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The Ebook created by Derek Earl Baron is a guide to working on a cruise ship is a great way to end up in an industry that allows you to travel as much as you want. Work on a cruise ship, save loads of money and see the world! Thats all there is to it read this book and you will be able to work on a cruise ship, travel the world and live your travel dreams. Cant recommend it enough! It is about how to sail the world and be paid kick-ass money to do it! Derek and Liz have worked on a combined 12 different cruise ships and have laid out a step-by-step process for landing a job yourself with any of the major cruise lines. This is a great eBook for anyone wanting to travel long term and fund their travels. If youre someone wanting to see the world on someone elses dime, its even better. I think the best idea out of this eBook for travel is that you could work on board a cruise ship for one contract (say 6 months), and save enough money to travel anywhere in the world for a long period of time once your done (which the authors have done numerous times). Continue reading...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable ebook so that purchasers of Work On A Cruise Ship Ebook can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

As a whole, this ebook contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

List of crew members and passengers

The list of crew and passengers includes crew members and passengers who are on the vessel, and is approved by signature and seal at the Harbour Master's Office or branch office. If the skipper of a vessel does not intend to change crew during his stay in Croatia waters and while the official vignette is valid, he does not need to further report to the Harbour Master's Office or branch office. extended stay (with no bunks) do not need to have a crew member and passenger list. In Croatia, the skipper of a vessel can disembark his crew (or part of it) with whom he arrived from abroad, and take on a new crew, in which case he is obliged to register the change of crew with the Harbour Master's Office, and to leave Croatian waters with this new crew.

Interisland Shipping Companies

Two shipping companies provide inter-island passenger and cargo services for the Cooks both travel from Rarotonga to all of the populated islands. Both companies are based at Rarotonga's Avatiu Harbour. Both companies offer information, schedules and booking services. Mataroa Shipping 29018 mataroa .ck) Sometimes travels within the Cooks, but mainly brings freight from New Zealand to Rarotonga and Altutaki. The office is inside a large building straight ahead as you approach Avatiu Wharf. Taio Shipping ( 24905, 24912 talo The main Inter-island shipping company in the Cooks, with regular schedules between all the major outer islands and Rarotonga. The office Is near Punanga Nui Market, on your right as you arrive at Avatiu Wharf.

Exploring The Town

The historic district extends well inland from the waterfront. Many 18th-century houses, some with original furnishings, still stand. Ship captains lived near the water at the east end of downtown, in relatively small houses crowded close together. The captains' employers, the shipping company owners, built their homes away from the water (and the accompanying aromas). Many of them lived on Chestnut Street -k k, now a National Historic Landmark. Residents along the grand thoroughfare must, by legal agreement, adhere to colonial style in their decorating and furnishings. Ask at the visitor center for the pamphlet that describes a walking tour of the historic district.

Sailing In The Republic Of Croatia

Formalities, to obtain the relevant official vignette (sticker) and for the verification of crew member and passenger lists at the Harbour Master's Office, or branch office. The skipper of a vessel which is brought into Croatia by road, or which is moored in a port or in some other approved location within the Republic of Croatia, is obliged to obtain the official vignette (sticker) and to verify the list of crew members and passengers (to retain the services of a skipper if required), in the Harbour Master's Office, or a branch office, prior to setting out to sea.

Registration Of Persons Aboard A Vessel

The list of crew and passengers includes crew members and passengers who are on the vessel, and is approved in the Harbour Master's Office or branch office. All vessels entering Croatia by sea must maintain a list of crew and passengers. If the skipper of a vessel does not intend to change crew and or passengers, he does not need to further report to the Harbour Master's Office or branch office. In Croatia, the skipper of a vessel can disembark his crew and or passengers with whom he arrived from abroad, and take on a new crew and or passengers, but in which case he is obliged to disembark such persons outside the Republic of Croatia, or to compile a List of Persons. All changes in the List of crew and passengers must be reported to the Harbour Master's Office or its branch office, and which must be approved by the same. Vessels arriving to the Republic of Croatia by land, or wintering here, and which do not have the facilities for extended stay of persons aboard (i.e. vessels without...

Around Port Of Spain Chaguaramas

There is a handful of internet cafes in town. 2M International Calling Centre (106 Western Main Rd per hr TT12) is a good one that has bulletins for people trying to hitch yachts to Venezuela or other islands while offering their services as crew members. Car-rental places also sprinkle the town.

Marking Your Calendar Yearround New York

Fleet Week, Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. A plethora of ships and thousands of crew members visit New York during Fleet Week activities include flyovers, ship tours, 21-gun salutes, and more. Call 212-2450072 for information or check Last week in May.

Zo Its Your First Time Cruising

Ha Thought you caught our intrepid editor with a typo Not Hquite. I did say this chapter was going to cover practical information from Ato Z, didn't I Seriously, being a rookie cruiser is no cause for concern, although newcomers will certainly have some additional questions. Vacationing on a cruise ship is really like staying at a full-service resort that's on the move. Most things are done for you, including the handling of your baggage to and from your stateroom upon embarkation and disembarkation. You'll find that cruises are well-organized and efficiently managed, especially given the large number of passengers. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask a crew member - they're always happy to help. Here are a few things that first-time cruisers should be aware of children understand this. It is rare that people fall overboard, but it can and does happen, mainly because they had too much to drink and were feeling momentarily invincible If you see someone fall overboard, try...

Sights Activities

At Fort Augustus, boats using the Caledonian Canal are raised and lowered 12m through five cascading locks. You can watch boats being led on ropes, like obedient Labradors, through the locks it's even more of a spectacle when skyscraper-like cruise liners pass through. Built from 1803 to 1822, the canal once conducted paddlesteamers between Glasgow and Inverness with a total of 29 locks between the Scotland's east and west coasts.

Getting There Away

There are two ferry terminals in Floriana. The daily Gozo cargo ferry (used primarily by trucks) departs the Sa Maison wharf at Pieta Creek in Marsamxett Harbour (pi89), while passenger ferries to from Sicily dock at the Sea Passenger Terminal by Pinto Wharf (pl84). Pinto Wharf is also where cruise liners moor when in town.

Monaco Principaut De Monaco

There's something surreal about the pint-sized Principality of Monaco, with its manicured streets, impeccably tended lawns and fountained parks. Squeezed into 1.95 sq km -making it the world's second-smallest country after the Vatican - it's rather like a theme park invented especially for the world's rich and beautiful. Ludicrously priced hotels and lavish casinos line the waterfront, plainclothes policemen stalk the streets, and the harbour is chock-a-block with the kind of yachts that put most luxury cruise liners to shame.

Avoid the International Pier Complex

In order to stay well clear of the International Pier complex, don't dive or swim south of the El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel.The piers are well guarded and illegal for divers or swimmers to approach due to post 9 11 security concerns. The hazards presented by cruise liners, ferry boats and other vessels are very real.

Planning Your Trip to Hong Kong

Viewed from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong rates as one of the most stunning cities in Southeast Asia, if not the world. In the foreground rise the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island, numerous, dense, and astonishingly tall. Beyond that is Victoria Harbour, with its incredibly busy traffic of everything from the historic Star Ferry to cruise liners, cargo ships, and wooden fishing vessels. On the other side is Kowloon Peninsula, growing larger seemingly by the minute with ambitious land reclamation projects, housing estates, and ever-higher buildings, all against a dramatic backdrop of gently rounded mountains.

Megamalls Shopping Centers

Harbour City This is the largest of the megamalls, and certainly one of the largest in Asia. Conveniently located right next to the dock that disgorges passengers from cruise liners and just to the east of the Star Ferry, it encompasses several zoned areas Zone A, Zone B (Ocean Centre), Zone C (Ocean Terminal), and Zone D (the Hongkong Hotel Arcade), all interconnected by air-conditioned walkways and stretching more than .8km ( 4) mile along Canton Road. Altogether, there are more than 700 outlets, with shops selling clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, antiques, electronic goods, furniture, housewares, toys, Asian arts and crafts, and much more. There's enough to keep you occupied here for the rest of your life, but this is an especially good place to go on a rainy or humid day when you'd rather be inside than out. Branches include Lane Crawford, Marks & Spencer, Burberry, Plantation, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vivienne Tam, Bally, Louis Vuitton, Gold Pfeil, and

The Way to See the Caribbean

A week-long cruise normally covers about four ports of call. Even though most sailing is done overnight, cruising is a slow way to travel and if you want to be on land everyday, the only way to do so would be to island-hop by air. The biggest potential problem in cruising is the amount of time allowed on shore. Cruise liners generally stay between six and 12 hours at most ports. When you subtract time for getting on and off ship, lunch and other matters, you will almost always find yourself with less than eight hours to see the sights, shop or do whatever appeals to you in port. The good news is that most of the islands and their port cities are quite small, so this is far less of a problem in the Caribbean than it is, for example, in Europe, where a single day in many of its great port cities can only touch the surface.

Traveling Responsibly

To date, the single biggest environment-related issue of the 21st century for Belize is cruise-ship tourism. Every year, cruise liners anchoring off Belize City bring more than 600,000 passengers into the country (that's two times the population of the country itself). Although the excursions made by these visitors are highly lucrative, many small-scale tour operators and officials fear that the cruisers could potentially be a threat to Belizean tourism.

The Ferry to the Ionian Islands Italy

The major ferryboat and shipping companies all have offices on the waterfront. There is usually daily ferry service from Patras to the Ionian islands and Corfu. There are many daily services from Patras to the Italian towns of Brindisi and Ancona. The fastest service to Italy is the 18-hour Super Ferry Crossing from Patras to Ancona, offered by Superfast Ferries (& 2610 622-500, or 210 969-1100 in Athens, or 310 544-3551 in the U.S. fax 2610 623-547, or 3210 541-0166 in the U.S. superfaxt In 2003, a deluxe cabin for two cost 300 a bunk in a shared four-bunk cabin cost 30 .

Radisson Seven Seas Cruises

In 1992, Radisson Hotels Worldwide decided to translate its hospitality experience to the cruise industry, offering to manage and market upscale ships for their international owners (though the Radisson is gradually being phased out in favor of just Seven Seas Cruises ). The ships all offer itineraries geared towards affluent travelers, plus excellent cuisine, service, and amenities. A no-tipping policy is employed aboard all their ships, as is a no-tie-required policy. The Radisson Diamond (built in 1992 350 passengers, 20,295 GRTs) is to the cruise industry what the DeLorean was to the car industry, sporting an unusual design concept two side-by-side hulls, with the main passenger areas perched above and across them, creating a ship that is in essence a giant, very wide catamaran only 126m (420 ft.) long, she is nonetheless only .5m (2 ft.) narrower (at 31m 102 ft.) than the QE2, which is more than twice as long at 289m (963 ft.).

Prince Rupert British Columbia

Until recently this sleepy Canadian port just a few miles from the Alaska border has registered a very small blip on the cruise industry's radar screen. Now, though, with the number and size of ships in the Alaska trade growing, the need for alternative ports of call en route has focused attention on Prince Rupert's Northland Dock at Cow Bay. The city is in the process of extending and spiffing up the facility and, by the time the 2005 cruise season begins, a complex of a dozen retail stores will have opened alongside.

Seward Gateway to Resurrection Bay Kenai Fjords

The main reason to go to Seward has always been Resurrection Bay. This agreeable little town started life as a place to fish and to get off boats arriving in Alaska, then continued as a place for Alaskans and visitors to get on boats and see the bay and Kenai Fjords National Park (described in section 6 of this chapter). With the growth of the cruise industry, Seward again is a place to get off the boat. Most cruises that cross the Gulf of Alaska start or end here, with their passengers taking a bus to or from the airport in Anchorage. That flow of people has brought a lot of tourist development to town, mostly of a quality that hasn't damaged the town's character.

Icy Strait Point Adolphus Gustavus

The big ships don't visit Gustavus, which isn't too much of a town anyway (it has just 400 residents) and is interesting more as an anthropological exercise ( What on earth makes people live here ) than anything else. It should be noted, though, that the area has assumed increased importance in the cruise business this year with the opening of Icy Strait Point, a fancy name for a private dock built

Cruise Lines Serving the Southern Western Caribbean

Cruise ships in the world and are likely to remain so for at least a few years. Royal Caribbean offers a fine and mostly casual cruise experience at a price in the normal range of most mass-market lines. While not quite reaching the sophistication level of Celebrity, there is no reason why the typical cruise traveler should have anything less than an outstanding experience on Royal Caribbean, one of the most respected names in the cruise business.

Diy Baan Krua Walking Tour

During Bangkok's shipping heyday, the city faced outward toward the river to welcome foreign trading ships and European envoys. All along the Mae Nam Chao Phraya are the remnants of this mercantile era the ornate French and Portuguese embassies, crumbling Customs House and the elegant Oriental Hotel (p212). Little lanes wind through abandoned warehouses, gated headquarters of historic shipping companies, and the Muslim and Indian communities that replaced the European presence.

Architecture Of The Eastern Docklands Cycling Tour

Bruno Albert Knsm

4 Whale The footbridge deposits you by the Whale apartment building (1999), the landmark of Sporenburg Eiland. Its sloping roof and base make it seem more imposing than its dozen storeys would suggest, but also somehow more open and airy. From here make a dogleg left and then right, and you're on the Verbindingsdam to KNSM Eiland, named for the Royal Netherlands Shipping Company.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Crew members of the Spirit ofPennekamp tell us the two things passengers ask to see are sharks and turtles. Sharks are a rare sight on the Pennekamp reefs, but turtles are seen on many of the trips. Queen and French angels, barracuda, parrotfish, wrasses, grunts, and moray eels are more commonly seen. Large groups may book a private tour through John Pennekamp Park, on which you first see the reefthrough the viewing salon, then move to a shallow reef for snorkeling. The boat carries 149 passengers. Air-conditioned and wheelchair-accessible.


Taio Shipping ( 24905, 24912 talo Avatiu Wharf) is the main inter-island shipping company in the Cooks. Its ships are far from luxury cruise liners there's limited cabin space, and some ships have no cabins at all. Showers and toilets are available to all passengers.

The Fleet

The roots of the line go back to the Greek shipping company Chandris, although Celebrity is now owned by Royal Caribbean. With their crisp navy-blue and white hulls and rakishly angled funnel decorated with a giant X (actually the Greek letter for ch, as in Chandris, the line's founding family), the profiles of Celebrity's ships rank among the industry's most distinctive. Inside, the ships are just as innovative and modern. In particular, they feature an impressive art collection, with works by artists including Robert Rauschenberg, Damien Hirst, Jasper Johns, David Hockney, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Helen Frankenthaler.


Often yachties are looking for crew, and for those who'd like a bit of low-key adventure, this is a great opportunity. Most of the time, crew members will only be asked to take a turn on watch that is, scan the horizon for cargo ships, stray containers and the odd reef -and possibly to cook or clean up the boat. In port, crew may be required to dive and scrape the bottom, paint or make repairs. In most cases, sailing experience is not necessary and crew members can learn as they go. Most yachties charge crew around US 15 per day for food and supplies. If you'd like to enjoy some relative freedom of movement on a yacht, try to find one that has wind-vane steering the tedious job of standing at the wheel staring at a compass all day and all night is likely to go to the crew members of the lowest status (that's you). Comfort is also greatly increased on yachts

The Space Shuttle

Due to their current and ongoing role in the space program, space shuttles (of which there are three) are the best recognized of NASA's vehicles, venturing into space with names like Discovery and Endeavor The latter replaced the Challenger shuttle which exploded on the shutttes' 51st mission (January 28, 1986) just 73 seconds after launch, killing all seven crew members. After a two-year hiatus for safety checks, the shuttle program resumed with renewed vigor. Once in orbit, each is capable of cruising at 17,500 mph (28,163 kmph) - some 300 times faster than an average US road cruising speed of 55 mph (88 kmph) - and their cargo bays can hold a fully loaded tour bus. Yet the engineless orbiter can glide to a runway more gracefully than a pelican landing on water.


The yachting community is quite friendly, especially towards those who display an interest in yachts and other things nautical. Sometimes they are looking for crew, and for those who'd like a bit of low-key adventure, this can be the way to go. Most of the time, crew members will only be asked to take a turn on watch - that is, scan the horizon for cargo ships, hazardous objects and the odd reef - and possibly to cook or clean. In port, crew may be required to dive and scrape the bottom, paint or make repairs. Sailing experience is usually not necessary 'green' crew members learn as they go. Most yachties charge crew upwards of US 15 per day for food and supplies.

The Lower Keys

Neptune's Fury, a 34-ft Crusader at Slip 2, Garrison Bight Marina, Key West, is available for offshore and reef fishing. Enjoy this fully equipped offshore boat, skippered by a local conch who knows these waters well. Perfect for anything from custom fishing trips to fishing tournaments. The crew is expert at finding marlin, sailfish, grouper, tuna, dolphin, barracuda, king mackerel, tarpon and wahoo. Rates are 550 for eight hours, 475 for six hours, 425 for four hours. Carries six anglers, two crew members. s 800-817-0454. OMBII, a gorgeous, 40-ft Custom fishing boat at Garrison Bight Marina, Key West, offers comfortable deep-sea charter fishing. She goes out for marlin, sailfish, grouper, tuna, dolphin, barracuda, king mackerel, tarpon and wahoo. Cost is 600 for eight hours, 450 for four hours. Carries six anglers, two crew members. s 800-817-0454.

Arriving In Port

If your ship anchors rather than docks (which ships usually will do in Alaska), you will go ashore in a small boat called a launch or tender, which ties up next to your ship and shuttles passengers back and forth all day. Getting on the tender may require a helping hand from crew members, and the waves may keep the tender swaying, sometimes requiring passengers to literally jump to get aboard.

River Cruises

River ships are popular in Europe, especially with European travelers, although increasing numbers of Americans are discovering their virtues as well, leading the ship companies to add more English-speaking crew members (if you are cruising in Russia, it's a good rule of thumb to make sure the hotel and food service is also overseen by a non-Russian firm), plus amenities like suites and even some cabins with balconies.


The Colonial Commerce exhibit, also inside the New York State Museum, has an overrigged sand-bagger yacht, representing the type raced in New York Bay that generated a betting frenzy in the 19th century. During a race the crew moved sandbags from side to side as the yacht tacked to keep her in balance against the wind. If the wind lightened up too much the sandbags were thrown overboard first, then the excess crew members who had handled them. This dubious practice generated a rule still enforced in yacht racing, requiring that a boat finish with the same crew she started with.

Boat Trips

America's Cup Sailing Adventure (Map p65 242363-1552 Paradise Island Ferry Terminal adult child USS95 65) Feel the rush of an America's Cup Race as a crew member on one of two 76ft sailboats that competed in the 1992 event. Since the two boats race, this trip is perfect for competitive families or big groups. Wannabe yachtsmen can take the helm or trim the sails while determined nonsailors are allowed to sit back and enjoy the ride.

BOAT Ferry

If you haven't managed to book a 1st-class cabin, it's worth boarding anyway and buying a deck-class ticket, as you may be offered a crew member's cabin. Renting a crew cabin is common and accepted practice, but it's technically against the rules, so there's scope for rip-offs. Don't necessarily believe the crew member when they tell you that the fee you pay them is all that you will have to pay - you need to buy at least a deck-class ticket to get out of the ghat at the other end of the trip, and other hastily thought of hidden charges may crop up. Some travellers have even had these sorts of problems when renting the captain's cabin.

Stepping Aboard

As you exit the gangplank, a crew member will probably escort you to your cabin, probably offering to help carry your hand luggage. No tip is required, but would be accepted. To start the drill, the ship will broadcast its emergency signal. At this time you will be required to return to your cabin, grab your life jacket, and report to your assigned muster station (this will be in a lounge, the casino, or another public room). Some drills last only a few minutes, while others are quite detailed. At the muster station, a crew member will review how to put on your life vest. He or she will also point out the features of the vest, including the whistle to call for help (don't try it out here ) and the light that turns on when it hits the water. The drill may also include a visit to the lifeboats and even a discussion of how to jump into the water. In some cases guests will be required to put on the life jacket so a crew member can check and make sure it's being worn correctly on other...

Cruises For Families

ACTIVITIES Ask whether a supervised program will be offered when you plan to cruise sometimes such programs are only operated if there are a certain number of kids on board. Depending on the program, the youngest children may frolic in toy- and game-stocked playrooms, listen to stories, and go on treasure hunts older kids have options like arts and crafts, computer games, lip-synch competitions, pool games, and volleyball and teenagers can mingle at teen parties or hang out at the video arcade. The megas have large playrooms with computer stations and video games as well as shelves of toys. There's usually a TV showing movies throughout the day and, for the younger ones, there are ball bins and plastic jungle gyms. Many megaships have shallow kiddie pools, sometimes sequestered on an isolated patch of deck. BABYSITTING Babysitting is offered on most large cruise ships from around 8pm to 2am. Private in-cabin babysitting by a crew member is a steep 10 per hour for two kids (and there...

Flight Arrangements

As mentioned before, there are relatively few lines that include gratuities in the cost of the cruise. And don't fall for the advertisements of free tips on some lines. It simply isn't true. The price has been raised to reflect this cost - it just relieves you of the burden of having to do it on your own. If you're traveling with a line that does this, there's no need to tip any more. On the other hand, if you feel that a particular crew member's service has been outstanding, show your

Port Said

With its wooden buildings and Escher-like labyrinth of condemned balconies Port Said is a ramshackle town that nonetheless retains a colonial charm. An obligatory stop for cruise liners using the canal, Port Said is accustomed to visitors. Chances are you'll be waved into Woolworths near the ferry terminal - a quaint 19th-century building of more interest than its wares.

South Africa

There are no regularly scheduled passenger ships between South African and Mozambican ports, other than luxury cruise liners. One to try Starlight Lines (, which runs luxury liners from Durban that call at Ilha de Inhaca, Barra, the Archipelago de Bazaruto and Ilha de Mozambique. Otherwise, the best bet is to ask around at boating clubs in Durban to see whether any boats are looking for additional crew.

Foreign Exchange

Nearly all of the hotels, stores and restaurants on the island are used to dealing with foreigners. In addition to the American divers, cruise liners dock at Cozumel nearly every day, disgorging thousands of tourists, mostly from the States. Consequently, credit cards and US dollars are accepted nearly everywhere at close to the official exchange rate. It's not really worth the trouble to try and get a few cents more by standing in line to exchange dollars at the bank unless you really want to carry around a lot of cash, which is rarely a good idea. Currency other than US dollars or pesos may present problems, however, and a bank visit may be required. You can buy pesos at many banks and airports in the US as well as in Mexico in case you want to get this out of the way in advance.

Dangers Annoyances

The sheer numbers of visitors in summer can be a little overwhelming. The sudden influx of cruise passengers (210,000 in 2006 alone) in particular can, without warning, change the atmosphere of this otherwise intimate city as one local told us, 'cruise passengers from all over the world come to take pictures, buy a plastic troll and then leave on their massive cruise liners'. Many locals hope that a new local government tax on cruise ships will reduce the traffic a little.

Orient Lines

Orient's Marco Polo has an interesting history It was built 35 years ago and sailed as the transatlantic liner Aleksander Pushkin. In the early 1990s, it was completely rebuilt from the ice-strengthened hull and engines up and is now a sturdy and graceful cruise liner, both modern and traditional. Although a young ship, it boasts the graceful profile of a classic liner. A cruise aboard this ship is social and fairly low-key, without the glitz typical of much larger ships or the pulsating round of activities. The ships perform destination-oriented cruises concentrating on the ports and well-run shore excursions.

Cruise Ships

Cruise experiences vary vastly according to the cruise company and individual ship you choose. One person's sugar may be another's poison. For example, some passengers may wish to avoid the cruise liners now trotting out old rock bands such as REO Speedwagon or Foreigner for 'rock-nights,' while other travelers may whip out their snakeskin boots and shoulder pads, do a combover, and just get on down. Caveat emptor


The biggest change to the city's face in the 21st century has been the invasion of cruise-ship tourists cruise liners anchoring off Belize City brought 850,000 passengers in 2004, up from almost zero five years previously. Most cruise-ship tourists come ashore at the city's new Tourism Village, located at the mouth of Haulover Creek. Generally, the passengers wander around the downtown area for a few hours or head off on excursions to inland attractions.

Cargo Boats

Few of the shipping companies will take passengers on cargo ships and those that do will usually charge hefty rates. It is virtually impossible to leave Fiji by cargo ship unless passage has been prearranged. A useful American company is Freighter World Cruises ( 800531-7774, which can organise travel on a freighter ship around the South Pacific. You could also try asking your local shipping agents, or go to the docks and personally approach the captains.

Greece by Plane

There are dozens of shipping companies, each with its own schedule which, by the way, are regulated by the government. Your travel agent might have a copy of Hellenic Travelling Your best bet is to buy a ticket from an agent ahead of time. In Athens, we recommend Galaxy Travel, 35 Voulis, near Syntagma Square (& 210 3225960, and Alkyon Travel, 97 Akademias, near Kanigos Square (& 210 383-2545 fax 210 383-0394). During the high season, both keep long hours from Monday through Saturday. But be aware Different travel agencies sell tickets to different lines this is usually the policy of the line itself and one agent might not know or bother to find out what else is being offered (although we believe that if you press reputable agencies like those above, they will at least tell you of the other possibilities). The port authority is the most reliable source of information, and the shipping company itself or its agents usually offer better prices and may have tickets...

Postwar Developments

Elsewhere in the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev was campaigning for the Northeast Passage to become a route for mass transport. With relations with the West deteriorating rapidly, having a viable sea route to the east became even more important. In 1956 two shipping companies were established to undertake this, and nuclear-powered icebreakers were developed to ply the icy waters.

About the Ratings

The cruise industry today offers such a profusion of experiences that it makes comparing all lines and ships by the same set of criteria impossible. The typical, across-the-board ratings used by most cruise guidebooks don't offer the kind of comparisons you need to make your decision. For that reason, our Frommer's Ratings system, based on the classic customer satisfaction survey, judges the cruise lines on the following important considerations, rating them either poor, fair, good, excellent, or outstanding.

Crystal Serenity

One of the pleasures of cruising has always been to enjoy the view from a special interior spot where you could sit and gaze out upon the water or the passing islands. Fortunately, Holland America has retained one of the most enduring institutions in the cruise industry. That is the Crow's Nest - their observation lounge. The name comes from an old nautical tradition -a lookout high up on a sailing ship's tallest mast. But on HAL you don't have to climb a rope ladder to get there. Always on the top or next-to-the-top deck, it provides views on three sides. The Crow's Nest also has a small dance floor, so there is often entertainment. It is a common venue for lectures and other shipboard events. If you sail on Holland America, besuretospend sometimeatthetop.


The city centre is close to baie de la Moselle, a harbour where cruise liners, fishing boats and private yachts dock. The heart of the city is Place des Cocotiers (see p232). On its south side central Noumea is bordered by avenue de la Victoire Henri Lafleur. The small Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter, after the Parisian suburb of the same name) - with its many examples of colonial architecture -is south of this road (see p237).

Dive Sites

Amazingly, more than 50 years after its demise, the ship is in surprisingly good shape. You'll be awestruck by its proportions it's 200m in length, 25m in width and rests on its side in 20m to 67m of water. It's not ablaze with marine life but there are numerous vestiges and artefacts, including ammunition, gas masks, trenching tools, cannons, jeeps, helmets, trucks, chandeliers, a mosaic tile fountain, rows of toilets, a pool and personal belongings abandoned by 5000 soldiers, plus all the fixtures of a luxury cruise liner. It's a bit like diving in a museum. One of the niftiest items is the Lady, a ceramic porcelain statue hidden in the bowels of the vessel, at 42m.

Queen Obarea Tahiti

Bligh was pushed onto the Bounty's launch with 18 faithful crew members and set adrift. Proving his unmatched skill as a champion navigator, Bligh sailed his overloaded little boat across the Pacific and amazingly made landfall in Timor after a 41-day, 5823km voyage that was promptly written into the record books. By early 1790 Bligh was back in England an inquiry quickly cleared him of negligence and a ship was dispatched to carry British naval vengeance to Tahiti. International and local opposition to nuclear testing in the Pacific grew stronger and stronger over the years. In 1985 French secret-service agents bombed and sank the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, New Zealand, killing a crew member, Fernando Pereira. Captain Dominique Prieur and Major Alain Mafart, the only two of the French team that the New Zealand police were able to capture, were tried, found guilty (on reduced charges of manslaughter) and sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment. The French...

Sea Transportation

PELNI the state-owned shipping company, now has 30 modern ships serving all main ports from Banda Aceh in the western most tip of the country to Sorong in Papua in the East. Built to accomodate 1000 to 1500 passengers in four classes, the ships are air-conditioned, whereas first class cabins have attached bathrooms and TV sets. Not luxurious but comfortable, the ships offer an alternative to flying and is a more leisurely from travel. There are regular sailing schedules and routes, all touching in at Jakarta, their main base. Foreign cruise lines operate in Indonesia waters, though not regularly. A 40-passengers luxury cruise ship, the MV Island Explorer, offers trips to the eastern Indonesian islands from Bali part of the year and from Jakarta to Sumatra the rest of the year. There are also ferries between islands, though comfort may not be as desired. For adventure travelers, a ride on a Phinisi Bugis schooner could be exciting if advence arrangements are made. One of the last...


The boats seat about 200 people (most Muscovites are actually going somewhere, not just out for the ride) and are operated by the Capital Shipping Company ( 458 9624). Boats run from mid-April to mid-October. Some cruise companies Capital Shipping Company (Map pp246-7 458 9624, in Russian Severny Rechnoy Vokzal, Lenin-gradsky sh 51 m Rechnoy Vokzal) Operates cruise ships departing regularly from Moscow's Severny Rechnoy Vokzal. Cruise Company Orthodox (Map pp246-7 943 8560 ul Alabyana 5 m Sokol) A Russian company that also caters to foreigners, meaning English-speaking staff and upgraded accommodation. Cruises go all the way down the Volga River to Rostov-on-Don, through the locks of the Rostov-Don Canal.

Gateway Ports

As far as the East Coast of the US is concerned, long gone are the days when New York was the hub for Caribbean cruising. Today, the port of New York has a minimal number of departures and these usually go to Bermuda or the eastern Caribbean only. The same is true for Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore, each of which has a limited number of departures. Charleston and Norfolk are also making a serious effort to get into the cruise industry's departure inventory.

Isfa de Margarita

Only about 25 miles from the Venezuelan mainland, the beautiful Isla de Margarita isn't new on the vacation scene. Inhabited by westerners for more than 400 years, it has been a favorite place for South Americans for some time. Recent years have seen a tremendous rise in international tourism. Although it is still rather infrequently called upon by cruise ships, one can say that it has been discovered by the cruise industry and it is likely to become increasingly popular. This will be even more true in a few years when additional port facilities are constructed.

Cruise Costs

You'll want to add tips for the ship's crew to your budget calculations. Crewmembers are usually paid low base wages with the expectation that they'll make up the difference in gratuities. An exception is Radisson, which is the only line in Alaska that includes tips in the cruise fare (but you can still leave a few bucks for your favorite crew members if you want to).

The Shipwreck Trail

On February 15,1898, the blast that rocked Cuba's Havana harbor and destroyed the USS Maine also damaged the neighboring City of Washington with flying debris that smashed awnings and tore up her deckhouse. Despite the imminent danger and chaos, crew members from the City of Washington rushed to rescue the Maine's survivors.

Cargo Ship Ferry

Getting to the South Pacific by cargo ship is not a done thing, but within the region a couple of islands, such as Pitcairn Island and Tokelau, rely on cargo ships for connection to the outside world. See the Getting There & Away section in those chapters for details. Travel agents don't book cargo-ship travel. You can either book through a freighter agent or directly with a shipping company.

Banks in Latvia

TALLINK Grupp AS is the leading international shipping company in the Baltic Sea area. TALLINK owns and operates vessels meaning passenger ferries, including cruise ferries and high-speed ferries, and ro-ro cargo vessels on routes between Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia and Sweden. Providing high quality cruise and passenger service, TALLINK is also an important player in sea cargo transportation on the Baltic Sea.

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