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@ 7284 1997;; Raymond Burton House, 129-131 Albert St NW1; adult £3.50, student & child £1.50, senior £2.50, family £8; S 10am-4pm Mon-Thu,to 5pm Sun; ■©■ Camden Town; ®

This branch of the Jewish Museum examines Judaism and Judaistic religious practices in the prestigious Ceremonial Art Gallery, and the story of the Jewish community in Britain from the time of the Normans to the present day through paintings, photographs and artefacts in the History Gallery. There's also a gallery for temporary exhibitions.

•s a JT Marylebone Filzrovi

•s a JT Marylebone Filzrovi



Royal Free Hospital 1 B3

SIGHTS (pp164-73)

Burgh House 2 B3

Fenton House 3 A3

Hampstead Heath 4 B2

Highgate Cemetery Entrance 5 D2

Highgate Wood 6 C1

Keats House 7 B3

Kenwood House 8 B1

London Central Islamic Centre &

Mosque 9 B6

London Zoo (Entrance) 10 C5

No 2 Willow Road 11 B3

Parliament Hill Lido 12 C3

Regent's Park 13 C5

Sculptures by Henry Moore

& Barbara Hepworth 14 B2

Alfle's Antiques Market 15 B6

Camden Canal Market 16 D4

Louis Patisserie 17 A3

Rosslyn Delicatessen 18 B3

Stables 19 C4

Belgo Noord 20 C4

Black & Blue 21 B4

Engineer 22 C5

Finchley Farmers' Market 23 A4

Jin Kichi 24 A3

La Gaffe 25 A3

Lemonia 26 C4

Manna (see 26)

Marine Ices 27 C4

Nando's 28 C4

Trojka 29 C4

Wells Tavern 30 B3

Woodlands 31 A3

DRINKING BD (pp277-96)

At Proud 32 D4

Bartok 33 C4

Boogaloo 34 D1

Hollybush (see 24)

Queen's 35 C5

Spaniard's Inn 36 B2

Wrestlers 37 C1

NIGHTLIFE E3 (pp297-310)

Barfly®the Monarch 38 C4

Bull & Gate 39 D3

Cecil Sharp House 40 C5

Forum 41 D3

ARTS 0 (pp311-21)

Enterprise (see 20)

Everyman Hampstead 42 A3

Hampstead Theatre 43 B4

Kenwood House (see 8)


Hampstead Heath Ponds 44 B3

Parliament Hill Lido (see 12)

Hampstead Village Guest

House 45 B3

La Gaffe (see 25)

Melia White House 46 D6

The Jewish Museum, Finchley (Map p64; @ 8349 1143; Sternberg Centre, 80 East End Rd N3; adult/child/ concession £2/free/1; S 10.30am-5pm Mon-Thu, 10.30am-4.30pm Sun except Aug; ■©■ Finchley Central) houses the museum's social-history collections, including the oral-history and photographic archives, and hosts changing exhibitions. Its permanent collection includes reconstructions of the tailoring and cabinet-making workshops from the East End, as well as a Holocaust exhibition focusing on the experience of one Jewish Briton who survived Auschwitz.

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