El Junco Lagoon

A road leads from the capital to the village of El Progreso, about 8km to the east and at the base of the 896m-high Cerro San Joaquin, the highest point on San Cristóbal (buses go here several times a day from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno or you can hire a taxi to take you for about $20 round trip). Rent a jeep or walk east along a dirt road about 10km further to El Junco Lagoon - a freshwater lake at about 700m above sea level. It's one of the few permanent freshwater bodies in the Galápagos. Here you can see frigatebirds shower in the freshwater (to remove the salt from their feathers),

370 THE GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS •• Isla San Cristóbal (Chatham)


white-cheeked pintails and common gall-inules and observe the typical highland Mi-conia vegetation and endemic tree ferns. The weather is often misty or rainy.

The road to El Junco continues across the island to the isolated beach of Puerto Chino.

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