The Authors

Tom Masters

Tom has lived all over London in the past 12 years, although Stoke Newington is now home again after an expensive three-year love affair with Clerk-enwell. Tom's fascination with the Big Smoke began during his bucolic upbringing in nearby Buckinghamshire, when teenage Saturdays spent in awe wondering around the West End eventually translated into moving to Bloomsbury to study for a literature degree at University College London. Often to be found exploring the Lea Valley, wandering the City and cycling the backstreets of North London during the weekends, Tom's still as in awe of the capital as he ever was.

Tom was the coordinating author and wrote the Introducing London, Getting Started, London's Festivals & Events, Background and Gay & Lesbian London chapters. He also cowrote the Neighbourhoods chapter.

Steve Fallon

After more than four years of overly fresh air, monotonous greenery and the deafening tranquillity of rural Essex, Steve raced back to the pollution, concrete and general hubbub of London, one of the world's most vibrant and exciting cities. As always, he did eveiything the hard way: walking the walks, seeing the sights, taking (some) advice from friends, colleagues and the odd taxi driver, and digesting eveiything in sight - right down to that last pint Says he: 'Thank God I'm a city boy (again).'

Steve wrote the Architecture, Eating and Sleeping chapters. He also cowrote the Neighbourhoods and Drinking chapters.

Vesna Marie

Vesna has lived in London for the past 10 years and swears it's the best city in the world and the only one she'd ever want to live in. She came to London from Hull (yes, it's dull) in 1997 and has gone from finding ways to have fun when totally broke as a student/refugee to being able to afford stuff when she started working. She can assure you that London's lovable whatever your budget. Though, obviously, it's more lovable with plenty of cash. She hopes Lonely Planet readers will enjoy this fantastic city as much as she does.

Vesna wrote the Shopping, Nightlife, The Arts, Sports & Activities, Excursions, Transport and Directory chapters. She also cowrote the Neighbourhoods and Drinking chapters.


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