Soho Chinatown

Even though Soho doesn't have a single 'proper' sight, it's still one of London's most popular hangouts thanks to the contagious energy it exudes. Soho's name is a hunting cry from Tudor times: the neighbourhood was the aristocratic hunting ground during the reign of Henry VIII. Its privileged status was knocked down considerably when the home less victims of the Great Fire moved here, followed by many waves of immigrants, which gave Soho its infamous anarchic, bad-boy image that it still retains (though in a much diluted form). It's home to a 5000-strong community, the traditional heart of London's gay scene, numerous media companies, a red-light district, shops, restaurants, theatres, boozers, nightclubs and, of course, tourists, who can easily take part in the action.

See Mayfair & Marylebone Map (p100)

See Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Holbom & Strand Map (pp72-3)

See St James's, Westminster & Whitehall Map (pp96-7)


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