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Make-Up for Beginners: Learn Doing Make-Up like a Pro is an online course created by Lana Vallo. It helps individuals do their makeups in a professional way such that they are durable, last for long and enhance beauty. It transforms you into an expert that other people will turn to for help over and over. Subscribing to this program guarantees you more beautiful than ever before. The course was designed following an increasing demand for brand-neutral, timely, and professional advice on the skill of makeup. Enrolling to the course does not require any special tool or requirements. Nonetheless, once you are done with the sessions you will require professional makeup brushes and other necessary tools including a complete makeup kit. It will also be necessary that you find a model for putting into practice all the strategies covered by the video tutorials, especially if you aspire to do makeups for other individuals. This is a fantastic program with thousands of positive reviews. It will significantly improve your skills and make you an expert in the makeup industry. Payment is processed via ClickBank and the product has a 60-day warranty. Read more...

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Perfumes Cosmetics

Nassau has several good perfume outlets, notably John Bull and Little Switzerland, which also stock a lot of nonperfume merchandise. The Beauty Spot The largest cosmetic shop in The Bahamas, this outlet sells duty-free cosmetics by Lancome, Chanel, YSL, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Christian Dior, and Biotherm, among others. It also operates facial salons. Bay and Frederick sts. & 242 322-5930.

National Wildlife Refuges

Another national preserve in the region takes up half of Sanibel Island. J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge is also Everglades-like in its wetlands makeup. Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge occupies the entire 398 acres of Egmont Key, which is approachable only by boat. So is the Pine Island National Wildlife Refuge, comprising outislands in Pine Island Sound. In the coast's northern reaches, the Chassa-howitzka and Crystal River National Wildlife Refuges and the Withlacoochee State Forest preserve the pristine waters and forests of Citrus and Hernando counties.

Avon Vails cure for sticker shock

No, it's not a makeup factory, it's a town. If the price of lodging is prohibitive to you, but you want the Vail skiing experience (some of the best on the planet), head for the rapidly suburbanizing Avon, 9 miles down the valley from Vail, at the turnoff to Beaver Creek. Here among the strip malls you'll find a number of hotels One that offers reasonable rates for decent lodgings is the Comfort Inn, 161 W. Beaver Creek Blvd. ( 970-949-5511 Nothing too fancy here straightforward rooms, with continental breakfast in the morning. The outdoor pool and hot tubs make apr s-ski a bit more glamorous. Rates vary from 79- 199 depending on season and availability, so you'll have a little more green to keep you from feeling like a pauper in Vail, and you're a short drive from the slopes of both Vail and Beaver Creek.

Huntington Country

Small pets are A country inn on Jericho Turnpike, across from King welcome at Kullen (open 24 hours) with traffic whizzing by Okay, Huntington it's a stretch. Once a Howard Johnson's, the Hunting-Coxintry Inn. ton Country Inn looks like a motel on the outside, but the new owners have created a countrified ambiance within. Moreover, the 62 guest rooms could win the award for amenities Jacuzzi tub, makeup mirror, refrigerator microwave, fax machine, and even a TV in the bathroom in the pricier rooms. Inquire about promotional rates.

Museo de Historia y Geografa Museum of History Geography

But the most compelling and extensive exhibit displays uniforms, medals, toiletries, and other personal effects depicting the vainglory of former dictator Rafael Trujillo, including makeup that he applied to disguise his part-Haitian ancestry. Alongside are examples of Trujillo portraits that once hung in every Dominican home, as well as public signs thanking the Benefactor for improving the lives of the citizenry. A final ironic exhibit is a bullet-riddled car from the motorcade in which he was assassinated. The museum's gracious director, fluent in English, is a good resource for history buffs. (s 809-6866668 open Tues-Sun, 9 30 am-4 30 pm RD 20.)

Other Issues Concerning Hygiene

Americans who encounter a foreigner who smells bad to them can be heard to ask, Why doesn't he take a shower more often or Why doesn't she use some deodorant or Why doesn't he use mouthwash He smells like a garlic factory Similar questions, though they are virtually never addressed directly to the offending person, are Why does she wear so much makeup or Why doesn't she shave under her arms That hair is so ugly Many foreigners find the hygiene-related notions and practices of Americans unnatural. They may consider it unmanly for men to mask their natural odors and unfeminine for women not to use a considerable amount of makeup.

Downtown Phoenix Moderate

Alice Cooper'stown & BARBECUE Owned by Alice Cooper himself, this sports-and-rock theme restaurant bar is downtown's premier eat-o-tainment center. Sixteen video screens (usually showing sporting events) are the centerpiece of the restaurant, but there's also an abundance of memorabilia, including guitars once used by the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton. The wait staff even wears Alice Cooper makeup. Barbecue is served in various permutations, including a huge and fairly tasty sandwich. If you were a fan, this place is a must if you weren't, it's a miss.

Cooking up San Francisco cuisine

When it comes to cuisine, international influences are the inspiration for most Bay City menus. This is not odd considering the ethnic makeup of the city's population, but it may throw you for a loop when your menu runs the gamut from East to West with a little Southern comfort thrown in for good measure. Those restaurants serving tapas are the most keen to take advantage of various culinary styles, and it's a clever way for a young chef to show his or her stuff. These small plates are also a pleasing way to order a meal. You don't have to choose between dishes that sound equally appealing, because the prices are low enough, and the portions modest enough, to sample them all.

Performingarts Companies Chinese Opera

Most popular in Hong Kong, however, is Peking-style opera, with its spectacular costumes, elaborate makeup, and feats of acrobatics and swordsmanship, and the less flamboyant but more readily understood Cantonese-style opera. Plots usually dramatize legends and historical events, and extol such virtues as loyalty, filial piety, and righteousness. Accompanied by seven or eight musicians, the performers sing in shrill, high-pitched falsetto, a sound Westerners sometimes do not initially appreciate. Although lyrics are in Chinese, body language helps translate the stories.

To The East Kahala Very Expensive

All guest rooms feature 19th-century mahogany reproductions, teak parquet floors with hand-loomed Tibetan rugs, overstuffed chairs, canopy beds covered with soft throw pillows, and works by local artists adorning the grass-cloth-covered walls. Views from the floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors are of the ocean, Diamond Head, and Koko Head. In-room amenities include two-line phones, 27-inch TVs, large bathrooms with vintage fixtures, freestanding glass showers, large soaking tubs, his and her dressing areas, plush bathrobes and slippers, and illuminated makeup mirrors.

Dmall Hong Kong Shopping Plaza Map pMall

IfiUDS 'h Dimei Gouwu Zhongxin Basement Renmin Sq A rMMT S 10am-10pm ( ) People's Sq Located in an old bomb shelter under Renmin Park, D-Mall and Hong Kong Shopping Plaza are a merging maze of boutiques with mid- and low-end Japanese, Chinese and Western clothing styles, as well as a plethora of cosmetics and manicure shops. It's more downmarket and affordable than

Downtown Miami Shopping Historic District

With Flagler Street as its historic heart, the downtown shopping district is made up of all categories of stores and shops, selling everything from electronics, cameras and sporting goods to shoes, luggage and cosmetics. Major anchors include Burdines, Marshall's, Ross Dress For Less, La Epoca (imported from Havana), The Sports Authority, Victor's and the Seybold Building, which houses more than 280 jewelers. Visitors may want to allot an entire day to stroll the bustling streets with their unique collection of only in Miami shops and restaurants. Bis-cayne Boulevard to Second Avenue West, SE First Street to NE Third Street s 305-379-7070, www.

Taking a look at the shopping scene

The cost of shopping in Paris doesn't have to be jaw-droppingly expensive. If you plan to spend only at couturiers, then yes, you will be paying top price. But Paris has many stores selling clothing and goods at prices comparable to what you'd pay in North America. And you can find items cheaper in Paris than they are in your hometown some French and European brands of perfume and cosmetics, shoes, clothing from French-based companies such as Petit Bateau and Lacoste, French-made porcelain, cookware, and glassware. Obviously, you'll pay more for any name imported from the United States, such as Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, and for any souvenirs in areas heavily frequented by tourists. Keep the following tips in mind for happy hunting.

Onboard Shopping Opportunities

Even the smallest ships have at least a small shop on board selling T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, and the like bearing the cruise line's logo. The big new megaships, though, have the most extensive onboard shopping. Like mini malls, there may be as many as 10 different stores selling everything from toiletries and sundries like film, toothpaste, candy, and paperback books (and even condoms) to totes, T-shirts, mugs, toys, key chains, and other cruise line logo souvenirs. You'll find formalwear like sequined dresses and jackets, silk dresses and scarves, purses, satin shoes, cummerbunds, ties, and tuxedo shirts, as well as perfume, cosmetics, jewelry (costume and the real stuff), and porcelain figurines.

Moments Strolling Calle Obispo

Calle Obispo is one of the most charming and distinctive streets in Habana Vieja. This bustling pedestrian-only boulevard conveniently connects Parque Central and the nearby Capitolio with the Plaza de Armas and its many surrounding attractions, making it a classic route for any walking tour of Habana Vieja. Make sure to make a quick stop in the Farmacia Taquechel, Calle Obispo 155 (& 7 862-9286), a wonderfully preserved antique pharmacy that still sells homeopathic remedies and natural cosmetics out of 17th- and 18th-century ceramic jars.

Sun Princess Dawn Princess

THE SHIPS IN GENERAL As in the case of the Coral and Island Princesses, these two ships are indistinguishable from one another but for cosmetics. Despite their size and passenger complement, you'll probably never feel crowded There always seems to be lots of space on deck, in the buffet dining areas, and in the lounges.

Checking Out the Department Stores

I La Rinascente is an elegant store carrying mainly clothes and accessories, with a larger selection for women and a smaller one for children and men. It also carries a nice cosmetics section on the ground floor and a smallish housewares selection. It has two major locations in Rome Piazza Fiume 1 ( 06-8416081) and Piazza Colonna ( 06-6784209), both open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 30 p.m.

Remuh Cemetery and Synagogue

The town houses of the former Jewish quarter still stand along this road among them is the family home of Helena Rubinstein, founder of the cosmetics business. This part of town was immortalized in Steven Spielberg's film Schindler's List. The district now has shops and kosher restaurants.

Megamalls Shopping Centers

Harbour City This is the largest of the megamalls, and certainly one of the largest in Asia. Conveniently located right next to the dock that disgorges passengers from cruise liners and just to the east of the Star Ferry, it encompasses several zoned areas Zone A, Zone B (Ocean Centre), Zone C (Ocean Terminal), and Zone D (the Hongkong Hotel Arcade), all interconnected by air-conditioned walkways and stretching more than .8km ( 4) mile along Canton Road. Altogether, there are more than 700 outlets, with shops selling clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, antiques, electronic goods, furniture, housewares, toys, Asian arts and crafts, and much more. There's enough to keep you occupied here for the rest of your life, but this is an especially good place to go on a rainy or humid day when you'd rather be inside than out. Branches include Lane Crawford, Marks & Spencer, Burberry, Plantation, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vivienne Tam, Bally, Louis Vuitton, Gold Pfeil, and

Japanese Department Stores

Well-known designers of shoes, accessories, and clothing, with high prices to match it also carries lingerie, cosmetics, household goods, and toys. It's open daily from 10 30am to 10pm. 500 Hennessy Rd., Causeway Bay. & 852 2576 5222. MTR Causeway Bay. Seibu One of the largest department-store chains in Japan (its Tokyo store is the third-largest department store in the world), this was Seibu's first store to open outside Japan. An upscale, sophisticated department store targeting Hong Kong's affluent yuppie population, it is the epitome of chic, from its Art Deco Italian furnishings to fashions from the world's top design houses. More than 65 of its merchandise is European, and 25 is from Japan. The Loft department carries well-designed housewares and gifts, while Seed is the place to go for the latest fashions. The food department in the basement is especially good, stocking many imported items that are not available elsewhere in Hong Kong it's also a good choice in inexpensive...

Jewish Christian Holidays

Yom Kippur Known as the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur ends the 10 days of penitence, which begin on Rosh HaShanah. The observant spend 25 hours in prayer and contemplation, confessing sins and abstaining from food, drink, sex, cosmetics (including soap and toothpaste) and animal products.

Morningside Heights Harlem

This changeover in the neighborhood's makeup dovetailed nicely with the opening up of the country after the Civil War. More and more black sharecroppers left the South and workers sailed up from the Caribbean, all looking for a better life. As with almost every immigrant group in the first 3 decades of the 20th century, when you wanted to find those streets paved with gold, New York City was the place to go and the place to live in New York, if you were black, was Harlem.

Oyambre Nature Reserve

One of the traditional customs of the locals who live along the west coast of Cantabria is harvesting oca or caioca, a type of seaweed that is washed up on the beaches, especially after storms, and is gathered for use as fertiliser or as raw material for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. In Oyambre, this activity can be seen between Gerra and La Revilla. Another economic activity closely related to the San Vicente de la Barquera and Rabia saltmarshes, which make up the Reserve, is digging for the bivalves that live in the mud and sandbanks, such as grooved carpet shell clams (Ruditapes decussatus), pullet carpet shell clams (Venerupis puiiastra), baby clams (Chameiea gaiiina) and razor clams (known locally as muergos or navajas). These marine invertebrates attract fish to the estuaries, such as gilthead, bass, red mullet and red gurnard, all of which can be sampled at restaurants in the coastal towns.

Department Store

Hecht' s This old reliable has outlasted other D.C. department stores, updating its merchandise to keep up with the times, as it marks prices down to beat the competition. You can buy just about anything here, brand name fashions, household appliances, makeup, shoes, linens, electronics, luggage. The one thing it does not carry, I discovered the other day, is children's shoes. 1201 G St. NW. & 202 628-6661. Metro Metro Center. Also at 5400 Wisconsin Ave. NW (& 301 654-7600 Metro Friendship Heights).

Oak Street

Oak St. ( 312-587-1700 www.barneys. com) A mini version of New York's Barneys, the store has the latest, from makeup to shoes, bags, and clothes. If you want top-of-the-line men's suits, this is the place. Not for those who faint at high prices. Excellent for spotting trends and people-watching.

Water Management

During these periods of drought, phosphorus dumped into Lake Okeechobee can raise levels of nitrates and phosphates to 20 times higher than the low amounts once found in the sanctuaries. Beneficial algae and oxygen-producing aquatic plants - the spawning ground for fish - are choked out by cattails, which thrive in the phosphate-rich water. On the other hand, periods of heavy rainfall greatly lower the nitrate and phosphate levels and help balance the chemical makeup.


The icebergs you see drifting past are borne by the Labrador Current, and they may have taken several years to reach Newfoundland since calving from the glaciers of Greenland and Baffin Island. As many as 400 may reach Newfoundland waters each year. The makeup of ice that forms each winter in bays and coves has a lower salt content than the ocean icebergs and freezes more easily. You can tell these random pieces of ice, as well as slob ice from the Labrador Sea, because iceberg ice has a blue-green color and the others don't. And you thought ice was ice.

Bath Body

Boots the Chemist This store has branches all over Britain. The house brands of beauty products are usually the best, including original Boots products (try the cucumber facial mask), Boots's versions of The Body Shop (two lines, Global and Naturalistic), and Boots's versions of Chanel makeup (called No. 7). They also sell film, pantyhose (called tights), sandwiches, and all of life's other little necessities. 490 Oxford St., W1G. & 020 7491-8546. Tube Marble Arch. Other locations throughout London.


In 1867 a port was built on the site of a grand old lemon tree, hence Limon, and the Caribbean coast had an access point to the world. Aside from a small group of cacao farmers in Matina, it wasn't until the 1870s that the first major influx of non-Indian residents arrived. Minor Keith's railroad laborers brought the strong West Indian culture that is the dominant feature of the region's makeup. However, despite a new speedy (for the time) railtrack to unify the country, division would remain. The black people of the Caribbean coast were not granted citizenship until 1949, and until then were not allowed to cross the border to leave the Caribbean provinces. Out of isolation has sprung a unique and independent culture that feels like a country within a country.


While the noodles might be a little soggy and the crispy vegetables conspicuous by their absence, Habana's Chinatown -or Barrio Chino (Map p222), as it's more popularly known - provides a fascinating glimpse into the cultural makeup of a city where the term 'Far East' is more likely to mean Santiago than Shanghai.


Aside from the Carib reservation on Dominica of some 3000, little vestige of the original inhabitants remains in the Caribbean. Instead, there is the complex swirl of cultures and colors from all the people who came after English, Spanish, French and Dutch mixed with Africans brought over as slaves. Once slavery was abolished, indentured laborers came from China, India and the Middle East, changing islands' identities. Regional immigration also adds to the mix 'Bahatians' - Haitians born in the Bahamas - are recognized (and often discriminated against) as a separate group, and expats from the US have altered the makeup of some islands like the Caymans.

East Marion

Why not combine a relaxing weekend with an on-pre-mises facial or European massage Proprietor Sylvia Daley is a licensed massage therapist who caters to the rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit with such spa services as Reiki energy balancing, makeup lessons and paraffin wraps. Quintessential in this case means not only the purest, most perfect but also plays on her five-star logo representing the five heavenly bodies.

Rive Gauche

Map pp68-9 Jewellery & Cosmetics Yves Saint-Laurent does not seem to mind that this Russian company has stolen the name of its well-known perfume and used it to set up an extensive network of shops selling brand-name cosmetics. With more than 30 shops around the city, you're never far from a new bottle of Chanel No 5. There are additional outlets near pi Vosstaniya (p156) and on the Petrograd Side (p157). YAKHONT Map pp68-9 Jewellery & Cosmetics 3 314 6415 Bolshaya Morskaya ul 24 Nevsky Pr

Department Stores

Bon Genie Located on place du Molard, this department store sells mostly high-fashion women's clothing. Its storefront windows display art objects from local museums alongside designer clothes. There's also a limited selection of men's clothing, as well as furniture, cosmetics, and perfumes. 34, rue du March . & 022 818-11-11. Globus This is one of the largest department stores in Geneva, with many boutique-style departments that flourish inside and a self-image that's firmly patterned after the upscale Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Expect glamour, lots of upbeat cheerfulness, and departments devoted separately to travel bureaus, an agency selling theater tickets, a hairdresser, newspaper kiosks, and a bistro and sandwich shop cafe. 48, rue du Rh ne. & 022 319-50-50.


Watson's Watson's is a large, Western-style drugstore, the only such store in Beijing, with a wide range of imported beauty and health aids, from cosmetics to toothpaste, tampons to Tylenol. Two locations Holiday Inn Lido, Chaoyang Qu, & 010 6436-7653, 9am-9pm and Full Link Plaza, Chaoyang Men Wai Dajie 18, Chaoyang Qu, & 010 6588-2145, daily 10am-9pm. Metro Chaoyang Men (212). Wangfujing Drugstore This convenient downtown emporium has a small selection of Western cosmetics and health aids, along with a large selection of traditional Chinese medicines. WangfujTng Dajie 267, Dongcheng Qu. & 010 6524-9932. Daily 9am-8pm. Metro WangfujTng (118, exit A).

Specialist Shops

Ai Monasteri (Map pp96-7 06 688 02 783 Corso del Rinascimento 72 h 10am-1pm & 3-7.30pm) So this is how monks pay the rent .monasteries from across Italy send their products to be sold in this lovely shop. It stocks all-natural cosmetics, sweets, honeys, jams and wines as well as naughty-but-nice grappas, wines and brandies. cimento 47 h 9.30am-7.30pm Mon-Sat) This historic perfumery was established in Florence by Dominican friars in 1221 and has been concocting seductive scents and unguents ever since. Like Ai Monasteri, it sells all-natural perfumes, cosmetics, herbal infusions, teas, honeys, sweets and potpourri.


Skincare products, cosmetics, perfume, electronics, imported designer accessories, liquor, cigarettes, and other luxury items attract high duty in Australia. If you need to buy these products, get them in duty-free stores, which can be found in capital cities and major tourist destinations. You will need to show your airline ticket and passport to buy.

Myeongdong Namsan

The traffic-quiet narrow streets of Myeong-dong are a leading youth-fashion centre. The customers here are becoming younger and younger - some malls and shops now cater specifically for free-spending middle-school students. Every evening mainly female crowds flock here to shop for local and imported clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics and CDs. Caf s, restaurants, department stores and high-rise shopping malls with food courts and cinema multiplexes have made this area mega-popular with young people and Japanese visitors. Seoul railway station is also becoming a retail hotspot.

The Shopping Basics

France adds a 20.6 value-added tax (VAT) to the price of most products, which means that most things cost less in the U.S. (For details on getting a VAT refund, see below.) Even French-made goods are not necessarily cheaper here than elsewhere. Appliances, paper products, housewares, computer supplies, CDs, and women's clothing are notoriously expensive. On the other hand, you can often get good deals on cosmetics such as Bourjois (a low-priced line made in the same factory as Chanel it's excellent), skin-care products from Lierac, Galenic, Roc, and Vichy, and some luxury goods.

Around Essaouira

If you have your own transport, it's worth taking a trip to one of the small women's cooperatives around Essaouira that sell argan products, natural cosmetics and foodstuffs. Try Assafar Imitaghant (off Map p154 x 061 553586) 8km from town on the road to Marrakesh or the Cooperative Tiguem-ine (offMap p156 X 024 790110) 7km further on. The tourist office has a full list of places to visit. Best of all, travel south to the village of Tamanar to see the whole argan process at the Coop rative Amal (see p165).


A kilometer west of San Agustinillo, Mazunte has a fine, curving, sandy beach, an interesting turtle research center and a variety of places to places to stay and eat, many of them inexpensive and right on the sand. It's well known as a travelers' hangout and in recent years has seen an increase in foreign residents, attracted by either the area's beauty or, as one person put it, the 'old-time hippie vibe.' After 1990, when the turtle industry was banned, several attempts at replacing Mazunte's former mainstay were made. Among those that stuck are the research center, a natural cosmetics factory and, obviously, tourism. The waters here are generally safe, though the waves can be quite big.


John Bull The jewelry department here offers classic selections from Tiffany & Co. cultured pearls from Mikimoto the creations of David Yurman, Carrera y Carrera, and Sea Life by Kanbana Greek and Roman coin jewelry and Spanish gold and silver pieces. It's the best name in the business. The store also features a wide selection of watches, cameras, perfumes, cosmetics, leather goods, and accessories. It is one of the best places in The Bahamas to buy a Gucci or Cartier watch. Corner of Bay and Charlotte sts. & 242 322-4253.

Very Expensive

Brown's occupies 14 historic houses just off Berkeley Square, and its guest rooms, completely renovated in 2005, vary considerably in decor, but all show restrained taste in decoration and appointments even the wash basins are antiques. Accommodations range in size from small to extra spacious some suites have four-poster beds. Bathrooms come in a variety of sizes, but they are beautifully equipped with robes, luxurious cosmetics, tubs, and showers.

Health Food

Hou Ola Tiny, with a loyal clientele that has stuck by it through management and name changes and a hefty dose of parking problems, Hou Ola has competitive prices and a wide and user-friendly selection of health-food supplements. The supplements are good enough reason to shop here. No produce, but there are frozen vegetarian foods, cosmetics, bulk grains, and healthy snacks. 1541 S. Beretania St. & 808 955-6168. Huckleberry Farms Located in Nuuanu across town from the university area, Huckleberry Farms has two locations in the same shopping plaza. One houses a wide selection of vitamins, nutritional supplements, beauty creams and cosmetics, books, and nonperishable health products. A few feet away, the other store offers prepared health foods, fresh produce, and food products for the health-conscious. The selection at both stores is good. 1613 Nuuanu Ave., Nuuanu. & 808 524-7960.

Pacific Heights

Kiehl's manufactures high-end, high-quality cosmetics and hair products for men and women. Their shop at 2360 Fillmore St. ( 415-359-9260) is one of only two freestanding retail outlets in the country. It's open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sofitel New York

The block of 44th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues is known as Hotel Row, and some of the hotels there are historic and extremely elegant. The soaring Sofitel is the newest addition to the block and, in my opinion, the best of the bunch. Thanks to the hotel's entrance and the warm, inviting lobby with check-in tucked off to the side, it feels like you're entering a grande dame hotel and not one that is no more than five years old. That's one of the reasons the hotel is so special. The designers have successfully melded modern new-world amenities with European old-world elegance. The rooms are spacious and ultra-comfortable, adorned with art from New York and Paris. The lighting is soft and romantic, and walls and windows are soundproofed. Suites are extra special, equipped with king beds, two televisions, and pocket doors separating the bedroom from the sitting room. Bathrooms in all rooms are magnificent with separate showers and soaking tubs. A unique gift shop called Le Petit...

Customs Regulations

Visitors to Singapore are allowed to bring in 1L of wine, beer or spirits duty-free. Electronic goods, cosmetics, watches, cameras, jewellery (but not fakes), footwear, toys, arts and crafts are not dutiable the usual duty-free concession for personal effects, such as clothes, applies.


Unsurprisingly, the younger generation lead the way in individual style. With more and more people tuning into the NBA, thanks to the presence of China's basketball star Yao Ming, hip-hop culture is a real influence on male teenagers. Younger women too, increasingly look to the prevalent street fashion trends in the West, while spending a lot on skin-whitening creams, the most popular cosmetics in China. There's also a growing market for plastic surgery. Devotees of rock and punk music, club culture and skateboarding dress accordingly.

Dutyfree Goods

Designer clothing, leather, linen and perfume outlets blanket Bay St and its offshoots. Colombian Emeralds (Map p71 242-322-2230 Bay St, Nassau) Bright sparkling emeralds and much more. Perfume Shop & Beauty Spot (Map p71 242322-2375 cnr Bay & Frederick Sts, Nassau) Fragrances to the left, cosmetics to the right. Solomon's Mines (Map p71 g 242-356-6920 BaySt, Nassau) This jewelry and luxury goods powerhouse first opened in 1908.

Shopping Centers

Ala Moana Center Many of the shops here are the familiar names of mainland chains, such as DKNY, Old Navy, and Eddie Bauer. The three-story, superluxe Neiman Marcus, which opened in September 1998, was a bold move in Hawaii's troubled economy and has retained its position as the shrine of the fashionistas. But there are practical touches in the center, too, such as banks, a foreign-exchange service (Thomas Cook), a U.S. Post Office, several optical companies (including 1-hr. service by LensCrafters), Foodland Supermarket, Longs Drugs, and a handful of photo-processing services. The smaller locally owned stores are scattered among the behemoths, mostly on the ground floor. Nearly 400 shops and restaurants sprawl over several blocks (and 1.8 million sq. ft. of store space), catering to every imaginable need, from over-the-top upscale (Tiffany, Chanel, Versace) to mainland chains such as Gap and Banana Republic. Department stores such as Macy's sell fashion, food, cosmetics, shoes, and...


ENTERING HONG KONG Visitors are allowed to bring into the SAR duty-free a reasonable quantity of cosmetics and perfumes in opened bottles for personal use and, if over the age of 18, a 1-liter (34-oz.) bottle of alcohol and 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco).

Finding an Address

Works of culinary art can be found at Skaropoulos (& 22890 24-983), 1.5km (1 mile) out of Hora on the road to Ano Mera, featuring the Mykonian specialties of Nikos and Frantzeska Koukas (Nikos's grandfather started making confections here in 1921, winning prizes and earning a personal commendation from Winston Churchill). Try their famed amygdalota (an almond sweet) or the almond biscuits (Churchill's favorite). You can also find Skaropoulos sweets at Pantopoleion, Kaloyerou 24 (& 22890 22-078), along with Greek organic foods and natural cosmetics. The shop is in a beautifully restored 300-year-old Mykonian house.

Great Shopping Areas

Another popular destination is chain-heavy Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The shops, boutiques, and pushcarts at Boston's busiest attraction sell everything from cosmetics to costume jewelry, sweaters to souvenirs. Nearby, the North End has developed a limited but fun retail scene.

Capital Kristin Otto

Australia was described as 'the social laboratory of the world' and led the way in giving the vote to women, declaring a minimum wage, providing pensions, and having a high standard of living. This nation was born with the 20th century, and in that capital period, the main streams of the modern city appeared electricity, film, radio, aeroplanesand cars. The first feature film in the world - The Story of the Kelly Gang - was made in Melbourne in 1906. Helena Rubinstein began the billion-dollar cosmetics industry in Melbourne when she opened her first salon in the early 1900s.

Duty Free

Less of a cosmetics shop and more a beauty experience with a Celtic twist, this supertrendy retreat serves up one of the best facials in town (or so we're told) the products used are strictly from the top shelf, including Kiehls, Chantecaille and Shu Uemura. Soak up the Jo Malone-laden rarefied atmosphere of Dublin's most exclusive store, where presentation is virtually artistic. Here you'll find fantastic cosmetics, shoes to die for, exotic homewares and a host of Irish and international fashion labels such as Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Lainey Keogh and Philip Treacy. The 3rd-floor Bottom Drawer outlet stocks the finest Irish linen you'll find anywhere.


Money or goods going missing from hotel rooms is becoming more common, so don't leave cash or other tempting items (such as women's cosmetics) out on show. If you ride a crowded bus, watch your luggage and don't keep money in your trouser pockets. If you ride a bicycle or motorcycle in Vientiane, don't place anything of value in the basket - thieving duos on motorbikes have been known to ride by and snatch bags from baskets. Also in Vientiane, we've had several reports of (usually) women having daypacks stolen after they've changed money near the BCEL bank on the riverfront - be especially careful around here.

Channels Preferred

With respect to appearance and dress, generalizations about Americans (or any other large and diverse group) are scarcely possible. Suffice it to say that Americans, like people elsewhere, have ideas about which clothing styles are attractive and unattractive or which are appropriate and inappropriate for any given setting. These ideas change over time because they are subject to fads and fashions. So do ideas about hairstyles, cosmetics, and jewelry, all of which are aspects of nonverbal behavior. Foreigners anywhere usually stand out because their hairstyles, clothing (including shoes), and use of cosmetics distinguish them from the natives.

Racism In Dubai

As far as the foreign community goes, there are as many different lifestyles being played out in Dubai as there are grains of sand on Jumeirah Beach. Disposable income plays a big part in how people live. At the top end of the pay scale is the professional and wealthy management class. They can enjoy a good salary package, a nice car, a large villa with a maid and nanny, and a lifestyle that allows them to travel overseas for two months a year to escape the summer heat. Housewives left with little to do at home spend much of their time with other women in similar circumstances. These 'Jumeirah Janes', as other expats call them with a hint of derision, keep the cosmetics and spa industries alive and the coffee shops ticking over during the day. These residents are generally Western, but there are plenty of Indians, Iranians and Lebanese (mainly in business) that fall into this category too.


Larimer Square Denver

In tsarist times - is one of the ritziest cities in Ukraine outside Kyiv. Its broad main thoroughfare, pr Karla Marksa, is awash with shops selling Swiss watches, Scandinavian furniture, French cosmetics and Italian fashion. The city s modern, palatial nightclubs, which trump even those in Kyiv, are the city's other big draw. And Dnipropetrovsk ('DP') will be one of the host cities for the 2012 European Football Championship.

South Maui Kihei

Kihei is one long strip of strip malls. Most of the shopping here is concentrated in the Azeka Place Shopping Center on South Kihei Road. Across the street, Azeka Place II houses several prominent attractions, including The Coffee Store and a cluster of specialty shops with everything from children's clothes to shoes, sunglasses, and swimwear. Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods Hawaiian Moons is an exceptional health-food store, as well as a mini-supermarket with one of the best selections of Maui products on the island. The tortillas are made on Maui (and good ), and much of the produce here, such as organic vine-ripened tomatoes and organic onions, is grown in the fertile upcountry soil of Kula. There's also locally grown organic coffee, gourmet salsas, Maui shiitake mushrooms, organic lemon grass and okra, Maui Crunch bread, free-range Big Island turkeys and chickens (no antibiotics or artificial nasties), and fresh Maui juices. Cosmetics are top-of-the-line a staggering selection of...

The Land

Copra is made by sun-drying the white coconut flesh, or placing it in a kiln and using the coconut shells as fuel. The copra is then pressed to produce coconut oil, which is made into margarine, soap, candles and cosmetics. Samoan women use it, together with moso'oi flower petals, to make a healing, scented massage oil which is sold in Apia market. The pressed flesh can be fed to cattle or pigs.

Los Cobanos

The aromatic oil known as Balsam of Peru - used in cosmetics, shampoos, perfumes and skin lotions - is not from Peru at all, but two small regions of El Salvador's western Pacific coast. In fact, it is only here that balsam trees (common throughout Latin America) produce the unique and prized substance. Thousands of families have worked in the balsam trade, which dates to pre-Hispanic times. In fact, the western Pacific coast was (and is) known as la Costa del B lsamo (the Balsam Coast).

Health Food Stores

Tiny but powerful, with a loyal clientele, House of Health, 1541 S. Bere-tania St. (& 808 955-6168), has competitive prices and a wide selection of health-food supplements. There's no produce, but there are frozen vegetarian foods, bulk grains, and healthful snacks. In Nuuanu Valley, mauka (inland) of downtown Honolulu, Huckleberry Farms, 1613 Nuuanu Ave. (& 808 524-7960), has a wide range of produce, vitamins, cosmetics, books, and prepared vegetarian foods. A few doors down, the beauty and vitamin retail outlet is stocked with cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and nonper-ishable, nongrocery health products.

Central Maui Kahului

Minute drive from the Kahului Airport on Highway 32, offers more than 100 shops, restaurants, and theaters. Its second-floor Plantation District offers home furnishings and accessories, and gift and accessories shops. Kaahumanu covers all the bases, from the arts and crafts to a Foodland Supermarket and everything in between a thriving food court the island's best beauty supply, Lisa's Beauty Supply & Salon (& 808 877-6463), and its sister store for cosmetics, Madison Avenue Day Spa and Boutique (& 808 873-0880) mall standards like Sunglass Hut, Radio Shack, and Local Motion (surf- and beachwear) standard department stores like Macy's and Sears and great specialty shops like Sharper Image.

Exploring Taupo

Honey Hive (R Kids After your stop at the Huka Falls Lookout, get back on the Huka Falls Road Tourist Loop and continue to the Honey Hive. Dare I say it The place is buzzing with activity, and you don't need to be a bee enthusiast to appreciate the astounding array of bee-related products inside. There's an excellent range of gifts, from cosmetics and fruit wines right down to chocolate bees and woolly bees. Suffice to say that it makes a pleasant change from sheep. Also on site is the Bees Knees Caf .

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