Trillo de la Hispaniola

The Hispaniola Trail is reputedly the one used by Columbus to walk from the north coast to the interior. This may or may not be true, but a former environment minister - in a moment of political narcissism - announced the trail with great fanfare but little to no funding. The trail runs from here in Mata Grande to Rio Limpio in the west.

The trek takes about eight days, on foot and by mule, and there are no cabins or support of any kind, although you do pass through a number of small villages. The trek should only be attempted in winter, as electrical storms in summer make crossing the high mountains dangerous. No tour companies offer this trip, so you'll need to speak sufficient Spanish to organize a guide and the mules on your own. Expect to pay roughly US$10 per day for a mule, US$10 per day for a muleteer, and US$15 per day for a guide. You'll also be expected to pay for everyone's food.

Few Dominicans, and even fewer foreigners, make this trip. If you do, drop us a line.

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