The Mouse Elephant

(Musen & Elefanten) Vestergade 21 n 33-14-46-10

Without doubt, this quirky little bar is one of Copenhagen's more hidden secrets. It's so difficult to find, in fact, that this author - knowing what he was looking for, and where it was supposed to be - still walked past it three times!

Step down into the ground floor bar and you'll find it has a real "spit and sawdust" ambiance, with rather basic furnishings. One room on the upper floor has some tables and chairs, but the real attraction is in

If you find that you enjoy these alcoholic treats, then you can keep enjoying then until 5 am in most establishments.

the bar itself. There, mounted on a wall, is a model of an elephant's head; when the barmaid pulls the left tusk, Carlsberg Elephant beer flows smoothly into your waiting glass. This is the only place in Copenhagen where that very special beer is sold in draft form rather than in bottles. Be warned, though; Elephant Draft is much stronger than regular beer, and takes some getting used to. And, at DKK 25 for a small glass (a larger bottle in a supermarket might only be around DKK 8), it is not cheap. Of course, there are other beers to choose from, as well as the bar's own special cocktail called Sma Gra - Little Greys. This consists of vodka with Turkish pepper and salmiak (black licorice) added; it is strong enough to pin back the ears of an elephant. After a couple of these you may think you are seeing things when the beer mats proclaim that you are in the Elefanten & Musen, rather than the Musen & Elefanten. Don't worry, however, there is a simple answer; some time ago the original bar went bust, so they started up again by changing the name around.

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