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Taking Pictures

When using long lenses you'll find that a tripod can be extremely useful, and with any lense greater than about 300mm it's a necessity. Within the confined space of the hatch of a safari minibus, you may be better off with a folding miniature tripod, which you can then rest on the roof. Remember to ask your driver to switch off the engine to avoid vibrations affecting your photo. If you've got a large lens but no tripod, lying your camera on a small beanbag or cushion can help reduce camera shake. A decent bag is essential to protect your gear from the elements and the rough roads -safari dust gets everywhere, particularly in parks like Samburu and Tsavo. It's also vital to make sure that your travel insurance policy covers your camera gear should it get stolen. For more pointers on taking pictures in Africa and elsewhere, look out for Lonely Planet's Travel Photography book.

Times Square The Theater District

West 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues is the city's famous Diamond District. The street is lined shoulder-to-shoulder with showrooms and you'll be wheeling and dealing with the largely Hasidic dealers, who offer quite a juxtaposition to the crowds. For a complete introduction to the district, including smart buying tips, point your Web browser to www.47th-street.com. You'll also notice a wealth of electronics stores throughout the neighborhood, many suspiciously trumpeting GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sales. These guys have been going out of business since the Stone Age. That's the bait and switch pretty soon you've spent too much money for not enough stereo. If you want to check out what they have to offer, go in knowing the going price on that PDA or digital camera you're interested in. You can make a good deal if you know exactly what the market is, but these guys will be happy to suck you dry given half a chance.

Tips On Meeting Locals

Take photos with the permission of the subject(s). Usually this won't be a problem Tongan people (especially children) love being in photos and enjoy seeing the results, especially if you have a digital camera. If you promise to send photos, do so. They are enthusiastically received and placed in pride of place in people's homes.

Encounters With The Tuareg

The Tuareg have, of course, learnt the ways of the world. Many will only allow their photos to be taken if you pay money or buy something from them, while one old Tuareg man said that he allowed photos to be taken by those with a digital camera so that he could then see himself To avoid it becoming a one-way encounter, consider making a small contribution to fuel or firewood stocks, or purchasing one of the small items they offer for sale.

Audiovisual Electronic Goods

Henry's fjf This bi-level shop deals in analog and digital photography. The first floor has electronic equipment, darkroom supplies, and a photo-processing lab. Upstairs, there's a wide selection of secondhand cameras and gear. 119 Church St. & 416 868-0872. Subway Queen.

Tips Pueblo Etiquette Dos Donts

Most pueblos require a permit to carry a camera or to sketch or paint on location, and many prohibit photography at any time. If you want to take pictures, make a video, or sketch anything on pueblo or reservation land, find out about permits and fees in advance. Do not wander around on your own if the residents have asked that you visit the pueblo only by guided tour. If, on a guided tour, you are asked not to take pictures of something, or are asked to stay out of a certain area, follow the guidelines. If you don't have to visit by guided tour, don't go into private buildings without being escorted by someone who lives there or who has the authority to take you inside.

Photographing People Places

It is illegal to take pictures in Mexican airports and of police stations and penal institutions. Use of a tripod at most ruins sites requires a special (expensive) permit obtainable only in Mexico City. In general, Yucatecans enjoy having their pictures taken and will be happy to pose for your camera - if you ask. Increasingly, you may be asked to pay for the photo. This is especially true in areas that see heavy tourist traffic. If local people make any sign of being offended by your desire to photograph them, you should put your camera away and apologize immediately, both out of decency and for your own safety. This is especially so in Chiapas state (see p245). Also, many police officers and soldiers do not like having their pictures taken.

For the Traditionalist

Flights in a standard, high-wing, four-seat Cessna are offered by Island City Flying Service at Key West International Airport. While these flights may not provide quite the romance and adventure of water flying or barnstorming in an open-cockpit, the view is still splendid and the price tag a bit lower in the front seat you can open the window and take pictures. Aim straight down to keep the wing strut out of the shot. You can also arrange for a night flight over the city. Rates start at 110 for a 40-minute flight that carries from one to three people in a high-wing Cessna 172. Flying lessons are offered too. Call for reservations at s 305-296-5422 or write to Island City Flying Service, 3471 South Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West FL 33040.

Restrictions Etiquette

As digital cameras catch on in Afghanistan, it's a surprise to see street photographers still taking portraits with old-fashioned box pinhole cameras on wooden tripods. Sitting for your shot, the photographer takes the cover off the lens to directly expose the photographic paper inside. This is printed to make a negative, which is then photographed and the process repeated to produce a slightly blurred and ethereal portrait that looks like it was taken in the 19th century, rather than the 21 st. Allow at least 30 minutes to get an unusual, but very Afghan, souvenir. deeply ironic as soon as you realise the Afghans' great love of having their picture taken. Always ask 'aks gerefti ' ('May I take your photo ') before snapping away. This love of being photographed only extends to male Afghans, however, and open photography of women should be avoided. It is deeply insulting to take pictures of women without permission and doing so can easily lead to an ugly scene, especially if a male...

Ethnic Groups Of The Nujiang Valley

The 5500 Drung are related to the Nu but retain a quite different lifestyle. In remoter areas the extended families live in long houses. Traditional dress consists of a toga of woven cloth wrapped over the shoulder. Facial tattooing, once common among older Drung to either gain beauty or luck, or avoid slavers, is slowly dying out. (Check out the fabulous photographs at the Cloudland International Youth Hostel, p228 in Kunming taken by one intrepid photographer who has dedicated half a decade to slogging through the valley to take pictures of the last few dozen women with facial markings.)

Fort Nelson to Muncho Lake

You enter Stone Mountain Provincial Park at Mile 371.5. The next section of road is one of the most hazardous on the entire Highway. For the next 100 miles, the road travels through the habitat of the stone sheep. The sheep themselves are only an occasional hazard. They come down near the road to look for salt. The true danger is people stopping their vehicles on blind curves to take pictures.

Pictureperfect Detour

Charge your camera batteries before driving or biking 9km along the wiggly D90 from Malauc ne to Suzette to take in the twin-set view of Mont Ventoux (east) and the Dentelles de Montmirail unfolding from the Col de la Cha ne (472m), 4km west, and the Col de Suzette (392m), a further 3km.

Sights Activities

Bring your camera Graz's numerous free sights make it brilliant for those on a tight budget. Climb the 260 steps up the Schlossberg (Castle Hill) for an overview of the city and to explore the medieval dock tower (with its back-to-front hands), bell tower, bastion and garrison museum on top. Alternatively, you can ascend in the glass Schlossberglift hewn into the hill or take the Schlossbergbahn funicular railway (both 1.60).

The Rod and Gun Club Resort

Once an exclusive hideaway for statesmen and movie stars, the Rod and Gun Club's restaurant is a fun stop for lunch or dinner. Bring your camera. The restaurant's screened porch dining room overlooks the Barron River, habitat to egrets, herons and other beautiful wading birds. Cypress-wood paneling and trophy fish adorn the lobby walls as do newspaper clippings about President Nixon, Burt Reynolds and other visitors. The meals are fast-food, Everglades style - fried fish, oysters and fries in a basket.

Moments Where to Find Characters

Mickey's Toontown Fair was designed as a place where kids can meet and mingle with their favorite characters all day at the Judge's Tent and Toon-town Hall of Fame Tent. Mickey and others are stars in residence. In Fan-tasyland, look for Ariel's Grotto and Fantasyland Character Festival for daily greetings. Main Street (Town Square) and Adventureland (at Pirates of the Caribbean and near Magic Carpets of Aladdin) are other hot spots. If your child has an autograph book for characters to sign, have it out and ready with a pen for Goofy to plop down his signature. And have your camera ready and waiting if you want to capture a picture of your kids with Pluto. And bring lots of patience you won't be the only parent waiting for the Kodak moment.

Dangers Annoyances

Although most tourists never experience these problems, note that the trail to Playa Remanso is well known for muggings and best avoided at least leave your camera at the hotel. Always be alert when walking between beaches, and go in groups if possible. The beach in front of the SJDS bars can be unsafe at night, and sexual assaults have occurred on 'party' beaches.

Tips Shuttle Bus Etiquette

It's common courtesy on the shuttle bus to yell out when you see wildlife so others can see it, too. The driver will stop and everyone will rush to your side of the bus. After you've had a look give someone else a chance to look out your window or get a picture. Try to be quiet and don't stick yourself, your camera, or anything else out of the bus. You will scare away the animals or, worse, help habituate them to humans.

Visiting The Mountain Tribes

Obvious displays of wealth are a no-no. Gifts are warmly received but should be kept modest matches and small bottles of ginebra (gin) work well. When photographing people, keep in mind that some tribespeople in particular may be superstitious about your camera or suspicious of your motives. Always respect the wishes of the locals. Ask permission to photograph, and don't insist or snap a picture anyway if permission is denied.

Underwater Photography

The main camera store in town is The Camera Store in the Waterfront Centre on the main drive across from the new cruise ship terminal in George Town. It offers a large selection of digital cameras, lenses, print film processing and printing, camcorders and lots of accessories and digital media. Cathy Church's Underwater Photo Centre at the Sunset House Hotel also offers a nice array of gear and housings, plus instruction from Cathy or Herb Rafael. On land, the tanks dedicated to camera rinse can be rather crowded with both boat and shore divers all sharing the same bin. In some cases, masks and fins are allowed to be washed in the same water. Few operations have large specifically dedicated camera-only rinse tanks. As most divers use wrist lanyards, a crowded rinse bin and boat rinse tub can result in other users hastily pulling their gear out and snagging yours as well. This can cause latches to unlock and uncovered domes and ports to get scratched. While it seems like a good idea to...

The Dolphin Experience

The experience costs 59 and is a highly educational, yet fun adventure for all ages. Children under 5 participate free. You'll want to bring your camera. An Assistant Trainer program is an all-day interactive experience in which a maximum of four people, ages 16 or older, learn about dolphins and marine mammals from behind the scenes. Participants help feed the animals and swim with them for a cost of 219. Dolphins also swim out from Sanctuary Bay daily to interact with scuba divers from UNEXSO in a Dolphin Dive program, costing 169.

Powerboat Adventures

Island World Adventures, Nassau, s 242-363-3333, offers a unique excursion to the northern Exumas. If you have a day to spare, take my advice and book this day-trip you won't regret it. The adventure begins in Nassau in the early morning - you need to be at the dock by 8 30 am - when you board one of two state-of-the-art, high-speed powerboats. Then, together, the two boats speed across the clear waters more than 40 miles to Saddleback Cay in the northern Exumas. There you'll wade ashore to relax and unwind on one of the Exumas' many uninhabited islands. Be sure to take along your camera and snorkeling gear. The shallow waters ofthe coral reefare home to a multitude of colorful marine life, and it's all unspoiled. Here, you're likely to encounter rays, turtles, even dolphins. When lunchtime rolls around, you'll be treated to a meal under the palms and savor some authentic Bahamian cuisine. The palm-thatched roofs and gentle breezes make for a very pleasant dining experience. As the...

On The Trail Of Johors Snaggletoothed Ghost

In March 2006 came news of the alleged capture of a baby Bigfoot in Kota Tinggi. The Johor government has since announced total state-heritage protection for the creature, winning the praise of the US-based Bigfoot Research Organisation. Cynics see nothing but hype and a gullible public, but note if you encounter a fugitive Yeti-like creature stumbling from the bushes, have your camera ready - and no sudden movements.

Cruising The Peninsula

Fryatt streets (& 0800 666-272 in NZ, or 03 477-4276 www.wildlife.co.nz) Established in 1983 by owners with degrees in biology and a wealth of experience on research vessels, Monarch won the New Zealand Tourism Awards Natural Heritage category in 1994 and the Eco Tourism category in 1997. The crew are experienced Department of Conservation officers or have degrees in zoology, so there's not much you won't be able to find out about albatross, New Zealand fur seals, yellow-eyed penguins, and other species you're likely to pass. If you're short on time, opt for the 1-hour albatross cruise from Wellers Rock, which costs NZ 30 (US 17) for adults, NZ 10 (US 5.50) for children. (Remember that Wellers Rock is a 45-min. drive from central city.) Monarch also has full harbor cruises from Dunedin lasting just over 5 hours. Dress warmly and take your camera if you're unsure about which option to take, note

Stavrovouni Monastery

Colin Thubron documented his stay in the monastery during his trek around Cyprus in 1972 in Journey into Cyprus he described it as a 'lodestar for pilgrims in the wake of the Crusades'. Stavrovouni is a working religious community consisting of a few young monks who live to follow their ascetic principles. If you visit (and are male), arrive during visiting hours only. Leave your camera behind as photos are not allowed. If you are a genuine or professed pilgrim you may even be invited to stay.

Volcano photography

Remember to be careful about your equipment -you may be walking over lavas that are still warm at the surface and setting your camera down on the ground can be a very bad idea. Even a tripod may get burnt feet if left in a single place for too long. As for yourself, move if you start to smell burnt rubber from your boots. When near the ocean, remember that there are acidic droplets from the plumes. Ash and Pele's hair can get blown everywhere, so be sure to protect the equipment as much as possible and to clean everything at the end of the day.

Photography Video Film Equipment

Whatever accessories you carry, be sure to keep them well wrapped in a good bag to protect them from the inevitable dust. Sunlight, humidity and heat can also spoil your camera and film, so take precautions. Lonely Planet's Travel Photography A Guide to Taking Better Pictures by Richard I'Anson is full of helpful tips for taking photographs while on the road.

Uttarakhand Uttaranchal

For a small state, Uttarakhand (formerly Uttaranchal) packs in an incredible amount. You can be taking yoga classes at an ashram in Rishikesh and white-water rafting down the Ganges one day, trekking in the shadow of the Himalayas the next. Walk with pilgrims to ancient temples near the source of Ganges and Yamuna Rivers, or take puja (offering or prayers) with thousands of devotees on the ghats at Haridwar. Put your feet up and relax in Raj-era hill stations, or ride an elephant and take your camera on a hunt for tigers at Corbett or Rajaji National Parks. If you get your timing right, it's all possible in Uttarakhand.

Moments Halawa Valley A Hike Back in History

Solotario and his family, who own the land in the valley, are the only people allowed to hike into Halawa. They lead daily tours, which begin at the County Park pavilion, with a history of the valley, a discussion of the Hawaiian culture, and a display of the fruits, trees, and other flora you will be seeing in the valley. Along the hike, Solotario stops to point out historical and cultural aspects, including chanting in Hawaiian before entering a sacred heiau. At the waterfalls, visitors can swim in the brisk pool water. Cost for the 4-hour tour is 75. Contact Molokai Fish & Dive (& 808 553-5926 www. molokaifishanddive.com). Bring insect repellent, water, a snack, and a swim-suit. Don't forget your camera.

The Best Active Vacations

Deserted beaches and explore rocky headlands. See Abel Tas-man National Park & Golden Bay in chapter 11. Walking the Glaciers Dig out those snow boots and walking poles, add a dash of nerve and daring, and take the walk of a lifetime down Fox or Franz Josef Glaciers in the deep south. And don't forget your camera so you can bring home those unforgettable views into the snow caves. See Franz Josef & Fox Glaciers in chapter 13.

Hiking Trekking On The Nyika Plateau

When walking in the park you can either follow the set park tracks, paths and wildlife trails or strike out on your own and walk across the trackless grassland. Some routes are more popular than others, however, and those to the peaks and viewpoints on the western and northern escarpments are especially popular. There are no set camp sites either. The wilderness trails are not designed to help you get the best animal close-ups with your camera, but rather to show you that animals are part of a wider environment and to help you best enjoy the feeling of freedom and space that Nyika provides. If you discuss your interests with Chelinda Camp, they can advise a suitable route.

Counties Derry j Antrim

The north coast of Northern Ireland, from Carrickfergus to Coleraine, is like a giant geology classroom. Here the patient workmanship of the ocean has laid bare the black basalt and white chalk that underlie much of County Antrim, and dissected the rocks into a scenic extravaganza of sea stacks and pinnacles, cliffs and caves, bordered by broad, sandy beaches swept by Atlantic surf. This rugged seaboard has some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Ireland, but bring your boots as well as your camera - it's also an outdoor adventure playground that offers challenging coastal walks and extreme rock-climbing on the 100m-high crags of Fair Head. It's also home to the North's best surfing breaks.

Fort Mountain State Park

BIG ROCK NATURE TRAIL This is a small but attractive trail just west of the park lake. For about three-fourths of a mile it loops through the rugged terrain and wildlife habitats on the slopes of the mountain. Be sure to take along your camera, for the trail leads past an overlook affording a magnificent view of Gold Mine Creek, which cascades down the mountain more than 400 feet.

Touring Off the Beaten Path

If you are itching to get off the beaten path and see the hidden Kauai, Four-Wheel-Drive Backroad Adventure f , 1702 Haleukana St., Lihue, HI 96766 (& 800 452-1113 or 808 245-8809 www.alohakauaitours.com) has a 4-hour, four-wheel-drive tour that follows a figure-eight path around Kauai, from Kilohana Crater to the Mahaulepu coastline. The tour, done in a four-wheel-drive van, not only stops at Kauai's well-known scenic spots but travels on sugar cane roads (on private property), taking you to places most people who live on Kauai have never seen. The guides are well versed in everything from native plants to Hawaiian history. Bring plenty of film for your camera. The tour costs 60 adults, 50 children 5 to 12.

Getting Theregetting Around

If you really want to have fun, take a scheduled charter or charter your own Cayman Islands helicopter flight. It will soar over Stingray City and the blue waters of North Sound and fly over the West Bay so you can see the spurs and grooves you dive daily. Bring your polaroids and put the polarizer on your camera lens.

Tlingit Raven Legends

Keep your camera ready, because this is where the North really shines. Driving the highway, you've got an excellent chance of seeing moose, black bears, grizzly bears, Dall sheep, stone sheep, mountain goats, wolves, foxes, beavers, deer, elk, and caribou, not to mention a host of smaller mammals, without ever leaving your car. The lakes and streams are teeming with king salmon, sockeye, Dolly Varden, grayling, char, and trout. In the sky, there are more than 400 species of birds sandhill cranes, endless varieties of ducks and geese, the near-legendary yellow-bellied sapsucker, and the ubiquitous raven. Any time you stop for a picnic, a magpie is likely to land on the table and steal food. Bald eagles are so common in some cities that the locals don't even notice them.

Considerations For Jungle Trekking

Consider bringing a small pair of binoculars that you can keep on your pack's shoulder strap. You'll be happy you have these when your guide points out wildlife in the treetops. Keep your camera in a Tupperware or similar container with a pouch of silica gel or other dessicant in there.

A short walk along the edge of time among the little ancient towns of Ligurias memory

Beneath the medieval walls, up on the hill ridges, you will find the perfect landscapes for your pictures Dolceacqua, Apricale, the artists' town, Triora, the mysterious stronghold haunted by witches, Sassello, with its green chestnuts woods, up to Brugnato, famous for its 7th century Benedictine abbey.

The Fundy Tides at Work

As the earth's crust moved and tilted, this rock layer cracked into giant blocks, and the breaks between them began to collect water. The next phase of their development began as the water froze and expanded, enlarging the cracks and further eroding them. Glaciers, streams flowing through them, and the constant beating of the waves and 50-foot tides continued to wear these spaces larger and larger, washing away loosened sediment and separating the rocks even more. Sea caves were created as the tide wore away the softer sandstone more quickly than the harder conglomerate layers above it. Caves allow the tides to wear away the connecting land and, eventually, some of the blocks became completely separate from the land around them, making it even easier for the tides to sculpt them into the round shapes you see today. The process continues, toppling old sea stacks as new ones are being formed. Geologists estimate that there is enough of the sedimentary stone left to keep forming...

Tips These Boots Are Made for Hiking

Does Dublin leave you yearning for the great outdoors Then get out of town with Dirty Boots Treks (& 01 623-6785 www.dirtyboots treks.com), a fantastic, brand-new outfit offering full-day excursions into the mountains south of Dublin. Dirty Boots has thought of everything. After a 9am pickup at the gates of Trinity College, your group (maximum eight people) will be transported in a 4x4 Land Rover into Wicklow Mountains National Park, deep in the Garden of Ireland. Highlights of the easy-to-moderate hike might include spotting a herd of wild deer or taking a dip in a mountain stream. Treks are typically 4 to 5 hours of trail walking, with plenty of stops for conversation, photo opportunities, admiring the scenery, and a homemade picnic lunch. The day is capped off with a drink in a local country pub before returning to Dublin around 6pm. Later on, you can download photos from your trek from the Dirty Boots website and send them to friends back home. A full-day trek, including...

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

For some visitors, taking the stroll over a wooden walkway into the jungle and seeing an orangutan's precious antics or simply looking one in the eye just a few metres away is the ultimate wildlife encounter. But you don't have to believe it's not a real adventure unless you're neck-deep in mud and mosquitoes after days of bounding over dirt tracks to find Sepilok too civilised. The ease of the journey and sightings suggest a false alarm about the orangutans' critically endangered status. With visitors often outnumbering apes, the constant click of cameras and camera-phones and the suburban location also contribute to feeling that you're not really seeing orangutans in the

The Ladies of the Night

There's plenty to see during the day, but if you choose to tour this area at night, you should exercise extreme caution. Watch out for pickpockets and don't let the more aggressive ladies pull you into their rooms (unless you want to be so pulled). Also keep in mind that taking pictures here is a no-no if you violate the rule your camera may be grabbed from you and broken.

Small Footprints Large Impact More Tips To Staying Green

Not only does this provide local communities a more ecologically sound way of supporting themselves, it also attaches value to nature and wildlife. Avoid places that exploit wildlife for cheap thrills taking pictures of the kids with a monkey, swimming with dolphins, turtle riding.

The Words Of David Sedaris

I'm always sort of surprised when I walk through Paris and I see people taking pictures of things that they've probably seen pictures of before. Or people will come with their checklist and think of things that they have to see. I'll often say to people, Well are you going to go to the movies Are you going to go to the supermarket And they'll say, Well, I can do that at home. And it's like yeah, but it's different. Maybe the movie thing is just silly, because you're just sitting in the dark but I've just always appreciated the fact that people don't talk in movies in France.

A Night With The Basij Andrew Burke

After two fruitless hours we were back at the hotel with some idea of what was going on. The original assailants turned out to be members of the Basij ('volunteer'), a hardline militia who see themselves as 'defenders of the revolution'. As Basijis argued with uniformed police at the hotel's front desk, we learned we'd been accused of being British spies and of taking pictures of sensitive sites (at 1am ), and of being on an illegal motorcycle (Iranians are limited to 200cc bikes, but as Andrew's was in transit, it was legal). The real police were as apologetic as the Basijis were enthusiastic with their allegations. Eventually, the Basijis were persuaded that we were not working for MI6, Andrew's bike was returned and we were released, promising next time to get a better map

Berlins Jewish Heritage

The villa is now a memorial to the Holocaust. It includes a selection of photographs of men, women, and children who were sent to concentration camps. This exhibit is not for the squeamish. Nearly all the pictures on display are official Nazi photographs, including some of Nazi medical experiments. As noted at the trials at N rnberg, No government in history ever did a better job of photographing and documenting its crimes against humanity.

Rfjjj Western Isles Museum Museum nan Eilean

This museum is home to exhibits on various aspects of island life, history, and archeology, deploying objects, photographs, prints, and paintings. The displays, often borrowed from other museums and collections around the islands and the Scottish mainland, are of excellent quality and significant historical importance. This museum is definitely worth a visit and you can't beat the price. Allow 1K hours.

The Best Sightseeing Deal

Always irreverent, Berliners, noting the avant-garde architecture and geometric design of the new church, nicknamed it the lipstick and powder box. Its octagonal hall is lit solely by thousands of colored glass windows set into a honeycomb framework. On its premises, you can visit a small museum with exhibitions and photographs documenting the history of the original church, and the destructive ravages of war. The new church can hold up to 1,200 worshippers, and 10-minute religious services conceived for office workers heading home are held there every day at 5 30 and at 6pm. Between June and August, English-language services are conducted daily at 9am, and free organ concerts are presented here every Saturday, year-round, at 6pm.

Antiques Collectibles

The Boston Antique Co-op & Merchandise from Europe, Asia, and the United States fills this overcrowded space. Come here in search of porcelain, furniture and accessories, 17th- to 19th-century paintings, vintage photographs, jewelry, silver, and textiles and expect to see just about anything. 119 Charles St. & 617 227-9811. www. bostonantiqueco-op.com. T Red Line to Charles MGH.

National Archives of Australia

.au Queen Victoria Tee, Parkes admission free S 9am-5pm), a repository for Commonwealth government records in the form of personal papers, photographs, films, maps and paintings. There are short-term special exhibits, but the centrepiece exhibit is the Federation Gallery and its original charters, including Australia's 1900 Constitution Act and the 1967 amendment ending constitutional discrimination against Aboriginal people. Records of military service and emigration can be accessed for those keen on exploring their ancestry.

Delight Antique stores and galleries

One of the most charming of Ljubljana walks is exchanging door handles of Ljubljana's galleries, antiques stores and second-hand bookstores. Stroll among the paintings, drawings, graphic prints, photographs, sculptures, objects and other artistic creations of unrecognized but promising Slovenian and foreign artists. Fill your batteries with the energy of the artworks, maybe one of them will travel with you into the world. Over thirty friendly gallerists and antiquarians are expecting you for a look and a chat.

Centro Cultural Muros

38-48 www.muros.org.mx Guerrero 205, Colonia Lomas de la Selva admission M 30, free Tue & Sun h 10am-6pm Tue-Sun), home to restored murals from Cuernavaca's Hotel Casino de la Selva and to a private collection of more than 320 paintings, sculptures, videos and photographs. Highlights include Frida Kahlo's Diego en mi Pensamiento and works by Rivera, Siquerios, Orozco, Tamayo and emerging modern artists.

Hazardous Marine Life

Marine animals almost never attack divers, but many have defensive and offensive weaponry that can be triggered if they feel threatened or annoyed. If you're not sure what something is, don't touch it Being able to recognise potentially hazardous creatures is a good way to avoid accident or injury. The following photographs illustrate some of the GBR's most venomous and dangerous marine life, followed by short descriptions of what to expect and some recommendations for first aid in the unfortunate event you are stung, bitten or stabbed.Trained locals are aware of the latest discoveries in terms of the animals and what treatments are best.

Mecca For Photo Enthusiasts

The large inaugural exhibition Dutch Eyes (till August 26) is providing a comprehensive survey of the history of photography in the Netherlands. The exhibition Panorama Las Palmas sets out from the Wilhelmina Pier to explore 150 years of photography and the development of Rotterdam and its port in a one-kilometre radius around Las Palmas. More on photography in our expertise centre and do not forget to visit the museum shop with beautiful books on photography, photographs from the museums collection and postcards.

Quality Inn and Suites Boulder Creek

This inn is tucked into a mostly residential neighborhood at the southeast edge of downtown. Most of the rooms are distanced from Arapahoe Avenue, so they're quiet even though the Boulder Creek Path passes nearby, and the heart of Boulder's downtown is only about five blocks away. Rooms have furniture made from pine branches, watched over by framed photographs of the owner's dog, and all of them have refrigerators and microwaves. There's also a workout room, hot tub, pool, and guest laundry. A hot breakfast is included in the rates.

Flagler Station Oversea Railway Historeum

Located at the entrance to the Key West Historic Seaport, the Flagler Station Historeum re-lives the days when trains connected Key West to the rest of the United States until a devastating hurricane destroyed the railway in 1935. The Historeum includes a reconstruction of the original Key West station, a themed mercantile store filled with railroad memorabilia and turn-of-the-century merchandise, and an actual Florida East Coast Railroad car displaying photographs and mementos from the Railroad That Went To Sea.

In the rhythms of jazz

Fans of good jazz will come into their own at the traditional Ljubljana Jazz Festival, resounding from the stages of Cankarjev dom and Krizanke Summer Theatre in early July. One of the oldest jazz festivals worldwide, which has a lot of ardent supporters in Slovenia and abroad, features each year in its programme a number of top jazz musicians from the international scene. In the framework of accompanying performances the jazz department of the High School for Music in Ljubljana presents itself on the streets, and you will also have the chance to see an exhibition of jazz photographs. Let the beginning of the summer rock you in the rhythms of jazz

For Residents Of Canada

You can pick up a passport application at one of 28 regional passport offices or most travel agencies. The passport is valid for 5 years and costs 60. Children under 16 may be included on a parent's passport but need their own to travel unaccompanied by the parent. Applications, which must be accompanied by two identical passport-size photographs and proof of Canadian citizenship, are available at travel agencies throughout Canada or from the central Passport Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa, ON K1A 0G3 (& 800 567-6868 www. dfait-maeci.gc.ca passport). Processing takes 5 to 10 days if you apply in person, or about 3 weeks by mail.

Kowloon Walled City Park

One of Hong Kong's most picturesque parks began life in 1847 as a Chinese fort. A legal oversight by the British left the fort under Chinese control after the New Territories were leased to Britain. It was levelled during World War II, and a labyrinthine ghetto called the Walled City sprang up in its place. This bizarre place quickly became a magnet for triads, drug dealers, heroin addicts, pornographers and rats the size of small dogs (see p96). It was pulled down in 1992 and replaced by the park. A display of photographs in the almshouse near the entrance tells the story. Map E4

Western Australia Museum Kalgoorlieboulder

The impressive Ivanhoe mine headframe at the northern end of Hannan St marks the entrance to this excellent museum (0 9021 8533 www.museum.wa.gov.au 17 Hannan St admission by donation S 10am-4.30pm). Check out the wide range of exhibits, including an underground gold vault and historic photographs, or join the free tours at 11am and 2pm. A lift takes you to a viewing point on the headframe, where you can look out over the city and mines and down into delightfully untidy backyards. The tiny British Arms Hotel (the narrowest hotel in Australia) is part of the museum.

Historical Society Of The Bellmores

The society has a garage-size museum containing local maps and photographs it is located on Pettit Avenue across from the railroad station and in front of the fire house. Once used as a freight office by the Long Island Rail Road, it's open year-round by appointment and during Bellmore's street fair in September, at no charge. Also free to the public are monthly lectures, from September to April, on local and national topics of interest to Long Islanders, such as canals of Bellmore, movie palaces and Civil War battles these are held at the Bellmore Memorial Library on Bellmore Avenue, south of Sunrise Highway, on the second Tuesday of the month.

Lantau Link Visitors Centre

The Lantau Link Visitors Centre and its viewing platform (admission free S 7am-10.30pm Sun-Fri, 7am-1,30am Sat) is where you can take in the enormity of Tsing Yi Bridge and the Lantau Link, the combined road and rail transport connection between the New Territories and Lantau. The centre contains models, photographs and videos of the construction process - very much a crowd-pleaser for train spotters and the hard-hat brigade.

Permesso di Soggiorno

To get one you'll need a valid passport, containing a stamp with your date of entry into Italy (ask for this as it's not automatic) a photocopy of your passport a study visa if necessary four passport-style photographs proof of your ability to support yourself financially (ideally a letter from an employer or school university) and a 14.92 official stamp (formerly known as a marca da bollo, now called a contrassegno telematico), available from authorised tobacconists.

On The Left Bank Very Expensive

Sukhothai f&jf THAI With a deliberately simple interior graced with photographs of the royal family of Thailand and a discreet scattering of Thai objets d'art, this restaurant is the premier Thai restaurant in Switzerland. Food is presented in varying degrees of spiciness, and might include lemongrass soup studded with chicken, a papaya-based Thai salad, brochettes of chicken or shrimp, a selection of rice-based dishes, and a varied array of exotic fish flown in from the waters of East Asia and prepared according to traditional Thai recipes. The chef does an admirable job with all of these dishes, and the flavors are bracing and aromatic, a marvelous change of pace from the typical Swiss cuisine. In the words of one habitu , this restaurant has awakened the sleepy taste buds of Zurichers.

Zhongguo Shudian H fljfi Liulichang Xijie S ampm Hepingmen

There are several branches of the Cathay Bookshop on Liulichang. This branch (Gujf Shudian), on the south side of Liulichang Xijie opposite Rongbaozhai, is worth checking out for its wide variety of colour art books on Chinese painting, ceramics and furniture, and its books on religion (most books are in Chinese). Upstairs has more art books, stone rubbings and antiquarian books. The store takes MasterCard and Visa. There's another branch at 18 Liulichang Xijie that has a paper cuts exhibition. It also sells an interesting set of bookmarks (Y10) - photographs of the old Qing imperial household, including snapshots of Reginald Johnson (Last Emperor Henry Puyi's English tutor), Puyi practising shadow boxing, eunuchs and Cixi dressed as Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin). Another branch is at Liulichang Dongjie (106 Liulichang Dongjie).

Indian Caribbean Museum

Wed-Sun) is dedicated to the East Indian history and experience in Trinidad. For being just one large room, it does a comprehensive job presenting Trinidad's East Indian roots. Some gorgeous antique sitars and drums are displayed as well as photographs and informational displays about early East Indian settlers. Other highlights include local art, traditional Hindi clothing, a display of a traditional East Indian Trini kitchen (replete with a chulha, the earthen stove where roti is made), and crazy pictures of Brits with their East Indian indentured servants.

Kenyatta Conference Centre

Towering over City Square, Nairobi's signature building (Map ppl02-3) was designed as a fusion of modern and traditional African styles, though the distinctive saucer tower looks a little dated next to some of the city's flashier glass edifices. Staff will accompany you up to the viewing platform (adult child KSh400 200) and helipad on the roof for wonderful views over Nairobi. The sight-line goes all the way to the suburbs, and on clear days you can see aircraft coming in to land over the Nairobi National Park. You're allowed to take photographs from the viewing level but not elsewhere in the building. Access may be restricted during events and conferences.

Arsenev Regional Museum

Most intriguing in its unexpectedness, the Arsenev Regional Museum (Kraevedchesky muzey Ar-seneva 413977 ulSvetlanskaya 20 adult child R70 35 S 10am-7pm Tue-Sun) is named for a late-19th-century ethnographer. It features two floors of thematic rooms - some revel in mixing it up (water fountain and fake plants amid modern photographs, 'CCCP' sign atop a green-and-red candy cane, the warring embrace of a bear and Siberian tiger that looks a litde like ballroom dancing). Surprisingly not dozing or barking orders, the old lady guards here are pretty chipper, and are often fond of pointing out photos of Yul Brynner and other 'Western' celebrities who've visited Vladivostok.

National Gallery of Australia

There's also a striking Sculpture Garden, drawings, photographs, furniture, ceramics, fashion, textiles and silverware. Visiting exhibitions usually attract an admission fee. In addition to regular all-inclusive guided tours ( S11am & 2pm), there's also a tour ( S 11am Thu & Sun) focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Visually impaired visitors should ask about the Braille Guide.

What You Can Bring Into China

Drugs, or plant materials, animals, and foods from diseased areas. There are no problems with cameras or video recorders, GPS equipment, laptops, or any other standard electronic equipment. Two unusual prohibitions are old used garments and printed matter, magnetic media, films, or photographs which are deemed to be detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and moral interests of China, as the regulations put it. Large quantities of religious literature, overtly political materials, or books on Tibet might cause you difficulties but, in general, small amounts of personal reading matter in non-Chinese languages do not present problems. Customs officers are for the most part easygoing, and foreign visitors are

Applying for other passports

Canadians can pick up applications at passport offices throughout Canada, post offices, or from the central Passport Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa, ON K1A 0G3 ( 800-567-6868 www.ppt.gc.ca). Applications must be accompanied by two identical passport-size photographs and proof of Canadian citizenship. Processing takes five to ten days if you apply in person or about three weeks by mail.

Skye Museum of Island Life and Flora Mac Donalds Grave Kilmuir Skye

Poor Flora was later arrested as an accessory and held in the Tower of London. Later, she moved to North Carolina and finally back to Skye before she died. The locally run museum actually consists of a set of thatched croft (small-holding) houses, showing how people lived on Skye a century or more ago. The re-created crofts contain antique domestic items, agricultural tools, and photographs of island life. Allow one hour. See map p. 373. On the A855, take the A87 north from Portree to Uig. 01470-552206. www.skyemuseum.co.uk. Admission 1.75 ( 3.25) adults 1 ( 1.85) seniors, students, and children younger than 16. Open Apr-Oct generally Mon-Sat 9 a.m.-5 30 p.m.

Getting Close To Nature Parks Refuges

Old Fort Marcy Park Marking the 1846 site of the first U.S. military reservation in the Southwest, this park overlooks the northeast corner of downtown. Only a few mounds remain from the fort, but the Cross of the Martyrs, at the top of a winding brick walkway from Paseo de Peralta near Otero Street, is a popular spot for bird's-eye photographs. The cross was erected in 1920 by the Knights of Columbus and the Historical Society of New Mexico to commemorate the Franciscans killed during the Pueblo Rebellion of 1680. It has since played a role in numerous religious processions. It's open daily 24 hours. 617 Paseo de Peralta.

Dean Starneskyrgyzstan

A one-time English teacher in Japan, children's palaeontology presenter and now a travel writer and part-time graphic designer in New Zealand, Dean first came across the 'stans' of Central Asia while travelling to India from Iran. His unjustified aversion to flying (why fly over what you can travel through ) and a deep-rooted desire to improve his shoddy geography (how long have these been here ) meant it was only a matter of time until he ended up lost in Kyrgyzstan. An unfortunate visa error (long story - but he assures us he's innocent) and an unnatural taste for kymys (fermented mare's milk) meant that he stayed long enough to see the wrong side of a Kyrgyz winter, but the right side of everything else. Photographs and travel stories from this and other trips can be viewed at his website www.deanstarnes.co.nz.

The Wilds Of West Texas

One of our favorite West Texas towns is Marfa, site of the famous Marfa ghost lights (see Off-the-Wall Attractions, earlier in this chapter). It was also the primary location for the 1956 blockbuster film Giant. The El Paisano Hotel, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has a photo display in the lobby with photographs of James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rock Although often invited to visit by the judge, who knew her only from photographs in the popular press, the actress never got to Langtry until a few months after the judge's death in 1904, when she was welcomed effusively by his son and other locals. A nicely restored version of his Jersey Lilly saloon, where a defendant after a trial would be ordered to buy a round of drinks for the judge and jury, tells the whole story. Also here are a museum with dioramas and recorded tales of the judge, a visitor center, and a short nature trail through a cactus garden with area trees and plants labeled.

Kachikaly Crocodile Pool

In the heart of Bakau village, the Kachikaly Crocodile Pool (admission D25 S 9am-6pm), is a popular tourist attraction. For locals, it's a sacred site. It's a place of prayer for those with traditional beliefs, as the crocodiles represent the power of fertility. Success rates are apparently high (many children in this area are called Kachikaly) and the 80 fully grown crocodiles and 'countless' smaller ones remain protected and are easily seen. The reptiles are believed to have mystic powers, and legend has it that taking photographs can provoke their wrath and an early death for the picture taker. Most tourists are unperturbed by this, and the crocs seem resigned to basking on the bank, floating in the pool and enduring the camera flashes.

Friends of Yosemite Lodge

The yellow clapboard 1990 home southeast of downtown Groveland is a delightful B&B with a tasteful 'Yosemite luminaries theme. Downstairs, the John Muir Room holds a comfortable king lodgepole bed and books about Muir, a Yosemite fanatic and pioneering conservationist. Upstairs, the Ansel Adams Room is distinguished by its black-and-white photographs by Adams. The Jenny Curry Room is frillier, with a skylight and a vanity next to the bed. The suite is a converted mother-in-law apartment with its own entrance, a kitchen, and inviting decor. Breakfasts here (included in room rates only) are hearty affairs, with stuffed French toast and fresh ingredients from the inn's lush garden.

Fung Ying Sin Temple Map PP

The main attraction in the area is this huge Taoist temple complex opposite the Fanling KCR East Rail station, and connected to it by an overhead walkway and subway. It has wonderful exterior murals of Taoist immortals and the Chinese zodiac, an orchard terrace, herbal clinic and a vegetarian restaurant (ground & 1st fl, Bldg A7 S 10am-5pm). Most important are the dozen ancestral halls behind the main temple, where the ashes of the departed are deposited in what might be described as miniature tombs, complete with photographs.

Cultural Considerations

During ceremonies, enter quietly and stand by the wall near the main entrance do not walk around in front of the altar, or between the monks, or cross the central area of the temple. It is appropriate to make an offering, especially if you do take photographs. A khata (white scarf) is traditional, but these days rupees are also appreciated monasteries depend for their existence on the donations of the faithful. Pilgrims touch the money to their forehead before donating it.

Monumento Ernesto Che Guevara

In 1997 the remains of 17 of them, including Guevara, were recovered from a secret mass grave in Bolivia and reburied here. Fidel Castro lit the eternal flame on October 17, 1997. The adjacent museum contains a large number of Che photographs - the great poser playing golf and eating what appears to be a hamburger are two of the less expected shots. Other ephemera include guns, letters, medical equipment and a rare late picture of Che shorn and looking uncannily like Brando in The Godfather.

Museo Y Casa De Diego Rivera

The 1st and 2nd floors feature a permanent collection of his original works and preliminary sketches (completed for some of his famous murals in Mexico City), plus there's a nude of Frida Kahlo. The newer renovated upper floors host temporary exhibitions of work by Mexican and international artists. An intimate theater upstairs has occasional films and features B&W photographs of Kahlo and Rivera.

Sandakan Memorial Park

Large, rustingmachines testify to the camp's forced-labour programme, and a pavilion at the centre of park includes accounts from survivors and photographs from personnel, inmates and liberators. In 2006 the original march route was officially reopened as a memorial trail - see www.sandakan-deathmarch .com for details.

National Philatelic Museum

Teen Murti Bhavan, the former residence of Jawaharlal Nehru (India's first prime minister), just off Teen Murti Rd, has been converted into a museum ( 23016734 admission free h 9am-5.15pm Tue-Sun). Its photographs and newspaper clippings offer perceptive insights into the Independence movement.

Suggested Itineraries

If you have kids under 10, enter and go to the right to Seuss Landing, an island where everything is geared to the young and young at heart. You'll easily spend the morning or longer exploring real-life interpretations of the wacky, colorful world of Dr. Seuss. (The wild colors make for some good photographs.) Be sure to ride The Cat in the Hat One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and Caro-Seuss-El. After all that waiting in line, let the little ones burn some energy playing in If I Ran the Zoo.

The Ceremony of the Keys

Once you've done the British Galleries, you'll want to cherry-pick the highlights from the rest of the V&A's collections the designer dresses in the Costume Gallery, textiles, sculpture, furniture, prints, paintings, photographs, silver, glass, ceramics, and jewelry, from Britain and all over the world. Not only is the museum worth a good long visit, but there are so many regular activities you'll want to keep coming back. Free guided tours take place daily every hour, 10 30am to 3 30pm, plus 4 30pm on Wednesday.

Chinese Historical Society of America Museum

The interesting artifacts on display include a shrimp-cleaning machine 19th-century clothing and slippers of the Chinese pioneers Chinese herbs and scales historic hand-carved and painted shop signs and a series of photographs that document the development of Chinese culture in America.

Sights Attractions

Small and intimate, the Anna Maria Island Historical Museum at 402 Pine Ave., s 941-778-0492, keeps photographs, maps, records, books, a shell collection, a turtle display, and vintage videos preserved in an old ice house. Next to it, the old jail house is a colorful sight. Admission is free donations are accepted. It's open Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday, 10-1, June-August 10-4 the rest of the year. Closed Monday, Friday, and Sunday.

Exploring The Town Hiking Near Town

The Cordova Historical Museum, at 622 1st St. (& 907 424-6665 www. cordovamuseum.org), is a well-presented one-room display with some valuable artifacts reflecting Cordova's eventful past. The three-seat kayak and other artifacts of Prince William Sound Native peoples are of particular interest. Cordova is the home of the last few Eyak, a Native people whose language now has only one speaker left. There's also a historic lighthouse lens, a Linotype machine, the interior of a fishing boat, and photographs of fishing and historic scenes. The museum is open summer Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm, Sunday from 2 to 4pm winter Tuesday through Friday from 1 to 5pm, Saturday from 2 to 4pm. Recommended donation is 1.

Scary Monsters Freddy Eat Your Heart

While the majority of Bulgarians are traditional Orthodox, plenty still ascribe to more pagan animistic rituals, and nowhere is this more evident than during the annual kukeri and survakari rites, designed to repel evil spirits and promote fertility, and still practiced in certain villages and cities in the southwest with great fervor on New Year (or Jan 14). During a 30-day period, known as the dirty days or Mrasni Dni, when the days that denote the new and old year mingle, it is believed that the gates to both heaven and hell are temporarily left open, and demons carrying illness and evil walk the earth. A group of selected villagers or townsfolk, each playing specific roles, don terrifying masks and girdles sagging with huge bells. Armed with wooden guns, swords, or axes, they stalk the streets, entering homes to sound off the demons with loud clanging bells and smoke, and killing the evil harbingers by sweeping through rooms with their swords. During the fertility rites the kukeri...

Southampton Historical Museum

Yet the furnishings and exhibits do not represent the owner, but the history of Southampton - in photographs, antique quilts, furniture and Indian artifacts. The former servants' quarters are now filled with antique toys. A library is on the premises. Special exhibits are featured four times a year. The museum is open daily, 11-5, in season closed Sunday and Monday in the off season.

Fun Fact Ill Take My Ganges Water to Go Thanks

Jantar Manta*** Living proof of the genius of Sawai Jai Singh, this medieval observatory (built 1728-34) is the largest of its kind in the world, and the best preserved ofJai Singh's five observatories. Whether or not you understand how the instruments are read, the sheer sculptural shapes of the stone and marble objects and the monumental sizes of many (like the 23m-high 74-ft. Samrat Yantra, which forecasts crop prospects based on the declination and hour of the heavenly bodies ) are worth the trip and make for great photographs. The observatory looks more like a modern art exhibition or sci-fi set hard to believe these instruments were constructed in the 18th century and remain functional. Some are still used to forecast how hot the summer will be, when the monsoon will arrive, and how long it will last. There are 18 instruments in all, erected between 1728 and 1734 by Sawai Jai Singh many of his own invention. Try to get here before the sun gets too hot. You can hire a guide at...

Antiques Art Furniture

For real antique finds and colonial furniture, there's no place like Chor Bazaar's Mutton Street (see Markets, earlier in this chapter closed Fri), which is a wonderful place at which to browse and discover hidden treasures. You'll spot plenty of imitation antiques and faux products here, but these are usually pretty easy to identify. Store owners will often (but not always) tell you which are genuine items and which are reproductions. If, however, walking through dirty streets and sifting through dusty shops is not your cup of tea, head straight for the more established antiques stores in the city, some of the best of which are downtown in Colaba. Natesan's Antiqarts (& 022 2285-2700), conveniently located at Jehangir Art Gallery, deals principally in stone, wood, and bronze items. Whether you pick up an ornate teak and sandalwood carving, a bronze piece created using the 4,500-year-old lost-wax process, or a refurbished antique, Natesan's will arrange shipment. Nearby Phillips...

An Entertainment Complex

Hotel Post (& 027 967-19-32), where everybody shows up after recovering from Elsie's Irish coffee (see below), has a virtual monopoly on nightlife in Zermatt. The owner, Karl Ivarsson, an American, has gradually expanded it into one of the most complete entertainment complexes in Zermatt, with a number of restaurants and nightspots under one roof. Photographs of former guests, including famous athletes and models, are displayed under glass at the reception

Recommended Reading

Although it focuses on the geological sights in Gros Morne National Park, the geology of all Newfoundland is explained in text and diagrams in Rocks Adrift The Geology of Gros Morne National Park, which you can buy at the Gros Morne visitors center. The complicated forces and movements of the earth's crust are clearly presented and the color photographs show what the landscape actually looks like.

Organised Tours Creek Cruises

While researching this book, I wasalmost arrest edforta king a photograph of a goat. It was Eid-al-Adha, a festival traditionally marked in Pakistan by the sacrificing of a goat, and the butcher's shop on Al-Musallah Rd was heaving. There were at least 10 goats in the tiny shop, and anotherfive animals and their owners were queuing outside. Even in Bur Dubai this wasn't an everyday sight, so I instinctively pulled my mobile phone out my pocket to take a snapshot. Within seconds a policeman was threatening to arrest me. After demanding to know my nationality, the purpose of my visit to Dubai and the reason why I was taking a photograph of a goat, he announced that he would betaking me to the station for taking an 'illegal photo'. But it was my lucky day. After talking to one of his colleagues, he suddenly changed his mind he'd let me go free if I deleted the photo from my phone, apologised to the goat concerned (he didn'tseem too concerned about an apology forthe goat-owner), and...

Around Bhavnagar Alang

It's an epic, Dickensian scene, but tricky to see as a tourist. In 2002 Greenpeace visited the yard posing as buyers, gathering material and photographs to support its protests against the dangerous conditions for workers at the yard and the toxic waste produced through ship breaking. Their actions have had some success in February 2006, French President Jacques Chirac was forced to recall an asbestos-laden French ship to Europe. You can keep up to date with the controversy at www.greenpeace.org. These protests have made it more difficult for foreign tourists to visit the yard, but authorities can be lax. You may find you can wander unobtrusively onto the beach after asking a gatekeeper - it all depends on luck. A few kilometres along the road approaching the shipyard is a fascinatingly curious collection of junk shops selling things pulled off the ships - this is where to come if you want to buy a 1970s 20-seater sofa, a mirrored bar or a few hundred portholes.

Historic Sites Museums Calvert County

The Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum occupies the former terminus station of the Chesapeake Beach Railroad, which brought holiday-makers from Washington, DC to this seaside playground from 1900 to 1935. Inside you will see photographs of the town in its heyday, with its Great Derby roller coaster, boardwalk, and Denzel Carousel. You'll meet Otto and David Moffat, who built both the resort and the railroad to get there. The half-mile amusement park sat on a boardwalk running out over water. The station, in its original location at the end of the line, was built in 1897-8. The museum shows scenes and locomotives from the 32-mile excursion from Washington, through Seat Pleasant, in old photos and postcards. The 1914 Model-T Ford Depot Hack gleams in the baggage room and behind the museum is half of an 1889 railway car. Railway buffs should note that this is only one of the many sites connected to rail history within 100 miles of Baltimore.

Information Sources

Two books on Baltimore are especially worth having. Wish You Were Here, by Carolyn Males, Carol Barbier Rolnic and Pam Makowski Goresh, published by Woodholme House in Baltimore, is not only a really detailed guide to the city's neighborhoods, but it is fun to read, well-written and filled with quirky anecdotes and historical facts. The other is for those who, like us, love the line and texture of old buildings. A Guide to Baltimore Architecture, by John Dorsey and James D. Dilts (Tidewater Publishers), lists and shows in photographs all the significant buildings of the city, with interesting details on the architecture, history and the architects. From the 1750s Mount Clare mansion and the Art Deco former Kresge's store to the new aquarium and the pentagonal I.M. Pei World Trade Center, the book is golden. It's also well-written and has a good glossary of architectural terms. There's a lot of history written in the faces of Baltimore's buildings, and you'll find it here.

Travelers With Disabilities

In the local culture, it is considered impolite to show the soles of one's shoes. Practically speaking, that means avoiding sitting in a way that results in the bottom of your shoes pointing at someone else. In the local culture, it's also important not to eat or offer food or other items with the left hand, which is considered unclean. One should not take photographs of locals, particularly of women, without permission. Public displays of affection are considered taboo.

Seeing The Sights Near Socorro

SOUTH OF SOCORRO The village of San Antonio, the boyhood home of Conrad Hilton, is 10 miles from Socorro on I-25. During the financial panic of 1907, his merchant father, Augustus Hilton, converted part of his store into a rooming house. That gave Conrad his first exposure to the hospitality industry, and he went on to worldwide fame as a hotelier. Only ruins of the store and boardinghouse remain. WEST OF SOCORRO Fifty-four miles west of Socorro on US 60 is the Very Large Array National Radio Astronomy Observatory, or VLA. Here, 27 dish-shaped antennas, each 82 feet in diameter, spread across the plains of San Agustin, forming a single gigantic radio telescope. Many recognize the site from the 1997 movie Contact, starring Jodie Foster. Photographs taken with this apparatus are similar to those taken with the largest optical telescopes, except that radio telescopes are sensitive to low-frequency radio waves. All types of celestial objects are photographed, including the sun and its...

Exploring The Town

The museum also owns a remarkable 1 20-scale model of the old Valdez, as it looked at its former site, before the 1964 earthquake forced the town to move. Using photographs, records, and old timers' memories, they have brought that lost city back to life in 400 miniature buildings. The Historical Old Town Valdez Model is at the museum annex at 436 S. Hazelet Ave., which also has an interactive earthquake exhibit, including a shaking table, seismograph, and children's activities. The annex is open summer only, 9am to 4pm, and admission is 1.50.

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