters to be brought to an American port of entry. It turned out to be a boon for the Keys' wrecking industry, and soon Key West became one of the new country's wealthiest cities. (Unfortunately for these new entrepreneurs, the wrecking industry began to wane with the advent of effective lighthouses.)

History The Early Days

As the 19th century moved into full swing, this comparatively tranquil existence came under threat. The Voortrekkers and various white entrepreneurs began to encroach on Basotho grazing lands, which the Basotho themselves had already pushed to capacity. On top of this came the difaqane (see p35), which was just beginning to unleash its wave of destruction.

Sandwich Historical Sights

Dexter Grist Mill d (Kids This charmingly weathered building has survived some 3 2 centuries and at least as many lives. At present, it serves its original purpose, grinding corn with turbine power you can watch the wooden gears in action and buy a bag to take home and cook up into Colonial jonnycakes (short for cakes for the journey ) or trendy polenta. Fresh corn meal costs 3.50 for a 2-pound bag, 9 for three bags. During the glassmaking boom of the 1800s, this venerable mill was but one of many pressed into service to keep the factory workers well fed. When the laborers dispersed, the mill sat useless until a local entrepreneur thought to convert it into a tearoom to serve the new tide of tourists arriving by motorcar. The mill was fully restored in 1961 and will probably be good for a few more centuries of stalwart service. Water St. (on Shawme Pond, behind Town Hall). & 508 888-5144. Admission 3 adults, 1.50 children 6-12 combination ticket for Dexter Mill and Hoxie House ( 4...

Visiting Jewel Cave National Monument

The exploration of Jewel Cave began in about 1900 when two South Dakota prospectors, Frank and Albert Michaud, and a companion, Charles Bush, happened to hear wind rushing through a hole in the rocks in Hell Canyon. After enlarging the hole, they discovered a cave full of sparkling crystals. The entrepreneurs filed a mining claim on the Jewel Lode, but they found no valuable minerals, so they attempted to turn the cave into a tourist attraction. The business was never a success, but the cave's uniqueness did attract attention, and in 1908 Pres. Theodore Roosevelt established Jewel Cave National Monument to protect this remarkable natural wonder.

Just the sheer beauty of the place could have you waxing lyrical for years to come

I find myself, unsuspectingly, charmed into submission. There's a colorful mix of cultures in our previously blond population. Festivals that rival any arts extravaganza in New York City. Political activism and debate that are turning the page of history. New sports stars and entrepreneurs and cutting-edge scientists. Music, visual arts, dance, and cultural diversity. And an unprecedented public show of generosity to humanitarian aid and relief work.

Shanghais Rebellious Youth

As rebellions ravaged the countryside, hundreds of thousands of refugees poured into the safety of Shanghai's concessions (p43), setting up home alongside the foreigners and sparking a real-estate boom that spurred on Shanghai's rapid urbanisation and made the fortunes of many of Shanghai's entrepreneurs.

Neighbouring Tensions

The anti-capitalist and anti-Chinese campaign caused up to 500,000 of Vietnam's 1.8 million ethnic Chinese citizens to flee the country. Those in the north fled overland to China, while those in the south left by sea. The creation of Chinese refugees in the south proved to be lucrative for the government - to leave, refugees typically had to pay up to US 5000 each in 'exit fees'. Chinese entrepreneurs in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) had that kind of money, but refugees in the north were mostly dirt poor.

Terror In The Capital

Khodorkovsky, in particular, enjoyed a phenomenal rise to riches. He took advantage of Gorbachev's limited market reforms to try his hand as an entrepreneur, starting up a software company and commercial bank. During the Yeltsin years, Khodorkovsky's business ventures blossomed into a multibillion dollar financial-industrial empire, by adeptly manipulating his access to political patronage. The centrepiece of this empire was the Yukos Oil Company, which he acquired at auction with a US 350 million bid. The company was valued at US 9 billion when it went public only two years later.

Flemish Dutch Schools

Painters became entrepreneurs in their own right, churning out banal works, copies and masterpieces in factory-like studios. Paintings were mass-produced, sold at markets alongside furniture and chickens. Soon the wealthiest households were covered in paintings from top to bottom. Foreign visitors commented that even bakeries and butcher shops seemed to have a painting or two on the wall. Most painters specialised in one of the main genres of the day.

Organizing Your Bandhavgarh Safari

Regarding entry fees and permits, the best plan is to book accommodations that include everything the resorts and lodges we've reviewed below will take care of all your safari arrangements. Get to the park first thing in the morning, when you will join the line of open-top jeeps and other 4WDs waiting at the entrance for the daily rush, which starts promptly at dawn. If you've hired a vehicle and driver privately, you will have to pay a small fee for the services of a park guide who will accompany you this and other charges for entry permits, cameras, and such are all paid at the park entrance. Jeep safaris can cover a relatively large area within the park, but most sightings occur as a result of information shared among the various drivers and guides. Elephant-mounted mahouts head out early to search for tigers once they locate them, the mahouts wait at the nearest road until safari jeeps begin to congregate and word spreads, ensuring the arrival of other vehicle-driven visitors. Rs...

Adventures in Duck On Foot

One of the delights of a visit to the Outer Banks is the opportunity to observe the amazing number of birds, in their many species, that either live on or migrate along these shores. You will also soon realize that these often exotic creatures, reproduced in the form of decoys or other carvings, are on display in numerous local shops. These are highly collectable and, in selecting one for your home, you will want to look for quality and authenticity. Head to The Wooden Feather, s 252-261-2808, 1171 Duck Road, Suite B3, Duck, in the Scarborough Lane Shoppes. The proprietors, two sisters and a brother, Amy, Wendy and Lance Lichtensteiger, come with a carving pedigree their father, Lance, has some 20 years experience in the craft. When all three came to the conclusion that they wanted to start a business of their own in 1998, they relocated to the Outer Banks, from Vermont, Arizona and New Jersey, respectively, and assumed ownership of The Wooden Feather, which had been in business for...

The Reigning Prince and the Princely Family

The Princely House of Liechtenstein is one of the oldest noble families in Europe and a very successful entrepreneurial family. The Princely Art Collections are among the most important private art collections in the world and include major works of European art covering over four centuries. In 1938, Reigning Prince Franz Josef moved his residence to Vaduz, and his son, Reigning Prince Hans-Adam II, is the first Reigning Prince to have been born in Liechtenstein.

Destination Madagascar Comoros

All this in four short years - a pace of reform almost unheard of in nearby Africa. Ravalomanana has clearly got his sights set on attracting foreign investment and has promised to use his entrepreneurial flair to fight poverty and hunger. Of course change comes slowly for the average citizen, but despite protestations from his political opponents public optimism was high enough to return Ravalomanana to a second term in office late in 2006.

Marquis Of Lorne Trail Sw

Feel Calgary's entrepreneurial spirit with a walk and a shop along downtown's Stephen Avenue Mall. Enjoy the lively arts and music scene at stages including the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts and the newly-restored Grand Theatre. Taste the city's cosmopolitan cuisine. Join the action by running, walking and riding hundreds of kilometres of pathways. Experience the world famous Calgary Zoo and the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede.

Museums Places of Historic Interest

Nearby, the Sutherland Steam Mill on Rte. 326 in Denmark, n 902 6573365, represents another aspect of the history of the province. In 1891, a factory was erected for the manufacture of doors and windows and for the building and repair of carriages and sleighs. Owned by a father and son from 1894 until closure in 1958, the factory represents the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses. The mill had its own sawmill, all operated by the second echelon of power, steam. You can see it working from June to mid-October, Wednesday through Saturday, 1-3 pm. The mill is open during the same season, Monday through Saturday, 9 30-5. Admission is 2 for adults 1 students.

Historic Man Made Attractions

Chateau de Mores State Historic Site ( 701 623-4355 www.state.nd.us hist click on Historic Sites, then De Mores ), near Medora, is a 128-acre site that contains the Chateau de Mores, Chimney Park, and De Mores Memorial Park. The town of Medora was built by the Marquis de Mores, an entrepreneurial French nobleman, on the Northern Pacific Line and named for his American wife. The Chateau de Mores, a 26-room rustic summer home built in 1883, contains many of its original furnishings. The ruins of the Marquis's meat-packing plant, in Chimney Park, recall his ambitious plans to revolutionize the meat-packing industry. A young Theodore Roosevelt was an acquaintance of the Marquis. Admission costs 6 adults, 3 kids 6 to 15, free for children under 6 group tour rates are available. Guided tours of the chateau are offered from mid-May to mid-September from 8 30am to 6 30pm, and other times by appointment.

Especially In Iran Things Change

Such economic factors are particularly trying for small businesses, so don't be surprised if some services have closed altogether. Having said that, we're confident we've listed strong businesses wherever possible. We're also confident that on the ground you will be able to get the latest taxi bus train fares yourselves, just as you check with airlines or travel agents to make sure you understand how a given airfare (and ticket) works. Shop carefully, of course, and for more up-to-date details ask other travellers on the Thorn Tree (www.lonelyplanet.com thorntree).

Colonisation Occupation Singapore Under the British

His plan also embraced the colonial practice, still in evidence, of administering the population according to neat racial categories. The city's trades, races and dialect groups were divided into zones Europeans were granted land to the northeast of the government offices (today's Colonial District), though many soon moved out to sequestered garden estates in the western suburbs. The Chinese, including Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew and Straits-born, predominated around the mouth and the southwest of the Singapore River, though many Indians lived there too (hence the large Hindu temple on South Bridge Rd). Hindu Indians were, and still are, largely centred in Kampong Kapor and Serangoon Rd Gujarati and other Muslim merchants were housed in the Arab St area Tamil Muslim traders and small businesses operated in the Market St area and the Malay population mainly lived on the swampy northern fringes of the city.

Bases for Exploration

Just 20 miles east of Santo Domingo and a short 10-minute ride from Aeropuerto Las Americas is Boca Chica, a funky little resort town known for its beautiful beach by day and spirited bar and nightclub scene by night. Most of the action takes place on or alongside the bar-and-restaurant-lined beach, a wide, sandy, palm-fringed stretch of golden white sand where you will find people sunbathing, splashing in the calm, shallow waters, or perched at tables overlooking the action. The local color includes a lively - and persistent - mix of bands, vendors, and other entrepreneurs who hawk everything from a song to hair-braiding or even themselves. Boca Chica can make a great day-trip from Santo Domingo or Juan Dolio on a Sunday afternoon when Dominicans from the city drive in for the party.

Guinness A Brand was Born

Two years later, another entrepreneur of booze got in on the act. Arthur Guinness, who had learnt the brewer's trade from his father Richard, took out a long-term lease on a small, disused brewery across the street from Roe's distillery and began producing ale. Then, in the mid-1770s, he got wind of a new, dark-coloured ale (due to the roasting of hops), which was the favourite of the porters of Covent Garden and Billingsgate in London. Arthur decided this was the way to go, so he refined and strengthened the dark ale, calling it extra stout porter, which soon became known simply as 'stout'. When he died in 1803 he could hardly have realised that he had laid the foundations for not just one of the world's most famous breweries, but arguably the world's most beloved beer and the single most defining symbol of the city he lived in.

Temples Forts Shophouses

In the 19th century, Chinese architecture began exerting a strong influence on the city. In Talat Noi (Little Market), a riverside neighbourhood just south of the older Yaowarat, Chinese entrepreneur Chao Sua Son founded a market where larger riverboats could offload wholesale goods to city merchants. Chao Sua Son's house still stands (Map p84), a rare example of traditional Chinese architecture in Thailand.

Hat Making Galapagos Island

The origin of this misnomer - surely one of the world's greatest - dates to the 1800s, when Spanish entrepreneurs, quick to recognize the unrivaled quality of paja toquilla, began export ing them via Panama. During the 19th century, workers on the Panama Canal used these light and extremely durable hats to protect themselves from the tropical sun and helped solidify the association with Panama.

History of the Railroad

Russia was a latecomer to the industrial revolution. Russian society had long been dominated by a bloated autocratic state with close ties to an obsolete, land-owning aristocracy. With industrial entrepreneurs in short supply, the state was compelled to take the initiative in economic innovation, often by granting special concessions to foreign developers.

The Anti Mafia Movement

Civilian efforts saw housewives hanging sheets daubed with anti-Mafia slogans from their windows, shopkeepers and small entrepreneurs forming associations to oppose extortion, and the formation of groups such as Libera (www.libera.it), cofounded in 1994 by Rita Borsellino, the sister of the murdered judge Paolo Borsellino. Libera managed to get the Italian parliament to permit its member organisations to legally acquire properties that had been seized from the Mafia by the government, establishing agricultural cooperatives and other legitimate enterprises on these lands. Even the Catholic Church, long silent on the Mafia's crimes, finally began to have outspoken anti-Mafia members. The best known was Giuseppe Puglisi, who organised local residents to oppose the Mafia, and who was shot in 1993.

Peter the Great the Spurned Capital

The affluent and self-assured business elite extended its influence over the city. The eclectic tastes of the nouveaux riches were reflected in the multiform architectural styles of their mansions, salons and hotels. The business elite eventually secured direct control over the city government, removing the remnants of the old boyar aristocracy. In 1876, Sergei Tretyakov, artful entrepreneur and art patron, started a political trend when he became the first mayor who could not claim noble lineage.

My Top Carpathian Spots

Drahobrat - This is basically a ski area rather than a resort. It's a very democratic spot not yet touched by the hands of businessmen and entrepreneurs. This makes it unique in nature and spirit. Mt Steg is the major attraction and the only way to get to its summit is by army truck. Drahobrat attracts a lot of young people who are true ski fans but can't afford anywhere more expensive. The routes are pretty wild.

Great St Bernard Pass An Easy Excursion From Verbier

During limited warm-weather periods you can stay in the wood-sheathed interior of the Hotel de l'Hospice du Grand-St-Bernard, Le Grand-St-Bernard, 1946 Bourg-St-Pierre (& 027 787-11-53 fax 027 787-11-92). The four-story, gray-stone building was built in 1899 and restored in 1997. It's owned by the monastery, leased to a private entrepreneur, and contains 33 rooms. None have a TV or phone, and furnishings are simple and vaguely monastic. But views sweep out over both the Swiss and Italian Alps, and the food in the in-house restaurant is plentiful and reasonably priced. The hotel is open only between early June and mid-October, when it welcomes hill climbers, nature lovers, and members of religious organizations. The rest of the year it's locked tight, and the intrepid visitors who make the uphill trek on skis are housed, space and circumstances permitting, in the monastery itself. Per-person rates are 55F ( 36), single or double occupancy, with breakfast and dinner included. MasterCard...

Dekelia Sovereign Base Area

Greeks and Turks live in mixed neighbourhoods, and by all accounts mind their own business and get on with their lives. Cross-cultural mixing is low-key and not obvious to casual observers. The Greeks are somewhat peeved that they carry the burden of local taxes and utility costs, while the Turks pay nothing and can access both the North and the South. Photography is not allowed.


Come Prima Our favorite Geneva shop benefits from a spectacular array of gift and leather items, as organized by a hardworking entrepreneur (Myriam Krieger-Demetri-ad s) whose personality permeates every aspect of the place. Officially, she runs a boutique loaded with top-quality leather bags and carry-alls, as well as one-of-a-kind wooden puzzles. There are also teddy bears from Germany, folk-style cushions embroidered in Hungary, hyperstylish umbrellas, and classically tasteful table decorations. 17, rue de la Cit (place B mont). & 022 310-77-79.

Sur Veying the Scene

If you know where to look, you can do some very interesting shopping around here. Oh, plenty of people complain about the city being Starbucked and Gapped to death, but they aren't looking beyond the obvious retail centers. Not all the entrepreneurs in San Francisco are franchisees or part of some conglomerate some are actually opening boutiques with a personal stamp. In particular, check out Valencia Street for postmodern streetwear and d cor Hayes Street for shoes, clothing, and mod furnishings Sacramento Street for contemporary clothing, antiques, and kids' clothes and furnishings upper Grant Street for local designers upper Polk Street for home furnishing and decoration design trends and Haight Street for vintage, mod, and skateboarding gear.

The City Today

Prague is ready for prime time and the First World competitive pressures that full membership of the European Union will bring in May of 2004. The first decade of a return to capitalism is well past, and the city has taken on the familiar air of a European metropolis which makes a good living from tourism. The most-visited castles and cathedrals are now surrounded by entrepreneurs trying to make back the bucks (or koruny) denied to them under Communism and they're trying to make them back as quickly as possible. For example, a bottle of water that costs just 15Kc (55i) in most shops can cost 50Kc ( 1.80) or more when purchased from a cart in the main tourist areas. Needless to say, vendors have definitely caught on to the theories of supply and demand.


A whiff of the tourist dollar has sent Chinese entrepreneurs scrambling up the rock face of the adventure-sport economy. Even in and around Beijing the choice of activities is mushrooming, including paragliding, hang-gliding, rock climbing, diving with sharks, skiing, bungee jumping, horse riding and more. Glance at expat magazines in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai for information on other activities such as running, mountain biking, football, cricket, swimming, ice skating, skateboarding and water-skiing.

Transport Troja

Fans of functionalist architecture will enjoy this masterpiece of domestic design. It was built in 1930 for construction entrepreneur Frantisek M ller, and designed by the Viennese architect Adolf Loos, whose clean-cut, ultramodernist exterior contrasts with the polished wood, leather and oriental rugs of the classically decorated interior. The villa can be visited only by guided tour, which must be booked in advance tours begin every two hours from 9am April to October, from 10am November to March.

North Queensferry

In the early 1990s, a group of entrepreneurs sealed the edges of an abandoned rock quarry under the Forth Rail Bridge, filled it with sea water, and positioned a 112m (370-ft.) acrylic tunnel on the bottom. Stocked with a menagerie of sea creatures, it is Scotland's most comprehensive aquarium. Now, compared to what you'll find in cities such as Baltimore or San Diego, this may seem amateurish. But, from the submerged tunnel, you view kelp forests sandy flats that shelter bottom-dwelling schools of stingray, turbot, and sole and murky caves favored by conger eels and small sharks. Curiously, the curvature of the tunnel's thick clear plastic makes everything seem about 30 percent smaller than it really is. For 145 ( 268), you can also arrange a shark dive, however, and see them full size. Allow about two hours.


We were predisposed to love Montezuma. Everything we heard, both good and bad, appealed to us. Long a haven for hippies, new-age seekers, tree-huggers, free thinkers, nature lovers, beachcombers and entrepreneurs, Montezuma is one of the last outposts of undeveloped, beautiful beach towns. But get there soon because word is out - Montezuma is a tantalizing and enchanting ecological beach destination. Long-time local residents welcome visitors who respect the environment and the culture - all others can stay home.

St Martins Island

St Martin's Island is a special place with beaches that really do match the hype, but whether it will remain as such is a big question. Entrepreneurs are increasingly becoming aware of the island's economic potential, though unfortunately not its environmental and cultural vulnerability. For the moment though it remains a place more for the discerning Bangladeshi tourist and therefore most foreign visitors find it a far more relaxing beach hang-out than its big brother up the coast.

Shopping Bargaining

Since foreigners are often overcharged in China, bargaining is essential. You can bargain (jidngjid) in shops, markets and hotels, but not everywhere. In large shops and department stores where prices are clearly marked, there is usually no latitude for bargaining (although if you ask, the staff sometimes can give you a 10 discount). In small shops and street stalls, bargaining is expected, but there is one important rule to follow - be polite. Keep in mind that entrepreneurs are in business to make money - they aren't going to sell anything at a loss. Your goal should be to pay the Chinese price, as opposed to the foreigners' price - if you can do that, you've done well.

David Livingstone

Ideally located alongside the river for the working of its water-driven mills, the village had become the largest producer of cotton in Britain by 1800. Dale and his successor, and son-in-law, Robert Owen, were philanthropists whose reforms demonstrated that commercial success need not undermine the wellbeing of the workforce. The manufacturing of cotton continued here until the late 1960s.

China Beach

The Vietnamese call sections of the beach by different names, including My Khe, My An, Non Nuoc and Cua Dai. In the last decade a clever entrepreneur cashing in on the TV series started calling the area in front of his hotel China Beach - although it's considerably south of where the Americans hung out.

The Beer Hall Hetman

Although his fortunes fluctuate like a stock market, German bar and club entrepreneur Eric Aigner is a legend in the arena of Kyiv bars and clubs. Half the bars listed here are either formerly managed by Eric or imitations of Eric's former bars. But partnerships sour readily in Kyiv, and just before we arrived Eric had (not for the first time) been forced out of all of his business interests, including his flagships Eric's Bierstube (now just 'Bierstube' see p89) and Art Club 44 (see right). As we went to print, news reached us that Eric was being sued by a former partner in Kyiv and had moved his act to Odesa. Eric's days in Ukraine appear to be numbered but his legacy lives on.


An improbable combination of colours - red from the pindan (rust-coloured dirt), the aquamarine of Roebuck Bay and the pearl white of Cable Beach's sands - make Broome's landscape memorable. The dramatic contrasts of colour and weather, from dry vibrant winters to wet torpid summers, along with the town's rich history and cultural complexity, give Broome an atmosphere and energy like no other. This vitality has enticed adventurers, entrepreneurs, artists and travellers to Broome, who have given the town a sense of the cosmopolitan - a vibrant culture, great cuisine, fine art, and unique style that you won't find elsewhere. Initially established as a pearling centre by Japanese entrepreneurs in the 1880s, Broome quickly attracted Chinese and Malays who joined local Aboriginal divers in the dangerous side of the business. Pearl diving was in open water, and initially without a breathing apparatus many divers were taken by sharks or got the bends. Pearling peaked in the early 1900s, when...

Land Of Dreams

Estonia is a land of young talent and creative, dynamic entrepreneurs who have already changed the world, or are waiting to do so. Usually, they're well under 25. Two of the biggest success stories are that of Skype and Kazaa, two of the planet's most downloaded programs in history (over 450 million and counting). Both were created by Estonians. The story doesn't end there. 'Estonia is a tremendously developing country - our economic growth is more than three times bigger than the EU average. Estonia's the best place for entrepreneurs because of its location (between the EU and Russia), very good economic policy (it's easy to establish a company, there are great opportunities for investments) and educated labour force. This business-friendly environment allows me to unleash the entrepreneurial tiger in me '

The Settlement Grows

Under the VOC's almost complete control, Kaapstad (the Dutch name for Cape Town) provided a comfortable European lifestyle for a growing number of artisans and entrepreneurs servicing ships and crews. By the middle of the 18th century there were around 3000 people living in the riotous port, known as the 'Tavern of the Seas' by every navigator, privateer and merchant travelling between Europe and the East (including Australia).

Sugarloaf Lodge

At one time or another Sugarloaf Key has been home to smugglers, sponge divers and eccentric entrepreneurs. Today, it appeals to dynamic vacationers who enjoy sea kayaking, canoeing, flying, sky diving, fly fishing and those who want to be close to Key West's action, but not too close (it's a 30-minute drive to Old Town).

Economic Development

The British set about exploiting the peninsula s resources with gusto. Building ports, roads and railways, and selling huge tracks of virgin rainforest, they encouraged British entrepreneurs to invest in tin mines, rubber plantations and trading companies. Believing that the Malays were best suited to farming and fishing, they encouraged immigrants from China to work the mines, Indians to tap the rubber trees and build the railways, Ceylonese to be clerks in the civil service, and Sikhs to man the police force.

Just Another Town

Since 1991 Ayuthaya has been included on Unesco's prestigious World Heritage List. Referred to as the Historic City of Ayutthaya and Associated Historic Towns, the designation is a point of pride among many Thais, and a selling point for many of the tourists who visit the ruins. However, along with the prestige comes a strict set of rules detailing land use near the historic sites. In late 2007 increasing land encroachment and rapid development were rumoured to have threatened the city's Unesco status. The news unleashed a series of emotional newspaper editorials in which the greed of local entrepreneurs was likened to the invading Burmese originally responsible for the city's destruction. Thailand's Culture Minister admitted that being removed from the list would be 'unfortunate and embarrassing', and has pledged to work with local authorities and Thailand's Fine Arts Department to remedy the situation.

Wine Sweet Wine

The real success of the wines came when the British Navy used It as an alternative to port In order to supply the sailors' ration of one glass of wine per day. Nelson placed a huge order after the Battle of the Nile (1798), and by the 19th century other entrepreneurs wanted to get In on the action. Benjamin Ingham and his nephew, Joseph Whltaker, set up the first rival winery, exporting to the USA and Australia In 1806. The third big producer was canny Vlncenzo Florlo, who already owned the Egadi Islands and their lucrative tuna plants. All of the wineries were eventually bought by Cinzano In 1920, which merged them under the Florlo label.

East Of The Center

Blu INTERNATIONAL This is an offbeat choice. The site of this restaurant and shopping complex originated in the late 1800s, when a Swiss entrepreneur assembled a flotilla of barges to take in laundry, using the waters of Lake Zurich to flush the dirt out of clothes and bedding. Later, the boats were permanently moored to the lakeside, and an enormous clothes-washing complex was built beside the lake, centered around a red brick smokestack that still remains in place today, a 15-minute drive from the center of town. In the 1990s, a team of trend-conscious architects transformed the site into a complex of boutiques, offices, and condominiums, one of the highlights of which is this artfully minimalist restaurant that's favored by the young, the arts-conscious, and the upwardly mobile. It's at its most relaxing in summer, when tables are lined up beside a marina that's loaded with tall-masted sailboats. People travel here from far away in any season to experience the unusual design of the...

Jekyll Island

Postwar entrepreneur John Eugene du Bignon, a descendant of Christophe Poulain, purchased one of these sections. He and his brother-in-law, the well-connected Newton S. Finney, formulated a plan to purchase the island and to sell it to northerners seeking warmer climes during the winter months for their use as a private hunting club. To their advantage, Finney, as a member of New York's Union Club, a meeting place for some of America's wealthiest and


Proctor's Theatre, 432 State Street, Schenectady, NY 12305, s 518382-3884, www.proctors.org. This 1926 structure was once a vaudeville theatre, the pride of an entrepreneur's chain. F.F. Proctor built it for l.5 million. It has been restored to its former splendor with gilt and crystal chandeliers, gold leaf on the ceilings and a Louis XV marble fireplace. Proctor's now fills its schedule with plays and musicals by Broadway touring companies, concerts, dance and opera performances, and movies on the big screen.


Oil never came near the beaches of Valdez tides and wind pushed the huge oil slick south. What the spill meant for Valdez was boomtown status. While the world gasped in horror at pictures of oiled otters and birds, workers here made upward of 16 an hour for aiming hoses at beaches boat captains got several thousand dollars a day for the use of their boats. There was not a hotel room to be found in town, and the Alaska Highway was jammed with travelers headed for Valdez. The population of Valdez rose from its usual 4,000 to more than 12,000 people (no more than half of which were news crews) hoping to strike it rich from the ecological disaster. Rumor has it that truckloads of kitty litter were being brought up by one entrepreneur, in the hopes it would soak up the oil.


The Museum of American Presidents displays Presidential memorabilia privately collected over a 60-year period. A children's area has hands-on activities, costumes to try on and toys. Leo Bernstein, a local entrepreneur and history buff, has collected autographs from half the signers of the Declaration of Independence and most of our presidents. Open daily, 10am-5pm, May-October during the rest of the year, open Friday-Sunday, 10am-5pm. 3 adults 2 children ages six and older and for seniors (130 N. Massanutten Street, s 540-465-5999, www.way-sideofva.com presidents ).

St Moritz After Dark

Few other resorts are as depressing off season as St. Moritz, where very few of the local entrepreneurs even pretend to be interested in doing business. But as the midwinter and midsummer seasons get underway, you'll find lots of warm cubbyholes in St. Moritz, often in hotels whose bars are inspired by the Romansh sgraffito that's so prevalent in the region. Many are eminently appropriate for a quiet and cozy drink, and some, as noted below, make special efforts to attract drinking, and sometimes dancing, clients from other hotels.

Accommodation Styles

Unique to St Petersburg but ubiquitous in the city, mini-hotels are a concept that gained currency in the run-up to the tercentennial celebrations in 2003, when it became abun-dandy clear that there were insufficient beds in the city for the influx of revellers. Ever-resourceful Russian entrepreneurs started opening up small, family-run hotels, many of which are in renovated apartments in unlikely locations. Today, these mini-hotels are some of the best-value and most atmospheric accommodation options in the city.

Sichun Hill

Its capital city pulses with entrepreneurs and bohemians, while mere hours away its grasslands thunder under the hooves of nomadic horsemen and herds of black yaks. This is exactly the sort of mad diversity you'll find all over Sichuan and part of what makes travel to this province so addictive. There's a mind-whirring number of places to explore and experiences to chase, and no matter how often you come or how long you stay, it always feels as though you've barely managed to scratch the surface. Even the range of cultures is varied, with Tibetan villages tucked among the west's treacherous and frigid mountain terrain eventually melting into comparatively balmy Yi territory in the province's south. This rugged terrain kept Sichuan isolated for so much of China's history, allowing it to develop its own identity, art forms, unique dialect and world-renowned, tongue-searing cuisine. Writers and painters have celebrated Sichuan's charms for centuries.


Today, Sicily's new generation is loathe to remain trapped in the past. New ventures are seeing aristocratic entrepreneurs prising open the doors of some of Europe's finest palazzi and villas, while sensitive agriturismi (farm stay accommodations) are shedding light on Sicily's hidden rural treasures and national parks. Sicily also has a refreshing lack of neon-blazing entertainment and theme parks, which further helps preserve its individuality and appeal.


And even when locked, it's worth keeping the bike in view. You're bound to be the greatest novelty that's rolled into most towns, and anything removable, such as tyre pumps and water bottles, is likely to make its way into the hands of local souvenir hunters and entrepreneurs. Bicycles can be transported on buses expect to pay from US 2 to US 5 depending on the journey.


Public street phones are also common. Some use phone cards, which are sold in convenient places such as corner stores. Others accept only coins. For local calls within a city, you can often borrow a phone in a store or use a private phone offered by entrepreneurs on the street. You'll be charged a small amount for the service, of course. All but the most basic hotels will allow you to make local city calls.


According to the most basic benchmarks, Belize is flourishing, with compulsory education, a relatively stable democracy, a thriving tourism industry and an economy that is plugging along. Unfortunately, many people have not seen the benefits of these positive developments. A few entrepreneurs have made big money from arcane financial dealings, and a small middle class survives from business, tourism and other professions. But many more Belizeans live on subsistence incomes in rudimentary circumstances. You can admire lovely, large, breezy, two-story, old, Caribbean-style wooden houses in parts of Belize City, but these are not typical dwellings. New houses are usually small, cinder-block boxes, while old wooden ones are often warped and rotting.

The Burma Road

Today, this 940km (564-mile) stretch between Kunming and the border crossing at WandTng (though not currently open for tourist crossings) has once again become the darling of Chinese entrepreneurs eager for Burmese business, with traded items ranging from jade and rubies to heroin and anti-aircraft artillery.

Ionian Coast

Magnificent, overdeveloped and unruly, the Ionian Coast is Sicily's most popular tourist destination, its commercial engine room and home to 20 of the island's population. Thriving cities like Messina and Catania do the Greeks proud - they are still centres of trade and business and house two of the largest universities on the island. Moneyed entrepreneurs have built their villas and hotels up and down the coastline, eager to bag a spot on Sicily's equivalent of the Amalfi Coast, a fortunate few owning the luxury homes of Taormina's Monte Tauro.

Victoria Falls

In other words, climate plays a crucial factor in shaping your experience at Victoria Falls, though any time of year is a fine time to visit. During the rainy season, the spray from the falls can be seen (and felt) from kilometres away. Although you will get wet (don't worry, local entrepreneurs will be happy to rent you raincoats), the sight of Victoria Falls at full volume is simply awe-inspiring. During the dry season, the grandeur of the falls is somewhat checked, though the lack of spray makes it's easier to appreciate the size and scope of the falls. And of course, you'll probably walk away a lot drier. However, for whitewater rafting it is the most dangerous time as many more rocks are exposed - thus, this is the time that adrenaline junkies choose to visit.

The Top Sites

The original casino was built by John Morrissey, a heavyweight champion boxer turned entrepreneur, and later made over in haute style by a wealthy gambler, Richard Canfield, at the turn of the 20th century. Canfield's lavish decor included marble tables, massive mirrors, grand chandeliers, and the world's largest seamless rug. In the casino's parlors, Amelia Earhart was feted and grand balls and teas attracted the Gilded Age's fabulous wealthy. The Historical Society's exhibitions of photography depict Saratoga Springs in all its splendor, and on the second floor is a re-creation of the high-stakes room and parlors with an original collection of handcrafted John Henry Belter furnishings. On the top floor, eight rooms re-create Pine Grove, the prominent Walworth family's Victorian home that was demolished in the 1950s. Allow about an hour.

Destination Italy

Today, an air of tension and frustration pervades the country. After five years of razzle-dazzle government by media empire entrepreneur Silvio Berlusconi, Italians looked, albeit with some scepticism, to centre-left coalition leader Romano Prodi, in power since 2006, to drag Italy out of its moral and economic morass. His biggest contribution to the country may be his decision to step aside at the end of his mandate to make way for a new combined centre-left force. In April 2007, the former communist party, the Democratici di Sinistra (DS), and centre-left Margherita formation agreed to merge as a single, moderate leftist party, the Partito Democratico.

The th Century Today

In the 1950s, a group of entrepreneurs, including General Joseph Fraser, recognized that the tall pine trees, commonly known as Sea Pines and found throughout the island, were marketable for a number of uses. They set about buying up 19,000 of the island's 25,000 acres for their timber business. Modernization, though, was slow. It wasn't until 1951 that electric power finally came to Hilton Head Island and finally in 1956 a two-lane bridge replaced the ferry service as the main access to the island.


Private entrepreneurs and European hotel chains are changing the top end of the hotel scene in Croatia. There are more and more completely overhauled hotels along the coast that offer a high standard of amenities and service. You'll find that even the older hotels are clean, serviceable and fairly efficient. Double rooms, if not singles, are a good size, and nearly all rooms in Croatian hotels have private bathrooms.

Around Town

The one-mile tour has 34 stops, primarily on Chester and Main streets. Remember that Y shape of the original settlement This tour more or less outlines it, with Main Street approximately where the trail to Manassas Gap was, and Chester Street being the original road linking the Shenandoah Valley over the Blue Ridge via Chester Gap. Named for Thomas Chester, the early entrepreneur who started a ferry across

Downtown Museums

The Oscar Anderson House Museum This house museum, moved to a beautiful site in Elderberry Park over the water, shows how an early Swedish butcher and entrepreneur lived. Although far from grand, the house is quaint, surrounded by a lovely little garden, and dates from the city's founding in 1915. The 45-minute guided tour provides a good explanation of Anchorage's short history. Anderson died in 1974, and the house contains many of the family's original belongings, including a working 1909 player piano around which the structure was built. If you come at Christmas, don't miss the Swedish Christmas tours, the first 2 weekends in December.

The Upper West Side

Some old-timers bemoan the changes, but after the yuppie invasion of the 1970s and 1980s, the West Side has maintained a more democratic and informal atmosphere than the stuffy Upper East Side. The Upper West Side is the neighborhood inhabited by the characters on Seinfeld (though most Seinfeldonia, like the diner where they hung out, lies farther uptown from this walk), and it pulses with life. Residents pride themselves on the wonderful food shopping at Fairway and Zabar's and the cheap paperbacks and coffee table art books stacked on the tables of sidewalk entrepreneurs. It's a neighborhood where you can enjoy an authentic Cuban dinner in a simple hole-in-the-wall one night and dine in an elegant French bistro or a sleek sushi bar the next.


Starting in the late 19th century and lasting until the Great Crash of 1929, entrepreneurs built the Shenandoah Valley into a major tourist draw for city residents. Few were as successful as those who made commercial enterprises out of massive caverns by charging admission and guiding curious visitors into the depths of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


North of the river, the graceful avenue that is O'Connell St introduces visitors to what many Dubliners believe is the 'real' Dublin, where salt-of-the-earth locals traditionally suspicious of their southside counterparts are now mixing it with whole new communities of non-nationals, creating genuinely multicultural neighbourhoods where old-style fish-and-fowl vendors of the Molly Malone variety and entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Korea, Poland and elsewhere are all looking to make a buck.

The Road To Bmtwn

Much of Hong Kong's success depended on the enormous pool of cheap labour from China, often directed by entrepreneurs seeking refuge from the Communist mainland. Working conditions in those early years of economic revolution were often Dickensian 16-hour days, unsafe working conditions, low wages and child labour were all common. Refugee workers endured, and some even earned their way out of poverty into prosperity. The Hong Kong government, under international pressure, eventually began to establish and enforce labour standards, and the situation gradually improved.


One of the significant features of current Philippine society that might strike the visitor is the visible rise of women in the workforce. Middle management is now mostly in the hands of women, and it is not uncommon to also encounter women in senior positions as well as women entrepreneurs and business proprietors. This, however, should not come as a surprise. Long before women's lib in the West, Filipinas already enjoyed a strong position in local society, and as increasing numbers of the menfolk left home to work abroad, they filled up the spots vacated by men. It is a telling fact that in this young republic there have already been two women presidents

Sayings Proverbs

Jamaicans use plenty of metaphors and proverbs. They will tell you Cockroach no business in a fowlyard (Mind your own business). If a Jamaican tells you, De higher monkey climb, de more 'im expose, he or she is telling you that your boasting is transparent and that you're acting pretentiously, exposing more than you should.

Lago Agrio

Locals settle for 'Lago.' Whatever you call it, this unkempt oil town is not high on tourists' lists. It takes a certain breed to navigate the platform sandal shops and street grills serving guatita (agouti). Seedy bars, prostitutes and fugitives share real estate with high-spending oil workers while hard-working locals keep their heads down and mind their own business (as visitors should too).

Read Reflect

Kinds of things Americans are concerned about. The advice columnist's replies suggest and often explicitly state the values on which a reply is based. Notice how often the advice is to mind your own business or confront the other person directly with your complaint or point of view. Such advice illustrates the cultural assumptions about individuality, directness, and openness that are discussed in this book. What other advice do you see that you can relate to ideas in this book


Around AD 1200 the peaceable Arawaks were happily farming, fishing and minding their own business when the Caribs from South America started fanning out over the Caribbean. The Caribs killed the Arawak men and enslaved the women, triggering another wave of migration that sent the Arawaks fleeing as far west as Cuba and as far north as the Bahamas. When the Spanish explorers arrived, they dubbed the warfaring people they encountered 'cannibals' (a derivation of the word 'caribal' or Carib), for their reputed penchant for eating their victims. Since the Arawaks had no written language, little of their culture survived, except - thankfully for weary travelers - the hammock.

Women In India

Although the professions are still very much male dominated, women are steadily making inroads, especially in urban centres. Kerala was India's first state to break societal norms by recruiting female police officers back in 1938. It was also the first state to establish an all-female police station (1973). For village women it's much more difficult to get ahead, but groups such as the Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) in Gujarat have shown what's possible. Here, socially disadvantaged women have been organised into unions, offering at least some lobbying power against discriminatory and exploitative work practices (see the boxed text, p726).

The National Psyche

Honduras is a very diverse society, so any attempt to define a national psyche is necessarily flawed. The experience and perspective of a ladino business owner in San Pedro Sula and a Tawahka farmer in the Moskitia could hardly be more different. And yet moving around the country (in a way few Honduras themselves ever do) it is possible to discern certain commonalities among Hondurans, a way of seeing things and reacting to them. From those common tendencies emerge what might be called a common consciousness.

Tricky transformers

If you are visiting at the height of summer and have kids in tow, one thing that children (and grown-ups) usually find highly entertaining is watching as tourists try to cover their bare shoulders and knees with flowery scarves and shawls sold by entrepreneurial vendors near the entrance to St. Peter's. Women have to do it, too, but usually men are the most hilarious to watch (no offense meant). We know of people who make it a regular family outing. It can be a good way to entertain the kids while the grownups take turns seeing the art inside.

Hours of Business

Stores in Rome open at 10 or 10 30am, close for about 2 hours for lunch around 1 30pm, then reopen from about 3 30 until 7 30pm (and usually until 8pm in the summer). Chain stores and some entrepreneurial boutiques keep orario nonstop, meaning that they stay open all day with no lunch break. (This doesn't mean they stay open 24 7, however.) Sundays and Mondays are when most shop owners take riposo, closing for part or all of the day. Die-hard shoppers will be happy to learn that Sunday is not totally sacred in Rome many boutiques, especially those on Via del Corso, keep afternoon hours. Summer weekends are sacred, however, and from June to September, smaller shops are closed on Saturday afternoons, when Romans hit the beach. Many boutiques shut down completely for all or part of August another reason why that torrid month is a horrible time to come to Rome.

Little Bay Around

Southeast of Retirement, a badly eroded side road loops down to Homers Cove (locals call it 'Brighton Beach') and, immediately east, Little Bay, with handsome beaches and peaceful bathing. Littie Bay is imbued with the kind of laid-back feel that pervaded Negril before the onset of commercialization. It's a great place to commune with Rastas and other Jamaicans who live by a carefree axiom in ramshackle homes, dependent on fishing and their entrepreneurial wits. The area is popular for reggae and dancehall sound systems that lure the local crowd from miles around.

Find A Flat

Hotels in Moscow could easily break your bank. In response to the shortage of affordable accommodation, some entrepreneurial Muscovites have begun renting out flats on a short-term basis. Flats are equipped with kitchens, and sometimes with other useful amenities like Internet access. Often, a good-sized flat is available for the price of a hotel room, or less. It is an ideal solution for travellers in a group, who can split the cost.


By the early 1960s, Castro's ambitious nationalization plans quickly took the wind out of Chinatown's entrepreneurial sails and caused thousands of business-minded Chinese to relocate to the US. The Barrio Chino - which at its peak had stretched across 44 city blocks and published four independent newspapers -fell into a long decline, with many second- and third-generation immigrants marrying into Hispanic families - a demographic shift that left Chinese speakers numbering only in the hundreds.


Where Vietnam and China are intense and entrepreneurial, Laos is the essence of laid-back c'est la vie. Where Thailand sweeps away the past in its pursuit of modernity, Laos continues to function from its stock of French-era buildings and ancient Buddhist wat.

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