Fast Facts Sofia

Banks With some 40 banks now vying for trade, their ATMs are spread throughout the city center and you'll have no problem withdrawing money. Internet A number of places offer Internet services. Site (& 02/986-0896) is conveniently located on 45 Vitosha Blvd., or head for Internet Café, Garibaldi on 6 Graf Ignatiev St. (next to KFC; Medical IMC International Medical Centre has English-speaking doctors who will make house calls; also Pediatricians and Gynecologists (28 Gogl St; & 0944 9326, 0944 9317, or 0886 532 551). For dental help: Dentail Center, VI 5 Ivan Vazov (& 02/987-8422); or Denta Plus, 41 Graf Ignatieff & 02/981-0366. Pharmacy For information on the closest pharmacy dial & 178. A good 24hour pharmacy is BD Pharmel-Em at 10 Yano Sakazov Blvd. (& 02/943-3972); alternatively, try Apteca at 160 G. Rakovski (& 02/986-7984). Restrooms Public restrooms are best avoided. See details in "Restrooms" in "Fast Facts: Bulgaria" (p. 68).

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