Shanghaibeijing Corridor

For complete details, see chapter 7 Focus: Roughly follow the route of the Grand Canal from Shanghai/ Hangzhou to Beijing, taking in Con-fucius's birthplace and two of China's most famous mountains along the way. Tour can be reversed. Length: 7 to 14 days depending on number of detours or optional side trips

Highlights: Optional detour to Huang Shan; Nanjing's tombs; optional side trip to Yangzhou (delightful town, gardens, tombs); Qufu (Confucius temple, tomb, mansion); Tai Shan, most sacred of Daoist mountains; optional buried horse chariots in Zibo, and German town and beaches in Qingdao Route: Start from Shanghai (or Hangzhou or Suzhou), take a detour south to Huang Shan and Tunxi (3 days); take a train to Nanjing, or bypass Huang Shan and go directly to Nanjing (2 days with option of day trip to Yangzhou); take a train to Qufu (1-2 days); take a bus to Tai'an/Tai Shan (1 day for those who take the cable car; 2 if you want to stay over on the mountain); take the train straight to Beijing or bus/train to Ji'nan, and make day trips to Zibo (1 day) or Weifang (1 day); from Ji'nan, make a possible detour to Qingdao (2-3 days). Fly or take a train from Qingdao to Beijing.

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