Richmond Walk Walking Tour

1 Richmond Green

With its lovely houses and crowds of families playing ball games, it's easy to imagine this beautiful stretch of grass as the site of jousting contests during the Middle Ages. The path across the green (p207) takes you to the meagre remains of Richmond Palace, where Queen Elizabeth I spent her final years.

2 Richmond Bridge

London's oldest river crossing still in use and dating back to 1777, this five-span masonry bridge (p209) gracefully curves over the Thames towards Twickenham. Just before it, along one of the loveliest stretches of the Thames, is tiny Corporation Island, which has been colonised by flocks of feral parakeets (see London Wetland Centre, p205).

3 Petersham Meadows

These meadows fronting the Thames and at the foot of Richmond Hill are still grazed by cows. At the southern end is St Peter's Church (p208), a Saxon place of worship since the 8th century, which contains an unusually laid out Georgian interior.

4 Richmond Park

Petersham Gate leads to London's most sumptuous green space. Established by Edward I in the 13th century, this royal park (p207) has changed little since that time. There are unbroken views to the centre of London.

5 Richmond Hill

The view from the top of Richmond Hill has inspired painters and poets for centuries and still beguiles. It is the only view - which includes St Paul's Cathedral about 10 miles way -in the country to be protected by an act of Parliament.


Start Richmond tube station End Richmond tube station Distance 2.5 miles Duration About two hours Fuel stop Dysart Arms (p296)

6 Royal British Legion Poppy Factory

This rather unusual factory (§§ 8940 3305; www; 20 Petersham Rd TW10; admission free; S tours 10am Mon-Fri, 1.30pm Mon-Thu) turns out 34 million poppies and 107,000 wreaths and sprays that are worn and displayed on Remembrance Day (11 November) each year. Guided tours (only) take about two hours.

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