St Katharines Dock Map P; -e-Tower Hill

With its caf├ęs and restaurants, St Katharine's Dock makes an ideal spot to pause for a brief rest after a morning's sightseeing at Tower Bridge or the Tower of London. There's a row of twee shops and a popular pub called the Dickens Inn (p288) but it's more entertaining just admiring some of the opulent luxury yachts in the marina.

Sadly, the dock's history is rather less appealing than its appearance. Some 1250 'insanitary' houses and a brewery were razed and 11,300 people made homeless to make way for its creation in 1828. Its current incarnation, which happened after the docks closed, dates from the 1980s.

TRINITY BUOY WHARF Map P160 @ 7515 7153;; Orchard PI E14; S 10am-6pm Sat & Sun; DLR East India

London's only lighthouse, built for Michael Faraday in 1863, is located at this brown field site about a mile northeast of Canary Wharf. Also here is the unusual Container City, a community of artists' studios made from brightly painted shipping containers, stacked side by side and one on top of the other. The web designers, architects and other creative tenants even have their own balconies. Also here is the much loved American-style Fat Boy's Diner (@ 7987 4334; S 9.30am-4.30pm Mon-Sat), which was moved here from Spitalfields Market in 2001.

The wharf is open to the public daily and is clearly signposted from the East India

Princelet St


Brushtield St





Varden St

Fordham St|

Mtrch Masaia

Aldgate $ East kelson St

Commercial Rd


Burslem St

4 Cable St

Goodmans Yard



Tobacco Dock


Kennet St



(Closed untM2010)


Captain Kidd

DLR station; along the 20-minute walk you'll pass a bird sanctuary at East India Dock Basin.

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