Gandhi In Uganda

It comes as something of a surprise to find a statue commemorating Mahatma Gandhi (or more precisely, the scattering of his ashes) at a Hindu temple near Jinja.

It seems that on Gandhi's death in 1948, his ashes were divided up and sent to many locations around the world to be scattered, and some ended up in the Nile River in Uganda. There were also some that ended up in a bank vault in India and were only released in 1997 following a lengthy custody dispute.

when we were in town, but things looked very promising, with fully renovated rooms, spacious grounds and a restaurant-bar.

Two Friends (®) 077-984821; 6 Jackson Cres; r USh40,000-80,000) Jinja's popular pizzeria has added some rooms in an adjoining house. The new pad boasts some plush decor, but the cheaper rooms with shared bathroom are a little on the expensive side given you might have to wander the corridors at night.

Crested Crane Hotel & Tourism Training Centre (043-121954; [email protected]; 4 Hannington Sq; s/d/ executive ste USh45,000/50,000/100,000) A Ministry of Tourism property, as the name suggests, the government uses it to train staff in the tourism industry. Before you start cringing, fear not; trainees are not let loose in the hotel itself. Rooms are well appointed and executive suites are large; breakfast is included.

Sunset Hotel (®) 043-120115; www.sunsethotel; Kira Rd; r USh75,000-150,000; (g)) Rooms come in various shapes and sizes, the price increasing with the number of gadgets thrown in. Shelling out on the top-whack rooms brings a Jacuzzi, not necessarily something you'd expect in Jinja. Rates include breakfast. It overlooks the Nile, making its bar a top spot for a sundowner.

Hotel Triangle at the Source of the Nile (043-122099; s/d/ste USh50,000/60,000/70,000) Occupying a commanding ridge above Lake Victoria, it has a great location, but unfortunately the building itself is pretty unattractive, with no thought given to traditional design. When it comes to the smart rooms, in practice, ground-floor rooms are USh50,000, while those upstairs with a better view cost USh60,000.

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