Danube River Barges

Adjacent to Hotel Jugoslavia in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) is a kilometre-long strip of some 20 barges. Buses 15, 68, 603 and 701 from Trg Republike go to Hotel Jugoslavia.

Brave Heart (Map p753; Hrabo Sere; § 851 1480; S 10pm-4am) Heaves till late and appeals to Belgrade's young 'businessmen' and their trophy girls. It's a place to chill out with DJ music until midnight and then kick in when the live music starts up.

Bibis(Mapp753; § 3192150; S 10am-2am) A quiet place that's a useful starter to a night out; sit over a drink and decide where to rock on to next. It's popular in winter when other barges are closed.

Where young businessmen come to flaunt their money and female attachments. Mockingly referred to as 'sponsorship girls', these women work on the basis of 'look after me (plenty of gifts), and I'll look gorgeous beside you'. Music is fast and furious turbofolk.

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