Guilt Free Desserts

Guilt Free Deserts

This product will teach you the ways that you can eat whatever sweets and deserts you like without gaining fat at all. It will be a complete guide with over 50 recipes that will combine all the foods that you love and delicious foods you never tried before. In addition to that, the power of this guide is that you will lose fat while you are on this diet. This is because you will be using foods that have a super-powerful metabolic effect on your body. The creator of the product is an absolute expert of the subject of eating the foods you like for fat loss, so she knows exactly how you can implement the techniques in the books for the best chances of gaining pure quality lean muscle and losing weight with simple and easy tricks that will get you ahead. What's more is that you will learn about the foods that cause weight gain, and the foods that trick your body into losing fat. All of these foods can be found anywhere and it won't cost you a lot of money or effort to make these delicious baked goods. With these simple and easy tricks that don't need any prior experience, you will look the best without giving up your favorite foods. Continue reading...

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Sweet Treats Torontos Dessert Cafes

Demetre Caffe In the heart of Greektown on the Danforth, Demetre is known for its Old World ambience as well as its sweets Belgian waffles, oversized sundaes, cakes, tortes, and baklava. It's popular at all hours of the evening with a casual crowd, and on weekends it draws families. Closing time is midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 3am Friday and Saturday. 400 Danforth Ave. & 416 778-6654. Subway Broadview. Desserts by Phipps The cafe serves salads and sandwiches, but what really draw the crowds are the decadent desserts. Cappuccino chiffon cake is a direct hit, as are the moist but not gooey apple confections. 420 Eglinton Ave. W. & 416 481-9111. Subway Eglinton. Dufflet Pastries On menus around town, you'll sometimes see mention of desserts by Dufflet. Divine is the word that best applies to these confections. Owner Dufflet Rosenberg bakes some of the most delectable tortes, tarts, and pastries in the city. The problem is deciding where to start. Chocolate raspberry truffle...

Hiuiiw Lefkos Pyrgos s desserts

6 S 9am-3am Jul-Aug) One of the best sweet shops anywhere, the summer-only Lefkos Pyrgos is the culinary laboratory of master desserts inventor Georgios Stergiou and wife Dafni. Georgios insists on only using all-natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial flavourings. His concoctions are both extraordinarily refreshing (try the lemonade sweetened with honey and cinnamon on a hot summer's day) and unique, like Greek yogurt flavoured with bitter almond. Exotic teas, coffees and mixed drinks are also served. Some have amusing names like The Thief of The Louvre (vanilla ice cream and Grand Marnier), or the infamous Tar and Feather (Pissa kai Poupoula) - an indulgent, souffl - type cake oozing with liquid chocolate and topped with caramelised almond and vanilla ice cream. Occasional live music nights range from experimental jazz to classical.

Desserts Les Treize

The unsuspecting glutton, licking his lips at the thought of thirteen desserts, would be surprised and possibly a little disappointed to find this traditional Proven al treat laid out on the table. Instead of the modern Technicolored and sugary extravaganza of ice creams, meringues, cakes, pies, tarts, and chocolate in every conceivable form, our glutton would see a more sober display, with not a cr me br l e or profiterole in sight. Symbolic of Jesus and the twelve apostles, the thirteen desserts consist mainly of fruit and nuts. A typical selection would be chosen from fresh fruits, such as apple, pear, orange, and pomegranate, and dried fruits and nuts, such as hazelnuts, walnuts, figs, dates, pistachios, and currants. (These are called the mendiants, because their colors resemble those of the habits worn by certain orders of monks.) Then there should be two kinds of nougat, white and black, fruit p t s, preserved fruits, jams, and finally, la pompe. Its full name is pompe l'huile,...

Finds Dessert Alert

I don't want to boss you around I'm here to suggest. So I suggest that before or after the theater, you run right over to Finale. It serves a mouth-watering variety of glorious desserts in elegant, romantic surroundings with lots of velvet and soft lighting. Yes, it's a tad expensive and absolutely worth it. No, this is not a balanced meal. But the sweet tooths (sweet teeth ) who flock here don't want to hear it. Branches are in the Theater District at 1 Columbus Ave., in the pointy end of the Park Plaza Building (& 617 423-3184 www.finale, 30 Dunster St., Harvard Square (& 617 441-9797), and 1306 Beacon St., Coolidge Corner, Brookline (& 617 232-3233). Finale also serves real food, such as salads and pizzas, but the desserts are the real draw.


Dominican desserts are super-sweet, with the smallest taste capable of sending the uninitiated straight into sugar shock. Most common is flan de leche or flan made with milk and corn or coconut. Dulce de pasta (sweet paste) made from different kinds of fruits such as pineapple, guava, and orange are also popular. The town of Bani in the southwest is especially known for its sweets. If you happen to be passing through Bani, be sure to stop by Las Mar as (on your left along Highway 2 just as you enter town) to sample the wide array of sweets, cookies, and nuts. Otherwise you can visit Casa de Dulces on Calle Arzobispo Meri o in Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial.


For dessert, coastal cooks take full advantage of local tropical fruits, such as guayaba (guava), mango, papaya and coconut. They are served fresh, in puddings, custards, various confections and ice cream. Sinaloa specializes in pastel tres leches (a three-milk cake made with fresh or canned evaporated cream, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk), which is a favorite throughout Mexico and increasingly in the USA. You may also find tacuarines, which are doughnut-like pastries. Acapulco cooks make special use of coconut, ginger and pineapple. They appear in both desserts and special confections called cocadas and alfajores. Jalisco is famous for a flan-like custard dessert called jericalla.

Death by Chocolate

If you love chocolate, sign up now for the Chocolate Indulgence Walk and the Chocolates & Other Desserts Walk by calling & 03 9815 1228 or 04 1215 8017. The former takes you on a tasting tour of Cadbury's, Myer, New Zealand Natural Ice Creamery, Chocolate Box, and Darrell Lea, and finishes off over chocolate cake at a cafe. This 2-hour tour leaves every Saturday at 12 30pm and costs A 25 (US 16) children under 6 go free. The latter includes tasting plenty of ice creams and chocolates around town as you tour kitchens and talk to chefs. The tour finishes with afternoon tea at the Grand Hyatt. This tour leaves every Saturday at 2 30pm and also costs A 25 (US 16). A third tour has been recently added, the Chocolate Brunch Walk, during which you try coffee and pastries at some of Melbourne's grooviest cafes. This tour costs A 22 (US 14). Bookings are essential.

East Of The Strip

The Buffet at the Las Vegas Hilton (H BUFFET A surprisingly stylish-looking room, with the usual suspects (salad bar, bagel bar, desserts) and a good selection of Chinese food (including Peking duck). The fare is fresh and delicious, with special mention going to the prime rib and the outstanding cream puffs and superior rice pudding (it's hard to find good desserts at Vegas buffets). There's plenty to eat here but the place feels small compared to the newer lavish spreads on the Strip. In Las Vegas Hilton, 3000 Paradise Rd. & 702 732-5111. Breakfast 12 lunch 13 dinner 17 Sat-Sun brunch 17 (includes unlimited champagne). Half-price for children 12 and under. DC, DISC, MC, V Mon-Fri 7am-2 30pm and 5-10pm Sat-Sun 8am-2 30pm and 5-10pm. view of the water and laser-light show in the atrium of the hotel (kind of alfresco dining, in a Vegas artificial way). The buffet has international stations (Chinese, Mexican), a bar, and a dessert station with hand-scooped ice cream. The food is fine...

Taquerias El Mexicano

Though located in the heart of Little Havana, the epicenter of Miami's Cuban community, this restaurant serves a host of tasty Mexican specialties, from chips-and-salsa starters to apple burrito desserts. Roll your own beef or chicken fajitas in soft tortillas. Other specialties include carne asada (thin-sliced boneless skirt steak), and pork chops, seasoned and topped with flavorful salsa verde (green sauce). Most entr es are served with refried beans and Mexican

Where To Dine Moderate

Hudson's Bistro INTERNATIONAL This snappy little bistro, decked out with sunny colors and bright pottery, is a treat for travelers passing through the Navan area, especially couples or small groups of friends who enjoy quiet talk, wine, and terrific food. Try the tender Greek lamb kabobs with saffron rice, ratatouille chutney, and crisp salad, or authentic, delicious spicy Thai curry with vegetables, or saffron fettuccine with prawns. The desserts are worth waiting for. The staff is friendly and the chefs gladly accommodate vegetarian requests.

West of the Centre

Murni's Warung (Map pp310-11 975233 Jl Raya Campuan dishes 16,000-50,OOORp) Since 1977 Murni's has been an Ubud favourite. The setting is beautiful and a four-level dining room overlooks the lush river valley. The diverse menu includes many desserts. There's a nice bar on the 2nd level down.

Yosemite Lodge Food Court

Improvement over the traditional cafeteria. Diners pass by a series of food stations, where they pick up their choices before heading to the centralized cashier and then to a table inside or the outside seating area, which offers tables with umbrellas and good views of Yosemite Falls. Food stations specialize in pasta (with a choice of sauces), pizza, deli sandwiches and salads, a grill (offering burgers, hot dogs, and hot sandwiches), meat-based and vegetarian entrees, desserts and baked goods, and beverages. There's also a hot breakfast station offering traditional American items.

Trimming the Fat from Your Budget

I Split appetizers and desserts and even main courses with your dining companions. Many restaurants serve sinfully large portions. If you have access to a refrigerator and microwave, ask for doggie bags. You can heat up the leftovers for an in-room meal like room service without the service (or the service fee).

Great Deals On Fixedprice Meals

Tawana (S THAI Elbow room is at a premium during the weekend crush at this very popular restaurant. Yet Tawana maintains a certain cool charm that sets it apart from the string of garish cheap joints on Queensway. And the food is the real thing. The hot and sour chicken soup, made with coconut milk, is so filling that you may not find room for curry. Tawana has none of the namby pamby Western attitude to chili, so some dishes may render you temporarily speechless. With other dishes the flavors are subtle and delicious. As at many Thai restaurants, desserts are pretty missable, unless you need a sorbet to cool down your taste buds. A new 10 ( 16) minimum charge has just gone into effect.

Estimating dining dollars

The prices quoted refer to main courses at dinner, unless otherwise specified. We eliminated the most expensive shrimp and lobster dishes from our estimates to avoid pre-trip sticker shock. In most cases, you can find additional entrees above and below the quoted price range. To estimate your total dining expenses, add in estimated costs for beverages, appetizers, desserts, and tips as well.

Kids Family Friendly Hotels Restaurants

Carolina BBQ Barn in Falmouth (p. 101) This is a very inexpensive option for families. Full meals including desserts come to well under 10 per person. Seating is at roomy booths, and kids who like to eat messy foods with their fingers will love the barbecue ribs. The Clam Shack in Falmouth (p. 101) Children will love the size of this place (it's Lilliputian), the plain fare, and all the activity on the harbor. Spring Garden Inn in East Sandwich (p. 78) With its spacious tree-shaded backyard and pool, this well-maintained motel is understandably popular with families.

Times Square Midtown West Very Expensive

Chef Eric Ripert's tuna tartare always exhilarates, its Asian seasoning a welcome exotic touch. Among main courses that shine are the steamed striped bass with roasted foie gras pan-roasted codfish, sweet-roasted garlic, and chorizo essence and crusted cod, served on a bed of haricots verts with potatoes and diced tomatoes. The formal service is impeccable, as is the outrageously pricey wine list, and the room is uptown gorgeous, if a little generic. The fixed-price lunch is a bargain, given the master in the kitchen. The desserts especially the roasted pineapple ravioli and its sorbet, rum-scented caramel sauce, and lemon pineapple pound cake end the meal with a flourish.

Where To Dine Expensive

Glen Iris Inn Finds AMERICAN Serving a small menu of classic American dishes, the Glen Iris is the area's best dining experience. Set in a formal Victorian dining room, you'll tuck into dishes like excellent sauteed pork cutlets crusted in crushed almonds, flamed in amaretto, and served with caramelized onions. Fish dishes are also delicious sample Genesee jumbo shrimp stuffed with feta cheese, wrapped in bacon, and served over sauteed spinach in a light cream sauce. Rich desserts, such as bananas Foster and bourbon pecan pie, take the meal out on a high note.

Campground Oases in Maine

A comfortable, centrally located RV park with big wooded sites and a large heated swimming pool, it also offers Belgian waffle and blueberry pancake breakfasts on summer weekends, nightly desserts that include blueberry pie, a lobster cruise along the coast, and lots of scenery and nearby shopping. There are 88 sites in a wooded park, more than half of them pull-throughs, with city water and 20-and 30-amp electric, 42 full hookups. 32- 50. Open May through October. It's located off exit 5 from the Maine Turnpike, then exit 2B from I-195 and north 1J2 miles. ( 800 K A-1886 or 207 282-0502

North of the Centre

Roda Restaurant (Map pp310-11 Jl Kajeng 24 dishes 6000-15,OOORp) Above Threads of Life Indonesian Textile Art Center, Roda is a pleasant little restaurant. It has good Indonesian dishes, including hard-to-find Balinese desserts, such as the Moorish jaja Bali (sticky rice, coconut, palm sugar and fruit steamed in banana leaves). Roda also holds traditional meals (30,OOORp per person minimum five people) book in advance.

Sestiere Di Cannaregio

A classic that has long maintained quality, the Fiaschetteria Toscana is about as Tuscan as a gondola. Here they serve up solid Venetian food, washed down with wines from an impressive national tippling list. The frittura delta Serenissima, a mixed fried-seafood platter, is memorable. Leave room for Mariuccia's home-made desserts, especially the rovesciata, a rich upside-down apple-and-caramel concoction. If money is a consideration, drop by for lunch specials.

Jonathans at Peiranos

Inhabiting the first commercial building in Ventura County (1877), Jonathan's is the sleek anchor of the west end of downtown Ventura. Chef-owner Jason Collis, a veteran of Wolfgang Puck's empire, bought the place fom Jonathan Enabnit in 2004 and kept up the high standard of the eatery's namesake. The attractive room, with a Douglas fir floor, is an ideal setting for Collis' sumptuous selection of pastas, stews, and entrees from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and other Mediterranean locales. Among the specialties are a spicy cioppino (with a pinch of saffron), almond-crusted halibut, and rack of lamb with a Greek chili sauce. Collis also puts together seasonal chef's menus, and there are excellent wine and martini lists (including the tequila-based margatini ) and decadent desserts. Attached (and under the same ownership) is J's, a casual tapas bar with live entertainment.

Garlic Without Fancy Trappings

Look is a restaurant without any fancy trappings but a place you know features garlic as soon as you walk through the door. The menu has the most delicious garlic dishes from Southern France, Italy and Spain creamy garlic soup, -carpaccio with garlic-basil dressing, spaghetti with garlic, tiny peppers, and parsley and shrimp in garlic. From the main courses, one can choose from Provincial chicken with 15 cloves of garlic, baked leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary and many more. You can only conclude that the name of this restaurant ( look means garlic in Dutch) was chosen with care. And what about desserts that include such delicacies as garlic ice cream with semisweet chocolate cake You simply have to try a meal at Look - it's an absolute must. Frank and Wendy Achterbergh will be pleased to welcome you to their restaurant where the dishes are prepared with care and creativity.

Local Chains Familiar Names

Todai, 1910 Ala Moana Blvd. (& 808 947-1000), a string of Japanese seafood buffet restaurants with locations ranging from Dallas to Portland to Beverly Center, is packing 'em in at the gateway to Waikiki with bountiful tables of sushi (40 kinds), hot seafood entrees (tem-pura, calamari, fresh fish, gyoza, king crab legs, teppanyaki), and delectable desserts. There's not much ambience, but no one cares the food is terrific, the selection impressive, and the operation as smooth as the green tea cheesecake. It's hard to spend more than 7 for the French and Vietnamese specials at the Ba-le Sandwich Shops pho, croissants as good as the espresso, and wonderful taro tapioca desserts. Among Ba-le's 20 locations are those at Ala Moana Centre (& 808 944-4752) and 333 Ward Ave. (& 808 591-0935). A Ba-le location at Manoa Marketplace, 2855 E. Manoa Rd. (& 808 988-1407), serves a terrific selection of Thai dishes in an enlarged dining area, making it as much a restaurant as a place for takeout...

Where to Eat on Roanoke Island

While staying on Roanoke Island, a good choice for fine dining is 1587, found in the Tranquil House Inn, described in the Where to Stay section above. Here, in a sophisticated setting, the chefs have created a menu offering the freshest fare from the sounds and the sea, delicious soups, meats, fowl and truly decadent desserts. You will find a copy of the current menu posted in the lobby of the hotel. For a more casual dining experience and a taste of what the locals enjoy, pop just around the corner to the Duchess of Dare. Here, in the morning, you will find residents gathering for coffee, a hearty homecooked breakfast and conversation. At lunch and in the evenings, families come here to enjoy a variety of down-home recipies offered up at reasonable prices with a side-order of friendly service.

Restaurant Place St Michel

The look is lushly romantic at Restaurant Place St. Michel, with gleaming wood floors, vintage furniture and accents, and soft lighting complementing an eclectic mix of international cuisines. The menu features fresh local fish, prime aged meats, wild game, innovative pasta dishes and tempting homemade desserts. Menu highlights include grilled Norwegian salmon with a roasted corn-and-lobster risotto in lemongrass and ginger-butter sauce crisp Long Island duckling in an orange and Swedish lingon-berry sauce, served with mixed wild rice and fresh vegetables and herb-crusted roast tenderloin of pork with a cognac, green peppercorn and mushroom sauce, home style sweet potatoes and fresh vegetables. Lighter fare includes steamed Moroccan couscous and cracked black pepper linguine, while the dessert menu features chocolate Grand Marnier souffl .

Downtown South Phoenix The Airport Area Expensive

Quiessence (Finds NEW AMERICAN This place is as far from a typical Phoenix Scottsdale dining experience as you can get without going to the airport and getting on a plane, and that's exactly why I love it. Set at the back of a shady pecan grove not far from South Mountain Park, Quiessence is surrounded by organic vegetable gardens. It is these gardens, and the freshness of the ingredients they provide, that makes the food here so wonderful, but it is the delightfully rural setting that makes Quiessence truly special. Come for lunch before going for a hike in the park (or bring a change of clothes and come for dinner after a hike). The herbed chicken here is so good you'll forget that it's actually good for you. Don't pass it up if it's on the menu. Oh, and by the way, the desserts are outrageous Fry Bread House Finds NATIVE AMERICAN Fry bread is just what it sounds like fried bread and it's a mainstay on Indian reservations throughout the West. Although you can eat these thick, chewy...

The East End Inexpensive

Mana'e Goods and Grindz AMERICAN Formerly the Neighborhood Store, this place has a new name, but it's still the same quick stop market lunch counter. It's nothing fancy, and that's what I love about it. Near mile marker 16 in the Pukoo area en route to the East End, this tiny store appears like a mirage, complete with a large parking area and picnic tables. The place serves omelets, Portuguese sausage, and other breakfast specials (brunch is very popular) it then segues into sandwiches, salads, mahimahi plates, and varied over-the-counter lunch offerings, served on paper plates with plastic utensils. Favorites include the mahimahi plate lunch, the chicken katsu, and the Mexican plate, each one with a tried-and-true home-cooked flavor. There are daily specials, ethnic dishes, and some vegetarian options, as well as burgers (including a killer veggie burger), saimin, and legendary desserts. Made-on-Maui Roselani ice cream is a featured attraction. A Molokai treasure, this is the only...

In The Center Very Expensive

Gambrinus offers a diverse a la carte menu and specialties of the day. The shades and nuances of the cuisine definitely appeal to the cultivated palate. The soups, especially the shellfish bisque, are good. The most expensive items are shrimp and lobster dishes. However, you might try conch with shellfish thermidor or sea bass minhota, cooked in tomato sauce with onions, white wine, and ham. If you don't fancy fish but do like your dishes hot, ask for chicken piri-piri (served with blazing chiles). Desserts are elaborate. Coffee with a 30-year-old brandy is the perfect end to a sumptuous meal here.

Near Piazza Della Signoria Moderate

Acqua al 2 SLIGHTLY ADVENTUROUS ITALIAN Under a barrel-vaulted ceiling and dim sconce lights, diners sit elbow to elbow at tightly packed tables to sample this innovative restaurant's assaggi (tastings) courses. Acqua al 2 is proud of its almost cultish status, attained through the success of its assaggio di primi, which offers you a sampling of five flavorful pastas or risotti. If you order the assaggio for two, you both just may have room left over for a grilled porto-bello mushroom steak, one of the many veal dishes, or something more cross-cultural, like couscous d'agnello (lamb). They also offer assaggi of salads, cheese, and desserts. Tour companies have started bringing in tourists by the busload on occasion, but the crowd still remains a good mix of locals and travelers. Via della Vigna Vecchia 40r (at Via dell'Acqua). & 055-284-170. Reservations required. Primi 7 -8 ( 8.05- 9.20) secondi 7 -17 ( 8.05- 20) assaggio 8 ( 9.20) for pasta, 5 ( 5.75) for dessert....

Staples Specialities Spices

Christopher Columbus was actually looking for the black pepper of Kerala's Malabar Coast when he stumbled upon America. The region still grows the finest quality of the world's favourite spice, and it's integral to most savoury dishes. Turmeric is the essence of most Indian curries, but coriander seeds are the most widely used spice and lend flavour and body to just about every savoury dish, while most Indian 'wet' dishes - commonly known as curries in the West - begin with the crackle of cumin seeds in hot oil. Tamarind is sometimes known as the 'Indian date' and is a popular souring agent in the south. The green cardamom of Kerala's Western Ghats is regarded as the world's best, and you'll find it in savouries, desserts and warming chai (tea). Saffron, the dried stigmas of crocus flowers grown in Kashmir, is so light it takes more than 1500 hand-plucked flowers to yield just one gram.

Downtown th Street NW West

The owners make everything from scratch fresh-cooked turkey and chicken, homemade salads, oven-fresh desserts, and more. Daily specials might include anything from a sandwich of grilled chicken breast, avocado, and sprouts on focaccia to kefta (fingers of ground sirloin mixed with parsley, onions, coriander, and scallions) served with hummus, salad, and pita bread. Sandwiches are overstuffed with the deli filling of your choice pastrami, corned beef, fresh-roasted turkey. Also available are falafel, pizza, burgers, and omelets. Real milk shakes and frozen yogurt are also offered. There's a full bar, and premium wines are offered by the glass. Happy hour is 4 to 8pm, with a DJ playing dance music Friday evenings.

Gourmet Goodies To Go

See also Farmer's & Flea Markets, above. Bread Line Finds Owner Mark Furstenberg is credited with revolutionizing bread baking in Washington. He started the Marvelous Market chain (see below), though he has since bowed out. At Bread Line, he concentrates on selling freshly baked loaves of wheat bread, flatbreads, baguettes, and more sandwiches like the roast pork bun or the muffaletta tasty soups and desserts such as bread puddings, pear tarts, and delicious cookies. Seating is available, but most people buy carryout. Open weekdays only, 7 30am to 3 30pm. 1751 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. & 202 822-8900. Metro Farragut West or Farragut North. Dean & Deluca This famed New York store has set down roots in Washington, in a historic Georgetown building that was once an open-air market. Though it is now closed in, this huge space still feels airy, with its high ceiling and windows on all sides. You'll pay top prices, but the quality is impressive charcuterie, fresh fish, produce, cheeses,...

Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum

0K Winding Down At the southwest corner of Madison Avenue and 91st Street is Jackson Hole ( 212 427-2820). Many New Yorkers argue that Jackson Hole flips the best burgers in the city, and you certainly get a lot for your money (burgers start at 6.25). In addition to juicy burgers, Jackson Hole offers omelets, honey-dipped fried chicken, sandwiches, salads, and great desserts. Open daily.

SCn Bubbys Pie Company

Brave the lines to get in, squeeze into one of the close tables, try to block out the loud noise, and as soon as you begin to eat Bubby's comfort food, you immediately forget all that discomfort. Whether it's the slow-cooked pulled-pork barbecue the magnificent, lighter than air meatloaf or the buttermilk fried half chicken, coupled with sides like collard greens, sauteed spinach, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans, Bubby's dishes define comfort. Save room for the desserts, especially the homemade pies one taste of the chocolate peanut butter pie immediately brings on a flood of happy childhood flashbacks. Breakfast is big here and lasts well into the middle of the day. Brunch is a big thing in trendy TriBeCa and on weekends the waits can get very lengthy. Celebrities need comfort too, and you may spot one or two at Bubby's seeking anonymity and down-home chow.

Beyond Downtown Expensive

His restaurant is for the kind of diner who loves exciting food, surprises, and beautiful plates of new tastes and textures the meals are about the food, sharing bites, and saying Wow, and How did he do that I won't call it experimental, because I've never had a meal here that wasn't perfect, but the cuisine is highly eclectic and there's often only one item on the changing menu that isn't unusual or challenging the superb pepper steak. Like everything else, the steak dish also has a complex and memorable sauce. The wine list is exceptional and reasonably priced, and you can sip your selection while dining inexpensively on appetizers in a pleasant bar area try the incredible spinach ravioli with Gorgonzola, for example. Desserts are sublime, such as the chocolate dome, which is made up of layers of chocolate fudge truffle and black raspberry dark chocolate, and served with fudge sauce. The dining room is light and clean, decorated with modern art. Service is highly...

Where To Dine Very Expensive

28 Atlantic *** NEW AMERICAN This restaurant on the grounds of the Wequasett Inn resort is one of the top places to eat on Cape Cod. The elegant spacious dining room overlooks Pleasant Bay through immense floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Service is professional and stylish. And the food stands out as superb, from the amuse bouche (a little taste teaser) offered at the start of the meal, to the exceptional desserts served at the end. Menu items use local provender as much as possible, but there are also delicacies from around the world. You might start with the Cape lobster and roasted corn bisque with sherried Devonshire cream move on to the composed salad of mache, melon, prosciutto, grapes, goat cheese mousse, and tawny port syrup and then get to your main course, perhaps skillet-seared local bluefish with saffron smoked mussel risotto, wilted Swiss chard, and lobster oil. You're in for a treat here it's all exquisite.

The Kohala Coast Resorts

A popular nightspot on the Kohala Coast is the Honu Bar (& 808 885-6622) at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, a sleek, chic place for light supper, live light jazz with dancing, gourmet desserts, fine wines, and after-dinner drinks. You can also order toothsome pastas and light suppers when most other restaurants are closing.

Cultural Eco Travel Experiences

The Irish Moss Interpretive Center on Rte. 14 in Miminegash, s 902 882-4313, explains yet another harvest. This small tufted seaweed has many commercial uses - you've probably used it to polish your shoes, taken it to feel better and eaten it in one of your favorite desserts. Here you can learn how it grows, how it is harvested and what it is used for. There's a restaurant where you can sample seaweed pie (see page 325) or enjoy less exotic lunches.

QHua Raw Night Market Th U Thong is

Roti Sai Mai Stalls (ThU Thong S 10am-8pm) Ayuthaya's food specialty is the Muslim dessert known as roti sai mai. A row of stalls across from the Ayuthaya Hospital sells this sweet concoction that is made on the premises. The vendors stretch melted palm sugar into a thread-like consistency, which is then wrapped in a flaky roti. It is probably one of the only desserts that will give you muscles -that is if you make it yourself.

La Capinnina Italian Restaurant Cafe Wine

Bar (Map p330 288 3259 dishes PI 50-350) Run proudly by an Italian chef, La Capinnina specialises in creative Italian cooking with regularly updated specials and pastas, pizzas and desserts. The softly lit garden dining area is one of the nicest on White Beach. You can access wi-fi Internet here while sipping an espresso.

Hawaiian Feast The Luau

Most luau are fixed in price, generally 52 to 68 for adults, less for children. A variety of traditional foods and entertainment is provided. The luau usually begins at sunset and features Polynesian and Hawaiian entertainment, which can range from lavish affairs with flaming knives or torches being juggled, to performances of ancient hula, missionary-era hula, and modern hula, as well as narration of the stories and legends portrayed by the dances. The food always includes imu-roasted kalua pig, lomi salmon, dried fish, poke (raw fish cut into small pieces), poi (made from taro), laulau (meat, fish, and vegetables wrapped in ti leaves), Hawaiian sweet potato, sauteed vegetables, salad, and the ultimate taste treat, a coconut dessert called haupia. Don't worry if you've never heard of these items (and can't pronounce them either), most luau will also have more common preparations of fish, chicken, and roast beef, as well as easily recognizable salads and standard desserts like cake.

The Best Places to Savor Southwest Flavors

Roaring Fork (Scottsdale & 480 947-0795) Roaring Fork's chef, Robert McGrath, has long been one of the most creative chefs in the Phoenix area. The atmosphere is lively, and everything from the bread basket and bar snacks to the entrees and desserts shows an attention to detail. See p. 100. Sam's Cafe (Phoenix & 602 9547100 and 602 252-3545 Scotts-dale & 480 368-2800) The flavors of the Southwest don't have to cost a fortune, and these restaurants are proof. Okay, so the food won't be as unforgettable as that at Roaring Fork, but you'll still get a good idea of what Southwestern cooking is all about. See p. 109. Blue Adobe Grille (Mesa & 480 962-1000) This nondescript restaurant in an otherwise forgettable area of Mesa serves some of the best southwestern fare in the state. Not only are the meals flavorful (without being too spicy), but prices are great, too. There's even a good wine list See p. 111. The Heartline Cafe (Sedona & 928 282-0785) Combining the zesty flavors of the...

Where to Eat in Nags Head

Owens' Restaurant, s 252-441-7309, Milepost 161 2, Beach Road, Nags Head, a AAA Three-Diamond Award recipient for the past 20 years, has been owned and operated by the Owens and Shannon families, Nags Head natives, for over a half-century. The menu, which offers Miss O's crab cakes and hush puppies, features classic local Southern coastal cuisine, with fresh-off-the-boat seafood and shellfish, whole Maine lobster, tender aged Angus beef, ribs, pasta and outrageously delicious homemade desserts, complemented by an extensive wine list.

Neptunes Hideaway Motel

Great dining is steps away at the resort's award-winning Gus' Grille, featuring Floribbean specialties and homemade desserts, late-night cappuccino and dessert at the Piano Bar, and Sunday brunch. At certain times of the year, continental breakfast is served poolside at Flipper's Poolside Tiki Bar & Grille, which also offers lunch and exotic tropical drinks later in the day. Frozen drinks, light snacks and full meals are also served at Breezer's Bar & Grille.

Kauai Calendar Of Events

This annual scholarship fundraiser at the Terrace Restaurant at the Kauai Lagoons Golf Course features desserts, desserts, and more desserts. Call & 808 635-9464. Waimea Town Celebration, Waimea, Kauai. This annual party on Kauai's west side celebrates the Hawaiian and multiethnic history of the town where Captain Cook first landed. This is the island's biggest 2-day event, drawing some 10,000 people. Top Hawaiian entertainers, sporting events, rodeo, and lots of food are on tap during the weekend celebration. Call & 808 245-3971. 27th Annual Captain Cook Fun Run. The 2, 5, and 10k runs, with a starting time of 7am, go through the old plantation town of Waimea. Call & 808 335-2824. Kilohana Long-Distance Canoe Race. Traditional Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Racing along the Waimea shoreline is the first event of the Kauai canoe-racing season. Starting times for the races Saturday morning are 8am for single-person canoes, 9am for women, and 10 30am for men. The finish is...

Kids Family Friendly Restaurants

Brennecke's Beach Broiler (2100 Hoone Rd., across from Poipu Beach Park . & 808 742-7588). After a morning at Brennecke's Beach, just walk across the street to this casual eatery and chow down on their famous hamburgers. They also have kid' items like nachos and peppers, fresh fish sandwiches, build-your-own gourmet burgers, and desserts. Look for the early dinner (4-6pm), to save even more money. Poipu Beach Broiler (1941 Poipu Rd., Poipu & 808 742-6433). The kids' menu at this steak-and-seafood restaurant features pasta ( 5), baby back ribs ( 8), grilled chicken ( 7), cheeseburger ( 6), and the standard grilled cheese sandwich ( 5). Come early and take in the sunset. Brick Oven Pizza (2-2555 Kaumualii Hwy. Hwy. 50 , Kalaheo, inland from Poipu & 808 332-8561). Kids and pizza just go together, especially at this old-fashioned stone oven pizzeria featuring more pizza toppings than you can count. There will be something here to please every member of the family, including Mom and Dad...

Texto Text Ana Rodrigues Fotos Photos Jose Manuel

The true treasures of this beautiful Atlantic isle are evoked by its fine cuisine and the whole ambience of the restaurant, its decoration, and even the waiters' uniforms, which follow the graceful and colourful Madeiran tradition. The menu offers a wide selection of flavours, including such well-known delicacies as bolo do caco, a traditional type of Madeiran bread made every day at the restaurant. It is delicious spread with butter, and accompanies certain dishes perfectly, such as Madeiran bay-skewer kebabs, one of the most popular requests. Also in great demand are tuna stake with fried corn, and black scabbard-fish fillets with banana. Meat in wine and garlic, and Madeira-style fried chicken are also outstanding choices, from a menu with no shortage of fruit, of course. There is a whole host of desserts to choose from, but do not pass up the passion-fruit pudding and traditional Madeiran honey cake. Both are delicious

Along the Miramichi River

Cornish Corner Inn has bright, comfortable rooms and a restaurant worth traveling for - pheasant, beef pie in a baked potato crust or scallops in premium sherry. Desserts are irresistible, as are breakfast scones. The hosts are energetic people with a fine-tuned sense of humor, who love the area and try to introduce guests to the best it can offer. They arrange a multitude of packages that include everything from horseback riding to mushroom hunting. The inn is open April until mid-December. Main St. (PO Box 40), Stanley, NB E0H 1T0, s 506 367-2239, fax 506 367-2230. ( )

Fun Fact Pint Size Food Experiences

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa offers two special cooking programs for children. Grand Adventures in Cooking invites up to 12 youngsters, 3 to 10 years old, to make dessert in a 2-hour decorating class ( 19.95 per child, usually Tues and Fri). The Wonderland Tea Party gives kids the same age a 1-hour primer in cupcake decorating with their fingers They also feast on heart-shaped PBJs and sip apple juice tea while they play with Alice and the Mad Hatter ( 22.95 per child, weekdays). Call & 407 8243000 or 407 939-3463 for details on both programs.

Rhapsody at Symphony Center Dining before the overture

Symphony Center resulted from a 105-million renovation that connected the original Orchestra Hall, home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, to the surrounding buildings, expanded the stage and seating area, and created an on-premises education center and restaurant, Rhapsody, 65 E. Adams St. at Wabash Avenue ( 312-7869911). The restaurant serves contemporary American cuisine in a warm setting overlooking a small park. Concertgoers can savor every bite of the signature dessert a chocolate brownie with a gooey, molten center, topped with chocolate sorbet and a treble-clef chocolate leaf knowing that they're just steps from the concert hall.

Riverside Tea Garden Teaslight Fare

If the weather's nice, you can enjoy a sandwich, coffee, dessert, or afternoon tea outdoors, next to the Avon. There's a little building where you place your order at the door, then take a table on the lawn and enjoy the passing parade. The menu's simple and pleasantly inexpensive.

In Dorsoduro Moderate

Taverna San Trovaso tf (Kids VENETIAN Wine bottles line the woodpaneled walls, and low vaulted brick ceilings augment the sense of character in this canal-side tavern, always packed with locals and visitors. The menu turistico includes wine, an ample frittura mista (assortment of fried seafood), and dessert. The gnocchi is homemade the local specialty of calves' liver and onions is great, and the simply grilled fish is the taverna's claim to fame. There's also a variety of pizzas. For a special occasion that'll test your budget but not bankrupt you, consider the four-course menu It starts with a fresh antipasto of seafood followed by pasta and a fish entree (changing with the day's catch) and includes side dishes, dessert, and wine.

Th Arrondissement Inexpensive

Le Grain de Folie ORGANIC VEGETARIAN Simple and wholesome, this cuisine is inspired by France, Greece, California, Turkey, and India. The menu includes an array of theme salads, cereals, tarts, terrines, and casseroles. Dessert selections might include an old-fashioned tart or a fruit salad. The decor includes potted plants and exposed stone. You can choose one of an array of wines or a frothy glass of vegetable juice to accompany your meal. This place may be a bit difficult to find, but it's worth the search. Marie-C cite is the charming owner.

Glenwood Springs Italian Grill

Because Sapphire Grill is in an inconspicuous upstairs spot, you can often walk in and get a table when other Glenwood Springs restaurants are jammed. Another plus is that the chef loves garlic. After eating the bulb of roasted garlic that comes with your home-baked bread, order the escargot in garlic butter as an appetizer. Follow it with linguine with spicy garlic shrimp sauce. The Sapphire also serves grilled steaks, salmon, and pork chops, as well as a popular rack of ribs. The dessert list, entirely garlic free, includes homemade tiramisu and cr me br l e. 710 Grand Ave. 970-945-4771. Reservations accepted. Entrees 10- 20. AE, MC, V. Open Daily 5-9 30 p.m.

San Teodoro Map p Ristorante Via dei Fienili meals h Mon Sat g Via del Teatro di Marcello

Both ancient and cutting-edge (it's set on a medieval piazza, with vaulted ceilings and paintings by contemporary Roman artists), San Teodoros sophisticated takes on traditional dishes keep this restaurant at the top of Rome's dining charts. Although it offers a hit list of Roman classics, it's best known for its delicious seafood creations, including baked sea bass served coated in artichokes. Chocolate, ricotta and ice cream appear in various guises for dessert, while the wine list will please most amateur connoisseurs.

Mountain Room Restaurant

The best thing about this restaurant is the view. The food's excellent, too, with an emphasis on local organic ingredients, but the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Yosemite Falls are spectacular. There's not a bad seat in the house. We suggest grilled chicken breast, which is flavorful and moist, as are rainbow trout almondine and Pacific salmon. Meals come with vegetables and bread. Soup or salad is extra. There are also options for vegetarians, and an amazing dessert tray. The Mountain Room has a good wine list, and an a la carte menu is available in the Mountain Room Bar and Lounge (open 4 10pm Mon-Fri, noon-10pm Sat-Sun).

Togas International and Northwest Cuisine

Located on the west side of Port Angeles, this restaurant is an unexpected treat and serves some very unusual dishes. Chef Toga Hertzog apprenticed in the Black Forest and has brought to his restaurant the traditional Jagerstein style of cooking Diners cook their own meat or prawns on a hot rock. With 24 hours' notice, you can also have traditional Swiss cheese fondue or a lighter seafood fondue. To start your meal, try crabmeat Rockefeller or the sampler of house-smoked salmon, scallops, oysters, and prawns. For dessert, nothing hits the spot like the chocolate macadamia nut mousse torte.

E Arrondissements

Al Diwan (Finds LEBANESE Don't head upstairs to the pricey restaurant stay on the ground floor in the casual, delicious, and affordable bistro. The decor is nondescript, but if you score a table by the window, you'll have a great view of avenue Georges V. The Lebanese food here is authentic, fresh, and prepared with care. Start with a fatoush salad (tomatoes, romaine, parsley, and green onions tossed in a pomegranate dressing) or pureed lentil soup. Then move on to one of the fantastic main courses such as sayadiyeh, a flaky whitefish with saffron rice drizzled with a lemony tahini dressing, or kibbe balls (ground lamb, mild spices, and bulghar wheat) simmered in a yogurt-and-mint sauce. For dessert, there is an array of pastries, but for something light, try the moghli a yummy rice pudding made with caraway and anise and sprinkled with dried coconut. 30 av. George V, 8e. & 01-47-20-18-17.2-course menu 23 ( 26) main courses 9.50 -22 ( 11- 25). MC,V. Daily noon-3pm and 7-11pm. M tro...

Where To Dine In The Socorro Area

El Sombrero fjp NEW MEXICAN This is a real locals' place. My Socorran friends call it the Hat and always request the garden room, where tables surround a small fountain. This is some of the best New Mexican food around. I especially enjoy the chicken enchiladas, though my friend Dennis always orders the spinach ones. They come rolled, with beans, rice, and a sopaipilla. Most popular on the menu are beef or chicken fajitas, served with rice, beans, tortillas, and guacamole. The restaurant is known for its trademark sauces, especially poblano chile and mole, which are served over enchiladas or meats such as chicken. For dessert, try the churro, a cinnamon sugared stick with vanilla ice cream. Beer and wine are available. 210 Mesquite NE, Socorro. & 505 835-3945. Main courses 4 11.AE, DC, DISC, MC, V. Daily 11am 9pm.

La Cantina dellEtrusco Tarquinia Tarquinian

You can taste local specialties and traditional dishes of the interior at this cantina in the historic center of Tarquinia. Choices include pappardelle al sugo di cinghiale (homemade fresh pasta with wild-boar ragout), ragout di lepre (hare ragout), and pollo in salmi (savory chicken with tomato-and-wine sauce), all of which are very well prepared. The wine list features all the best local vintages, including the famous Est, Est, Est , as well as Cerveteri, Orvieto Classico, and Vignanello. Do not miss the tozzetti (biscotti made with local hazelnuts), with Aleatico di Gradoli (a muscat wine) for dessert.

Rips One More Fun Thing

While it may not appeal to some children (the 9-and-older squad should be okay), SeaWorld's Makahiki Luau, 7007 SeaWorld Dr. (& 800 327-2424 or 407 363-2559, is another option during your Orlando visit. The show is a celebration of Hawaiian music and dance and the menu offers mahimahi in pina colada sauce, Hawaiian chicken, sweet and sour pork, rice, vegetables, fruit, dessert, and beverages. There isn't a kids' menu, per se, but you can order a hot dog or chicken tenders for those whose tastes refuse to accept menu fare. The price is 37.95 for adults, 27.95 for children 3 to 9. Park admission is not required. Medieval Times Age 5 and up Orlando has one of the eight Medieval Times shows in the United States and Canada. Inside, guests gorge themselves on barbecued spare ribs, herb-roasted chicken, soup, appetizer, potatoes, dessert, and beverages including beer (there's no kids' menu). But since this is the 11th century, you eat with your fingers from metal plates...

Take a trip through the flavours of Port Wine one of the oldest and most appreciated fine wines in the world

The art and knowledge of generation after generation have given the world a drink that inebriates men and gods alike. Travel along the Douro River and let the gentle sway of the Rabelo boats, which take the wine to its cellars at the mouth of the river, make your imagination slide through this nectar's history. Enjoy the sight of the vineyards planted in steps carved into the mountainsides and visit the century-old farms, where grapes are selected and crushed by the experience of centuries, to yield their precious juice. Discover the true meaning of a Port wine, flanked by the Douro banks, in a glass of this drink that enchants the most exquisite palates. Unravel the mysteries of traditional gastronomy, as you experience the most succulent meats and the freshest river fish, prepared in a thousand ways that make your mouth water. Taste the Green, or the much-appreciated Douro wines, as you experience the flavours and aromas of Porto and Northern Portugal. Finish off great meals,...

Edelweiss Bavarian Gasthaus Restaurant

You'll forget there are palm trees outside when you enter this little corner of Germany off Biscayne Boulevard, just north of downtown in the Edgewater area of Miami. A warm, Bavarian atmosphere accented by wainscoted walls and pine boughs sets the stage for a menu of hearty German and European specialties, including traditional bratwurst and schnitzel, spaetzle with fresh broccoli and red peppers, slow-cooked pot roast, and beer steak, a sirloin grilled with dark beer and horseradish. Appetizers include Camembert in honey-garlic butter and goulash with chunks of beef, red and green peppers, potato, celery, tomato and paprika. For dessert, there is - what else - luscious strudel. 0pen weekdays for lunch, 11 am-2 30 pm dinner nightly from 5 pm closed on Sundays during the summer.

Ruths Chris Steak House

Ing eight different cuts of beef, including New York strip, porterhouse and T-bone. Steaks arrive at the table still sputtering, a generous hunk of butter melting on top. The restaurant also serves a range of other meats, including lamb, roasted chicken, steamed Maine lobster and fish. Appetizers and salads include onion and lobster soups, crabmeat-stuffed mushrooms, seafood gumbo, salad of mixed field greens, and artichoke hearts with escargot. The standout dessert is a chocolate-chunk bread pudding chocolate sin cake, pecan pie and seasonal berries in cream are other sweet treats. Open Sundays to Thursdays, 5-10 pm, and to 11 pm Fridays and Saturdays. Reservations are highly recommended.

Taste of France Local Cuisine

While in France, you'll learn how to pace yourself through multicourse meals, to look forward to the cheese course, and to never skip dessert. With virtually no turnover of tables in French restaurants, customers are expected to settle in for at least a two-hour meal. Service usually moves at a leisurely pace because the idea is not to rush through the meal but to linger and enjoy the experience.

Delight The sabre shield and shank

Treat yourself to baked hams or roast shanks, which you eat with your hands, as well as groats served in genuine clay dishes with spoons and, as dessert, old-recipe gingerbreads with a hole, all accompanied by ancient renaissance music. So invigorated you can try your skills with bow and sling, or you can buy your children a knight's sabre and shield

Chilmark Including Menemsha West Tisbury Very Expensive

But elegant, dining room, or outside on the new tiled patio. Either way, diners enjoy sunset views of the harbor. ChefJames McDonough's most popular dishes include hazelnut-encrusted halibut with Marsala wine beurre-blanc sauce and Alaskan king salmon, grilled over Peruvian blue mashed potatoes with a morel mushroom sauce and crab-meat timbale. The most winning appetizer is the blackened lobster tips, served with mango cream sauce and house-cured gravlax with homemade wild rice and corn pancakes. For dessert, you'll flip for the chocolate quadruple-layer cake made with white and dark chocolate mousse and Chambord. In the spring and fall, there is usually an ethereal souffl on the menu, either Grand Marnier or chocolate.

St Stephens Greengrafton Street Area Very Expensive

Stephen's Green, on a wee lane off Dawson Street, is the restaurant (still in its infancy) that is launching an empire. Since opening One Pico, chef-owner Eamonn O'Reilly has opened two other popular Dublin bistros, but this one remains the most focused and best. (Let's hope his peripheral ventures don't distract him from the stove too often.) This is a sophisticated, grown-up, classy place, with excellent service and fantastic food. Favorite dishes include a starter of seared foie gras with pineapple tatin memorable main dishes include scallops with baby beetroot and lime, confit of duck with fig tatin, and beef with Roquefort ravioli. For dessert, a caramelized lemon tart is the end to a near-perfect meal.

Variations On A Stinky Theme

When it comes to durians, Malaysians aren't happy to leave a great thing be. The so-called king of fruit turns up in a variety of recipes including durian pengat, a porridgelike sweet made by cooking durian pulp, coconut cream and palm sugar until gooey-thick the black saccharine and chewy long-stewed dodo durian and Nonya-style yuiian gao, a cake sold in cylindrical 20cm sticks. Vendors add durian to their ais kacang (Malaysian iced-dessert), roti (bread) and Chinese mooncakes batter and deep-fry it, tempura-style and make it into chips. Restaurants serve durian gateau and tiramisu. Extremists may want to try tempoyak (fermented and near-alcoholic durian pulp) mixed with fish curry, samba (relish) and rice. Over-indulged by all means, but just remember that despite its stinky odour Malays believe that durian is a powerful aphrodisiac, hence the old adage, When the durians go down, the sarongs go up'.

Near San Marco Santissima Annunziata

Il Vegetariano VEGETARIAN Come early to Florence's only vegetarian restaurant and use your coat to save a spot at one of the communal wood tables before heading to the back to get your food. You pay at the start of the meal, after choosing from the daily selections penned on the wipe board, and take your dishes self-service style from the workers behind the counter. The menu changes constantly but includes such dishes as risotto with yellow squash and black cabbage a soupy, spicy Tunisian-style couscous with vegetables a quichelike pizza rustica of ricotta, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms or a plate with farro (emmer) and a hot salad of spinach, onions, sprouts, and bean-curd chunks sauteed in soy sauce. You can mix and match your own salad, and they make a good chestnut flour cake stuffed with hazelnut cream for dessert.

The Basic Italian Meal

Your main dish, so you have to order your contorno separately. A dolce (dessert) comes much later, and no Italian meal is complete without espresso and a shot of grappa. Below are some of the most typical dishes of Tuscany and Umbria. ANTIPASTO The classic Tuscan appetizer is an antipasto misto, which simply means mixed. It usually entails affettati misti and crostini misti, both of which can be ordered alone as well. The former is a plate of sliced cured meats and salami, likeprosciutto (salt-cured ham), capocollo (meaty pork salami), finoc-chiata (capocollo with fennel seeds), and sopressata (gelatinous headcheese better than it sounds). Crostini are little rounds of toast spread with various p t s, the most popular being di fegatini (chicken liver flavored with anchovy paste and capers) and di milza (spleen), though you'll also often get mushrooms, tomatoes, a cheesy sauce, or (especially in Umbria) a truffle paste. Cantucci, or biscotti di Prato in that town most famed for them,...

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Pranzo (lunch) is traditionally the main meal of the day and most businesses close for several hours every afternoon. Lunch consists of an antipasto, a primo piatto (first course) of pasta or risotto, and a secondo piatto (second course) of meat or fish. It's rounded off with fresh fruit or doici (dessert), and coffee, often on the way back to work.

Where To Dine In Las Vegas

Blackjack's Grill STEAKS SEAFOOD Las Vegas needed a fancier restaurant for a long time, and now it has one. The main dining room at Blackjack's is small and cozy, done in brilliant colors with mood lighting. In the warmer months, diners can sit on a patio under white cloth umbrellas. As befits the area, it's a fairly informal restaurant that does fill up, so try to make reservations. Each night the chef serves some special dishes. Most are fairly traditional. I've enjoyed beef medallions in wine sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes. The pasta dishes, such as fettuccine Alfredo, can also be good. A variety of dessert specials are available. Beer and wine are served. place, full of families, old Hispanic farmers, and students from the United World College. The decor is cheesy pastels, but it can be overlooked for the comfort, especially of the booths. The lounge retains the original red upholstery, which is more to my liking. Service is friendly and efficient. The chile, especially...

Food Drink Staples Specialities

For dessert you might try the coldgyiimolcs leves (fruit soup) made with sour cherries and other berries, or palincsinta (crepes) filled with jam, sweet cheese or chocolate sauce. A good food-stand snack is langos, fried dough that can be topped with cheese and or tejfdl (sour cream). Two Hungarian wines are known internationally the sweet, dessert wine Tokaji Aszu and Egri Bikaver (Eger Bull's Blood), the full-bodied red, high in acid and tannin. But the country produces a number of other eminendy drinkable wines. Hungarian beers sold nationally include Dreher and Kobanyai Borosodi is a decent amber brew. For the harder stuff, try pdlinka, a strong, firewaterlike brandy distilled from a variety of fruits, but most commonly plums or apricots. Zwack distillery produces Unicum, a bitter aperitif that has been around since 1790 it tastes a bit like the medicine doctors give you to induce vomiting - but it's popular.

Moments A Dining Room or Two with a View

As we keep noting, the Strip at night is a dazzling sight, which is why hotel rooms with Strip views come at such a premium. Regardless of whether you were able to get the proverbial room with a view, consider dining at either the chic Eiffel Tower Restaurant, in Paris Las Vegas, 3655 Las Vegas Blvd. S. (& 702 948-6937 daily 11am-3pm and 5 30-10 45pm), located on the 11th floor of said Mid-Strip hotel, or the Stratosphere's Top of the World, in Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, 2000 Las Vegas Blvd. S. (& 702 380-7711 www.topoftheworld daily 11am-3pm, Sun-Thurs 5 30-10 30pm, Fri-Sat 5 30-11pm), which is almost at the top of the North Strip's Stratosphere Tower, the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. Both offer fantastic views. The latter even revolves 360 degrees, while the former also looks down on the Bellagio fountains. Both, however, also match sky-high views with sky-high prices, and, unfortunately, neither has food worth the price. Go for a special night out, or see if...

Lettuce Entertain You All Over Chicago

Other strategies Split an appetizer or dessert. Skip the alcohol or enjoy a before- or after-dinner drink from your private (and cheaper) stash in your room. If possible, skip beverages altogether those 2.50 Diet Cokes can really add up. Order the fixed-price menu (not available everywhere but always a good deal). Have a meal on the go for lunch and save your cash for a big night out.

Costera Hotel Zone Very Expensive

Delightful in both presentation and taste. Start with 1 of the 12 house specialty drinks, such as Olvido, made with tequila, rum, Cointreau, tomato juice, and lime juice. Soups include delicious cold melon, and thick black bean and sausage. Among the innovative entrees are quail with honey and pasilla chiles, and thick sea bass with a mild sauce of cilantro and avocado. For dessert, try chocolate fondue or guanabana (a tropical fruit) mousse in a rich zapote negro (black tropical fruit) sauce. El Olvido is in the same shopping center as La Petite Belgique (see review below), fronting Diana Circle. Walk into the passage to the right of Aca Joe and bear left it's at the back. place to eat in Acapulco, and I never miss it. Perhaps I have simple tastes, but these fresh fish, shrimp, and seafood tacos (served in combinations that include grilled pineapple, fresh spinach, grated cheese, garlic, and bacon) are so tasty that they're addicting. Unlike most inexpensive places to eat, the...

The Cheesecake Factory

So where does the cheesecake come in At the end, and we wish you luck in choosing from among 30 different kinds, including Southern pecan, Key lime, lemon mousse, and Craig's crazy carrot cake. Of course, there are other dessert choices, ranging from fresh apple dumpling to strawberry shortcake.

Epicurean Farm Teur Dinner

At the conclusion of the farm tour, participants are bused back to Merriman's restaurant to enjoy the products that they have just seen in the form of a four-course meal, which includes a salad course (Honopua farm spinach salad with herb-roasted beets and Maui onions, topped by warm mac-nut, pear vinegar, and ginger dressing), a fish course (grilled fresh fish with lemon and arugula pesto), a meat course (braised Kahua Ranch lamb), and dessert (Long Ears coffee cheesecake). There are plenty of vegetarian selections. If the Mexican wedding cookies or chocolate chip cookies are available, grab one (they're huge and only 1 each). 64-1066 Mamalahoa Hwy.,Waimea. & 808 887-1717. All items 14 and under. AE, MC, V. Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun noon-9pm.

Where To Stay Dine

Fleur du Lac jf SWISS FRENCH Many residents of Geneva make weekend excursions to taste the unusual and imaginative food served at this beautiful restaurant on the quay beside the lake. Famous specialties include Lake Geneva perch plus imported seafood. The menu, which changes with the season, includes an unusual version of medallions of foie gras served with pistachio nuts and a sweet-and-sour sauce inspired by Asia, filet of lake perch with butter sauce and tartar sauce, rosettes of roast lamb with turnips and a butter-enhanced tarragon sauce, and poached supreme of turbot with wine herb sauce and shellfish. Dessert might be a fantasy of coconut. More than 250 domestic and foreign wines are available. There's an outdoor terrace facing the lake. A small bistro offers specialties of the day costing 25F ( 16) and up. The bus from Lausanne stops in back of the hotel. Restaurant de l'Union FRENCH Set between two historic and central streets of Morges' old town, this well-recommended,...

Taste of the Wineries

The region is home to New Zealand's oldest winemaking establishments, and with over 40 wineries to choose from, you're bound to find a glass of something pleasing. Hawkes Bay's conditions are ideal for late-maturing varieties such as cabernet sauvignon and Riesling. Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and sweet dessert wines from this area are also prized. Most wineries are open daily, with free tours, tastings, and sales. At least 10 also feature restaurants.

The Best Tuscan Umbrian Experiences

In between, and cheese, dessert, coffee, and digestivo liqueur all lined up at the end. Catching Festival Fever Italians will throw a festa at any excuse the local saint's day, the harvest, boar-hunting season, or sometimes just because it's the second Tuesday in May. Flower-strewn streets, fountains spewing wine, solemn religious processions, people in Renaissance garb shooting crossbows, horse and footraces through medieval streets, big roasting spits of wild birds, mass blessings of sheep and Fiats, violent Renaissance soccer, jousting matches, High Masses, and vats bubbling with polenta you never know what you'll be in for, but it's bound to be memorable. See Tuscany & Umbria Calendar of Events in chapter 2 and each town's Essentials section. Haggling in Florence's Leather Market Every day, the streets around the Mercato Centrale and San Lorenzo are filled with proprietors hawking marbleized paper, knockoff Gucci silk scarves, T-shirts emblazoned with Michelangelo's David, and...

Mecklenburg Western Pomerania

Bread pudding is a very popular dessert throughout the state, but visitors might prefer the more unusual and delicious Sanddorn (sallow thorn). Nicknamed the 'Mecklenburg lemon', this is a shrub berry with a subtie citrus flavour, and is used to great effect in teas, ice-creams and other dishes (as well as beauty products).

Taking Music To New Heights

Flower-filled gardens 3km northeast of Trento in the hillside village of Cognola. Each of its 50 rooms is beautifully decorated with antique furnishings, and the restaurant (worth the trip in its own right) serves locally sourced meals such as deer fillet in red wine with cranberry sauce and polenta, and apple strudel with fresh cream for dessert. Set menu costs 25.

Moments Special Meals Tours at Busch Gardens

If your kids are around Sesame Street age, then they'll be overjoyed by the opportunity to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Elmo, Ernie, Big Bird, and other Sesame Street characters. The food won't be gourmet but your kids won't care. Breakfast is an all-you-can-eat affair that starts at 9 30am and enables participants to get a jump on the park. It costs 12.95 adults 9.95 children 3-9. Lunch ( 14.95 for adults 9.95 children 3-9) has a kids' buffet that features macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers, pizza and more. Adults get their own buffet with chicken Dijon, seafood, vegetable lasagna, and various salads and fruits. The dessert buffet will satisfy everyone's sugar cravings. Dinner ( 19.95 for adults 12.95 children 3-9) offerings are similar to though a bit more extensive than those at lunch. Children under 3 eat free though you'll have to reserve a space for them. Reservations can be made online at or by calling & 888 800-5447. You can tack on a meal to...

Kharga the capital oasis

Egypt is home to many outstanding restaurants, where specialities are made from local meat and vegetables as well as delicious fresh fish from the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. To accompany these dishes, you can choose from the region's renowned fresh fruit juices, or alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer. For dessert, treat yourself to delicious pastries made with honey and oil - a true Eastern delight - accompanied by a refreshing Karkaday (an infusion of hibiscus flowers, served hot or cold), or perhaps a Turkish coffee, with its thick layer of fine coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Dining English Style from Traditional to Modern

Other traditional dishes loved by Londoners include meat and fish pies, shepherd's pie (ground beef topped with mashed potatoes and baked), and fish and chips. And for dessert At restaurants like Porter's English Restaurant, you can still find sticky toffee pudding (sponge cake smothered in warm butterscotch sauce), spotted dick (steamed, raisin-filled sponge cake covered with custard), and trifle (sherry-soaked sponge cake layered with raspberry preserves, covered with custard sauce, and topped with whipped cream).

Where to Eat Inside the Canyon

If you want dinner served your way, however, bring a camp stove. Every evening, just three options are offered a steak dinner at 5pm, a vegetarian dinner at 5pm, and a hearty beef stew at 6 30pm. The vegetarian plate consists of lentil loaf and the side dishes to the steak dinner vegetables, cornbread, baked potato, and salad. With either dinner, the dessert is chocolate cake.

Exploring the dining zones

Cafes and restaurants often congregate on certain blocks, making it easy to stroll down the street until an enticing odor or empty table calls out to you. One of my absolute favorite dining destinations is Belden Place in the Financial District, a 1-block alley closed to traffic off Bush and Pine streets between Kearny and Montgomery. Weekdays, in good weather, the outdoor tables are coveted lunch spots. Two standouts on multicultural Belden are Plouf ( 415-986-6491), a delightful French restaurant specializing in fish and shellfish, and B-44 ( 415-986-6287 see listing later in this chapter), a Spanish charmer specializing in paella and Catalan dishes. North Beach is awash in Italian cafes, Italian restaurants of all persuasions, and some inexpensive little eateries. The family-style La Felce, 1570 Stockton St., at Union ( 415-392-8321) and Capps Corner, 1600 Powell, at Green ( 415-989-2589), are among the last of the breed, where complete meals are no understatement. You order a...

Diplomatic Enclave Chanakyapuri Area

Ichiban (Map pp102-3 mains Rs 100-300 S 12.30-3.30pm & 7.30pm-1.30am a) If you're all cur-ried-out, Ichiban specialises in Chinese and Japanese food, with perfectly reasonable versions of all your eastern favourites. Try the yummy stir-fried vegetables in almond sauce, salt-and-pepper chicken, and for dessert, crispy noodles in honey sauce (Rs 80).

Where To Feast On Friulian Fodder

Friulian cuisine has been influenced by many cultures but poverty has contributed the most. One typical dish, brovada, sees you eating turnips fermented with the dregs of pressed grapes (most often served with muset, a slightly spicy sausage), while brodetto (or boreto) is a mixed-fish soup. Otherwise, gnocchi (potato, pumpkin or bread dumplings) are popular, as are cialzons (variously spelled, a ravioli-gnocchi hybrid stuffed with everything from cheese to chocolate) or sausages and bolliti (boiled meats) dished up with polenta and cren (horseradish). Jota (of Jewish origin) is a thick soup of beans and sauerkraut. For dessert, try a gubana, a pastry stuffed with nuts, almonds, raisins, pine nuts, candied orange, butter and sweet liqueur). Cividale and the villages of the Natisone river are the original home to this calorie cannonball.

Sights Activities

Out of town on Rte 203 near the Km 60 marker is Chateau de Loei Winery ( 0 4280 9521 S 8am-5pm), Thailand's most respected vineyard. The winery released the first commercially produced Thai wine in 1995 and scooped a silver medal for its Chenin Blanc dessert wine in the 2004 International Wine & Spirits Competition. Visitors are welcome and you can taste its wines, grape juices and brandies back in the main winery building. There is a restaurant and gift-gourmet shop on the main road.

Downtown East of th Street NW

Andale tfF MEXICAN During a visit to the Yucatan peninsula a couple of years ago, chef Allison Swope was so taken with the cuisine of Oaxaca, Mexico, that upon her return to Washington she set about transforming her robust American restaurant, The Mark, into the inventive Mexican Andale (andale means let's go ). The menu features dishes that combine authentic regional Mexican cuisine with fresh and often nontraditional ingredients sushi grade tuna marinated with achiote, garlic, Mexican oregano, and sour orange juice pato al mole Negro oaxaqueno, which is roasted duck served over Mexican red rice with a nut-based sauce that includes dried chiles, garlic, tomatillos, chocolate, and cinnamon. The leg of lamb, which is roasted in avocado leaves and presented in a soupy sauce of lamb broth, thickened with garbanzo beans, carrots, and potatoes, is a standout. Not to miss the smoky, spicy salsa picante appetizer and the Mexican-style doughnuts with dipping chocolate for dessert. The bar...

Chicagos steak joints

Chicagoans come here to see and be seen, and the food isn't bad either. Photos of celebs decorate the Art Deco-style rooms. The bar has its own life, where the who's who of the city mingle and mix. Everything is larger than life, from the patrons to the martinis, which come in 10-ounce glasses. Entrees are also giant-size, and well-aged steaks are the star of the show. With such ample portions, Gibson's is ideal for a group interested in sharing dishes. The turtle pie (a luscious dessert) alone can probably serve eight This is one of Chicago's most popular restaurants, so call well in advance for reservations. If you aren't up for a big meal, you can also order from the bar menu. Tucked away on the seventh floor of the Garland Building, you can find perhaps the best Cajun and Creole cooking north of New Orleans. Don't miss the acclaimed gumbo, po' boy sandwiches (try the oyster and soft-shell crab versions), hoppin' John (black-eyed peas and rice), and spicy jambalaya. Sweet-potato...

Fresh Seasonal Ingreditens

Vegetables, pork from free-range pigs, and other organic goods directly from the farmer. As a tourist in the countryside, you will often see roadside produce stands selling potatoes, peas, fruits and berries. Farmers sell their harvest in these stands, trusting that you will remember to place a few coins in the tin or jar. Using berries bought along the roadside, you can make r0dgr0d, or stewed fruit - a traditional summer dessert served with cream.

How This Book Is Organized

This part is all about getting around, from the moment your plane lands or you step off the train or bus. I cover ground transportation into the city, the public transit system, and sights to see on foot. This part also includes information about the many New York neighborhoods and what makes them distinct. From there, I explain New York lodging and how to find the best room rate, and then I give you my favorite hotels along with a number of very good runners-up. Finally, this part includes a chapter on eating in New York. Here I give you an overview of the food scene in New York, along with snacking options like pizza, bagels, dessert, and cheap eats.

Act Two All Power to the Soviets

According to Lenin's chief accomplice and coup organiser, Leon Trotsky, 'power was lying in the streets, waiting for someone to pick it up.' Bolshevik Red Guards seized a few buildings and strategic points. The Provisional Government was holed up in the tsar's private dining room in the Winter Palace, protected by a few Cossacks, the Petrograd chapter of the Women's Battalion of Death, and a one-legged commander of a bicycle regiment. Before dessert could be served, their dodgy defences cracked. Mutinous mariners fired a window-shattering salvo from the cruiser Aurora (pi 17).

Where To Dine In Around Las Cruces Expensive

Double Eagle CONTINENTAL When I was a kid, whenever we went to Las Cruces, we always made a special trip to this elegant restaurant imbued with Old West style. I'm pleased to say that it's still a quality place to dine. Built around a central courtyard, it has numerous rooms, one of which is said to be frequented by a woman's ghost. Another room has a 30-foot-long bar with Corinthian columns in gold leaf, Gay Nineties oil paintings, and 18-armed brass chandeliers hung with Baccarat crystals. The varied menu includes pasta, chicken, fish, and steak dishes. My favorite is filet mignon bordelaise, served on a French rusk with a rich red-wine sauce. Columbia River salmon, served with triple citrus-chipotle chile sauce, is also delicious. All entrees come with salad, vegetable, and choice of potato or pasta. There's a full bar, and for dessert you can end it all with Death by Chocolate Cake. The 150-year-old Territorial-style hacienda is on the National Register of Historic Places. Peppers...

Kills Family Friendly Restaurants

Palomino NORTHWEST MEDITERRANEAN Located on the upper level of the City Centre shopping center, only a block away from Nordstrom and Pacific Place, this large, casual restaurant may be part of a chain, but its many art-glass chandeliers give it a decidedly Seattle feel. Anything from the apple wood-fired oven is a good bet, and the pizzas are particularly tasty, as are the juicy spit-roasted chickens. For dessert, you'd be remiss if you didn't order the tiramisu. The convenient location and somewhat moderate prices make this a good choice if you want to save your vacation money for shopping at Nordstrom. 1420 Fifth Ave. (in City Centre). & 206 623-1300. Reservations recommended. Main courses 8.50- 29.AE, DC, DISC, MC,V. Mon-Thurs 11 15am-2 30pm and 4-9pm Fri 11 15am-2 30pm and 5-10 30pm Sat 11 15am-3pm and 4 30-10 30pm Sun 4-9pm.

Making Chocolate 101

Making Chocolate 101

If you love chocolate then you can’t miss this opportunity to... Discover How to Make Homemade Chocolate! Do you love gourmet chocolate? Most people do! Fine chocolates are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Kings and princes have for centuries coveted chocolate. Did you know that chocolate used to be one of the expensive items in the world, almost as precious as gold? It’s true!

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