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Just as soon as you thought that the alpha and omega of all social activity in this city occurred within an arm's length of licensed premises, you might be shocked to know that Dubliners treat their sport - both watched and played - like religion. For some, it's all about faith through good works like jogging, amateur football and yoga; for most everyone else, observance is enough, especially from the living room armchair or the pub stool.

Sporting facilities are pretty good, but for the most part they're in private hands - there are only a handful of public tennis courts in the whole city, for instance (and they're not that good) - which means that you'll have to pay some kind of fee or membership to participate in most sports. We assume you're only visiting, so there's little point in telling you how to join one of the city's myriad soccer, rugby or GAA teams; instead, you'll have to settle on watching them play.

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