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For the most current information on life in Beijing, particularly nightlife, see listings in the free English-language twice-monthly City Weekend or the monthly that's Beijing, available in hotel lobbies and at bars in the major drinking districts (see "Beijing After Dark," p. 124). Online, City Weekend manages to update its website ( regularly. The e-mail newsletter Xihnzhi Beijing (see for more information) provides a weekly list of events, plus special hotel, air ticket, and restaurant offers.

The Beijing Tourism Administration (BTA) maintains a tourist information hot line (some English spoken) at & 010/6513-0828. More likely to be of help are the new BTA-managed Beijing Tourist Information Centers (Beijing Shi Luyou Zixun Fuwu Zhdngxin) located in each district and all marked with aqua-blue signs. The most competent branch is in Chaoyang District, on Gongti Bei Lu across from the City Hotel and next to the KFC (10am-6pm; & 010/6417-6627; fax 010/6417-6656; [email protected]). Free simple maps are available at the door, and staff will sometimes make phone calls for you. Ignore the extortionist travel service, attached.

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